Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 26 – L264A

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala Laura Sudan, Kenya a mother earth fairuza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem published fleshly acidity we're still the Washington rock data melissani of Pablo Kohli webinars.

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Lesson number 264 soldats. Mohammed is number 2238 Translation waiuku and he says alladhina those who are Manu, they believed Lola, why not? New Zealand. It was sent down. sutra tune a surah for either than when on Zilla it was sent down. Sula, tone, a surah a chapter Mark karma tone one decisive

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whether Kira and it was mentioned, see her in it ultdata do the fighting for ATIA. usaw and levina those who see in kulu be him their hearts model don't a disease, young Luna they look alike towards you, Nevada as looking and marshy of the one overcome or lay on him. Men from a load the data for Ola so better or for older so Whoa. The home for them. Barton obedience workout alone and a word. Mara rufen good for either so when are Zuma it resolved

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the matter fellow then if sodoku they were to Allah do Allah La Cana surely it was higher and better la home for them.

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For her then what are situm perhaps you all in if there were later on? You turned away on that to see Do you all make mischief fell out in the earth? What do you got there? Oh, and you all cut out a hammock on your ties of kinship.

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Ola, aka those and levina are those who learn at home he cursed them. Allahu Allah for a summer home. So he caused them to be deaf.

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And he made blind Bishara home their sights, a fella do they're not yet either balloon, they reflect an on the Quran

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or Allah upon kulu hearts up referred to her its locks in alladhina Indeed, those who enter do they turned back either upon a devotee him their backs, men from bardi after ma what, Sabina it was made clear law home for them alhuda the guidance as shavon shavon so whether he made easy the home for them, or unloved and he gave false hopes the home to them their liquor that the unknown because indeed they all do. They said then Lavina for those who carry who they disliked ma that which Nasrallah he sent down, Allahu Allah send you to come soon we will obey you. fee in borrow some of the matter will law who and Allah gerolamo he knows his slaughter home. They're keeping up secrets

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for kafer so how either when there was at home, it recalled them. Alma aka the angels, Yerba Buena this strike would you have home their faces or at about a home and their backs vedika that be unknown because indeed they it turbo they followed ma that which is copper, it angered Allah, Allah or Kenny who and they disliked. They hated real Bwana who his pleasure for ash Baba. So he made fruitless home their deeds.

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Or has he but he thought alladhina those who see in coleauxv him their hearts model been a disease on that learn never your region, he will bring out Allahu Allah ablon a home their secrets upon a home their secret it wills or ablon a home their grudges wallow and if Nasha we will let Elena to home. Surely we showed you them la NACA home surely we showed you them further off the home, then surely you recognize them be Sema home with their distinctive mark. What authority foreigner home

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And surely you shall definitely recognize them. See in Lakshmi tone, I will call the speech will Allahu and Allah Yana Moo he knows our murder comb your deeds. Well under blue under comb, and surely we shall definitely test you had until now Adama we know. Al Mujahideen, those who strive men come from you, or soybean and those who endure with patience, whenever they were, and we shall test we shall try about our comb your facts, your reports in the levina indeed those who cafaro disbelieved was I do and they stopped on from Sabina Way of Allah, Russia coup and they opposed our Sula, the messenger men from Bart after ma What? Deborah Yana it became clear, now home for them

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alhuda the guidance, learn never Yabu they harm Allah Allah Shea anything will say you should be able to and soon he will make fruitless armella home their deeds.

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Yeah you heard all alladhina those who am a new day Believe it or you all obey Allah Allah, what are you and you all obey of Rasulullah the Messenger of Allah and do not double play? Do you all nullify our murder comb your deeds? in Medina indeed those who can't follow they disbelieved also do and they stopped on Serbian from Way of Allah. So more than two they died while home while they co found our disbelievers fallen, so never yell Pharaoh, he will forgive. Allahu Allah lahoma for them, fella, so do not that he knew you all become weak, what other and you all do not call Allah towards a cell the peace or unknown and you are alone. The ones who are uppermost. The ones who have upper

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hand will law who and Allah marechal is with you will learn and whenever you get your acoem he will decrease you are McComb in your deeds in number indeed not but I'll hire to the life adonia of the world variable of play, while the horn and an amusement we're in and if taught me know you all believe what a taco and you all fear Allah, you tickle, he will give you a Judah comb your rewards. Voila. And not yes alcom he will ask you, he will demand from you. And while acoem all your wealth

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in his Yes l kumuha. He would ask you for it for your FICO. Then he would press you Who do you would become stingy when you're rich and he would bring out a barnacle, your grudges her anthem. Here you are. How old are these two their owner you all are called. They don't feel good. So that you all spend fee in Sevilla law we have a law firm it comes from you man who yerba hollow he is stingy woman and whoever you ever have, he is stingy for in number than indeed not but yerba hollow he is stingy and from Nazi he himself will Allahu and Allah, Allah honey you the one who is rich or unknown and you are also Cora, the ones who are poor. What in and if data were low, you alternate

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way yesterday, he will substitute Coleman of people or your home other than you so much than not yaku they will be um sila calm, like Have you

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listened to the recitation of these verses.

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Muhammad 20-38 Translation 20-38

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