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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara Pelham Bay when mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah, sallAllahu, alayhi, WA early he was have you send them to Steven Kofi and cathedra.

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From my Babu, my brothers and sisters,

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we are in the lesson of death and hereafter.

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And today, as I speak to you, all of us are aware for the last in the 24th of February,

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what is going on in Ukraine? And of course, it gets a lot of publicity, because it's in Europe. But what has been going on in Yemen for the last five years, and uncounted Misery has been visited upon people were completely innocent, have done absolutely nothing to deserve that. Only because of problems between the leaders, between between their leaders and the leaders of the nations are waging war.

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And the obvious thoughts that come up again and again, is would people do this if they were conscious of meeting Allah subhanaw taala?

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And the short answer is, they would not. The sad thing is that there are Muslims involved in both these conflicts. And I'm saying sad not because of the not not because the death of Muslims is, is more grievous than the death of anybody else, but because Muslims at least should have this consciousness to say that we cannot and we should not disobey Allah subhanaw taala because we will be called to account. Now, even we as Muslims do not have this awareness do not have this,

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you know, this sense of,

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of being accountable to Allah subhanaw taala then what hope is there for others and what hope is there for us when we meet Allah.

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So it is very, very important for us to focus on our lives and constantly remind ourselves that one day I will die, and I will stand before Allah.

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And that is the meaning of the Hadith, Soros was a Salah, where he said, the most intelligent of you is the one who remembers his death. Most often. Remembering death is not being morbid or something, it is to remember this reality that one day I will die. And we and that's, that's not a passive remembrance, it's not an academic thing. One day I will die meaning am I preparing for that day, when I say I will die, it's not just a physical matter of dying, but it's a matter of,

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being aware that we will be resurrected before Allah subhanaw taala that we will have to answer to Allah subhanaw taala for our actions for what we say what we do, or what we said what we did, and all of this is very much part of

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understanding and being aware of the

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of the fact that we are answerable to Allah subhanaw taala.

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So, in this context, there are the Allah man for kaha and the scholars of Islam, they have guided us and from the Quran or Hadith and they have given us some

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some some pointers as to what is the cause of the facade what is it that takes us away and from the the part that Allah subhanaw taala

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chose for us and the danger is, it puts us in a place where we can be in serious trouble and the worst of that trouble is that we have what is called su katiba which is a bad ending.

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Natural is something that we ask Allah subhanaw taala His mercy and His protection from from a bad end. The first of those is what is called although although O'Neill is the karma, that is diversion from the state path, I think about that, that we know this enough in BC, study angles and geometry, that a diversion of one degree at the inception can result in it results in a huge wide diversion completely off in infinity. So it starts from a socks and looks like a like a spa thing. I call this the narrow end of the wedge. You know when you're when you're cutting a big tree, what they do is they make a cut and then they put a wedge in whatever it is it's it's a triangular shaped

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piece of wood or whatever. And they hammer that in and this wedge actually splits the tree because the wedge the narrow end, the the pointed end is very small, but as it is hammered in it will

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widens and widen and widen until it splits the whole tree. Now this narrow end of the wedge is what causes trouble for us. Because we do things which on the face of it they don't look so bad. And our What is it after all, you know why didn't go to the budget one day? What does it matter? I didn't fast one day What is it matter I was you know, we had to go to the place. We were traveling and we would have enjoyed, if you're fasting, it's a problem for another puts a spin on it says if you are fasting, then you are going to be causing inconvenience to others. Right? So not fasting is actually a good thing. Don't do that. And how was anybody inconvenienced? If I'm fasting? How was anyone? Oh

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no, no, but you see people like to eat with you. And if you are not eating with them and so on. So here we are now saying here is what people like to do. Here is what Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana Allah says so mu li wa Zb, the Psalm the fastest for me and I will reward it Allah did not say I will reward it with this or that he's I will reward it meaning in keeping with his majesty and grace, Chatter is taking us away. So small things what seemed to be small, it's okay this is okay. That is okay. This is the this is the root cause of all the corruption in life that we that we give into small things shatta is very smart, he knows that he will not come to directly with Shell, he

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will not come come to directly with

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with something that is

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that is haram, he comes to something which is which will take you towards that where is very small, very, very small. He's all chatons on issue is a very good example for us because he was among the righteous he was among the people who who worshipped Allah subhanaw taala and who tried to please Allah subhanaw taala. But he made one mistake, right one single mistake and that mistake which he made, it started again a small because

