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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was salam, ala Mulana Viva La Mulana Viva la vida de la vida kitabi hola Sharia de vida de mavado folder wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem contemplado matino project Lindas de Marana bill Murphy watton Hunan Mancha Sara Kala hula Zim

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respected elders and brothers. We begin by placing Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we send salutations upon our beloved nivia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I've been asked to speak about the aspect of social media and technology. And I think that today, this is one of the most important topics that someone can speak about because of its widespread prevalence, whether we agree with it or not, whether we

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like it or not, the fact of the matter that technology is something that maybe perhaps some of the elderly people might not have to contend with, but every one of our youngsters have to deal with the aspect of technology and the resultant social media type of widespread usage which is in our community and our society. The first point that I would like to say is this that the, the point with regard to modernity and progress, there is nothing wrong with progress and technology in Islam. We would be surprised when we see the life of our beloved nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In the time of our beloved Nivea cream sauce alum nebia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam sent two of

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the companions to go and find out about the latest in modern warfare and about the latest techniques that they use.

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Sorry, sorry, with regard to that.

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Our beloved Nivea cream sauce silom sent two companions to Syria in his life, to go and find out about the latest methods that were used in warfare. And Libya. Kareem saw cillum used the first time the catapult in the siege of life after the conquest of Makkah.

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And then our beloved nebia Karim sir Allahu alayhi wa sallam as a hobby. It was zedi musavat or mostly most likely, who asked nivia krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam permission to study the brani language nebia cream sauce lamb gave him permission. And in a very short period of time he came to master that language two or three weeks now via Karim saw Salaam said lower risk, fear hubub will

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seek risk in the midst of the earth.

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Maybe a cream star Islam said seek risk in the midst of the earth year our allama say there was an indication of agriculture and mining and data and also an indication that a time will come that people would seek risk through the means of going into the earth whether it be mining, whether it be agriculture, maybe a cream sauce limit made mentioned. Many times we also find

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that people sometimes feel that you know, we have this whole aspect of Al hikma Tovar lateral movement, that wisdom is a lost property of the believer. Some say is the Hadith some says Arabic saying wherever you find wisdom in something beneficial. You take it. Islam and our beloved nebia Karim saw Salam did not take this view, did not take this view that if something comes from some foreign civilization or something outside, we do not accept it. Some didn't take this view. So for example, in the time when the nebia cream saucer was in Makkah, when he came to hear that the entire Arab states have gathered and many of the tribes have gathered together to attack Muslims in Medina,

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and maybe a cream sauce Allah made Matura with a companions and when he made mature our companions and he consulted with a companions, then salmaan fr sera de la tomasetti Rasulullah. in this situation that we find ourself in, we in Persia, what we do is we dig trenches to protect ourselves of an enemy that they have more resources than us and we do not have sufficient

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resources to be able to attack to be able to defend ourselves. So that we are three sources didn't say ito hirakata Rica, how to apply? He didn't say this is someone else's methodology Why should we accept it? The via cream sauce, lamb dug the trench and the via cream sauce Islam protected the Sahaba and the Muslims in that instance. And therefore you would recall in Islamic history that when Abu sufian came to Medina, with his forces, and he saw the strange, he said, this is not the Arab method of fighting. This is not the Arab method of fighting, but Nivea cream saw something and say we cannot adopt it, he adopted it. So in aspects with regard to technology, what we learn from this

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is, Islam did not in any way, prevent us with regard to technology, modernity and progress and to be able to utilize it. Yes, what Islam has also always said that whenever anything new come whenever anything has come in, in Islam, we always looked at Nephi undara, we always looked at the benefit, and we always looked at the harms, and we prevented ourselves from the harms, and we adopted that which is beneficial. If you did not adopt this, then you would not have been able to move from the stone to the atomic age. If you did not adopt this, you would not have been able to move from the camels to the cars and to the airplanes. If you do not adopt this, you're not able to move from the

