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This Jumuah lecture was delivered at the Clear Lake Islamic Center

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Salam Alaikum Allahu

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in Al Hamdulillah mahana

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when I was a villa, Medina mahila house Hofer llamada De La MaMa you believe Fela ha de la Chateau a la ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lah shadow Anna Muhammad Abu hora solo. All praise is due to Allah we praise Him and seek his assistance. We seek refuge with Allah from the evil within ourselves and from the evil of our deeds. Whomsoever Allah guides none can misguide him, yet whomever he allows to go astray, none can guide him and I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah alone. He has no partner and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger Yeah, you hola Xena Amano Taka la Hakata Casa de La La Tomatina Illa one two Muslim

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moon oh you who believe fear Allah as he should be feared and do not die except in the state of Islam.

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Yeah, you hola Dena Armand otaku La La kulu Colin sadita useless locum ama como la casa Nova Khun la hora Sula, who chose an AVI Ma. O you who believe fear Allah and speak the truth. He will direct you to do righteous good deeds and will forgive your sins. And whomsoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, he has indeed achieved a great achievement. I'm about to get in trouble Ah, well, Arsenal had he had you, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Mashallah, Marie Masato ha, Bakula, mata 13, VEDA wakulla, Allah, Allah. And for now, brothers and sisters in Islam.

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We've all seen what is going on in the news in Syria and the killing of innocent civilians. And we thought for this hotbar to discuss the fall of Baghdad, the early fall of Baghdad at the hands of the Mongols, or the total invasion, and due to the fact that there are many similarities as history keeps repeating itself and that the Muslims what they

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Went through at that point in time is very similar to what some of us are going through right now because of the situation and what is happening to Muslims around the world.

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So we begin our story in the seventh century is Muslim century. So we're in the year in the 600 years after the hijra, and we have this is during towards the end of the reign of the Ubud dynasty, and the Muslim Ummah now is split into also many small empires. So we have the majority and the bulk being the Abbotsford dynasty. We have to the east, what is known as the tourism Empire, which composed was composed of what is today avant estan, who's Pakistan and Turkmenistan these three components D. Howard is an empire to the western side of the ambassade dynasty. We have the seljuk Turks as Salah Jukka and so you see and the EU bids also separate by themselves. So we seeing a lot

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of splitting and division in the Muslim ummah. And

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the, the whole airism Empire was led under a man, his name was Mohammed Shah. And the scholars say he was an old man and he was not known for his intelligence and good decision making nor was he known for his wisdom and the tourism Empire. It was it had a peace treaty with them and getting between them and Genghis Khan. And jingis Khan wanted to find some way in some excuse to break this treaty. So there were in the story isn't sure there were either spies or some merchants that were captured in the tourism Empire, and Mohammed Muharram Shah had them executed. So jingis Khan wrote him a letter to inquire as to why did you execute these people? And he starts to tell him that

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merchants are good for kings, because they bring you things from distant parts of the world and they bring gifts for kings, and the response of Mohammed lohar ism was to kill this messenger from gangasagar, which is known to be a declaration of war, even though the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam in a hadith in Sahih incident of widowed, the prophet SAW Selim said, otaku, Taka Matata cuckoo, leave the Turks alone, so long as they leave you alone. And Mongolian people would fall under the categorization of people known as Turks, meaning the Turkic people, which includes people today in his Becca Stan the wiggers in China, and Mongolians and so on and so forth. The President

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said otro couture kamatera cuckoo, leave the Turks alone, so long as they leave you alone. But this man, he does not follow the advice of the Prophet Solomon nor was he wise enough to know not to mess with such a great empire as that of Genghis Khan, and he killed the messenger. So then kangaskhan in the year 16, seven 617 after the hijra, invades the tourism Empire and he destroys it. He enters into the city of Bukhara, the city of Bihar and destroys it completely enters into the city of samarqand and destroys it completely enters the city of Herat, Herat now is the third largest city in Afghanistan. And he entered it and he killed all of its inhabitants in except for 400 people.

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These were 400 a handyman, he kept them alive to build and to use their skills to strengthen his army. And so Muhammad Shah has destroyed his armies destroyed his son, jalala Dino horizen Shah, he tries to resist the Mongols, and he gathers an army and he fights them and at Kabul, and he defeats him one time, and then they defeat him and dismantle his army. So he escaped with his family and children to India, and they capture him there and they kill him and they kill all of his children as well.

