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An-Nur 21-26 Word Analysis and Tafsir 21-22


AI: Summary © The importance of shaping on the footsteps of shade is discussed, including the use of shaping in shaping behavior and the negative impact of actions on one's personal and family. The speaker advises against shaming people's actions and suggests avoiding false assumptions, giving people who have certain qualities, and disregarding important private matters. The importance of forgiveness is emphasized, and forgiveness is a means for helping others. The speakers stress the need for forgiveness and avoiding false assumptions.
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Hello Jean Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 178 I am number 21 sudo to nose

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yeah are you had Latina amanu all you who have believed letter W do not follow how to wear t shaped on the footsteps of shade lon. Why not? Because we're made aware, whoever follows how to wear t shaped on the footsteps of shade on then what happens for inner who yet model bill fascia he will then indeed shade lon he orders that which is indecent, and that which is wrong. And if a person follows the footsteps of shaitan, then he is going to end up committing fascia and we'll go

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over here the command is to all of the believers. And this is one of the main lessons that can be learned from the incident of if

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because in the incident of if what had happened,

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Fantasia had spread in the entire society that was so pure, how that people were talking about a scandal without any knowledge. And talking about a scandal includes talking about indecent things. So over here, all of the videos are being addressed, that lead at the Bureau to watershed on what you have done is actually in obedience to shape on. So do not follow the footsteps of shape outline.

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The word called wet is the plural of hot water. And hot water literally is the distance between two steps. As a person is walking the distance between his two steps that is called hot water.

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And from this hot water is also used for a footstep, a step. And cold wet is used for the bath that someone takes. Why? Because a bath away is made by what? By the footsteps of a person. Like for example, there could be many pathways, many roads, however, where a person goes where he takes his footsteps, that becomes his pathway, that becomes his manner that becomes his route that becomes his way.

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So what are the how to wire the shape on the footsteps of shape on the footsteps of shaitaan refers to his ways and his practices, his ways and his practices, the actions that shaytan does,

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the actions that shed light on has beautified for people,

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he does them himself, and he has also beautified them for the people so that people also follow him. The people also follow his way, because he is on his way to hellfire. And he wants to take with him as many people as possible.

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So that refers to the ways and practices of shade lon, and the West was done as a lot the hammer that the children instilled in the heart of the son of Adam. Why? So that the son of Adam follows chatlin.

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And remember that all of the hood watershed on all of the ways of shade lawn are based on two primary ways.

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And what are they

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that leap? First of all denial? And secondly, is stickball arrogance. What does it mean by that?

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How are these two the ways of shavon? The primary two ways of shavon?

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We learned that a police he was commanded to Prostrate to Adam or his salon. But what did he do? He refused to obey. So first of all, the refusing to obey the command of Allah.

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And secondly, he was also arrogant. He refused to prostrate before Adam, why? Because of his arrogance. So all of his ways, can be summed up into these two ways that leave and his thick bar.

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That first of all, he refuses to obey what Allah has commanded. He refuses to refrain from what Allah has forbidden. That is what the clean and the mystic bar, that he's too arrogant to accept it, because he thinks that if he obeys, then he is going to be humiliated. And this is exactly what shaytan leads people to as well. That Potawatomi shaitan are what all those ways, all those practices in which a person is refusing to obey the command of Allah. And he's also becoming arrogant towards the commands of Allah. And any act of disobedience. any act of disobedience can be a part of that leap and is tech bar. If you think about it, any act of disobedience, any rebellion

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to the command of Allah

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can fall into this category. So that the bureau hold the watershed lawn. And after hood watershed lawn is talking about fashion, talking about indecent things, indulging in fashion, taking interest in indecency, practicing indecency. This is all part of how to watershed and part of Potawatomi shaitan is also eating with the left hand drinking with the left hand, because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that this is what chant lon does. So, let that who do it shavon in any aspect in any manner in any way, whether it has to do with eating, or it has to do with talking, or it has to do with what you do with what you eat, the way you speak the way you behave. What

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interests you have? Don't follow the footsteps of shavonne

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because we're mainly at the beer hotel at the shape on any person. Any person who follows the footsteps of shape one, then what's going to happen

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for India who then indeed hee hee over here first to shape on that shape on yet Moodle bid fascia he will.