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candles to the bulbs. But Islam didn't tell us not to do that. Islam did tell us that whatever you get, take the good and prevent yourself from the evil. Now, one of the aspects that is today become widespread. And during the program that was allotted to me and given to me they said speak about the aspect of social media. Now, this is a very important point, because social media, whether it be Facebook, whether it be WhatsApp, whether it be Twitter, it has is in a similar manner, it has its benefits and it has his harms, given this which I have said, we have to keep in mind with regard to taking that which is beneficial, preventing that which is evil. Sometimes, someone has very, very

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beautifully said, we have been blessed, and we have been cursed by our new technological advances. For example, social media is such a thing that sometimes it can make you keep in contact with people across the globe, it can make you keep in contact with relatives that you have not been able to keep in contact with previously, you are more easier, easily accessible to people who are abroad who are your relatives. So it is true that we have been able to keep in contact with them. But at the same time, it can cut you off from the person who is sitting in front of you.

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You can keep you can keep in contact with people halfway across the globe. But while doing that sometimes you can cut yourself from the person who is sitting right in front of you. So we are blessed in sometimes we are cursed with regard to the proper method is and with regard to social media, I think is very important. Very, very important. This few very I'm not gonna take long, we all understand, you know, Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah has given us intellect. So this aspect of technology, taking the good preventing yourself from the harm is something that each and every one would be able to identify with, because we are all swamped with it. And we are all swamped with it

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because in some way or the other, we are involved with it, if not our children are involved with it. Now certain things the intention in the morale will be met each and everything is our family is dependent upon the intention that you make for something, what is our intention with regard to utilizing of technology and with regard to the utilization of social media? What is our intention is our intention information is it really the intention of communicating with people and Alhamdulillah It is so easy today, communication has become more easier today, you are more easily accessible, you are more easily able to communicate with people across the across the spectrum, much more easier to

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handle what is your intention is your intention whether in that you would like to, you know, have that type of communication through the means of technology today, you can access to the means of internet, you can access things that was previously not even thought of possible. You can access libraries today with regard to the internet, you can access volumes of words of our alama with regard to Islamic knowledge that previously you would not have been able to access but with a tap of the button you will be able to access knowledge you will be able to access by hands of Allah ma scholars, and you even with regard to a matter that you are sometimes in a situation where you need

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an immediate answer. You can you can access the answer's with regard to some of your queries. Although we always tell people certain every query has a peculiarity. It's a very individual nature type of thing. Try and go and ask the allama you're

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directly, but at the end of the day, it is also available Therefore, it is so important for us to be able to, to differentiate between certain situations from from our situation, but it is available is your intention that, and yet at the same time, we have to make mention the very same internet, the very same type of communication that you can use innocently, or you can use it with good intention, or you can use it to access your relatives and your friends, you can also use it to flirt with woman, you can also as a tip of the button, as you can get Islamic content, you can get the worst aspects of immorality.

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And today is the tip of the bottom you can do it. And today sometimes you can feel that your child is studying through the means of an Internet with his mobile phone with his smartphone. And at the same time, you might be accessing things that are not very positive in a negative. So we have to be able to understand our intention. And I will also say sometimes we might have to take that decision. If something has benefit, and it also has harm and you are not able to save yourself from the harm then it might be better for you to stay away from it completely. If you cannot stay away from immoral sites. If you cannot stay away from Ghana with regard to doing it, then you're going to have

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to question yourself that am I doing it with the right reason. So, that is one of the aspects the intention that we have to do. Then the second thing is Be very careful of the frivolous activities that are out there. I mean, there are certain types of information that you require that you need to pass on to you need to access. But there are certain aspects with regard to either a frivolous in nature. Be careful after all, Allah subhana wa Taala has granted us time time is one of our greatest assets. You cannot waste time by frivolous activities. There is no need for anyone to know what you had for breakfast today. Oh, there is no need for you to know what someone else had for breakfast.

