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There will come a time when filth will become acceptable. But no matter how acceptable and common it becomes in society, don’t forget that the filthy and the good and pure will never be equal in the sight of Allah.

Filth vs Good & Pure [Juz 7] – Nouman Ali Khan

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own hobbies What?

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Java caca for to hobby, Fat Duck Ooh, la,

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la, la La come to flee who rubbish is everywhere Silly me walking looked at them unless any of our colleagues from hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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salam alaikum, Quran Weekly, in this ayah This is the 100th episode. This is the seventh Jews hamdulillah in which Allah commands his prophet to say, Now, yester, will habito What if the filthy, and the good and pure are not equal? They are not equal. The first thing to note is Allah didn't just say the filthy and the good are not equal. He told the prophet to say it. Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will be the representative of a law determining what is good and what is filthy, and what is, you know, what is what is acceptable and what's not acceptable. So the Muslims have to stay on point and understand that that standard will be the Prophet himself or the his

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AutoSum. A lot of times in this discussion, we say society will decide, society will decide what's normal, and what's not what's filthy, and what's good, what's acceptable, and what's unacceptable. And the line keeps changing, right. So every few years, what used to be unacceptable before is totally acceptable. So you know, in the entertainment industry, what used to be rated R became pG 13, then became PG and it's like, fine now. And it was completely unacceptable, maybe 50 years ago, but standards change. So how far do you take the standards? Were? How far where do you draw the line? The prophets I saw them has been authorized by Allah to draw that line. That's one of the

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purposes he's there. And so tell them the filthy and the good are not the same. Well, Jabba castrato hubie Check this out. Even if the multitude of filth impresses you. Even if it's got you dazzled, meaning filth will be plenty, and it's going to be everywhere, and you're gonna say everybody's doing it. Everybody talks like that. What are you talking about? Chill out, man. Why do you got to be weird? Because weird is that which is rare, strange, unacceptable is that which is uncommon, and what's common is acceptable. So almost as filth will become acceptable, but no matter how acceptable it becomes, and how common it becomes in society, you can't forget that filth and pupil impure

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things will never be equal. What is wrong will remain wrong, even if all your friends are up to it. Even if it's every everywhere you turn, you see it, it won't make it right. Well, no Java kesulitan hobbies what kind of people will recognize that though, for takala? Then watch out for Allah. Yeah. Well, Bob, people have sound minds clear thought people whose thoughts are not like, like, contaminated by culture. They're not contaminated by the overwhelming onslaught of propaganda of the of the blind sheep mentality, everybody's doing the same thing. So that must be the right thing to do. That cannot be the way you think. You know, there are people who celebrate certain things and

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they don't even know why they celebrate them. I have no clue why they celebrate them. There are certain holidays people are like dying to celebrate. But they have no idea why they're celebrating them. Mostly because other people are celebrating them. Don't become a sheep you have to be people have clear, open deep thought the

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law come to fly home so that you can attain success. And that's the final thing. You see everybody else doing something and you might think they must be doing it because it leads to success. And Allah says no, no matter how many people are doing it, and no matter how much you think they're leading themselves to success, you better watch out for a lot and use your thought and stick to the good and pure if you are the people that want to be successful. The final comment from this ayah that I want to share with you is the word ifla. Allah didn't say that I look him to fuzu so that you can be successful there's another verb in Arabic for success. ESC says to flee Hoon, if law is used

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when you farm, when you plant a seed. When you when you make the soil soft, when you water it when you make sure it gets enough sun. When you make sure that weeds don't come make sure the bugs don't come you work the entire year on this farm. And eventually you see success to fly who knows us when you put a lot of work into something. Ally's indicating that fighting against the filth and looking for the good and pure in a world that's surrounded by filth and only rarely do you find instances of good and pure is going to be a lot of hard work and that success will come at a price where it's not just going to happen. You're going to have to put a lot of work into it finding good and pure

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finding good and pure entertainment, finding good impure things to read, finding good and pure, you know, good and pure career, source of income. All of these things are going to be a lot of effort, even finding good impure food to eat. All of these things are going to take a lot, a lot, a lot of effort on your part, but it is worth it in the end, because you did all of it because you were cautious on the law and you wanted to attain success and you never let your thoughts be cluttered you remained from above, you remain from the people of clear and concise thought barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. chronically

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should you live like this? Yeah, it doesn't look bad.

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Do it

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we use the mic. That's cool.

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The bad human being

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was one way to get rid of the stain just sit sideways.

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The side of my face has black paint on it.

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