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He commands Russia and Mancha and the one who was going to follow shape on he's going to end up doing what he's going to end up committing fascia and Mancha. So, fascia and moonga are the ways of Shetland. They are off the hood watershed on their off the footsteps of Shetland. His practices, his ways, and they don't suit a believer, the one who will follow shaytaan will end up committing fascia and Mancha. fascia is from the root letters for hashing and we learned about this word earlier as well in the previous I add that in alladhina, you have boonah and the chiral, fascia, the fascia, fascia, same thing. And primarily, fascia refers to anything that contradicts higher that

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contradicts shyness that contradicts you can say bashfulness.

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And part of fascia is also disobeying Allah subhanaw taala openly not following his commands openly arrogantly out of defiance and an monka monka refers to all those deeds that are disapproved by the Quran and Sunnah. They're disapproved by the neffs. They're disapproved by Oracle, they're disapproved by the Sharia as well.

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While only half of the law here are illegal, and had it not been for the bounty of Allah on you, what are my two and his mercy Meza Come in Come in ahead in other than that none of you would have been purified among you, meaning no one from among you would have been purified ever. zeca is from the roof heterozygous? Well, Jake afia from the word Zack x does care is also from the same root. So none of you would have become clean, none of you would have become purified from what

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from the big mistake that you just made. What was the big mistake that was made by people indulging in fashion, spreading fashion.

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So it is out of the favor of Allah out of his mercy that he has forgiven you for what you did? Because what you did was out of ignorance. However, in the future, this is not acceptable. When I can no longer use a que Manisha, but it is Allah who purifies whoever he wills will Allahu semir on our leave, and Allah is hearing, and he's also knowing.

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Now with regards to Russia and Mancha, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, as I mentioned to you that Russia is the opposite of it's the opposite of higher. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, be shy before Allah, be shy before Allah, as is his full rate. So there's a hammer that said, O Messenger of Allah, we are shy before him and all praises for Allah. That 100 Allah we are shy before Him we do feel shy from Allah. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, that is not what I mean.

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Rather, to be shy before Allah, as is his full rate is that you guard your head, and everything associated with it. What does it mean? That you out of shyness, out of higher from Allah, what do you do? You guard your head, and whatever that is associated with it, meaning your ears, your eyes, whatever that is associated with the head, because in the head is what the brain you have the heart, in your body, your mouth, your ears, your eyes, what are they the windows to your heart and brain? Because whatever you hear, whatever you see where does it go? In your heart in mind. So being shy of Allah means that a person guards his head and also everything that is associated with the head.

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Meaning, that he does not think about indecent things, he does not think about wrong things. He does not listen to indecent things, he does not witness he does not watch look at indecent things. Why, out of shyness from Allah, that my Lord does not want me to see this, my Lord does not want me to hear this.

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So first of all, hire before allies to guard your head and everything associated with it.

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And that you guard your stomach and what it consumes, you guard your stomach and also what it consumes, that you out of shyness from Allah, you eat only that which is permissible, and that you should remember that and the time that you will be decomposed, you remember your end. And one who desires the hereafter leaves off chasing the adornment of the world. And whosoever does all of this has been shy before Allah, as is his full right. So this is what the prophets on Alona sent him say, and if you look at it, fascia is what the opposite of all of this, that a person does not care about what he's looking at. He does not care about what he's talking about, what he's listening to what

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he's eating, he does not care about his end. And he's just concerned about his desires. That's it.

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So fascia is the opposite of hire.

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And who commands fascia shaytaan Iblees. This is why leather who had the shaper,

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so what is the meaning of highest then that a person cleanses his mind and heart of any evil thoughts of any fracture?

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Now what happens? Sometimes you're sitting, everything's fine. All of a sudden, somebody calls, or somebody sends a text message, somebody sends an email, and what happens? You begin to wonder what's going on? For example, somebody sent you an email mentioning about someone, and you become curious what's happening in their life. And you want to make sure that there's nothing wrong going on. And what happens one footstep leads to another one wrong assumption in your head, what does that lead to? wrong things, right. Like, for example, you begin to spy on them, you begin to spy on that person, think negatively about them, this is the shaper,

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that a person is prompted by one thing. And what is that? A bad thought and evil thought and evil assumption about someone. And then it leads to saying something wrong, it leads to doing something wrong, it leads to talking about wrong things. Because if you remember the situation where the if this lie, how it spread, that the Companion of the prophet SAW a lot of stuff when he was bringing the wife of the prophet SAW the Lotus Enter. And as Abdullah bin of anus contains this Allah, what did they say, there's something wrong going on something wrong has happened. So it was prompted by the West facade of shaitaan. They did not guard their head, they did not guard their thinking, what

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was in the mind. And as a result, what happened? wrong assumption, wrong statements. And from that an entire rumor had spread in the entire society. And from that fissure in decency became so common in that society in the sense that everybody started talking about it.

