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When it comes to treatment of our parents, Allah does not accept a small effort, a mediocre effort, or even a good effort. When it comes to treatment of our parents, Allah has one word: Ihsan (perfection, excellence, the very best)!

Parents in Islam [Juz 8] – Nouman Ali Khan

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salam o Alaikum Quran Weekly. Today in the eighth Jos, I wanted to share with you an ayah I number 151 just one small reflection from this ayah that has to do with our parents. And I know so little is smart. So number 17 has just beautiful advice about parents probably one of the most comprehensive passage in the Quran dealing with the rights of parents. But there's something about this ayah that really gets me the ayah begins kolter Allah Allah Maha Brahma bumalik. Come tell them, the messenger has told you no, come on. Let me read on to you. Let me recite on to you what your master has made impermissible for you. Let me tell you what is made impermissible by your

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master by your rub. So the ayah is supposed to include things that are impermissible. Right? That's what you're expecting, because the ayah begins, let me read to you what is impermissible. So let me make a list of these things and not wishy washy and that you won't do shirk with a law number one, I'm going to skip one and say what are the common law that you're not going to kill your children because of bankruptcy? Now, who knows what Jambi provide you and we provide them Don't kill children because of bankruptcy. That's number two, what are the global mavala mean? How am I Bhutan? Stay away from all forms of shamelessness, whatever is obvious of it, and whatever is hidden of it, any

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form of shamelessness, and lewdness and indecency. Stay away from it. That's number three, just to review, don't do * with a lot. Don't kill children out of bankruptcy, and don't engage in any form of shameless shamelessness. When I talk to Lou natality, harmala hobby he harmala. Who elaborate, don't kill a person without justification, don't engage in murder, you have no right to engage in murder without without, without the right and the right is executed by the court of law. Right. So there are major major things that we are stopped from in this ayah. And at the end of the day, the commissar can be he that is what he counsels you with law law Kentucky alone, so you can

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apply your intellect. Ally's applying this, this giving us this counsel. But in the middle of it all, he said, Well, meanwhile, he dainius Allen, and I'm literally scratching my head because it says what meanwhile edenia Shannon,

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be good be the best you can possibly be to both parents. I thought the idea is not about commands. It's about prohibitions. Everything in the eye was a prohibition. Everything was don't do *. Don't kill a person. Don't Don't kill your children. Don't go near shamelessness. Don't, you know, kill a person without having justification. Everything is adult, the only do and the higher is goodness to parents. You know why that's rhetorically so powerful. Because this a lot is now saying anything short of the best to your parents, you better not do.

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There is no other commandment in Islam where we have to do our best for it to be acceptable. And that if we don't do our very best that you're actually in sin. There's no commandment in Islam, except parents, except parents. Allah doesn't say you have to have a son with Allah. That you if you don't have it, then you're in the heart on the ayah is what is haram? the ayah is what is impermissible. And Allah says, We're bill Wiley, Dini, son and both parents, you better absolutely be the best you can be. You better be good to them under any circumstance. And the other awesome thing in this ayah and by the way, anything short of your best and you're in the harem, you're in

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what Allah forbade. That's the remarkable thing about this ayah if I don't have the perfection in my prayer, I'm still not sinful. Technically. I should work towards perfection, but I'm not sinful, sinful. I'm not into haram at least. If I don't have perfection in how I speak to people. I could be better, but I'm not sinful at least. But with my parents. What what what about would my parents would be perfect? Like what verb is it speak to them in the best way? deal with them in the best way? Give them the best kinds of gifts. Be the most patient with them, show patience with them in the best way? Which action is it? A lot

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did not specify a verb, he just said, when it comes to your parents the best if son the best What? You know what that means? Don't think of a single thing that shouldn't be the best. There's another thing you can think of one that has to do with the relationship between you and your parents. That shouldn't be the best. Your speech, your thoughts, your patients, your attitude, your body language, your gifts, your time, they should get the very best. And a lot, you know, this is the form that's used in every language virtually, when someone is really giving you instructions. And they're like, I don't want any discussions. Okay, so if I tell my children silence,

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one word done,

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then I don't want any discussion, End of discussion. There is no exceptions. I don't want to hear your special case. And I don't it doesn't apply to me, because I hate my dad or I can't stand my mom doesn't doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Well, Bill Wiley Dany sonnen when it comes to a parent's son, that's it. There's nothing else said. And it's made Nussle you could say Nevada Tokido. So here, I am telling you, it better be the best. It's like a lesson I'm telling you, it better be the best, nothing short of it. And that's in this remarkable ayah in which everything else was forbidden. And, and by implication, what's forbidden with our parents is anything short of the very

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best. May Allah help us live up to this incredible standard, and really give us the strength and the patience, really the patience to deal with our parents when they become hard to deal with. When they become you know, angry unnecessarily. When they make, you know, inappropriate demands from us and we sometimes even an Islamic demands from us, how are we going to navigate that we're going to even navigate those situations with FCM in the very best way we possibly can. They'll give us the courage and wisdom and patience to be able to deal with those difficult situations with our parents and May Allah forgive our parents for the mistakes that they make. Monica lovely welcome. salaam aleikum wa

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rahmatullah wa barakato. chronically

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No, absolutely.

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