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Allah subhanaw taala told me so he he did not make su even at that point in time, it was still a small mistake. He could have a last month and asked me if I give a chance. He said Why did you not make he could have said y'all I made a mistake, my mistake, please forgive me, he is good. He didn't do that. He said no, I am superior to him, collector, enemy narrow collector, collector Muntean, you have you created me from fire and you created him from clay, how can you ask me to make such that to him. So, now, he did not make so that was one disobedience. But now by questioning Allah subhanaw taala he is in effect saying the mistake is not mine the mistake is yours, your your order is wrong,

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right you that order that you give to make such error this order itself is wrong. Now, this is a huge thing, this is your you are now blaming Allah subhanaw taala you are pretending that you know better than others 100 Then you say Oh, but you see you are you are you are telling me to do something which is which is which is itself wrong. So you're accusing Allah subhanaw taala now, of making a mistake. Now, I know we are not doing that in so many words, but just think about that when we say for example, that this is what Islam orders, but you know, times have changed and this has happened that has happened, this can be done that can be done, meaning what meaning effectively we

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are saying that Allah subhanaw taala gave us orders which are no longer active, no longer applicable today. Right, we cannot be cannot fulfill them, we will not fulfill them. This is this is this is cable. And so shatta went from,

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from the from being obedient slave to being

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to becoming

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rebellious. And that is the

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that is the fit of that

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narrow subset that I the thing I fear the most for you is a man who memorizes the Quran until it's no shines from his face. Then he distances himself from the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala. And he fights with his neighbor, he takes his sword on his neighbor and accuses him of Schick right now with a five in your man of Elano. He said who is the most generic among them? The accuser or the accused?

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And the accuser. Yeah, I think about that here is here is a beautiful

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example that nobody's heard of is giving where righteousness, being good doing good leads to keyword leads to

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leads to arrogance leads to self Righteousness, righteousness and self righteousness are two very different things. So let us not become self righteous. self righteous is where you feel that I am the only one doing good things and everyone else is wrong and everyone else is at fault everyone else is is less than I am. Now this is of course completely and totally prohibited in Islam. There is no way of considering considering

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yourself superior to anybody else. So let me just let me saying here that the person is memorizing the Quran and so on. So obviously he is this person is righteous, He is making effort in the way of deed. And he gets to the point where he has memorized the Quran, the Quran is visible from his eyes, from his face, what is the moral of the Quran is in his face? And, you know, maybe the person is now also obviously because of that, he's fasting and praying and so on. He's on the Sunnah. Maybe he changed his dress, maybe change all that. And then he now starts finding fault with others. How many times have we seen this?

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How many times I always tell tell people, when people say, in terms of marriage, also they say, How do I know if I have a good spouse or not? How do I check or somebody says as friends who is a who's a good friend, I tell them, listen to the conversation. Listen to the conversation. If it is somebody who is constantly criticizing others, that's not, that's not the kind of person you want to be with. Because constant criticism comes out of arrogance here is a person who considers himself to be so superior, that he thinks it is his job to constantly find fault with other people.

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That's not the kind of person that you want to be with. Right. So this is a very important thing to keep in mind. That good doing good must not make you self righteous must not make you pompous, must not make you somebody who thinks that they are the best of mankind.

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Taking us if you don't go to

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if you don't take to the straight path, then this will take you you know sometimes to a very very different place

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that is why we

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keep wanting to study the Quran, the Susan Fatiha is the essence of the Quran the whole meaning of the Ferraris collectors or the vada and the essence of the fatties

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you're gonna do you're gonna say and what is that? This is what comes before isn't Estrada mystery we asked her is he saying all I worship only I asked him only from you and guide me to the straight path. That's the reason why we keep on saying guide me to the straight path so many times because it is not just a matter of guidance guidance has already come. But when you say guide me is not you are not asking for some new guidance to come to you is the guidance is the format we have we already have that the guidance is the life of Rasulullah Salem we already have that really what we are saying is Allah guide me to that the guidance is there. Guide me to it. I am away from the guides

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who guide me to it and keep me on it steadfast is the karma on the

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on the state but no no, no, no, no, no change and no

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no weakness in that is to come.

