Ramadan Motivations #07 – The Story of Maryam

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shallow we're going to start in few seconds in shallow but

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now Swingline would have needed now Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah why they're early, he was happy he was sending them.

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Praise Allah zodat and thank him for all of his no mess of Hannah what to add are the names that we cannot count there's the name of health and the name of money and family and security and the net of knowing him subhana wa to Allah and the name of the Quran, and the name of the messenger sallallahu, annual cinnamon, the name of Ramadan, and all of these are names that we thank Allah for. And we ask Allah to make us aware of all the names that he had given us, so that we don't reject them and we

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accept them and thank Allah for them, and love him because of them and know how to live while recognizing these gammas cultivating them and blessing them I mean, by a scholar more of his name as we asked him subhana wa to Allah to bless us in this Ramadan beyond and to bless us with health and blesses more importantly with his love, and love for his messenger sallallahu I knew it was in them, like set from us and enable us to do the things that you love and to stay away from the things that you hate. And to see the things that benefit us as beneficial and to do them at did see the things that harmless as harmful and to avoid them.

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So today insha Allah, we have to share with you the story of money. I'm the mother of a Sally set up. She was one of the unique women in the Koran and in fact in human history. And

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the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam said in the Hadeeth to the effect of that money and money has money I'm

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the mother of a Saudi Salah is one of the best women of history, there's a debate because you when you bring all of the Hadith of the messengers of a lot he was in them, who was the best woman right? in history. And there was a debate whether it was money, or her deja or Asia or fathima with a strong opinion

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that it could actually be money. So we could end up with money and being the best woman in all of human history. Best woman in all of human history, Allahu Allah. So we have some of her story in the Quran, right in salt area in Milan. And it continues in Surah Timonium

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and I know that we're familiar with that story, but we want to inshallah, take quickly some few lessons from it, whether you're male or female, there's great wisdom in it and you will find that a prophet of Allah, Allah, you sit on run for money. So if a prophet can learn from money on something, there's a lot that we can learn from her. So it begins there is what Allah and Ron when we call it, the Mullah, to a model of being in order to recognize the Mahabharata. So, the mother, mother of Emraan, which is the mother of Marian, when she was pregnant with her, she vows what is in her stomach, what is in her womb, to be devoted to Allah zildjian free from all other attachments.

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Something she says here for the potbelly meaning y'all accept from me, meaning I made this vow to you, I've given this child of mine to your Allah. So Frank said that for me in NACA and the cemetery, you are the one who hears and no one who knows everything. And here we see the importance of the art that you make for your child.

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That it is really fundamental that if you are a parent, a mother, a father, that you constantly make dua for your child, it begins from before conception, and during conception and after and until there are adults to keep making dua for your child, that Allah zildjian will guide them and bless them and give them this and protect them from that. And don't only make your doctor about the dunia and forget the afio the hereafter. So here she's making two are exclusively for the hereafter y'all I'm giving you this child to you for the Apollo mini for what it is said there that it will be for the service of domestic taking care of the masjid the worship of Allah zoji but she was expecting a

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male she was not expecting a female

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for the middle daughter when she gave birth to her. She says

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Yeah a lot of what a given birth is to a female and Allah knows best what she had given birth to.

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What is the deck okay under the theme the male is not like the female. And she then says I named her Maria

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and she says what it needs to her Becca will do Rita Amina shaytani r rajim. He says I seek your protection for her and her children or her progeny from the she fun. And again, I want you to see the importance of

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again here I want you to see the importance of Doha.

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That is Allah xeljanz Akana with either

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accepts money and her children. And he protects them from the shape and because of this

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because of the draw of the mother for the Cabal money in the UK, and the semi are learning No, I mean, I'm sorry, when it says he says here, were either let me go with Maria de Allah protects her from the shade.

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protector from the shade plan, I'm sorry, I think Facebook is back. I think probably there's some difficulties comes I'm using Wi Fi on all devices, because we don't have data right here. If you're on Rogers, so we don't have data. So I'm using Wi Fi on all devices. So it's kind of congested a bit so that I apologize if there's any delay or there's any interruption in the broadcast.

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So we're able to recover the reality Allah protects her and her progeny from this she had fun. So Allah says fit the cabella Heroku hub if a Boolean has an Ola accepted medium, he accepted that the app from the mother of Maria about her child and about the progeny of her children so the messengers of Allah hottie was in them said that there's a special distinction for money M. And for Isa Elisa now in them being protected from the shirvan in birth at birth, that she thought did not poke them did not hurt them at birth. Why? Because they were protected because of that. And again, I want you here to remember that you have by Allah's will, by Allah's tofield the ability to give a lot of

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Baraka to your child, if you give making too hard for them, just like the Mother Mother of Miriam made to ask for money.

