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Could you shed some light on what are the implications of the term fast or some, some is Arabic word, which is singular, cm is plural. So, a cm in Arabic is derived from the word sama, which means to abstain or to restrain from the normal things, whether it be eating, drinking or talking. And a person who observe some abstains from these things is called as a sign. And this word is used in the Quran. In surah, Miriam Chapman 19, verse 26, when the angel speaks to Mary, may Allah be pleased with the mother of jfks peace be upon him, and this word is used. And if you read this word says, that I have vowed to fast to Allah.

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But here, the meaning of the word Psalm fast, doesn't mean refraining from eating or drinking. It means the framing for speaking, because when we go to the context, when we read one verse before in the Quran, Surah Maryam chapter 19 verse 25, it says that the last month Allah says to marry, mellow Peter, that shake the palm tree towards yourself, and the right dates will fall. And the next was Surah Maryam chapter 19 verse 26, says, The eat and drink from them. And then it says, that when you meet any human being, tell them I have vowed to fast fall law.

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And I will not speak to any human being. So because here it says about speaking, the word Psalm used here means that to abstain from speaking, but the word Psalm in Islamic terminology, in the Islamic Sharia, it means a person who does an act of worship

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and with intention, he does it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And he or she abstains from

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eating, drinking, or nourishment, as well as

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from sexual intercourse, or from lustful, seminyak condition.

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In short, the word form in Islam means a person who abstains from the fast breakers and the fast breakers, the things that break the fast

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food, whether taken by mouth or nose, or drink, any kind of drink, whether it be water, milk, fruit juice, any drink, taken from mouth or nose, or any nourishment, for the body taken from any source,

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as well as abstaining from sexual intercourse. In short, it means abstaining. The stomach and the private part. This is what it means islamically and

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this is the basic meaning. But if you go ahead with the broader meaning, it does not mean only abstaining, the stomach and the sexual part, from the things that break the fast. It even means that along with the fasting of the stomach, and the sexual parts, there is fasting of the tongue

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of the eyes of the years and the other limbs of the body. That is the reason when we use the word Psalm, our beloved prophet Allah Salah Sallam said, it's mentioned in, say, Buhari, we're number three, in the book of fasting. How did number 1903 a beloved Prophet said that a person who does not abstain, does not leave false action and false speech, obsolete etc. Allah does not require of him to abstain from food and drink. That means besides abstaining from food and drink, you also have to abstain from false speech, false actions etc. And this message is for the repeated My Beloved Prophet masala, our beloved prophet masala slim said, when you say hadith of Sita, give my number

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100 number 1068. A blood Prophet said that a person

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while fasting, when he abstains from food and drink, he should also abstain from for speech, from obscene language. And if a person gets angry, and if he argues with him, or fight for him, he should say, I'm fasting and fasting.

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So if we look at it, when a person fast, there are basically three things that you should abstain from. Number one is the stomach and the private parts. They should abstain from things that big the first that is food, drink, and sexual like. The second is that the other parts of the body, the tongue

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eyes, the ears, the limbs, even they should fast.

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Fasting on the tongue means a person should abstain from backbiting should abstain from slandering from telling a lie

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should abstain from gossiping. abstain from rumor mongering.

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abstain from vulgarity.

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Fasting on the eyes means he should abstain from looking at things which are unlawful. Like Venezuela na mera mission lower his case he should not watch an Islamic movies or an Islamic things. Fasting of the years means should abstain from hearing things which are Haram, which are prohibited, like abstain from listening to music, abstain from listening to songs which aren't Islamic.

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So this is the way how the other parts of the body also first and the third thing is the fasting of the heart and the mind. They should abstain from things which take away person from the worship of Allah, from the vicar of Allah. So this overall, is the meaning of the word Psalm.