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So let the bureau do it shape one, from the moment that that thought comes into your mind, avoid it, from the moment that that false assumption comes into your mind, avoid it, leave it shut it, don't think too much about it, avoid it, discard it from your head, because this is how shaitaan leads a person astray. So be very careful, because many times it begins with wrong assumption. It begins with looking into people's private affairs. For example, somebody sitting next to you, there comes a text message on their phone and you assume that it's from a guy who's anonymous. And then you're like, Oh, my God, let me distract. She's not doing anything wrong there. You pick up the phone while

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she's in the washroom and you go through all her text messages, and you quickly check her email to make sure she's not doing anything wrong.

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One wrong assumption led to Fianna lead to looking into other people's private things. This is wrong.

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Let the bureau do watershed law.

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The fact is that when a person is busy looking at his own faults, when he is concerned about his own mistakes, then he cannot be concerned about other people in the sense that he's always looking out for their mistakes. When your focus is yourself, when you yourself are under the magnifying glass, then what will happen, your mistakes will seem so big, that you will not be that concerned about what other people are doing.

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It doesn't mean you become oblivious to that no you are concerned about other people's actions but you will not interfere in their private affairs. You will not do that anymore.

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So this

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One of the very important lessons that can be learned from the incident of if

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that the worst was as a Shetland the promptings of Shetland, don't pay attention to them, ignore them shun them, because if you follow them, it's going to lead to extremely wrong behavior.

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When I actually another lesson that can be learned, and he should not swear to withhold who oil foghlaim income was sorority those people who have fuddle and Sarah, they should not swear to withhold and you do kotoba wolmar sakeena while mohajir Rena FISA vilella that they will not give it to their relatives and the needy and the immigrants for the cause of Allah. Rather, what should they do? When they are full? And they should Pardon? Well, yes, for who and they should forgive? Why? Because Allah to have Buddha here federal law, who local Do you not wish that Allah should forgive you? Well over Fold over him and Allah is Forgiving and he's merciful.

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This ayah was basically revealed about Abubakar acidic radi Allahu anhu.

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Because remember that the people that

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who participated very actively in the accusation against the ratio of the learner amongst those people, also some sincere believers, and amongst them was also Mr. And it was Mr. He was off the close relatives of Abubakar Odin.

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Now imagine he was a close relative of a worker of the Rondo. Definitely he was from where they're from Makkah. So he was also Mahajan. He was also an immigrant. And remember that many of them are hygiene, many of the immigrants are also needy.

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So avocado to learn how before this incident, before this happened, he used to financially support Mr. Because he was needy. He was a relative, he was a mohajir he was a righteous man, so he used to financially support him. However, after this incident, Abu Bakar Delano he became so hurt. He was so hurt that he swore that he was not going to financially help Mr. ever again.

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He swore that he was not going to assist him financially ever again.

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So then this I was revealed

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that just because something happened between the two of you, just because he made a mistake, does not mean that you stopped doing good.

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When a deli Yeah, deli is from the root letters Hamza lamb Well, from the word l one.

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And l is to reduce it is to fall short in doing something. And it also means to refuse to do something. It comes in or under larina, you, Luna minister, those men who have made the oath of abstention from their wives meaning they have sworn that they will not go they will not have any relations with their wives. So it's an oath of obsession, that a person swears he will not do something, the person swears by Allah that He will not do something.