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So now, we've the Ganga Khan and his army. They have now surrounded the Basset dynasty, from the eastern side, because they've destroyed the whole autism Empire. They entered the city of ray which is near to Iran today in Iran, and they destroyed completely, the halifa at that time, his name was a Nasir Lydian in LA. And his name was ironic because it means the one given victory to the religion of Allah. And Nasser Lydian, Allah was very pleased with the destruction of the tourism Empire, even though there are Muslims and their his brothers, but he was very pleased because he is to have his own conflicts with them going on for years. So he was very pleased that the Mongols destroyed them,

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not knowing that the tables will turn and they're going to come and destroy him. But

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on the eve of the Mongol invasion, there was a lot of corruption. In the Muslim lands, there was disunity. And in the year 624, Ganga sand dice, and minko and hula kohan. Specifically, they take over dealing with the Muslim lands in particular, but at this point, their empire is from all the way

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from Korea, to Iran, and from Siberia all the way to the Indian Ocean, a vast, vast empire and now he's surrounding the Muslims from all sides. So they don't want to tackle the Muslim dynasty or the ambassador dynasty in one group. So they want to break it apart and history repeats itself. So they contact the Christians in beta McComas and Salahuddin a UB Rahim Allah had just freed by democritus. They promised them that if we take over you assist us, and we will give you better luck. This will give you control of it one more time, they contacted the seljuk Turks, which were under a series of very weak governments. And they told them either you assist us or you just stay out of our way, and

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we will allow you to keep governing we will allow you to keep your positions. And then they also approached the EU bids. This was solid, the relatives of Salahuddin and I shall have a UB unusual a UB and they also promised to stay out of their way, as long as they're able to keep their kingdoms. Then they contacted the Shia within Baghdad and they specifically contacted Amman and other reports say this man initiated contact with the Mongols the turtle, and his name was way the dean Allah alchemy. This man will add in an alchemy he was the right hand man of the halifa at this time, and at this time, the halifa he is Al Mustafa cymbala. And he had an opportunity to be one of the

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greatest of the whole affair. But he was even though he loved knowledge and he loved the sun. And he was a generous person and he loved the scholars. But they said he was very weak when it comes to courage, very weak when it comes to decision making, even when it comes to understanding people and knowing who to whom to surround himself with. So

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Alma starts in Bella had actually chosen a dental alchemy, the Shiri man who is going to support from the inside, he's going to support the Mongols. He had chosen him to be his right hand man.

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And at that time, the total army outside of Baghdad was 200,000 warriors, the population of Baghdad, 2 million people. And and Mr. cymbala could have gathered 120,000 horsemen just from Baghdad alone, not counting the number of horsemen in the outskirts and nearby cities, not counting the number of foot soldiers within Buffalo, not counting the number of foot soldiers outside of Baghdad, he could have had an army of half a million easily to destroy the Mongols. But instead, he followed the advice of a dean alchemy. And as a sign of good faith, we're at Dean and alchemy convinced him to decrease the number of soldiers and to destroy some of the most powerful weapons that he had as a

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sign of good faith. And it's hard to understand why you would have to show a sign of good faith faith to someone who's bringing an army right outside your doorstep. But the halifa still agrees to that. There were two in the city of bucket that one of them his name was Mujahideen, a buck and the other his name was to lay mansha. These were the only two men in the city of 2 million million who are calling for jihad. But the news was reaching the halifa. And he had all the information of what is happening or news was reaching hula con. And he knew everything that was happening in the city because of the the spies and way to Dean and his people. And hula kohan asked for these two men to

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be sent to him. So they were arrested and tied up and sent to her laquan and he killed them instantly. The job of a dental alchemy is that he is going to decrease the morale of the Muslims and let them know that the total army is invincible, and there is no hope to even try to defeat them that their men eat people. They're cannibals and their women are fighters as well. And they spread rumors that their horses eat roots, meaning they don't need nutrition because there's not much nutrition in roots. And so people's morale was completely destroyed. The idea of defending themselves started to disappear from most people's heads.

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And in the year 656 after the Hydra so 39 years after the first attack on Muslim lands in the year 656 after the Hydra

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Olive and we'll start seeing Bella sent to people from Baghdad to negotiate peace with the Mongols. Who does he sent? Again, more Ada Dean alchemy, the one who's working against him and the Christian patriarch of Basquiat. He doesn't send any of the Muslim scholars or any of the Muslim dignitaries but he sent these to people. And

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the response was and the agreement was that and Mr. cymbala, the halifa is going to destroy all the forts, every fort that he had.

