What Do You Do If You Sense Jealousy Envy From Someone

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On this episode of Hashtag with Saad Tasleem: What do you do if you sense that someone is jealous or envious of you? Here are 3 things to help you get through those feelings.

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What do you do when you sense envy or jealousy from someone? You're watching hashtag

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three step process inshallah Tada. First and foremost, put your trust in the last panel. Tiana, one of the things that happens is when we feel like someone's jealous, we fear that they're going to give us the evil eye. We fear that they're going to give us an iron or Nazir as Sunday See, say? The reality is that if a lot protects us, then no one can harm us with anything. So first and foremost, we should have enough trust in Allah, Allah, that Allah protects us we should never fear jealousy or envy from someone. Number two, make the law in the authentic so now the precedent and we've been taught many doors to protect ourselves from the jealousy and envy of other people from evil I for

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example, I said I'm said told us to say that Ruby came out to LA hit Tom multiman sharp Reema Halak not means I seek refuge in the perfect words of Allah subhanaw taala from the evil which he has created. And this is an authentic to our that we can use to protect ourselves from has said, or envy or jealousy or being harmed by people's jealousy. Number three, make the art for the person that you feel jealousy coming from. Yeah, I know that seems counterproductive. But you have to remember, jealousy and envy is actually linked to the shift button and the shift button very much maybe encouraging the person to have those types of feelings. The enemy here really is shape on so make

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the shift on the enemy and make the offer the person that a lot helps them rid themselves of the feelings of jealousy and envy. And if you really want to, you can send them the video that I did on how to protect yourself from having feelings of jealousy and envy. Until next time in Java Giada. I said I'm on a cul de la he was about to catch up.