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The Superstars Series: Women of Paradise

Role Model for Modesty (Fatima bint Muhammad) – Women of Paradise – Omar Suleiman

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Put on weekly. Welcome back to the superstar series. This is your brother Omar Sinema. You know, one day in the early days of Islam the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was praying in front of the camera and Abuja Hello Eric webinar be more eight and shaybah the enemies of the prophets, I send them they were sitting around and they said to each other Abuja has made the suggestion he said, you know, who would actually go and take the filth, the guts of a camel, and all of its filth and dump it on his back while he's praying to humiliate him in Abuja. He is someone who has stepped on the neck of the Prophet slicin. While he was praying, he's someone who

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used to throw dirt on the Prophet, slice alum. But he wanted to degrade him even further. And even more he volunteered himself and he went and he grabbed all of the filth of a camel, its guts and everything, all this and adjusted, and he dumped it on the back of the Prophet slice and in his suit, and that way, the profit side cinemas back heavily. And imagine this young girl, not even a teenager yet, Fatima. Well, the law of Thailand, the daughter of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam seeing her father in this state, seeing the people laugh at him, and Mark him and curse him. And she comes and she starts to scrape all of that filth off of the back of her father. Imagine the

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humiliation and the hurt and the pain. And she sees that and she starts to cry all the time. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says lead tip key, do not cry, Oh, my daughter in law and also don't evacuate Allah subhanho wa Taala will help your father He will give victory to your father. And it is that time that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam raised his hands to the skies. And he said Allah, it could be long, it could be long, it could be Shiva. And those three men that the Prophet slicin have made against were the first three people to go down in bed. Now, the moral of the story more than anything else is the young girl. You know, don't you think that would traumatize her and

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that would that would make her an individual that would not have the same love for her father's cause, but would rather blame it? Absolutely not. And we look at this young girl faulty model of the allowance Atlanta. She's the fifth child of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the prophets I said I'm had other daughters. And you might wonder why Fatima? You know, why is she the one who perfected her faith? What about her older sisters? Why is it her. And there are a couple of reasons for that, that they're not mentioned. One of them is that she spent the most time with her digital the allot of time on her with her mother, another woman who perfected her faith and so she adopted

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her morals and she adopted her character more than anyone else. Another time is that she was with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in times when no one else was with him. In fact, when Khadija will be allowed Thailand had passed away, it was only the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and followed him out of the Allahu taala. And alone in that household. And Subhan Allah, you can imagine what role she had to play. She was only five years old. When was the last lesson received revelation. So she was born to Islam as a scholar say she grew up in Islam, unlike any of the other children. She actually grew up in a snap. But somehow a lot she actually was with the

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profit slice and when no one else was with him. And you can imagine those moments imagine the times the profit slice of them would come home. When he was feeling devastated after losing Khadija will be alone, and having no one else. And she was the one that would cook for him. She was the one that would come to his aid. She was the one that started to comfort him that took her mother's place while the allowance had on her. And in fact, they used to call faulty model a lot of time on her own to be the mother of her father. So Pamela, she cared for the Prophet sallallahu. It was to them that much. She also adopted so much from the profit slice and I'm in terms of a character. In fact, one

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of her nicknames being as the splendid one was because of her radiant face, he had that beautiful radiant face. And she is the daughter of little subtle muscle a lot while he was on them, whose face was as bright as the full moon. And so Pamela, we find it totally alone. Thailand has said something very special about her. She says, she says I have never seen anyone who resembled the Prophet slice on them from Allah, his creation, more in speech and in character in conversation than the allotted time. And listen to what she says. She says that anytime she entered upon a room where the profit slice on them was, she said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam would get up. He would greet her,

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he would kiss her, he would hold her hand and then he would take Fatima and sit her down in the same place that he was sitting out of his salado salon honoring her and holding her in that high esteem. And you might think to yourself, Subhan Allah, this woman is the daughter of Khadija the olana but well some of us a lot he was Salam said that Fatima is a leader to Lisa agenda. She is the queen she

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As the leader of the women of Paradise, not only has she perfected her faith, she is the leader of the people of Paradise, the women of Paradise and also last night Salaam treated her, like royalty, but royalty in a different sense. You know, we think of royalty that, you know, he got married to a really rich man, and probably gave her a palace and spoiled rotten and bought her gifts all the time. In fact, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam rejected many proposals from great Sahaba, who had wealth who were who were doing well off in dunya, and in Africa, but also los wasalam chose the Allah hotel and who, the one who the prophets lie Selim called his brother after his widow and also

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lost my son, I'm always used to call it his brother after the Hitler to the point that I'm a man of the law of Thailand and she said, How come you call him your brother who is your brother? He said that this is the one that I made my brother we were paired after Hitler was so lost I Selim chose it for Fatima and the prophets lie Selim, whatever it will be alone who came to propose to Fatima, the Prophet slicin I'm sat in front of ideal of the low tide. I know and it was nervous. So the prophets lie Selim offered it to ideal the low tide and we said I look at it to said maybe you came so that you could get engaged to fall to Thailand and said, Yes, and the province license said, Well, what

