What to make dua for life is smooth sailing

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Your art is worship. And so that's like saying, I don't

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that the only purpose of your art is for me to get something. No, the purpose of that is that this is an action that is incredibly beloved to Allah subhanaw taala. And just like when I give sadaqa I'm not necessarily expecting something from it. Just like when I pray, I may not necessarily be expecting something of it. It is an act of worship. Yes. All it comes with all sorts of things. But inherently, it's an act of worship. And so when I sit there, and I raised your app,

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I raise my hands for your app. There is it is a beloved actual worship that ALLAH SubhanA data rewards me for but not only that, I mean, there are people around you if your life is going, okay, there's a million other people whose life isn't going okay. Right. And I had a sister recently. You mentioned that to me, she's like, kind of like, my wife is going perfect. I was like, okay, that's excellent. Your life is going perfect. But do you have an uncle who's sick? And do you have a cousin who needs to get through school? And do you have like, you know, this this person in your community who's going through this, that that he said, I make dua for 70, the companion of the Prophet SAW

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sent him he said, I make do out for 70 of my companions in my winter. I make dua for them. I named them and I named their their father's names