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Then we continue Allah says Rockefeller has a career he gave her to be taken care of to zecharia Zakaria is the Prophet of Allah, who was taking care of them. And again, here's the benefit of what money and became who she was, after Allah xojo because of he who he put Allah in her path.

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And one fundamental character there is a courier who took care of her when she was young. So she had a prophet of Allah taking care of her and hear how your child develops depends on how you take care of them. zekeriya was taking care of money in advising her teaching her guiding her. So that is important and an early age. And that is what Subhan Allah what

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part of the blessing that Madame received is having a righteous person so make up for your child just like that, that Allah will grant them Subhana Allah Do you have a child now or you're expecting or you hope that you have them later? Yeah, like grand my child at an early age someone who will guide them and bring them closer to you in addition to your influence, the influence of peers and friends and teachers and mentors, you may do as well. Well can fella has a career so Zachary, I was taking care of her. Now some things so Pamela wonderful here whenever zirconia would come and see her in the chamber when she was worshipping Allah such as me hub, you will find that she will have

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provisions NEMA from Allah xojo. He'll ask her where did this come from?

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She will say to me, she says this is from Allah, in Allah is the woman your shirt will be Linga he says Allah provides for for whomever he wants, without the camp without restrictions without limitations. So here there is a Karama that this this woman had experienced from Allah zildjian because of how close and how devoted she was to Allah, Zachary, a prophet of Allah, whenever he would come and visit her he will find she'll have food. They said hello, Adam in the dipsea. In winter, she will have the fruit of summer and in summer she will have the foot of winter meaning that it didn't directly come from human intervention. It came from Allah so demeaning, this is

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something Allah gave to her. possible we believe in that Allah gave it to her.

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So she believed that Allah can give everything and because of that belief, Allah gave her and showed her his ability. And Allah was grooming her in a sense, preparing her for what is going to come later. Now you see this this miraculous supernatural, smaller thing now, you're going to witness something great later on and big

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Because of this supernatural kurama, that Zachary of who himself was a prophet of Allah saw with money.

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He remember, he was inspired. It says whenever he could as a career but at that moment, when he saw this is occurring to me, to Allah, I suggest to grant him a child. Yeah. Sousa Korea who is a prophet of Allah who is better than money in, learned something for money on when he saw her. And there's an initial lesson there, that Yeah, you could be older or more knowledgeable or etc, you have something that the other person does not. But the other person can teach you something that you did not know, reminding you of something that you forgot. If a prophet of Allah can learn from someone who's less than he was, we can learn.

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We can learn from children, we can learn from non Muslims, we can learn from animals, we can learn from other sinful Muslims or Muslims that may not have the same level of knowledge that we have, but we can still learn from them. So there's never that sense of arrogance or satisfaction that I have enough. You never have enough. We always forget we always make mistakes and we need reminders. And those reminders could come from people who are who have less than us and no less than us, because we never should be so self satisfied to say that I will not learn from somebody else. So

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Allah azza wa jal, you know, purifies money and he tells her to devote herself to Allah zildjian and we see in Surah Maria, that he distances herself from her family, so cludes herself from family went up at any time again and shafia just distances herself to worship Allah zodion and more with more concentration. With more devotion, she was very close to Allah azza wa jal and because of that, Allah selects her and it says in here in sola and Mr. Stouffer Guwahati was Tofurky. Allah selected you purify you and selected you. So she's waiting was being prepared for something great.

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And her devotion brought her to that stage.

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And she's going to receive this great thing from Allah azza wa jal through an ordeal through a test and I want you to see insha Allah here and lesson for all of us, which is that

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a lot of the gifts of Allah azza wa jal come inside or wrapped around with

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a test and an ordeal. Just like in gift, it's wrapped. And when you open the robbing then you really reach the gift, the thing that you love, but what had wrapped it is what something else the gifts of Allah azza wa jal a lot of times are wrapped with ordeals and tests from Allah has his origin.

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So here she was secluded in devotion to Allah as the origin she's very close to Allah. The angel comes in human form. She's terrified now the man in in game Quinta Tati, I seek out the protection of our man from you if you have Taqwa. Meaning if you have Taqwa fear Allah xuejun. He tells her I'm a messenger of Allah to give you a child, how could I have a child and no human has touched me, he says, This is the will of Allah as a gift to grant you a child who will be an heir to humanity.