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He's going to cover every ditch Every 100. So which is used for production, he's going to destroy his weapons, he's going to dismantle his army, and he will rule under tighter supervision. And he has to come out with his wives, his children, all the scholars of the city, all the governors all the nobleman, all the top businessmen, we will go out of the city of Baghdad to welcome hola kohan as he enters back into Baghdad, to escort him back into the city. And the minute all these people go, they were all immediately killed at once. Even though the demands were so ridiculous, he followed every single one of them. And every single one that went out to greet hola kohan was

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destroyed and killed except for the honeypot. They kept him alive, so that he would come back and guide the tutor to five centuries of Muslim wealth and treasures. And the halifa brings them back, and Marco Polo who was alive at the time, he says that they actually imprisoned him in the storage in the storage place with the gold until he died. But Muslim historians offer another account, the mangoes they believe that royal blood should not be spilled, and it should not touch the earth. So they wanted to kill him without spilling his blood and letting it touch the ground. So they wrapped them up in all the rugs in the palaces and they trampled over him with their horses. And then for

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six long weeks, they were killing people left and right, they were killing the old they were killing the young infants, babies, mothers, everyone was being killed. For six long weeks, it was reported that one of the toddler soldiers walked by an alleyway where there were 40 newborn babies thrown on the street, because their mothers had been killed. And he took out his sword and he killed every single one of them. That is to the extent of as to how ruthless they were. And a Mongol soldier would with one hat with his sword guide 100 men to their death, and they would all wait patiently waiting for their turn to be executed. Or an example to show how weak the people were, that a Mongol

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soldier will tell a Muslim man Wait here, I will bring my sword and come back and kill you. And he would go look for a sword and retrieve it and come back and the man would still be waiting in his place. So what was the situation of the Muslims then, not only did they not resist, they didn't even consider the idea of resisting and they went into hiding and they hid in graves, and they hid in the cemeteries while the killing continued. And when the killing stopped Finally, they called them out of the graves to come and bury everyone else in the city. Then the total forces went to the library of Baghdad. And they took all the books in the library and they threw it into the Euphrates River.

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And these books reached the bottom of the river until they went above the surface. And they were used as a bridge. So so many books were thrown into this river that their horses could cross over them like a bridge over this river. And the eyewitnesses because of the ink they used back then, as the water ran through the pages, the other side of the river became black from all the ink that was taken out of these books, you will read the biographies of great scholars like Imam Shafi, and you will hear that he wrote 200 books. And today we'll have like six of them or so that have survived. That's because the majority of the great works were destroyed in the libraries of Baghdad. people

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were killed. And the estimates go from one to 1.2 million people were killed in Tibet. But the people who didn't resist also a group of people were waiting for the malady because there were certain that that Maddie is going to show up now. Because if 1 million people are killed and the Maddie doesn't show up, then when will he ever show up? So no one lifted a finger, no one resisted and everyone's to come to this situation.

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then look at some of the death tolls one to 1.2 million people in Baghdad, about 700,000 people in the city of Myrtle, the city of Aleppo, 50,000 people were killed there that the city of bulk was completely leveled to the ground. The city of Kiva, which is in Pakistan today, completely leveled to the ground, the city of Herat was had in Afghanistan, everyone in it was killed. And the city of Iran, which is in Turkey today, completely leveled to the ground, some of 950,000 people were killed. This remains for a long time the menace of the Mongol invasion. And it is only after many long years and many battles between them and especially the Mamelukes that they were finally able to

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defeat the tutta but on top of that, they torture themselves the Mongols started to enter into Islam as well. And that was one of the reasons the Muslim Ummah was able to rid themselves of the Mongol invasion. So this was the gist of the fall of Baghdad, and it started 39 years before the fall of Baghdad in the second hub, inshallah.

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We'll look at some of the similarities between those Muslims and some of the people who are amongst us right now. Apolo colada was tougher la la de la de la commande Jamia? Nope istockphoto fair frozen. Mr. Green, ask Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness, surely those who ask for his forgiveness shall prosper

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hamdulillah hearable alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. Meanwhile, earlier he was talking about the first reason to discuss this issue in our hotbar. The followed by that is that to show that the Muslim Ummah was at points that were worse, arguably worse than the points that we're in today, and you look at the death tolls of the complete destruction of cities, and not a single person was even able to speak up or do anything against it. So this is so people don't lose hope, because the woman was in states that were worse than that. And we recovered from that. So there's absolutely no reason why anyone living today should ever lose hope in the victory of a large

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division or ever lose hope in the religion getting the upper hand as promised by Allah azza wa jal, and promised by the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, we are not the oma that is designed to lose hope. Some of us didn't even know the details of this story.