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do you have as a dowry? What do you have as a Muslim? He had nothing. All he had was a shield. And that's the only thing he owned and the prophets lie Selim. He said, Well, why don't you sell that shield and use that as my hobby? And that's the only thing she had is her mouth. That's all she had as as her diary idea of the law I know sold the shield to earth model the Allahu taala. I know. And that was the only thing that would be used for dowry. And so Pamela, think about how much the prophets lie some loved her. But even with that, let's say salam was so involved with the life of all humanity, that sometimes faulty model the olana thought, well, maybe it also lost my son loves

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it more than me because the prophets I sent him was always caring for that household. He would come and wake them up for kiama lead, right so Hannah Allah, he was always involved with that household always taking care of them always checking up on them so far along the line, I wondered, one time she said maybe the prophets I send them loves my husband more than me. And also la slice alum who has Hoboken Arlene who has the most perfect character and exalted standard of character. He says to Ellie and Fatima when they're together, he says, Fatima to a Hebrew idiom and key points to it. And he says, Fatima is more beloved to me. And then he points he goes, he looks to him and he says, what

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are we as a human key, but I love the love animals more honor with review. So how to look satisfying both parties, pleasing both parties and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. While he was checking up on them, for example, one time he saw faulty metal the a lot of time and think about this. The only thing that they owned in their household was a sheepskin to sleep on. That was all they had in their in their possession. And also masala Juan, he was alum. He sees the situation and he comes home one day. And Fatima says to the prophets, I send them that it is upset that they had you know like any other married couple, they had some kind of difference. And I need all the a lot of Thailand who

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went to sleep in them husband and the Prophet slice that goes to the masjid and he sees a deal of the low tide and her laying down and he picks it He wakes it up and he starts to dust it up. And he starts to see it starts to dust off a little Ilan says komiya to rob stand up a father of dust and Elisa, that was the most beloved nickname to me after that. Well, so last time was defusing the situation he always wanted them to be happy. And together, he's checking up on his daughter. And you know, again, this is the queen of the people of gender, the women of gender, right? So what would her status be like in dunya, I need all the allowed to add on who sees Swathi model de la Han, and

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our hands are covered in blisters, because of how much she has to work because of all the hardship that she goes through in this life. This is the queen of the women agenda. And he says to follow the law and and this was after a battle. He says well why don't you go to the Prophet sliced him and asked him you know, for a servants as the prophets license for a servant and a soulless license and did not want that for her. Well so as I said I'm comes to the home. And he sits Heidi and Fatima down on the bed and also last Isom sits between them. And he says Shall I give you something even better than that? He says, say Subhana Allah 33 times and hamdulillah 33 times and aliquot 34 times

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before you sleep. This is the profit slice on caring for his daughter. This is what he considered providing for his daughter. Now the prophets lie Selim Of course he took care of them. But you have to understand that this did not make faulty model the law and a bitter woman she didn't think to herself how you know I'm entitled I should be living a really good life because she saw the way her father was suffering Alia slotless them and she suffered with him and she was like him sallallahu wasallam and Subhanallah we find that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was dying, Fatima the Allahu taala and she sees the Prophet slicin him in his in his battered state and his clothes

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and his illness. And she she starts to cry, and also loss I some calls her over compassionately, and the prophets lysozyme says come Let me tell you something. And also last time whisper something to her and she starts to cry further. And also loss. Hi, Sam says come back down. Let me tell you something else. Come back

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And he whispers to her again. And she starts to laugh. And the people were amazed is about the law of Thailand, her demand that she said, Tell me what it was that the province I'm told you. And at first she refused, but initially, but eventually she gave in and she told I saw the law. And she said that my father told me the first time salani was telling me that he would not survive this illness. And then he called me back and he told me, you will be the first one to join me. She laughed at death. She the profits, Eisen was telling her, you're going to be the first one to die from my companions. And so Pamela, four to six months afterwards, faulty model, the allowed Tatiana

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becomes ill and actually she was ill from the time of the death of the prophets, I send them out of her out of her pain from her father dying. And this is a mother of young children. This is a mother who's married to a wonderful husband, but somehow she just wants to be with her father. So Laurie Islam in general for the dose. And so she goes one day, and she lies out, and she smiles looking to the heavens, and they call and she calls for a smart, IBM as the wife of double backless to decode the law and one, may Allah be pleased with them both. And as Matt was going to be the one to watch the body of Fatima. And look at how this loyal woman speaks, she says to a smart, she says that

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whenever you do my voice, and whenever you do my janazah do it at night so that the people will not see my finger towel. This was a woman who was full of modesty, she was known for her modesty. She's the daughter of the most modest the most vegetables for the lasagna setup. So she said, whenever you bury me, very meat in the evening so that no one would see my finger panel and that is how she was buried at night. But Allah subhanho wa Taala joins her with her father sallallahu wasallam. And she took her rightful position as the queen, the leader of the women of paradise. Now I just want you to think about this for a moment, who is a greater woman than fought to model the olana, who's more

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deserving of a lavish wedding and have a high Manhattan of living a life of joy and luxury than faulty model the law of Thailand. But that's not what true royalty is, because a kingdom that will be taken away at any moments, is not a real Kingdom at all, but rather that which is eternal and everlasting will accurate to heighten with that which is everlasting, is what truly matters and she is a queen in that regard and she is royal in general and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us that high and Royal company and the highest level of genital for those Allah I mean, just like malachite Allah salaam aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. This audio is brought to you by Muslim

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