Saad Tasleem – MotoVlog #3 – Horoscopes, Asking Others to Make Dua, Fortune Cookies!

Saad Tasleem
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Welcome to another moto vlog. I know it's been a while been quite busy, haven't had a lot of chance to ride.

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But hamdulillah we got a couple warm days even though it's November, Maryland will surprise you like that.

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So we have a couple of warm days and I figured

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trying to get a ride to get a ride in this today. So

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nice weather thing is about 70 degrees perfect running weather.

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Friendly, right and right there.

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The road is super messed up here.

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I hate unpaved road when you're on a motorcycle.

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All right.

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Say the topic I have for you today is horoscopes. Now, I'm speaking about horoscopes. because number one, people asked me this question quite a bit. Number two, it seems to be quite common. Like there seems to be a lot of people like a lot of Muslims in the horoscopes. What I mean by that is, you know, you'll

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people often put on like their Twitter profile, or their Instagram profile, they'll be like, Oh, I'm, you know, a Virgo, or Sagittarius, or this or that, or whatever.

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But actuality This is actually a very serious topic.

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horoscopes are related to actually, you know, you don't make this connection, they may not think of this connection, but

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there is a connection with fortune teller.

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And there's some very serious

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Hadith that deal with fortune telling, for example, the price they send them said that a person

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who goes to a fortune teller and believes them, then it is as if or stampset, then certainly they have disbelieved in what has been revealed to Mohammed said a lot is in them. Now this hadith is dealing with the what is dealing with disbelief. So the first item is telling us that to to go to fortune tellers, or soothsayers or somebody can tell your future, right? Whether it be a palm reader or whatever, whatever version of that it may be precedent, I refer to this as an act of disbelief, which is a very serious thing.

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And that's, that's why, like, we should be so careful to stay away from this. And then I know, people often say that the response that you give people as well.

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I don't believe it. Right. I just do it for fun. It's interesting to me.

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It's a social thing.

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I don't really believe it. Well, there's another heads up, where he said that a person who goes to a soothsayer not believing in what they have to say, then their prayer will not be accepted for 40 days. And this is a person who once again like doesn't believe in it just like curious.

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First up, said their prayer will not be accepted for 40 days and that's once again very serious, not as serious as disbelief but it's still serious.

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one of the things people say is like well why is it that we find these serious Hadith like why is the Why is it Why is like this belief You know, you're praying not being a prayer not be accepting it? what's the what's the what's the big deal?

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one of the things I can tell you is that Islam and the rulings of Islam came to protect us from one of the from one of the things that it does is it came to protect us from those things that will ruin our delivery. That is, that is ruin our connection with Allah ruin our worship of Allah alone, ruin our spirituality. So if you really look at what something like horoscopes does, we're fortune telling we're going to break down what it really does be breaking down Is that it? It chips away at our spirituality. It chips away at our connection with a Lost Planet, Adam,

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slowly but but surely. Right, because what's happening? Well, instead of relying upon a law, we start relying upon these type of things. Instead of seeking laws help we we start seeking to help with these things. Instead of putting our trust in a law. Well, we start putting our trust in these matters. Instead of

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seeking the guidance of us kind of Jana, we start seeking guidance through through these matters. And all of that, you know, maybe not once or twice or whatever, but eventually what that's going to do is that that's going to chip away at your

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Spirituality a chip away at your connection with less data, which is the most important thing in this world. That is your spirituality that is your connection with Allah data.

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So I once had that I created us for his worship. I

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didn't say, Larry, I don't I haven't created gene nor mankind except for my worship. I mean, that's, that's spirituality that that connection with Allah is the purpose of our existence. So that's why these things that's why you find these series handy dealing with this because

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the Islam doesn't want for us to delve in these matters that will affect that spirituality. And so that's why we stay away from this. And other matters as well, right people who wear stuff,

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or protection,

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right amulets, and like wearing these amulets, we know is a form of a minor ship, right, and depending on what we believe about it, but wearing these elements is so dangerous, because what because instead of relying upon a laws that are trusting upon trusting amount of law, we start trusting upon these, these amulets, these necklaces, or these wristbands, or whatever it may be. And not goes against the very essence of our worship of the last kind of data. It goes against the essence of our spirituality and not wide,

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Islam, anything to do with this. And so these matters that would it be like is that fortune telling or or soothsayers are going to a palm reader, or somebody tells you, they can tell you your future, or a horoscope.

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horoscope, that all of this, it eats away at that spirituality, and we want to keep our connection with data, pure and direct. That's why we don't even rely upon even Japan a lot. And I know this is like, semi semi controversial, but even asking other people to make the offer you look, it's fine. You can ask others to make the offer. And that's cool. But do out is how we connect with Allah. So we should always, always first make the offer ourselves and yeah, then we can ask other people to make the offers. But when somebody says, you know, make the offer me, if I know that person, well, I'd be like, okay, but make sure you make the offer yourself first. Because that is that is the

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essence of our worship. Right? That is that, as the President said, about his worship, meaning it's the essence of our worship, that that's what you know, that's part of being part of our worship. And so all of these matters, you know, it's there to keep our connection for the most pure. And I hope this clarifies some of those issues. By the way, another manifestation of this, people may not realize is fortune cookies. I know somebody saying, oh, what now fortune cookies are out on

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fortune cookies. Look, I mean, I know most people don't believe it. Right. But still, it's not about believing in like I said that he says, you know, Adventures of prayer not be accepted for 40 days, which is still dangerous enough.

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So fortunately, you look, I know there's some fortune cookies that they don't have fortunes, they just have like, like sayings and stuff like that are quotes. Those are fine. But ones that actually tell you your fortune or your lucky numbers and things like that. Those are ones that we want to stay away from.

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So yes,

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