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And so the oma has recovered from it and even forgotten what has happened. That means we should never lose hope, because of whatever state that we're in today. The other thing is, you see that a group of people sat and waited for the Maddie to come and save them, and the Maddy to do their work. And sometimes we'll find people like that in our communities that are expecting some kind of miracle, some kind of force of nature that will come and clear the path for the believers. But this is not how things work. This was not from the stories of the prophets in the Quran. This is not from the seed of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And even the Maharishi himself, there is an

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indication in his story that this type of belief is wrong. Meaning to sit back back and to wait for them to come and do your work is incorrect. Because even in the story of the malady, there's an indication that that is wrong, because the mahadi prepares an army to fight the army of the judge. And they go out and they fight a full day of battle. And then they prepare to go out for a second day of battle. And then he saw a solemn distance. And the Mahi and the believers know full well that no one will be able to kill the jungle, meaning the Antichrist, no one will be able to kill the gel except for a sub no Maria, or any Salah. And yet he still gathers an army and he goes out to resist

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the digit. So then Maddie didn't wait for Easter Island, his Salah to do his work. In the same way, it should be a lesson for people to not expect the Maddie to do their work. And we're not that oh my that was designed to sit and wait for some miracle or someone to come from the future or something to help us out of our situation.

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The other thing is that, no doubt when we see what is happening in the news and around the world. Many people have a feeling of helplessness. And they become so helpless, that they're not active politically, nor do they even raise up their hands to make dua to Allah subhanaw taala which would be the least case, because what is required of the believing men and woman is to make dua to Allah azza wa jal while they are seeking out the necessary means, whether it be political involvement or bringing awareness to an issue or aid or help of food and clothing and so on and so forth. Because not just to sit and make dinner but to make the art and follow the necessary means. When in Nabi

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sallallahu Sallam was returning from a tie with zdnet Article of the Alon z asks him, how are we ever going to go back into Mecca? After that you're not welcome there anymore. I will call him had died, the president tried to get support from a new city. So the Mexicans are very angry. He has no protector now, and they can't wait until he enters and they will mistreat him severely. So as he says, How are we going to enter the city? Then the person responds to him. And you can sense utmost confidence in Allah from the response of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He says yazeed in Allah hotjar ilimitado faraja Maharajah he said, Oh, Zaid, Allah is going to give for what you see here

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for this difficult situation, and the ease and a way out. We're in non la Ha. Now sit on Deena and Allah is going to give victory to his religion. We're moving around nebbia and he is going to give victory to his prophet. You sense utmost confidence in the words of the prophet SAW Salah. He didn't take this confidence and blindly walk back into the hands of the Meccans and receive their punishment.

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No, even though he was confident in a lot, he still went through and sought the worldly means to gain protection. And he went to a mushrik by the name of a more primal ad, and he got protection from him. And then he entered the city, the city of Mecca, even though he was certain in victory, he still went through the necessary means. So what we are requiring of the believing men and women is that they Yes, constantly put their hands up and making dua to Allah azza wa jal, but also finding whatever angle whatever way they're able to assist and help, whether it's through awareness or political involvement or, or anything, or gathering funds for refugees and so on and so forth. But

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this is the least that can happen as far as to sit as the Muslims when the Mongols invaded and absolutely do nothing, and just wait on some kind of dream and fantasy to come and save them. That is not the word of the believers. It has never been the wave of the prophets of Allah, nor has it ever been the way of maybe someone lost a limb in his car.

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Likewise, we see the importance of obeying the leader and the profits of the law Selim said incident widowed through couture kamatera cuckoo leave the Turks alone as long as they leave you alone.

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God Allah all these problems happened with the in the beginning when one man just did not follow this advice of the prophets or send them and he purposely went after the Mongols and he brought destruction and death to millions upon millions of people. But as for obeying those in leadership positions, a lot of Muslims have a problem with this. Muslims have a problem taking commands from any other Muslim. They will take commands from anyone else at their job site anywhere but the minute a Muslim gives them a command or an order. Are you a mahadi? Are you the halifa were you appointed by Allah as if you only take advice and and commands from the MADI? Because we like this type of

