D26 Du’aa for Mercy and Safety

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The speaker discusses their plans to use their time to write a book and use their own words to express their desire to protect their mother and other members of their community. They also mention their plans to use their own words to describe their actions and ideas in a book. The speaker asks the audience to bet on their last panel, which is about protecting their mother and other members of their community.

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Now Amanda Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah quite early he was

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another one of the drugs that the prophet SAW Selim taught us is the following. along in the Luca Madiba Torah hermetic was a member of erotic was Salam atomically ism will have aneema equally well follows a billion Amina now

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simple a few sentences in which there are questions and requests from Allah subhanho wa Taala which is part of the general nature of the Doral facade which is what's known as Joe Ahmed killing the compiler ation of words where he uses beautifully selection of words which sum up a lot of things and in this draft the professor sentiments asking for

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more gibert or ametek All I'm asking you for all those things that necessitate your hammer. So basically guide me to all the actions all the things that I could do maybe with my time we could say with my heart to believe in to act with my limbs which will necessitate and as a result become in a result in the Rama you're on to me why zymography erotic and also give me all the aspects which will give me the again the the will and the strength that comes with achieving your mother fear so as I am here is almost like all the necessary the strong points that will

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you know, in in enforce if you like the your mother*er onto your forgiveness so I'm asking you for I'ma I'm asking you for your forgiveness or last sec thirdly I'm asking you for Salama Ethan protection, security, safety, guarding from any aspect of sin you are the one who can help me to guard myself from this. And then well honey metalman caliber and to be able to win, to be able to gain the gaining of all aspects of beer whatever this aspect of ration has guided me to that righteousness so I can gain it so I can win it and when foes have been won nazjatar enough to win agenda and to be saved on the fire. These last two centers is the summary of what we are trying to

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achieve in the athlete is to be pushed away from the fire and saved from the fire and to me made to Antara agenda from as well as the honey not what will kill agenda thought by the fires whoever is pushed away from the fire and Mater and agenda then he has succeeded. So allow mine. Yes, Luca would you bet. Would you bet your ametek was theoretic or Salama, Tim Cooley isn't one of them Quilliam

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will also begin when the data in a very summarized simple, but very effective, Mashallah and beautiful meaning, especially if you are gathering all your senses and meanings to understand this data as you make it to our last panel.