Muhammad West – Quranic Reminders #2 – Jannah for Sale

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The importance of sharing moments of benefit is emphasized in the upcoming month ofams, with the Prophet Muhammad Subhanoss balancing actions with his experiences and offering cool things to achieve praising and meaningful things. It is also emphasized that avoiding small acts like small seeded plants and putting them on a plate is crucial, and to avoid constantly feeling sad and investing in one's wealth is also important. Additionally, the importance of shayteats and potential for them to increase chances of being forgiven by the Prophet Muhammad is discussed, along with the potential benefits of small acts wiping away negative consequences.
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I'll be lurking in the shaytani R rajim Bismillah Murni Rahim hamdulillah hamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam and that ma Niada villa, while early was happy when many Darebin Buddha woman's and maybe soon de la Yamanaka or praise and all thanks to solely due to Allah subhanho wa Taala and we ask Allah subhana wa Tada in his infinite wisdom and His mercy to please blessings and salutations upon our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions, and all those fundamental Oklahoma Gematria Muslimeen on this beautiful Friday afternoon, I greet you with a message of peace and blessings and tranquility. When I say assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi

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hamdulillah from Alhamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us this opportunity to witness another day of Jumar in the month of Ramadan, and we are forever grateful to Allah subhana wa Tada for this opportunity. And we ask that all of us want to mix these next few moments, moments of benefit for us in ways that we can get closer to Allah subhana, WA Tada.

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And subhanAllah this month truly is amazing. It does set itself apart from all the other months of the year. And we just have this different feeling within this month of Ramadan. And we can actually see that feeling on people on people's actions. For example, we know that we can see people are doing more good things in this month of Ramadan. And one of the things that we can visibly see is, is the amount of sadaqa that people are giving the amount of good goodwill that people are doing in this month of Ramadan and Subhan Allah, this is, as Sheikh Mohammed mentioned, that this is the month of of sharing. Allah Subhan Allah says that there's two things that we want to achieve from

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this month. The first is taqwa. We want to have the awareness of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And the second thing is to be more grateful to be grateful individuals. And I want this to keep those two themes in the back of our mind as we go through the clip but today

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so what was the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam like in this month? Did he have the same type of qualities? Did he had the same actions?

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There was a had this hadith that mentions the Prophet Muhammad Al Salam was known as Ken rasool Allah was kinda Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, oneness that he was very giving. He was very charitable, very generous.

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What can I do admire Khun, but when it came to these most generous moments, those were found and reserved for the month of Ramadan. So we find that the Prophet Muhammad Salam was extremely generous in the month of Ramadan. The hadith goes further and says that in this month, the use of the site to Gibreel and revise his Quran

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remind himself of the Ayat of Allah subhana wa the signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the ins and concludes with

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Edward Belhaj. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was so generous, that he cubic II could be compared to a very humble salah, which basically means a generous wind, when that brings about the benefit to people.

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It's the cause of benefit. And that is how the Prophet Muhammad wa salam was in this month of Ramadan, he was the cause of benefit, cause of joy to other people. Now once again, is something else I want us to remember. And that Allah is smart is using an analogy oviya of nature.

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To explain to us what we should be like

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to give us an example of what the Prophet Muhammad Hassan was like in the month of Ramadan, and he specifically uses wind. So keep that also in the back of your mind.

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But just in case we don't understand and we can't really perceive what goodness is and what charities were giving up your wealth is to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Subhan Allah says in this amazing he says, Then tena will be

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that if you want to attain righteousness, if you want to attain that, that rank,

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that level of Taqwa that closest to Allah subhanho wa Taala Lenten Arabic that you will never ever achieve it.

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Length it will be hard to remember to hit bone until you give of that which you would you cherish the most. That what you love the most, that what you appreciate the most.

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And it's important to mention this because it might be different to everyone. I might have a lot of money so give me money is not important to me. But my time is precious to me. Now last one, this is only weak when it comes to what you love the most. So give up your money, but also give of your time

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and salsa This is lesson 10 on the bureau how to tune fake homie metal hip bone, Omega tune fake home in shame for in Allah hubby it sometimes we give up things and then

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One sees it. And sometimes we want that recognition. Allah Swan says that he is the one that gives recognition. So you give up your time, you give up, you give a good word to someone, you phone, someone you haven't spoken to in a long time.

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You a busy person, but you do that you take your time out to be able to do that. No one else sees it. It's a conversation just between you and the other person. But Allah sees it. And Allah is the one that that needs, the one that we're trying to please. He is the one that we're trying to get close to. So Allah smart This is don't worry, I am the one who will take note of it.

