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Hud 102-123 Translation 102-123

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Muhammad Ali RL Sudha Hill Karim amerit for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Rubbish rashly surgery. We're silly angry.

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Letter melissani of koko de Robin as in

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Lesson number 121. So the hood is number 102 to 123. Translation.

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What are their leka likewise

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seizing Rob Baker of Europe, either when a holiday he seized and qura the towns were here while it was early Mattoon wrongdoing, in indeed, of the who, who season, a Lehman painful, shed Eden severe

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in indeed, fee in velika that I attend surely assign Lehman for who hoffa he feared our verbal punishment and our hero of the hereafter. radica that Yeoman day much more want to be gathered Lahu for it, and NASA, the people, the mankind were vaniqa and that Yeoman de mush who don't want to be witnessed

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Omar and not new, a hero who we delay it, we defer it Illa except Liadrin. For a term Mara Doodle, one numbered, one fixed

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Yama on the Yeti, it will come last not pricker lemon it will speak nevsun any soul Illa except the evening he with His permission from in home so from them shall be your wretched unfortunate well and sir Eden fortunate

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for Allah then as for Allah Vina, those who Shaku they will record for fee so in and now the Hellfire, the home for them see her in it zefiro violence exhaling was shaken and inhaling.

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Holly Dena once abiding eternally fee her in it ma as long as dammit it remained smls the heavens will out and the earth

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Illa except man what sure he will rabuka Europe

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in indeed Rebecca Europe for Ireland Dewar one who does Lima for what you read he wants what Amala and as for an Medina those who serve a do they were prosperous or they were destined to be prosperous for fee so in an agenda the paradise Holly Dena once abiding eternally fee her in it. My dammit as long as it remains a similar word the heavens will up and the earth except ma was sure he will aboukir Europe Otto a gift of IRA not modules want to be cut off want to be severed?

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fella so do not the qu UB fi in media in any doubt, member from what br will do he worships How old are these? Man not yagoona they worship Illa except camera just as your Buddha he worships about whom their forefathers main from Kabbalah before

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we enter and indeed we learn we're full home. Surely once we give them in full nicely we're home their portion of it other than those one diminished. One reduced.

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one accord and certainly no brainer we gave Musa Musa alayhis salam al Qaeda the book foster liefert so it was deferred fee in it when I left and if not clearly Mattoon a word several cut it proceeded men from Rebecca Europe local the surely it was decreed by the home between them were in the home and indeed they Luffy surely in shakin adult men who found it more even one that makes restless

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or inner and indeed Colin each or all member when

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or nama surely let your fear know whom surely he will definitely give them in full. Rob Booker Europe or America home their deeds in the house indeed he be male with what Yama Luna they do hobby Ron always all aware

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first, so you remain firm. You remain steadfast command just as a Mr. You were commanded woman and whoever berba he returned or he repented marker with you

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whether and do not say

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Hope you all transgress in the who indeed he be male with whatever Thumbelina you will do basilone all results

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were there and do not turn to you all inclined Ella towards and levina those who run a route they do wrong femtosecond so consequently it will touch you and now in the fire warmer and not lock home for you, mainframe dooney besides Allah Allah main from Alia any close friends, so more than la not than saloon you all will be helped

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well and you establish a solid the Salah theraphy on two ends and a half of the day

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well and Xenophon at approach or at early part Xenophon at approach or early part main from Elaine the night

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in indeed AlHassan add the good deeds you've given they take away a say he add the evil deeds rarely occur that Vicar, a reminder live vacuity for those who take heed or for those who remember

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westward and be patient. For in for Indeed Allah Allah lair not you there is a general reward and mercy many of those who do good

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fellow law so why not Ghana? It was or he was main from the generations main form Kublai Khan before you

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oluwo possessors Bucky yet in of remaining influence or of remaining intelligence. Yen However, they forbid on form and facade the corruption fee in the earth Illa except polygon a few main man from whom and Jaina we saved main home from them. Whatever and he followed and Medina those who wanna move a drunk, man, what are three foo? They were indulged, or they were given worldly pleasures fee in it. worker No, and they were rigidly mean criminals or centers.

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Whether or not Ghana he was rabuka euro liquor that he destroys ankura the town's bewilderment with injustice well as new hair while it's people mostly whom are ones who make Islam the ones who make reform

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well and if she or he will rob Booker Europe surely he made a NASA the people in modern a nation were headed single

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well they're and not yours or aluna they will see is Mr. Griffin ones who differ with each other.

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Except man who were humor he was merciful but I book your rub well and deliver the car for that hollowcore home He created them

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walk and the month it was completed. Kalamata word Rob Baker of Europe.

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Surely I will definitely feel Johanna Hellfire men from Elgin the gin oneness and the people ultramarine all together.

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Well Colin and all nakasu we relate America upon you name from Umberto special use of rustle of the messengers, man bot which without bit we make firm, be with it forever, your heart will jerrica and it came to you fee in heavy this and help the truth. And moreover, don't and admonition were Vicar and a reminder. They might mean for the believers

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will call and say Laila Dina to those who learn not you may know that they believe err marylu you will do either upon McKenna t comb your place your position in man. Indeed we are we don't want to do one totally true. And you all wait in there Indeed, we won't totally ruin once Wait, while the lady and for our variable unseen, a silhouette of the heavens will have and the earth will lie and to him your job it will be returned. And the matter or the decision could lose all of it for our world who so you worship Him

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and you put your trust lie upon him.

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Warmer and not rob Booker you read below feeling at all unaware. I'm from what you all do

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with decentralization

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the ad

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magilla gorilla Monique Sunil

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he has

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we're in

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Walla Walla

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we're in the homeless

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in ob my

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ob MA

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the theory was in a lot

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of the Isla de la

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