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The segment discusses the negative impact of anxiety and loss on one's life, including the belief that fear is a factor in achieving success. The segment also touches on the importance of finding ways to overcome obstacles and overcome limiting beliefs.

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Rahman Al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam. O Allah says Allah, Allah Allah He was Swami.

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Ramadan is the month of July and it's very recommended highly recommended that a person engage into and ask Allah subhanaw taala as much as possible, because Allah wants you to come closer to him with two others a formulation for the whole hope the love that is between a person and his Lord subhanho wa Taala today's law is the law which again taught by the prophet sallallahu wasallam and this is the law which says Allah how many are also becoming an HMI while hasn't. We're also becoming lrG world class and while becoming an geovany Well, why are you becoming an elevated Dane or

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aloha mania becoming an HMI what hasn't? This is all about seeking refuge or loss pantalla from those things that may well be barriers or hurdles in trying to achieve lots of things in life. So the first one is him well hasn't him his worry, anxiety and hasn't his grief

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and sorrow, both anxiety and sorrow or feeling grief can hold a person back. If you think about it, if you're always feeling anxious, you're always feeling upset, you're always feeling

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grief, about losing things, whether there are things that you are losing in the dunya whether there are things you are losing in the Euro, in in many ways, you know, if you're always anxious about things is going to hold you back. So a person has to feel more optimistic about their life and seeking refuge or loss panatela from those helps, so how, and has answered they're not always concerned, when we come in lrG while castle to also seek refuge or loss rantala from incapacity and from laziness. incapacity is that you do not have the necessary means whether it's the energy and the strength, the material means to do things and QSL is when you do have the material if you like

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the outward things, but you don't have the inter you feel lazy, you feel that you're not really up to what you can't do it. So well QSL will also hold you back because they're both things that aren't found in the function is the function, this dysfunction a dysfunction is functioning, and not allow you to do the work by either feeling internally that you can't be bothered to do it. Or externally, you feel you don't have the strength or the energy, the power

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while it will be criminal geovany well bahal again, two qualities which can hold a person back a Lubin cowardice to feel that you can't read I can't do this or not, you know, and to maybe be scared of things where they're scared of other people or they're scared of that you might fail whether it's the scared scared of being looking bad, whatever, skipping scared and cows will hold the person back and obviously it's a good quality to have to be brave and to show that strength Oh yes. I'm going to go forward I'm going to try and try to overcome these these barriers

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and boy, miserliness meanness and that is also because you always don't want to give you don't want to spend you don't want to function these are all things that progression in life if you don't have them, you will not progress these are not just qualities about progressing in your a bad. Well, these are quality about progressing in your life. You know, if you're always anxious, worried, you want you know, you want to take risks, you might feel stuck in a certain

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sense certain situations, certain mindsets, and so on so forth. And lastly, or elevated Dane waka Herrera jell o bola de Vaca Hara rigid that is when the debt becomes overwhelming. And the oppression or

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the the wrongness from from others. Here mentions men specifically because men unlike women, they are the ones who tend to oppress others more than women do. So it's probably more about a generalization. So again, debt, having being overwhelmed with debt again, is something which definitely is a hurdle to achievement. Because you're always thinking about how do I pay off my debt? How do I where do I get the money from where do I do this? So holiday is a big is a big factor in putting people down and lastly, Aurora Jad is like the subduing of other people and people suggest

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You, they oppress you, that obviously also holds against you because you know, your freedoms are taken when you don't have the freedom How can you express yourself? How can you do those things? So all those things gathered in this one drop is about seeking help of a lost parent out, remove the barriers to break those hurdles so that you can move forward in Charlottetown. And that's like I mentioned before, do it isn't just a one way.

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Purpose and it's not just oh, I'm just asking a law. And, you know, a law is gonna just do this all for me, do I is almost, it's almost a focusing, you know, is directing somebody,

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as they as our as our medics would say, health professionals say, you know, half of the cure is is is knowing the illness, you know, if you have anxiety, you have depression, you have grief, you have cowardice, you if you do not acknowledge this, you're not going to find a solution, you're not going to move on. So here this hadith in the door is acknowledging this. So it's about you saying okay, I do have worries I am anxious, what am I anxious about how to show you make that out? But also subconsciously you're saying Well, how do I get out of this? How do I overcome my miserliness? How do I overcome my my my

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cowardice and etc, etc. So, all this thinking about that is also directs you so that you wish or you can find solutions for the situation that you are in