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And this word primarily gives us two meanings. First of all, it means to neglect in doing something to not do something. And secondly, it also gives meaning up to swear an oath, from the same root as the word Eliya, which is used for such an oath, in the result of which the one taking the oath, he suffers such an oath, the result of which is that that the person who has formed that oath he suffers like for example, a person says I'm never going to eat this particular food isn't going to happen. He is going to suffer. The person says, I swear I'm never going to drive again. Is he going to suffer? Of course he's going to suffer. So lay Delhi, he should not were to withhold. Who will

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fugly men come? Was it those people who have been given fuddle and Sarah follows from the route that was followed lamb and as you know, follow is surplus it is extra, meaning those people who have been given surplus wealth, surplus wealth beyond their need, that they have extra, they can afford to spend on others,

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with the money that they have, they can fulfill their needs, but its surplus, as a result of which they can spend on others. And follow does not just mean over here, wealth, that they have surplus wealth, but it also means that they have fuddle indeed, that they have a high status indeed, that they are known for their piety, they are known for their righteousness. So old fadli minco was Sati, sir is from New fetters. Well, Sr I was and Sarah is used for abundance plentitude of something when something is in abundance. So those of you who are wealthy, those of you who are righteous, they should not swear that on you to obey that. They will not give to

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close relatives, that they will not give money, they will not give support, they will not aid financially who will Korba those people who are close to them. And it is said that Mr. He was the son of Abu Bakar of the learn his maternal aunt. So he was very, very close to him in blood relation he was his cousin, one Messiah keen and also those were needy. Misaki is a plural of miskeen. So, those who are needy, and one mahadji, Nafisa, vilella, and those who have migrated in the way of Allah,

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if you notice, three people are mentioned over here, who are close relatives. Secondly, needy. And thirdly, Mohammed, Rena feasability, law, immigrants in the way of Allah, and all of these three qualities Mr. he possessed them. He possessed all of these three qualities. So if you don't want to give him because he's your close relative, okay, remember that he is a miskeen he is needy. Still, if you don't want to give him because he's needy, you should still give him because he is mohajir feasability he has immigrated in the way of Allah. Yes, he has done you wrong. Yes, he has accused your daughter, but remember that he needs help. Remember that he is also a righteous person.

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Remember that? Yes, he has made a mistake. But he has also done many good things

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while you're a fool and they should pardon Yeah, from ion firewall our food and RF ways to erase something. So just erase whatever has happened. While yes for who suffer is to overlook it is to pass over something. And software is used for a page. So software is to forgive someone in a way that just forget about what has happened you just turn the page. So when the artful erase what has happened? Well yes for her during the page, if you can still see it despite erasing while you're a fool, well, yes for her. Why? Because Allah to have Buddha, don't you love and your fear Allahu Allah, that Allah should forgive you. If you notice a lot of hip bone at the hip buena from herb,

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love and the addresses plural to hip buena, you are love. Primarily This is for who abakada the learn who so as floral being used for thoroughly, but the floor also shows the generality of the statement that this is not just in his case. But this isn't the case of every single person. That if anyone has wronged you, if anyone has been unjust towards you, has deprived you of your share have accused you of something that you never did has dishonored you has caused you hurt. You should remember that if you forgive him, then what's going to happen? Allah will forgive you. And don't you want that Alicia forgive you will love the photo Rahim and allies Forgiving and Merciful. We see

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that a robot girl the learner, as soon as he heard this ayah he said spontaneously, Bella, and hibou. Rama hooli that of course, I love that Allah should forgive me.

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And after that he continued to spend on Mr. and reset that he spent even more than what he used to spend before. So what do we see over here, that when someone has been unjust to you when someone has hurt your feelings, when someone has dishonored you? Yes, you do have bad feelings against them, you have been hurt. And you want to take revenge. If you don't want to take revenge, at least you say that I'm very hurt, I'm sorry, I cannot forgive them.

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And sometimes it happens that you want to forgive them. But you just cannot get that feeling out of your heart. It's impossible. Because the way they have hurt you has injured you so much that you cannot get over it. And it's possible that it's been many, many years. It's been many, many months. It's been many, many days, but still you cannot get over it. Because just imagine the distress that this incident caused for the entire family of

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her, her parents and for a father to see his daughter crying the entire day, the entire night. Just imagine how hurt he must have been.

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And someone who is so close to him. He's his relative he financially supports him he's accusing his daughter. So imagine how difficult of a situation of ibaka Allahu anhu was in. But other people also they fall into very similar situations. And at that time, Allah subhanaw taala he tells the Muslim, the oppressed, that you forgive, you overlook you do your son in hopes that Allah will forgive you. Because think about it. Other people have wronged you, despite the fact that you have done so much on them. Haven't you ever disobeyed Allah? Despite the fact that Allah has been so merciful to you? Think about it, haven't you? Of course, you have

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Many, many times.

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So if Allah treated you this way, that just because he's given you so many blessings, and still you disobey Him, and because of that he wouldn't forgive us, what would become of us?