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And Allah Subhan Allah says, in an amazing verse in the Quran, just in case we still don't perceive what it's like to to give charity to give up what we've been entrusted with. Allah Samantha says methadone, levena Yun fake una FISA de la vie, that Allah Samantha says a similar tude right when analogy that is given of someone who gives up his wealth, someone who gives up the things that he owns that he's been entrusted with camera telehealth baton umbertide severtson, Abdullah, equally, some will assume Gulati Mia to Allah Subhan Allah says that this is similar to

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a a seed

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like a seed. And within the seed, there are seven, seven smaller seeds or seven spikes. And in each of these smaller compartments, there is 100 seeds.

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So what is Allah swans are telling us over here

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he says that whenever we give something to someone, it might seem insignificant to you. But to that person, it might be amazing.

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It might be something completely different something to change the day somebody to make the the day or the week worthwhile living just by you giving that small act giving someone a plate the food phoning someone might just bring that joy to that person and through that, it will have a knock on effect on other people. So but you getting that small insignificant thing might mean something major to someone else. Well Allah we will die if when he made Yeshua and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will increase and double and multiply to wherever he he seems. He wishes to

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Allah your body, fully Masha, Allah, who was sarin had him once again, Allah Azza says that is his own knowledgeable, he knows exactly the small things that you are doing. And I was wondering, exactly use the example of the small seed because that to me, is almost insignificant, but it has the potential to be something amazing, something great and something of great benefit to mankind, just like your your sadaqa

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but in the same way Jamaat Muslimeen Allah Samantha has given us us this gift, big, my amazing gift.

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Something that is can produce so much more.

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But with that Jamaat rooster mean, this responsibility is a bit of caution. So Allah was behind that says, Yeah, Johan leadin, Armen, Oh, you who believe. And the Companions mentioned that whenever you hear this verse, whenever we hear this verse, these words, the set of words, we should spay pay close attention to these words. Why? Because it can either be of great benefit to you, or it can protect you from a great harm.

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So this charity that we're giving, we need to understand it's not something simple, something major, because this is the way we're going to achieve righteousness. So Allah Subhan Allah says, Yeah, you will lead in and lead to go through Salah particle Bill money well,

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when it comes to this charity, be wary, be careful.

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Be careful about this, this action that you are going to go to do because lead to go through, don't destroy it. Don't discard it

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been many will either

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by what what would discard these things by you, proclaiming it and advertising the fact that you've done this, this act and also by causing harm to other people. But what does this mean this contextualize for a few moments. So it and you know, when we do sadaqa when we giving charity, you know, this, this, this vibe that's around you this atmosphere, you know, we giving repacking parcels we're doing all these good things. It's only natural for us to, you know, to want to encourage other people to do the same thing. So what do we do? We post things. We take pictures and put it online. We tell other people you know how many fossils we did this year, we did 70 Or we cook the 100

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reports of food and it becomes almost like a, a sinister competition that we're having amongst each other.

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Now last month, he says Be wary of those things. That you imagine all the sacrifice that you put into doing these good things.

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You You put a lot of sacrifice in it.

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A lot of effort and time goes into doing these, these good acts, Allah Subhan, Allah says, Be wary about destroying those acts

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and causing harm to other people. And this is a common thing that we find is that what we normally have is,

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and maybe we need to think about possible ways to do this in a better way. But when we give out food, where people queue in lines, you know, we encourage people to big in certain ways, we haven't developed a really good way to, to honor the person who we're giving to. Instead, we degrade them by making them stand in lines, you know, telling them to keep in, you know, in take turns and so on. We don't get our food like that when at home.

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Instead, these his honor either dad dishes first or mom dishes first, whatever routines we have, but we don't do that when it comes to the people that we're giving charity to.

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And so Allah Samantha says, Be careful, you might just destroy it.

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You might destroy it. So be wary of those factors. Then Allah Subhan Allah says He gives us another analogy and he says fermata Luca method is software and in Allah He told Rob So just like we're going to plant that seed that we spoke about imagine planting it on a rock or

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something of that land that's not edible

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for our Saba who love it, and then a wind comes remember we mentioned wind earlier before

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Allah spawn this is for our Saba who have been that a strong wind comes and what will it do to that to that rock that you just planted those those things on? Put that soil on,

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all that soil will be removed, whatever you've done, have good and if it Allah's fantasies will be wiped away.

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So it's not it doesn't matter what necessarily you do, it's always the way you do it.

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Leia Kadena che Makka Cebu is not able to carry whatever you you've done with it.

