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Omer El-Hamdoon
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Leaving Iraq at a young age, Omer El-Hamdoon was raised up in the UK. His role as a community leader has also taken him further afield in the UK and internationally. He has had a long experience of working in the Muslim community, and taken up leadership roles within the UK, including with the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (MINAB); along with other trusteeships. Currently, as an imam, he is a member of the European Assembly of Imams and the British Board of Scholars and Imams (BBSI).

His passion for understanding and teaching Islam continued to increase throughout the years, and led him to delve deep into Islamic Sciences. He is doubly qualified with a Masters in each of Dentistry and Islamic Studies.
Dr El-Hamdoon is an educator and writer on Islam, as well as being an international speaker and intellectual activist. For over 25 years, Shaykh Omer has been delivering Jumu‘ah sermons, motivational reminders and inspiring talks; as well as regular study circles and educational courses.

As a mentor and spiritual coach, he accompanies Muslims as they work on breaking the barriers standing between them and becoming their better selves, allowing their faith to radiate in every aspect of their lives.
His traditional study of Islam compiled with his knowledge of western societies make him very aware of the gap that needs bridging for Muslims living in the West; to understand and make sense of this beautiful religion within the context of their lives.
Shaykh Omer combines traditional understanding of Islam with modern concepts.

He is the co-author of the book: “30 Steps Towards a Refreshing Ramadan”, where he smartly conjures up some of the deepest concepts of Islam with a cocktail of technological terms, inviting the reader to dwell into the spiritual aspects of Ramadan, by relating the jargon of modern gadgets to one’s inner soul (nafs). And he has translated other books including al-Nawawī’s “Bustān al-‘Arifīn” and the “Hadramī Introduction”.
He speaks at varying venues and international venues; as well as appearing on a variety of TV channels speaking in English and Arabic. He also lectures on many topics, including fiqh, usūl al-fiqh, hadith and politics in Islam.

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