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The second one is LSR almasi. Insisting on committing sins, to insisting on a small thing makes you commit measures if for example you're smoking and somebody says Don't smoke this is haram but I read somewhere it is mukou hurry me

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now the person say Magoo to me most of the time they don't even know what the what that means. Margarita Harami is in her favorite Margarita Remi is a macro, which is disliked the first question to ask her disliked by whom? disliked by Allah subhanaw taala and also Salah. So, if something is disliked by Allah subhanaw taala How can that thing be permissible? How can you take it as permissible on yourself anyway? Now in that thing which is disliked, there are two classifications one is my Makuta z and the other one is Magoo. Halevi that Z is less

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among the dislike between the two, this is less and hurry me is almost ha. So now think about this you are smoking or you are by buying and selling cigarettes or you are dealing with whatever tobacco products or you are manufacturing cigarettes and so on so forth, whatever, these these are all things in Islam, you know, the principle is that if something is haram, that everything associated with it, so even if you don't smoke, if you are if you are manufacturing cigarettes and and all kinds of products of that kind are you buying and selling them or whatnot, then you are equally culpable. You are not you're not you can't say well I wasn't smoking, no, you are not smoking but

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you are enabling others to do that. So therefore you are part of the part of the problem. Now if you do that, think about this and you say we go for Allah Subhana Allah and Allah says Why were you doing that? All I was doing something which is Makuta had me I was doing something which was close to hamotzi I've tried it was not hot. So you understand before Allah argue about is what was haram and what was not. Whatever last month it says haram or no haram it was something that I disliked. How did you do that all your life

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and you call

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As a Muslim, what's the answer?

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What is the answer? I spent my whole life during the hurry. Makarova hurry me. I did my whole life when my whole life doing macro to help me I earned my living through the heavy stuff or lost or lost or smart these these are all things which seem to be small but they take you to much worse than that.

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If you commit a small sin and you continue to commit that small sin then you are now both a cave and you are now guilty of committing the worst of sins which is cable insisting on sin means I don't care about Allah subhanaw taala what you're saying with your accent, I don't care about Allah I don't care whether Allah likes it or not, I will still do it. It's a small thing. Small according to

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disobedience of

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Allah Akbar.

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And there's lots more so disobedience of Allah Akbar. Disobedience of the one who is the greatest, how can that be smart?

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Can insisting on it means that now you are standing in competition, the last marathon say I want something and you want something. And what I want I will do, I don't care if you like it or not. This is this effectively in by our actions. This is what we are doing. Or saying, if we commit a sin no matter what that sin is, so insisting on it, I'm not saying we commit a sin by mistake, it happens out of weakness it happens forgetfulness happens and then immediately Victor what No, that's a different thing altogether. Alhamdulillah if you do that, Inshallah, Allah subhanaw taala will definitely forgive you. But if I don't do that, and instead of that I continue to commit that sin.

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Then, committing a small sin, makes it a major sin. committing a major sin makes it, Cofer. So what do you say now about dealing in interest, for example, the most major of since

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refusing to get out of interest based dealings?

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Where did it take you?

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It takes you to go for

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exit from Islam, believe me, there's no certificate that comes to say you are a Muslim or non Muslim, this is what Allah will consider you. So if you write your name in the list of enemies of Allah, and you insist on staying there,

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then what's going to happen? I don't want to make fatwas I won't say this will happen that will happen you know what will happen? I know what will happen let us fear that day.

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So think about that continuing insisting on smiles and makes you commit majors continue to go in major sins all your life amounts to Cofer

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because you delegate you're deliberately doing what Allah subhanaw taala made haram deliberately doing what Allah meter so Muslims who drink alcohol or do drugs or gamble horse racing cards, whatnot, who deal in interest to commit Zina and so on. If you do not stop doing that immediately then fear the day when you may be we may very well die on gopher.

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Right? Very, very, very, very dangerous. Similarly, Muslims don't pray, who lie and slander Riba and Mima who cheat too don't worry, Javon Wong is the Sonata Mr. Seller, shave their beards or whatnot or deliberately disobey Allah subhanaw taala immediately make Toba and stop those actions immediately.

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Because remember, our ending will be visible only to us, but then it will be too late.

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I have I remember, meeting, you know, going to condole and meet

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relatives of

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all my friends who, who passed away, they were not Muslim. And they died at almost invariably, the relative they said, Oh, you know, his death was hard. It was so peaceful. And so, you know, it is so easy and so peaceful. And I'm thinking to myself, how can the death of a person who did not believe in Allah subhanaw taala be easy or peaceful?