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It's of no benefit to you. So but you posting things online, but you, you know, advertising, the fact that you're doing this good, it might just destroy the effort that you put in Walla Walla teleco mal calpheon. I love this piece. Allah subhana says that is that he doesn't guide those people who are kind of feeding. Now whenever we look at the translation in the Quran, we see this believing people. Now the word kofod doesn't always only mean someone who disbelieves but as we find in surah Allah spawn compared with those people who are ungrateful.

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Meaning you're not truly thankful for what you what you have.

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Because if you were, you take special care in how you give that over to to someone else.

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And I like to think about the money that we have, as Allah Smith is placing it in with us to invest it in other things. So you should be a good investor when it comes to, to investing the money in, in whatever endeavors you do.

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In Allah was fine. This is almost what the knows how we are and how we work and how we tick. So we think you know, I have a lot of money, while I don't have a lot of money. If I give all of this money, I will have less money. That's generally how math works. But Allah subhanaw taala says, through the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Mircosoft Seneca Merlyn

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that your wealth will not decrease with sadaqa. It will never decrease with sadaqa.

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So let's just think about that for a second. Doesn't make sense.

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But if you look at certain individuals, they have a lot of money, a lot of money, but they in debt, are they constantly you know, it's just never working. They're never happy with what they have. So we always think of of the wealth as the money that you have in your bank account. But that's not always what wealth is. Wealth is tranquility, having peace of heart and peace of mind.

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That's true, well, who would you rather want to be wealthy and depressed and stressed or you know, just making it but you extremely happy? Something for us to think about? So Allah the Prophet Muhammad Al Salam says that your your sadaqa will not decrease your wealth.

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Then Allah was fined this is for the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem says,

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What sadaqa when it comes to sadaqa it will remove all of your sins, it will extinguish all of your sins, just like water extinguishes fire.

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And in this month of Ramadan, we try to get rid of all the sins that we have, we try to remove as much as possible. Allah Subhan Allah says a simple act is by giving in instead of giving off of of what you have. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, he says just in case you still concerned

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about the wealth that you have. It says a shaytani R I do Coleman fucker, that shape on

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He whispers in your ears and tells you you're gonna have little money. You're not gonna have enough

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you're not gonna have enough if you give a lot of a lot of your sadaqa you won't have enough. Allah Samantha says this is what shaytaan says. Walla Walla Walla Yoko McPhee litem, Minowa bye but instead, by giving in sadaqa, Allah Samantha promises you that you will have Mo Farah that you will be forgiven and felt love that you will have ease in your ex. So who would you rather listen to shame upon Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So Jonathan Muslimeen, we need to rethink the way that we think about sadaqa what does it mean?

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And what benefit benefit can it be to us and to the people that that we give it to?

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Allah was behind the gifts of the Prophet Muhammad myself that I mentioned about Allah Allah subhanho wa taala. In my concluding Hadith,

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he says that Masada hadn't Bisola cotton membership. That is not a individual that gives off his wealth. Anything that is good, meaning the thing is good. And also the way that he's done. Done it was good. It man will be a meanie, accepting that Allah subhanho wa Taala will take it in his right hand

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that Allah was Martha will hold on to that in his right hand. Even if it is a date.

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It just as a side note, you know, recently I someone told when my wife told me, she said, What are we gonna send out to people we were late for for Iftar waitress people are sending out the cookies and biscuits and stuff. What are we gonna give them? And she said, Okay, I'm gonna give a packet of dates. And I'm like dates, really? You're gonna give dates. I mean, people are sending some verses and pies, and we're gonna give dates. And then she reminded me about this hadith. And I was like, Oh, I'm an idiot.

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Allah is one disease even if it is a Tamil, and you'll be giving a plate.

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Allah, the Prophet Muhammad SAW some says we're in Cana Tamara photography, cafe ramen, and then Allah subhanho wa taala. If you've done the good things, Allah was behind that will nurture that nurture that date had that Deku demo until it is greater than Mina Java until it is greater than a mountain

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Subhanallah what type of investments are we making Jonathan Muslimeen by getting giving a Tamil and we get a mountain in return but Allah subhanho wa Taala no amount of Kryptos can give us that. This is something that we need to think about. What are we preparing for and what are we planning for?

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And when we do those things when we do the planning, don't just take into consideration what we are giving but also the manner in which we are giving inshallah Welcome to Davina and then handed Lyra Bellarmine Allah Samantha grant is understanding may Allah SmarTech make this Ramadan, the best Ramadan and may increase us in our ranks through our fasting and our sadaqa throughout our home and in hamdulillah heroes

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