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AI: Summary © A representative from Muslim Central talks about upcoming events and talks about a woman named Ninarecorded in a video. They also mention a woman named Missus Lichtana Lima who is supposed to receive a compensation for being in the Hellfire. The representative talks about the importance of faith in Islam and how it can lead to problems.
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Come I mean our so far you will be Nina Giovanna Lima. Marissa file will be either in Chicago to move to Makkah and Allahu Shakira na de ma will be shortly suddenly with Dr. Melissa Hokulea for hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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salam alaikum Quran Weekly. I actually wanted to share with you is number 147, from the sixth sixth Jos Surah Nisa still, and but I read the ayah to IR before that too, in which Allah says the hypocrites will be in the lowest pit of the hellfire. Then he says the only ones who won't be in the Hellfire are the people who repented among the hypocrites meaning there are people who suffered from hypocrisy and came back. So hypocrisy is not a terminal state. You can come back from it you can suffer from this disease and come back to believing also because the doors still open beautiful thing to know what else love while possible Bella and they corrected themselves they reconcile they

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fix themselves up and they held on to Allah, what a colossal de nom de la and they made their religion sincere to a lot because obviously what's the problem of a hypocrite insincerity, they made their religion sincere to Allah, then those are among the meaning but will they come out what we need now they're counted among believers, they're no longer considered hypocrites. So they came right back in and that old label that they had on them has been shed. Well, so far UT LA, Nina Lima, and soon Allah will give the hypocrite the true believers rather a great compensation. Now, the ayah began hypocrites will be in the lowest pit of the hellfire. You know, and when you worry about

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hypocrisy, this is sort of Tunis at 60 or so dedicated just to hypocrisy. So pretty serious subject and it's pretty depressing because you start wondering, am I a hypocrite? Allah azza wa jal at the end of it says and this is the reason I chose this particular passage. Allah tells people who are so buried in sin and they're so deeply engrossed in sin. They think alone, there's no way Allah will forgive me. And then they shaitaan comes to them and says, Yeah, I was gonna punish you, you're gonna go to *. And then they hear one of those goodbyes where everybody's going to *. And then after the end, the end of it all, then you start saying, Why did they let me go * Anyway, what

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does Allah get out of punishing me? Why does he want to throw me into Hellfire? You know, why is this? Why are these intense punishments there? And Allah says, My follow law will be how did that become this is the I wanted to share with you? What is the login and get out of punishing you? Why Why do you think he wants to punish you? What is the law going to do punishing you? You think that's what he wants in ceccato momentum? If you could just be grateful a little bit? If you could just have a little faith? What kind of long Shakira Lima and Allah Himself is appreciative. Shaka is you supposed to be used for the slave, Allah uses it for himself, Allah will be appreciative, I'm not

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going to translate it as grateful because that's not what it means here. He'll appreciate the fact that you could think of the good things Allah has done for you, like a great scholar whose child that nobody's child was injured. And you because he loved his daughter, he ran after her, picked her up, you know what happens your hand okay? It was bleeding. And she says, Alhamdulillah me, you know, thank Allah, the One who only allowed me to be hurt here and kept the rest of my body safe. If you could just look at what to be grateful for, and check out to him and you truly, really have faith that Allah Himself is truly appreciative and he knows what you're going through whatever problems

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you're going through, he is not interested in punishing you. Even in another place in Quran Allah says Allah muhammara book will eagerly kochalka home except for the people who Allah shows mercy to and that is why he created them. He created them so he could show them love and mercy. Now let me because qualified for his love and mercy and mela not let any of us lose faith in His love and His mercy and in the fact that the doors of gender are open, waiting for us to enter through the barakallahu li walakum wa salam alaikum Quran Weekly.

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This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim central.com forward slash donate

Allah created us so that He could show us His love and mercy. If only we show a little gratitude and faith, then Allah Himself is appreciative towards His creation.

Don’t Lose Hope in Allah’s Love & Mercy [Juz 6] – Nouman Ali Khan

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