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Indeed, he was an area to humanity. Now I want you to imagine, she becomes pregnant, she is distant, she's alone. And she experienced this pregnancy for a period of nine months, the regular period of pregnancy. And then when it comes closer to that, and the shines, signs of pregnancy starts showing she's goes even further. mecanim kasuya, she even goes further away from her family. So she's alone.

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Right? experiencing all this and wondering at the same time, you can't imagine a human being Subhan Allah, what would I tell people when I'm pregnant? When I have that child? How will I take care of them? How would people accept us? How will I provide for him? All these questions and see is a single another at a time when it is difficult to be a single mother? How will I take care of him? Who will accept him? What will they say about him? What his reputation will be? What what what what? And under all that stress when she's experiencing the pain of childbirth? She says yeah, they turned me to Oklahoma. I wish I was dead before all of this and I was long forgotten.

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And this tells you Subhana Allah that even the righteous with increased or elevated levels of emotion you will experience those moments of weakness.

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You're still a human being it does not mean that

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that if you have a man that you have absolutely zero doubt. there if you have a man that you do not feel weakness, that you do not feel pain that you don't feel has

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It doesn't mean that. But it means that when you feel these things, you turn to Allah azza wa jal, and then Allah will send you support, you feel the weight of the test, she felt the money. And with her level of emotion, we're talking about the best women in human history. She's better than all of us men were female today.

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But she felt the weight of that test. But then you she turns to Allah as origin. And when you turn to Allah, and you need to have that reservoir of him, and he cannot wait for that test to come and say, then I'll turn to Allah because at the time of that test, we will panic.

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Right? That's, that's what happens to us at the time of a test, we panic. We don't know what to go for support, we lose hope. We lose all confidence and trust in everything around us. Unless you have even then you can turn to Allah xojo.

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And it's because that is what saved her. And since then, because she begins to experience relief, the first of relief and other having to fit her under to her if you will, at destiny. So she is being called when she's giving or after she gives birth, as soon as she gives birth for another having data from underneath from below her. This could be an ISA, he said, I'm speaking to her in infancy. or this could be you read it in Sudan, because she was on a hill. She was speaking to her from the bottom, telling her not, don't be afraid and don't be sad. There is a body of water, right? A river right next to your dream from it.

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Well, is he giving you the inocula shake the trunk of that palm tree, and we'll drop dates for you. So she starts to eat and be nourished. And that is, by the way, you want some of the evidence that people cite and see why he saw it. He said, um, could not have been born in winter, is because money was eating dates, and dates don't bring fruits in December. Right? It happens more in the summer. Right? late summer of a low alum. It's just Are you talking about August, September, this is when you start seeing the fruits of dates, not in December.

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So this is the first relief. The second relief is if she was worried about explaining all of that to people, What will I say an angel came. He's told me this who is going to ever believe me when I'm carrying this to my

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town. An angel came he did this he told me that How will I defend How will I convince the second relief came from Allah subtle, you don't have to say anything. Somebody else will speak on your behalf. You just point to the child and say I will not speak I'm fasting. But so fasting of speech.

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So she carries this child back to her family back to her village back to people who will never believe and she receives all of those accusations. Yeah, money and this young money and that what did you do you come from a good family, all the expected things that will say to her, she does not have to say a thing. He said, he says I'm speaking and he defends her on her honor on your family. And it gives a message of Joe Hayden says that he's a messenger of Allah xuejun.

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This is in short, a very quick condensation of the story of money and money is a story of a woman

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who was simply worshipping Allah xojo. But her devotion because it brought her so close to Allah, Allah elevated her and remain shines throughout history. That's not really the important part, her name shining throughout history. The important part is that Allah used her to bring something that is so great for all of us. First, her own devotion in her own right, she was great.

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She was praised in the Quran, not only simply for being the mother of his and he set out for her own devotion. She was praised in the Quran praise in the sooner

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and so it does not matter who knows you if you are famous, if you are rich in this life, if you are successful money and was successful for being what bridge has discovered something, she was on the cover of a magazine, she had millions What was she successful for, for loving Allah as children being close to him, that is the true success. That is the true elevation.

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And then Allah xojo chose her for something that is even greater. She will be a mother of a prophet and a messenger of Allah like of which no one has come onto this earth. He had no father.

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She was to do this, but to bear that she has to go through a test. that very fact will say no one else had to go through.