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What would become of us, we would not be able to do anything.

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No person at all will be saved, no person at all will be forgiven. So, if Allah is so forgiving, then you should also forgive and overlook in hopes that Allah will forgive you.

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So we see that in our Deen, we are taught that you help someone, not just because he is good to you. What do we see over here that Abubakar O'Donoghue, he was encouraged to continue to give to Mr. Despite the fact that he had wronged him. So what are we taught in our religion? That we should help others we should be good to others we should give them not just because they have been good to us. But why should we help someone? Because they need the help. Typically, what is our behavior, somebody who's good to us will be good to them. Right? If somebody gives us a gift, we'll give them a gift. If somebody is nice to us, we'll be nice to them. Somebody smiled will smile. Somebody says

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salon will say Salah, they come over we'll go over.

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But if somebody does not come over, we'll never go over to their house. If somebody does not greet me, I'm not going to greet them. If somebody does not look at me and smile, I'm not gonna look at them and smile. This is what we think generally, right? But what do we see, that is not the principle that we're taught in our religion. The principle that we are taught is that you help someone because he needs to help you help someone because he is your relative, you help someone because he's a righteous person. This is the principle regardless of how he's been to you.

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Because many times with relatives what happens you want to give them or you know, that you should give them but what do you feel they never give me. Like, for example, you go somewhere, you're traveling, you come back home, and your relatives, they expect that you should bring them some gifts. But you wonder you think to yourself, they go every year, but whenever they come, they never give me anything. Why should I give them that's not the rule, that's not the principle, the principle is that you give them because they're your relatives, you give them because they're needy, you give them because they're righteous. And forget about how that person is to you. Forget about

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how he treats you how he has harmed you how he has hurt you. Because when you give to someone, when you're helping someone, you're expecting a reward from who, from Allah, then this matter of giving is between you and your Lord, not between you and that person, that person is just an excuse. That person is just a means so that you can do a good deed, that's it, he cannot reward you in any way. When you're giving something in the way of a law, it reaches the hand of a law before it reaches the hand of the person. This is what I showed the learner used to say, this is why she would beautifies you would perfume, and she would clean whatever she would give in the way of a love because she

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would say it goes in the hand of a love before it goes in the hand of the receiving person.

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So when you give your matter is with Allah, not with that person. So forget about that person, forget about what they have done.

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It's not a personal transaction between you and that person. It's a transaction between you and Allah. Therefore, when you're giving for the sake of Allah, you will not care about what that person has said, how that person has treated you how that person has hurt, you know, you will overlook that.

00:28:41--> 00:28:47

And if that makes it difficult for you to give, just remind yourself allowed to have boonah if it alone,

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don't you want that Allah forgive you just think about all the mistakes, all the sins that you've committed all the things that you're guilty for.

00:28:57--> 00:29:00

Perhaps they're greater than what the other people have done.

00:29:01--> 00:29:12

So when a person has his own sense in mind, then what happens it becomes easy to forgive, it becomes easy to overlook, because a person thinks I'm nothing. I'm so small, I'm so insignificant.

00:29:14--> 00:29:31

And this is exactly where the test is. That it's very easy to be good to someone who's good to you. But it's difficult to be good to someone who is bad to you. That is where the test is that what do you do in that situation? Do you withhold or do you continue with your good deed?

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So another her Bula fit Allahu la co will la who have a photo of Rahim and you see, when you love something, then what do you have to do? You have to strive in order to achieve it. You have to put in effort. Just because you love something doesn't mean it's going to drop into your hands from the sky.

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If you love something you have to put in effort.

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Like there are people who love certain things they will work waiting for

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their paycheck so that they can go and buy that stuff. I remember once I was at a store, and it was a particular day and I was surprised as to how come there were so many people over there that day. So I asked the salesperson like, Is there anything special going on over here? She said, No, it's supposed to be payday. And that's why there's so many people here, like, okay, so just because people get their check that same day, they're out shopping, and they want to make sure they buy whatever they like. So anything that you like, if you want it, you have to put an effort. Similarly, if you love that Allah forgive you, you think you will not have to put in any effort. Of course you

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have to put an effort and what is that effort that you forgive somebody else's mistakes, you overlook somebody else's harm and hurt that they have caused you.

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That is the effort that you have to put in

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Allah who have a photo Rahim if Eliza Forgiving and Merciful, then you should also be forgiving and merciful towards people.