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Well, I mean, what did how does it benefit your life? How does it enhance your life? So there are certain things stay away from the frivolous nature and it is not necessary for you to go and see the status in the DP of every one of your friends. Why they got the status message and why they've got this dp on the on the what what does it benefit you? I mean, we also got a situation where Allah tala will account from us our deeds. For me. Yeah, my name is Karla Ratan Hara Yama, Yama, muscala. inshallah, whoever does an altar of goodwill see before him, whoever does an iota of evil will see it in front of him. Imam Hassan. Ali was one day he saw and he was reading the Quranic verse while

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asleep and he said, Why did Allah subhanho wa Taala take an oath on time? Why did Allah take an oath on time? So he said, after you know reading the spirit, I went into the marketplaces I walked and I saw a person selling ice and he said, then I realized what Allah tala took an oath on time. This person who was selling ice is not like what today you got you got freezer so you could put the freezer the ice in the freezer and still sell it. You know? per day you are selling telling people you're Hama Dora sumali Oh, people have mercy upon the person whose merchandise is melting away. If you don't buy from me now after one hour, I have nothing to sell to you say then I realize why Allah

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tala took an oath on time. Our our life is like a block of ice. Once that particular ice melts away, it is gone. One minute goes it is gone, never to be regained. Again. Utilize your time constructively see that the time that you are doing is beneficial. Abdullah Massoud Rafi allowed me to say that the greatest regret I have this at the end of the day when I make Maha Sabha of my deeds, I account my deeds, I find find that I have not been able to better myself. On that day, I have not been able to benefit myself, I have not been able to learn anything new, I have not been able to do something that is better than the previous days. Anyone who is in business, anyone who's

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in business, or in any profession will know if I am stagnant. And I'm in the same place today, where I have been 10 years ago, he will say what is the use of my business. But yet spiritually, we 10 years from where previously where we weren't today, we are spiritually at the same state, but we have no concern in the business wise, you will never do it in a business UI the same place where you were 10 years ago, you will say what is the user business Let me close it, but spiritually, you are the same state stagnant for the past 10 years, we have not been able to better your salary, we have not been able to better your conduct, we have not been able to better your deed and yet we are

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quite, you know satisfied with that. So the second thing stay away from frivolous activities. The aspect with regard to it is also very important in terms of you know, the so just bear in mind that this social media, while you must stay away from frivolous activities, you must bring your closer towards Almighty Allah. The third thing which I think is very important, social media has got the ability to reach people at a mass scale. Right. So because

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It's got the ability to reach people at a mass scale you have to be very careful with what you are posting.

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Normally the Quranic if it is, it applies at all times of teacher for example, Ali, many years ago he wrote a book on Muslim Islamic media. And in there he wrote he says, just because you got access to media, you can right you are journalists, or you got in front of you or mic in a radio station, doesn't mean that the laws of Allah tala, like for example, on backbiting, on spying on hurting another person, taunting another person, doesn't mean that you are exempt from there because you are good journalist, doesn't mean you are exempt from there because you got a mic in front of you, the laws of Allah subhanho wa Taala, pertaining to backbiting pertaining to taunting other people,

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hurting other people, abusing other people applies to you, whether you are a normal person in your normal conversation or whether you are a journalist or whether you are a person who is a radio personality or whether you are on social media. In fact, I would say and go a step further

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Latina Armando and Jackie

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O you who believe if ever you get a source of news for someone, verify it before you you know, send it out verify before you amplify, verify before you amplify previously, when you use to relate something, then the harm could be very, very small. But today if you do it through the means of WhatsApp and social media, before you know it can go halfway the world. Now how much more important you must be with regard to verifying something before you amplify. Today the responsibility with regard to that is taken very lightly. Sometimes you can hurt someone, someone's you can you can falsely accuse someone, you can bring down a person's reputation with one post. And Willa Hill as