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She was the most chaste of woman, yet she has to be accused and doubted when it came to her chastity

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and she had to bear that and carry

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For me for a month, now for nine months, physical, psychological, emotional stress, yet she carried all of that, and a lot elevated or further because of it. So the lesson for all of this insha Allah for all of us is, first of all, do

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you don't belittle, for your children, for yourself, for your family whenever you are down, whenever you are stressed? Don't Don't sit with your stress and sit with your pain. Give it to Allah and ask him Yeah, Allah, I thought he was going to be a me if that male is a female is a disappointment. Is it? What not give it to Allah as she was better than a male?

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She was better than me.

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hamdulillah not a bit. And I mean, why because the mother asked Allah so did so do. The second of all, what? learn from others, even if they are children, even if they are less than you, even if they're not Muslims, right.

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I mean, learn from others, be inspired, and be around the righteous, be around people who will teach you what to do and what not to do will inspire you to be close to Allah xiaojin zekeriya benefited from money and money have benefited from Zakaria

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and he set up. The third thing is that he has Allah xojo could send you a test. I don't want you to believe that whatever Allah sends you a test that he at that moment hates you. And that's why he had send you a test.

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If Allah hates you, you don't want to he will do he'll make you the richest person and make you a disbeliever

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that's it. Enjoy this life. You're not going to remember Allah as though did. But if Allah test you in a way that pushes you back to him, that is not a sign of heat. That is a sign of Allah azzawajal loving you, Allah xojo wanting the best for you. So the test or the gift that came to Marion came wrapped with a test, a test of pregnancy, a test of accusations and doubt and then what the stress of What will I say to people.

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So unwrap the gift of Allah xojo by going through the test and being patient with it until you reach the gift that is inside. And when you reach the gift that is your that is inside you will know what a lot of dough wrapped it in an affliction because it had to come back that for a loss of job to elevate and purify and select you may Allah zildjian purifiers May Allah Azza Jamaica's among the selected May Allah allow us to endure the test of this life to see the benefit lead place in them and May Allah azzawajal inspire us through the story of money and the story of the career and the story of the prophets of Allah He was sought out to a sit down for us to be close to him and to

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attach themselves to the righteous whenever we encounter something difficult, so that we see the benefit in the tests of Allah zildjian we endure we triumph and receive the blessings of those bends. That tests mean.

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Huisman Ganesha, a lot of very quickly answered the questions said Is it permissible for us as females to seek support from a male friend instead of the same gender I mean, emotional support. This is very tricky. This is very tricky. And I would actually discourage you from doing that. Because when you are emotionally vulnerable, and you're seeking emotional support from somebody else, you'll be very close to them even a female. But in the case of another female, there is no sexual component there.

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There's no possibility I'm going to develop sexual or emotional attachments to that person, and I want to be intimate with them. So if you are seeking sexual support from someone from the opposite gender, most likely what's going to happen is that you're going to start developing feelings for them. And those feelings will then develop from emotional feelings into physical feelings. It's just it's very hard to stop something like that. So I would say insha Allah, be patient and try to seek your support your emotional support from someone who is the same gender as yours. Right, same gender as yours. Obviously France before all of that, you know, seek Allah as Odin and seek His help and

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seek His counsel and seek his advice. And then if you want seek it from a human being someone of the same gender as yours in sha Allah would be the safest would be the safest. If you're talking about emotional support from let's say, an older person,

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especially knowledgeable person, an Imam, a chef and what have you. It is possible but at the same time, insha Allah make sure that you maintain the limits

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The limits of is that you don't become so overly attached. You're not alone with that person. There's a gap in age between you and them right and you don't make it an a prolonged encounter, or I'm constantly seeking support from them and I'm constantly being dependent on them. And I'm developing feelings because that happens happens with therapists and their patients right? Whenever they go into that relationship with the patient opens up to the therapist what happens is that they develop feelings for them. And that's common right and psychology. So you have to understand that insha Allah same gender inshallah safest, what was the form of worship that Maryam did it this does

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not signify it does not explain that in the Koran.

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Or in the sooner what specific worship that Medea did to Allah azza wa jal, but we can imagine that it is very similar to the worship that we do. So there is Salah now what form of solidarity exactly what what movements? What did they say? We don't know exactly. But we can say that there was Salah, we can actually be very confident there was Sadat, when and how we don't know but there was Salah, we can be confident that there was fasting, we can be confident that there is recitations of the book of Allah or the reading and the study of the book of Allah because they had the toe Robin, in addition to maybe other minor books that we could have from Allah as of June but the Torah Torah was

