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Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The importance of intentions in driving is highlighted, including the need for people to make their own plans and avoid accidents. The success of Islam in bringing people to cities like presenting their needs is also discussed, along with the importance of praying for others and self-motivating learning. The conversation shifts to the topic of increasing personal information and data usage, with emphasis on the benefits of visiting beautiful regions and increasing email and data usage.
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Just making sure this is a recording just to show you in writing to a friend's house. And then from there, we're gonna go right to shift camoes class is your life teaching Desert Rose,

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the meccan period of Sierra. So we're gonna go check that out for you Friday child data, like to attend

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a demographer seminars when they come to town.

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It's nice to sit as a student, every once in a while I'm under law, so we're going to do that tonight.

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Don't worry, it just sounds fast because the bike is

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not that bad. Trust me.

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Say hi to the world.

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You ready?

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Yo, you're leading? I have no idea how to get there.

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I'm gonna edit a lot of this stuff. Don't worry about it.

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Yo, and don't go crazy, bro.

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here's a shout of the bike for those of you guys who are asking for a shout of the bike. My apologies. It is so dirty. It should not be like this. should not be like this. This bike should not be this dirty. Gotta keep my baby clean. But y'all wanted to see a shout out the bike.

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What's up

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when you get some columns as well.

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Alright, let's go.

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Alright, so just left, a friend took off

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trees waiting at the light. Yeah, he is.

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Alright, so the theme of this modal vlog is traveling.

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For the sake of knowledge, I'm going to be peppering that

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throughout this ride and Joe wah.

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I told him to chill out ride.

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Ride at a normal pace is it as hip chilling out.

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So I've said this before, I'm a firm believer in writing your own ride. You couldn't be pressured to ride fast just because people in your group are riding fast.

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So you know, you got to stay within your skill level.

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You don't want to put yourself in unnecessary arm you know, or unnecessary danger.

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No matter what. So

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doesn't matter how fast somebody else is riding. Make sure you are comfortable with your own ride to the smilla make this turn before these cars come

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Islamic center of Maryland. ICM is going to be coming up on the right over here.

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I'll show it to you in a second.

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Right here

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is the assignment center of Maryland.

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Sorry, I do a quick look because

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I got to focus on

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me looking to the side. Traveling for the sake of knowledge now. There is always in Islam been a connection between traveling and knowledge. So if you look at Islamic history, scholars and students seeking knowledge would always travel for the sake of knowledge. This is why you find in the biographies of all the major scholars in the history of Islam that they that they would seek the knowledge that is local to them in their own city and then they would travel

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Other cities, other countries

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to seek knowledge.

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We find the heads of restaurant restaurant said Mancera aka Daria

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Sahabi agenda, the one who treads a path in search of knowledge alone will make their path to gin easy.

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In this video, we find, you know, taking a path of knowledge. And that path is also considered traveling. Right? So you what's implied here is to travel to go out and seek knowledge. And now as a patent law, we're sitting in our houses, and we get knowledge because of the internet, computers and stuff like that.

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But back in the day, you really had to leave your house, you had to leave and, and then, you know, sometimes starting with your city, and then you had to go out as well.

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Go outside of your city, so it was a serious thing. When the person treaded a path of knowledge, there was a lot that gets involved in that.

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A lot of tests and trials, you know, going to different foreign locations, and, you know, leaving your family and your friends, leaving your community, your local community, and that involves a lot of tests and trials. And that's why a person who dedicate their life to that

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Muslim Central makes their path to paradise to gender easy.

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Beautiful headed martial law. So this right here, people turning this is the main cause of accidents with with motorcycles. Because, you know, motorcycles are invisible, you don't see motorcycles, so they oftentimes turn

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not realizing that there's a motorcycle coming in, they'll like, kind of just take them out

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and protect us. I mean,

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so a nice bike right there. I believe it was a ninja.

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I'm not mistaken. I'm sure my friend right here is

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a little bit annoyed that we're stuck behind some cars running so slow on my gas lights on. So on my motorcycle, there's no gauge for

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for petrol, as they all say in the UK, as you say gas, so when that light turns on, that means I have 30 more miles to go.

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So probably gonna have to get gas at some point, maybe on the way back and show a loss. So the goal is to try and catch Mercury,

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which is the machine that

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most classes up.

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I don't know, if we're gonna catch the jamara we're trying Sharla. But we hope that we'll get the credit the Azure for the Gema, because we made that intention. This is why intentions are so important

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in our Dean, because not only you know, sometimes people only look at it in terms of the sinfulness aspect of it, like Oh, if you don't have the correct intention, then you don't get the reward for it. Or you may be sinful.