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him the Guna will be upon you. One day a person went to a scholar and said, I want to make Toba for hibbett. So he said okay, you want to make Toba for him. But let me tell you what you must do. See tomorrow you slaughter chicken. And after you started the chicken, you d feather the chicken. You allow the feathers to spread and be lost in the wind. And then you come back. Just take the feathers and just throw it around different places. And then you come back to me the next day came to the scholar and said I did what you said. So he said Go bring me back the feathers who bring me back those feathers said we are going to get those feathers. You told me I must get rid I scattered

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throughout I don't know when we have scattered it, I'll never be able to find it. So he said that is the situation with regard to making Toba for him. But if you want to make for Toba for Hibbard, go and fetch it from all those people where the news has reached, you spoke bad about someone wherever it is, go bring it back, then go and ask Allah for Toba? Do you have the capacity to do so? Now do you realize why it's so important for us to amplify, to verify before we amplify and I will go and conclude I want to say one or two small things there are certain certain things that every person who utilizes social media and I would say every parent, even those who are not so savvy with regard

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to technology must be aware of with regard to how our children utilize technology. There are certain things like cyber bullying, cyber bullying, which is which has something to do with technology. You know, your child might be, you know, thinking that everything is white, but he might be bullied, he might be put in compromising situations, there is an aspect with regard to posting fake identities on people's Facebook and other profiles and people can be carried away. Firstly, the person who does it may be a criminal somebody is no worse person than a person who is blue Jade, who is a double faced person, he shows one profile and one identity to some people in the shows and other

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identities, some other people it is not uncommon for a person to just pose in front of a very

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fancy car or you know, a Ferrari or something a Mercedes, and he puts it in his dp and he can deceive other people. But what are you what what are you doing? How do you live with such deception? Who are you trying to fool who are you trying to deceive? Are you trying to deceive people of the opposite sex by sending studying in front of a car that doesn't belong to you? But that is actually what is happening. So if parents and our with not a way with regard to the harms I will be able to how we'll be able to to keep in mind with regard to it. And in this particular regard, let me just give you one Hadith and we will conclude because I think maybe many people might have been able to

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get the gist of what I'm saying. One day in every occurrence Aslam told people Jamba Juice would be to rocket stay away from unnecessary sitting on the street corners. You know, sitting in the street corners in this setting and making gupshup stay away from that is my boyfriend is Yara fidonet. So let me occur himself himself stay away from sitting

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On the street corners and on the streets. So, what the people used to do at that time they used to sit on the street corners, you know, and they used to sit and comment about everything mill he but talk about other people talk about other people and all this and sometimes they used to not God they they they cite they used to do all those things, you know, sometimes also prevalent in other places in the world also today. So, he said stay away from it. And if you have to do it,

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then do it with the following conditions then the via cream saw some said make our will more often

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cast your gaze down look after your gaze. Now look at that, let me saw some said stay away from it. And if you have to do it, then do it with the proper conditions these are the conditions I would say the same thing can be applied to technology stay away from the negative if you have to utilize it which many people feel is necessary because they are they need to be in contact they need to be accessible then do it with certain conditions see to it that you stay away from Heywhat see to it that you stay away from taunting other people see to it that your posts are beneficial secret that you see something which is beneficial from the same hand if we learn this very beautiful you know

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lesson may Allah tala give us a topic. In conclusion, we will say that when we as Muslims, we cannot look upon the aspect of technology modernity and progress as necessarily, you know, something that is against Islam. We give the examples of our beloved Navy so somehow Navy or cream sauce embraced changes which were beneficial, whether it be the trench, whether it be Seiko risk rehabil or however in that there are certain types of things that we have to bear in mind. Keep in mind your intention. Keep in mind the aspect of verifying before you amplify, stay away from the frivolous take that which is beneficial. Stay away from that which is negative. May Allah give us a trophy that one