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the major book so study of the books of Allah and then also the teaching, the learning of the books of Allah recitation, that is there. So a lot of the worship that we're talking about assisting people set apart was available then even before that, that may be a specific for may not be exactly as ours maybe if they fasted they did not fast, exactly like we did, but they did fast. They did pray, they did give sadaqa they did to help others. They did study Islam, they did teach Islam, they did clean, domestic support, domestic help the elderly, all of that is available. So all of these are the acts of devotion that we can assume, safely insha Allah were the acts that they performed at

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that time won't love them. hamdulillah but I mean, we finished the questions for today insha Allah tomorrow be in the La zodion we hope to meet you again. With a hadith from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you ask Allah but Allah amenia Allah continue to give us support in the month of Ramadan. Okay,

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okay, there's another one can we say alayhis salam upon the prophets Allah listen when his name is mentioned during Salah by the Imam. So you've taught you're talking about or in the Salah by the Imam so the Imam is reciting Quran

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and he mentions women say for instance, Mohammed Rasul Allah, Allah Deena Can you say Salaam Salaam upon him somebody with Salah some allow it in sha Allah in your Salah. So I'm behind the Imam. Let's say I'm in my Salah, and he's reciting Hamadan Rasul Allah whether the in other words you do I say so some allow it Some say don't say it some allow it as long as it's quiet inshallah you know, it's as you say, for instance, you know, say Mohammed there was a little light it's

00:28:14--> 00:28:31

you say something like that not loud salah and he was in the right I heard that once in one semester. It was really odd. Like a lot of people were saying you know, when they heard that some of the law he was in February it was very odd to yourself to set yourself as it is, especially in

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as soon as so that by the way, this is something people may not know so your questions actually led me to this.

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You could say for instance, this was first was the better from the center of the profits a lot to send them Kennedy the Murrah B is in fear the origin that is the allergen of ethical now is the other indictment and now if there's an agenda he'll ask a lawful agenda and if there's an A about Hellfire receive six loss protection Malphite is sold out. So there's I have hotel fire alarm, law protecting that protect us from hellfire. There's an AR Bo Jenna Allah Allah, Luca Janae. Allah we ask you for Jenna. Right? in a low voice right though he's reciting the Quran he will stop ask for this and continue

00:29:14--> 00:29:27

so that is permissible in sooner and that is permissible specially in sooner. Right? So let's restrict that to the sooner so if you are in telawi right, doorway pm

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and you hear that from

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the email you can ask Allah for a Jenna you asked him for protection from Hellfire or you can say so Lancelot upon the prophets a lot he sent them in fall. Okay, let's not do this. In finally just listen. Okay, Allah. If I asked Allah for something after every Salah would that be considered a bit that like if they assume that is to say a certain day, after fed you're going to ask that after every Sunday, you can ask after every Sunday, inshallah

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is no hesitant no hesitation or restrictions here that is insula and then after Salah are times for asking Allah xuejun so if you want something from this dunya or the hereafter and you decide I want to keep asking Allah for it and my son up every sign up or after every failure or after every asset or after every Salah of the day, that is permissible so there is no no restriction here in sha Allah so it's not a bit right if not a bit

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no hamdulillah

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Yeah, so I like if the sooner is to see a certain Do I have to figure Can I ask for that after every Sunday you can ask after every single shot. So I hope that answered your question shall have the down a bit I mean, as I was saying, insha Allah will meet you even in the Zoda tomorrow Illa with the Hadith of the messengers of Allah hottie will send them to esta la Zoo to the Allah continue to give us support in the month of Ramadan keep keep giving us energy to continue to worship you keep giving us the appetite and the energy and the desire to read the Quran to pray at night to fast with with enthusiasm, email and yT surber as it says in the ad with a proper intention to pray with the

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proper intention at night and read on with the proper intention. Remind us Europa alameen in the month of Ramadan to keep making and to keep remembering your name, and to keep doing all acts of righteousness available to us to keep giving good dia sadaqa and helping others all acts of good deeds era but Allah may open the floodgates of righteousness in Ramadan for us and open the gates of genda for us, and allow us to enter agenda and makers of the people agenda and protect us from Hellfire and do not make use of the people of hellfire. You ask you all but I mean, I mean forgive us all of our sins, the major ones and the small ones, the ones that we still remember and the ones

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that we forgot about, who asked me to elevate us in general, because of the people that Allah allow us to follow the sin of your messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, fill our hearts with email and satisfaction, tranquility and peace and your love and the love for your messengers of Allah while he was just going along here I will see you in sha Allah tomorrow at the same time Subhana Allah will be handling a shadow in the ancestor funeral go to Bali. What have they done? They have been I mean, Santa Monica Kumar Rahmatullahi wa cat