Quranic Gems – Juz 26

After learning and understanding what our Prophet did and endured for us, Allah says that we better have a deep and overwhelming sense of respect for Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Major Sins & Shamelessness [Juz 26] – Nouman Ali Khan

Quranic Gems – Juz 25

Allah states that if we want to be people who enjoy everlasting goodness and happiness in the afterlife, then we must stay away from the most serious of sins (dealing with interest, alcohol, adultery, gambling, drugs, pornography, etc.) and all forms of shamelessness. Major Sins & Shamelessness [Juz 25] – Nouman Ali Khan

Quranic Gems – Juz 24

We have done so much wrong in our lives, but Allah has the ability to forgive ALL of it. So don’t lose hope and cut yourself off from the Mercy of Allah. A Message of Hope [Juz 24] – Nouman Ali Khan

Quranic Gems – Juz 23

When you are asked to judge between people, do not judge based on your biases or emotions. Don’t Rush to Judgment [Juz 23] – Nouman Ali Khan

Quranic Gems – Juz 21

The fact that so many skin colors and languages came from a single male and a single female (Adam and Hawa) is a miraculous sign of Allah. A Muslim is Not Racist [Juz 21] – Nouman Ali Khan