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That if you make the wrong intention, like you're praying for other than the sake of a law you're praying to show off, then, you know, you could be sinful. There's also a positive aspect to this as well. The fact that

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you can make the intention for something. And if you're unable to do it, a law console reward you for that. And we know that from the heads of our sentiment, the President told us that that a person may go to bed at night with the intention to print them late. But sleep overtakes them so they don't wake up in the morning. They don't wake up before they start to prep them a lay

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person told us that because they made the intention. This is your intention to pray and it was back there asleep that overtook them, that they still get the reward of praying during the night. So that's why it's important to make the intention for good deeds. So you know, we've become incapable of doing it. But we can still get the reward. Like I said in my last vlog, people are going to be critiquing my ride. I think in this a lot of people are gonna be competing critiquing my friends who were right.

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I think it's a pretty safe writer for the most part. You know, I've noticed a lot of car people just don't like motorcycles they don't like give I don't know why there's such a I guess a lot of motorcycle people are hooligans right, but

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that's why they don't like him.

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Bro, you're going so fast.

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Not all of us are expert writers like you bro.

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So these photo enforced signs means there's a

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speeding camera somewhere here. Oh, there it is. There it is. I hope he sees it.

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There's a speeding camera

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right there.

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And it's gone.

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There was a scooter not a motorcycle or if he saw it go by but most motorcycle, motorcyclists

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really respect scooters, they're like, Oh, those aren't real likes.

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They're scooters.

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So I don't know where I stand on that. I guess part of me is like, yeah, it's not a real bike part of me is like, yeah, it's on two wheels.

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So you got to really watch out for potholes. When you're on a motorcycle.

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Serious pothole can mean you're flying off your bike, you know, on a car, you got four wheels, and one wheel goes in a pothole, you got three other ones on the ground on a motorcycle, you got two wheels, one hits a pothole, there's only one left and that could

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be a dangerous situation. So you gotta be looking, you know, you got to be so aware on a motorcycle, gotta be looking all around you. You got to be looking at the road, you gotta be looking at the pavement and looking on the sides. There's another speeding camera, man, Maryland, the laws, they're speeding cameras. Just love them.

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I've actually never written to an automotive seminar before I couldn't think of it.

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And I probably would never write to one of my seminars, because

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it kind of it's a little tiring, sometimes, depending on how long the ride is. Also.

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You're all sweaty.

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And obviously your hair is messed up. So

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a lot of people are like, how can you ride you know, your,

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with your with your hair. When you're riding, you're just riding man, you don't worry about your hair. I mean, it is what it is, right? Thank God, he knows where we're going. Because I am horrible with directions, you didn't know.

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And I, I come to I've been to this mesh. It's quite, I want to say quite a bit over the years. But nice little picnic over the years. But

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I don't go very often. So I mean, usually I'm relying on my GPS. So talking about traveling for the sake of knowledge, you know, there's a Muslim culture. A lot of the students, they go to other cities to take seminars, especially the volunteers, because, you know, in their own city, they're busy volunteering. And they may not get to attend the full seminar, they're busy, like doing things. So there's a culture in our democracy thermography students to go to other cities to take seminars.

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And I think it's a beautiful thing. Because you get the reward of the effort made to travel and also the war for seeking knowledge. So it's kind of cool, to travel for the sake of knowledge and to revive that Sunnah

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of the scholars of our paths, and even the companions of the Prophet. So by attending them, it's a beautiful thing

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to travel for technology. And, you know, as you all know, my journey traveled

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to Medina, which was, once again a beautiful thing, I'm really glad I got that opportunity. And that seeking knowledge just takes on another form.

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When you travel,

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not to say that, you know, if you, if you travel, you're all of a sudden gonna become a better student. And that's what some people think, unfortunately, that, you know, unfortunately, some, some, some people think that, you know, just, if they traveled to go somewhere else, they're going to become a better student, they're going to work harder. And that's not the case. Either you're hardworking and motivated and self motivated. or you're not. I know sometimes people think that Oh, if I go to Medina become a good student. Yeah, I'm not really hard working here. But if I go to Medina, I'll become a really hard worker, he said, That's not how it works. My teachers in Medina

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would say that if somebody wasn't hard working back home, they're not going to come to Medina and all of a sudden become a hardworking, dedicated student of knowledge. It doesn't work like that.

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So if you're interested in studying Islam, that dedication

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and that self motivation has to be there and not to say you're either motivated or not are dedicated or not, you can build it you can increase it you can work on it and make yourself better and dedicated and and a better students.