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discipline? So obeying leadership and this is something that Allah subhanaw taala commanded us to do in Surah Nisa, yeah, you Hallelujah, Amen. Okay, Allah, we're also we're all in agreement are you who believe obey Allah and obey the messenger, and obey those who are put in positions of power over you. And so long as they do not command that which is haram, than we are to obey them. We see in the story of the Mongols and the invasion of Baghdad, that the the first attack was in the year 617, after the hedgerow and the fall of bugs that came in 656 after the hedgerow, 39 years, 39 years of planning and 39 years of Muslims dealing with that. But when it comes to planning, a lot of times

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you find people just going on the bottle cup, not on preparation, even though when you examine the life of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, nothing was done without planning. Everything was a calculated decision. The prophets Allah sallallahu Sallam sent masaba Amir to give Tao in Medina before the Muslims went there. Messiah. Amir was a careful calculated choice. The prophet SAW Selim went to give out a thought if many people think because I thought I thought it was close by a thought it was a strategic and very carefully planned location. The President made hegira to Medina, people think only because the unsought welcomed him. No Medina was also strategically an excellent

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place for that. Everything was strategizing, everything was planning for the hedgerow the Prophet sallallahu Sallam planned so carefully, that there was absolutely nothing left for him to do except make the CRO vilazodone. And that's why he did nothing on the road to Medina, except make mention of Allah subhanho there was nothing else he could have done, because he had planned so well. well as on the Battle of better, he wasn't planning for the battle. And so to make up for it, he spent hours upon hours making dua to Allah subhanho wa Tada. So we are to take cues and take these lessons from our history and from our Prophet sallallahu wasallam. But first and foremost, we are oma has been

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through a lot from the destruction of the Kaaba, from the black stone being stolen and removed from the Kaaba and missing for 12 years, all kinds of things that have happened and the oma has always recovered, the oma has always recovered and the promises that the oma will take over. So no one should ever lose, hoping that no matter what we see happening in the news, we should find our way to help in whatever way we can, in whichever capacity and never ever stopped putting our hands up to a large origin and making dumb with that we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bring victory to Islam to the Muslims. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to bring victory to the Muslims in Syria, and to the Muslims in

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Afghanistan, and to the Muslims in Iraq, and in Philistine and in Burma, and in Bangladesh and in Kashmir, and in Yemen and in all parts of the world. The Honorable al amin for lahoma Abdullah Rahmatullahi lomatium Roslin you as

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well, you know, ma CFT

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alohomora Hakan

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operativa marinelle bottle a bottle

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full of masala dooney Aqua homina Well, I'm a blogger in Mena poco Melissa's gonna hum como la

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Aloha, Aloha, Shadow Allah a lot more shadow Muhammad was Ooh La Haryana

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panna cotta palma de sala de de Palma de sola Allahu hook law.

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Just make sure there's no curve in your line club sisters in the back room please listen very carefully. You have to keep your lines complete. Don't start a line if there's a gap in the line in front of you. You do not keep huge gaps between you and the sister next year. You have to close your gaps stand shoulder to shoulder and foot to foot This also applies to women

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do have room in the back or is it full? like half a role, but there's a component so brothers who are praying outside the front room there's an entire row that is empty we need to fill that before we start lines behind it please

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Allahu Akbar

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Allahu Akbar

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Allahu Akbar.

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Salam aleikum. wa rahmatullah. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa

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Salaam. Assalamu. aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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First of all, thank Shay Kamala mechi for delivering such a wonderful message inshallah something that we benefit. Also on every Wednesday we have Balu muram by shake. Why leap wa by Waleed. He's basically going through the book and giving us an explanation of that. Join us tomorrow. We have a talk on childhood obesity that's happening tomorrow after Margaret.

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The 14th to the 16th is the official South East Muslim youth spring camp for boys. Ooh, registration is nearly full so it will be closed tomorrow. So if you haven't registered your child for that, please contact Kabir Muhammad. On the 21st of April. We are having the conquest of Mecca, Grace and humility and victory sha Allah in the masala here, and then on the 28th one of my favorite speakers is Sheikh Omar Hussain. That's coming April 28. Here after Maghrib the topic he will be talking about is soul searching. And last but not least, the most important thing is we reached our goal last week. The $3,000 that it takes to operate this Masjid is sha Allah I implore you guys and I beg

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you guys please help us to finish not only just our budget, but we're almost done building the masjid and I say this all the time. You we have very few opportunities to build a Masjid in your life. So it's like you're getting a double double here. You're gonna do your regulars at cod in South Africa, but you also are helping build a Masjid and this is our one of our last projects here. I click so let's Sharla dig a little deeper. Go for the extra Jazakallah khair a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.