Health vs. Beauty

Saad Tasleem


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I think at that point, you got to ask yourself like, okay, society has defined beauty and good looks in this way. And basically I'm succumbing to that pressure of society to look a certain way. Because if we're talking about being healthy Well, being healthy and having a six pack are not necessarily the same thing. There are people who will have a six pack, they'll be jacked, whatever, but they're not healthy. Because number one, because of okay, maybe steroids, but also living with a calorie deficit and so on. It's like doing things to have, basically, fat loss. And so just because somebody looks looks like they're in shape doesn't necessarily mean that they're in shape. And so our goal

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like as Muslims, our goal should be health and not to achieve a certain physique. Obviously, we like to look nice, and that's part of the human condition. We want to look nice and we want to look a certain way. But if we're sacrificing our health, then it's really probably and not only health as physical health, but our psychological and emotional health. And I think that is where we really got to draw the line.