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But the point is, there's no quick fix. So what I was saying about the this beautiful ride, I mean, this is this is what it is, you know, like the roads covered with trees, you look up

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surrounded by green reads it's beautiful martial law.

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And sometimes you know, I don't appreciate the beauty of Maryland because I live here. I remember coming home from Medina in the summertime and

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just being an all of a place where I grew up pretty much

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because in Medina, you know, it's it's the desert, there's not a lot of greenery, it's actually very little greenery. But then, you know, spend, you know, nine months there six months there and then come back here, it's like whoa.

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And I would often think to myself, like,

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this is so beautiful, and I can't even imagine how beautiful gender would be. If this is beautiful and you know, and gender is like independent.

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More beautiful than this Suhana law. The point being, you know, sometimes you don't, you don't realize the beauty of the place you're living in, because you're just used to it.

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And when you come from the outside, that's when you really appreciate it. But it's important to appreciate the blessings that last time tiada has given you and you know, where you already are and what you already have, it's easy to look to other places, and look to other people and say, Oh, I wish I had this. And I wish I had done. I wish I lived here and I wish I lived there.

00:15:29 --> 00:15:37

You know, sometimes, you gotta appreciate what Allah has given you. And there's people who would wish to be where you are

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people living in other places who probably live, look at your place and say, Wow, I wish I I live there.

00:15:45 --> 00:15:51

And one of the greatest examples I have that is, you know, students in Medina who are from LDS.

00:15:53 --> 00:15:56

And to them, it's just like, it's home, you know, it's not a, it's not a big deal and BD.

00:15:57 --> 00:16:09

But for people around the world maladies is like, you know, as close as 10 on earth that you're gonna get. I mean, if you've seen pictures of Mount eaves, it's amazing. I mean, I got the chance to go there. And it's one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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you know, when you live there, you might not appreciate it that much. But for everyone else, people pay 1000s and 1000s of dollars to go to melodies, you know, just appreciating the beauty of the creation of a law. And that's actually one of the ways to increase your email, and as well, is to ponder the creation of a lost count of data. And the law says, law tells us that, you know, there's signs everywhere, you know, signs of the greatness of a law and to increase our amount of time data says we'll be unequivocal even within yourselves like just look at yourself.

00:16:45 --> 00:16:50

And this can be looked at, you know, your environment and where you are, and also your physical self.

00:16:51 --> 00:16:59

The bottom the last panel to add up your hands is your feet, your eyes, and even the person who, you know

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may not

00:17:03 --> 00:17:28

be in the best physical state. Still, there's always blessing the most right data person who cannot see, for example, they can hear person who cannot hear that may be able to see a person who cannot hear and see they may be able to walk, you know, and there's a amazing video of this guy on YouTube who has no legs, no arms, but he's like this motivational speaker. Some of you probably know what I'm talking about. But it's very motivational

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to see that

00:17:31 --> 00:17:34

truck stop on the side of the road.

00:17:35 --> 00:17:38

are we stopping? Are we going What's happening here?

00:17:39 --> 00:17:40

What's happening

00:17:42 --> 00:17:43

is not an accident.

00:17:45 --> 00:17:47

Oh, it's just chillin. chillin on the side of the road.

00:17:49 --> 00:17:53

Don't pull into my lane, please don't fall into my lane. Thank you.

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I believe we're not too far away. I believe but I could be wrong. Like I said, I don't come here very often. It looks like this dude's getting a little bit tired.

00:18:06 --> 00:18:10

Or maybe I'm just projecting my feelings on him.

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Lean in a bit.

00:18:27 --> 00:18:28

Yo, where's this place?

00:18:31 --> 00:18:32

On the left, all right.

00:18:35 --> 00:18:39

I wonder if there's a sign I don't remember if there's assigned for this question.

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Whoa, that was it. That was it. That was it. We missed it.

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That was it. We're gonna have to make a sharp turn here. To hit some cars.

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All right. This is not a taco. Welcome without a taco.

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All right parking, parking, parking.

00:19:24 --> 00:19:27

I guess we will take up our own spots.

00:19:31 --> 00:19:31

under law.

00:19:37 --> 00:19:38

We are here.

00:19:41 --> 00:19:47

Our eco Moroccans Allah. We just got to check him out class we wrote here. Me and my homeboy right here.

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Some of y'all wanted to see our bikes. Here are the bikes the Duke cutting monster and our six as y'all know. All right. We got to get inside prey shot

Motovlog #2 – Saad Tasleem – Traveling For Knowledge, Riding Fast, Intentions, Scooters, Maldives

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