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It cannot be it cannot be another writer told us as soon as he told us what will happen

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but we won't know. We will not know because we are standing even if you are standing next to them you don't talk so when I am dying only I will know how I'm dying. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to make that easy and to make it in a way which pleases Him Inshallah, and I may be able to offer you. So let us be very clear in our minds, let us

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make dua that Allah subhanaw taala guides us and keeps us in a place and keeps us in a way where we always always

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were we always

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obey Him, irrespective of what anyone else does or does not do. Right. I remember one of the one of the Alama he said to me, if you leave a Muslim act, you know something that's good to do, but the

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There's no punishment for not doing it, considering it to be unimportant Hulka Sawatzky Tortosa, muskie, Hulka and Jota. Holcomb is light and Showtime is small but in order though these are used in multiple in two ways one is small and light also means unimportant.

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So he said, if you leave a Muslim act considering it to be unimportant, Allah will deprive you from following the Sunnah. And if you leave a sunnah, considering it to be unimportant, then Allah will deprive you from following the fourth. And if you leave the fold considering it to be unimportant, Allah will deprive you of Eman and you will die on cover. I think about those people who do not pray the fourth salah

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they should think I'm not I'm not asking you to go and tell them but I'm saying that they must think Muslims do not pray, who do not consider salah. too important.

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You are leaving not just to not just are you leaving the fault you are leaving the most important

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there is no fault which is more important than that then for the Muslim then there then the salah at its correct time.

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Muslims who are capable of doing heights they don't do much.

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And what I'm saying if you are capable of doing heights and you don't do heights, meaning delivered to you don't do that you are able to do it able to go and so on. You're not talking about any issues with that but you are able to do able to go and so but you make no effort and you don't go he said they will be resurrected with the non Muslims

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with the Jews and the Christians. What is this me die the thing to understand is that we have a religion Hamdulillah

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I believe in Allah subhanaw taala

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we believe that Allah subhanaw taala is the truth.

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Then what is the problem with following that religion?

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Considering his sin to be small is a sign of the disease or sign of a disease of the heart.

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And it leads to making a person one of the fasciae Khun facet meaning rebellious, who Allah does not guide

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Allah subhanaw taala does not guide those who are

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Allah who lie had the common ferocity and Allah says Otowa Allah will not and does not guide those who are rebellious

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and are always guides those who are in need of guidance, who who seek guidance, who ask for guidance, but not those who are rebellious.

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You don't want guidance. So go

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when people increase in sin, and they deliberately disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala. Allah subhanaw taala closes the doors of Hidayat adores of guidance the doors of the correct path and allows themselves to indulge to their heart's content until suddenly he commands and His command comes and they're seized in the midst midst of their transgressions and then disobedience and they are thrown into the last round that are called following desires and preferences commands schicke and he called it worshiping desires instead of worshipping him

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and I marry Takada. ILAHA, of Antetokounmpo Allah he will kill.

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Allah said have you almost are seldom seen this person was taken as his Illa as His deity as something that he worships his own way and desire as persons were worshiping his desires are watching us right and would you then be a worker or let's say are you going to intercede for him meaning what meaning do not intercede

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and that's our Federal Home. And that's an extra home Yes. Now now we are alone in Hong Kong and I've been home as a loser Mila and this is our view think that most of them here and understand. They are only cattle they said they're like cattle and they are no no they are even worse they even further astray from cattle from the path. And last round does it follow man Asuma Lukey, Ruby

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Fatah, Ali him abueva. Felicia in Hatta either for the whole Bhima auto AKAZA na home, both are done for either muvizu and Allah said, then when they have forgotten all that they had been told to take to heart all that they had been told to obey and do with when they further forward that they rejected it. They refuse to accept it. What happened? Allah said we threw open to them the gates of all good things, until even as they were rejoicing in what they had been granted. We suddenly took them to task and lo they were broken in spirit. This is the

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This is the issue of continuing to do sin. Despite being want. Somebody asked him to shop around to lolly.

00:25:08--> 00:25:45

Instead, you will tell us that if you do good, then good will happen. If you do bad, Allah will punish you. But we don't see this. We see people who are doing evil and they are getting more and more power and more and more wealth and so on and so forth. And right now as I speak, do we have examples of specific classic examples in the world of people who have left nothing untouched? We committed murder and murder on a vast scale, not just one person from hundreds of 1000s of people, people who are running wars and all kinds of things people who are doing and they seem to be fine, they said nothing is happening to them there seem to be getting more and more Tony Blair got the

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award from the queen

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got the highest level of Knighthood from the queen. Then imagine I mean, this is the one this is today's work, but the fact is that one day he and the one who given the order we both went home for last month. Then what happens is that in on the Day of Judgment, there's only one king that is Allah subhanaw taala Leon ill will Coolio Melissa Who's the king today?

00:26:14--> 00:26:17

Who does the world who does this world belong to?

00:26:19--> 00:26:29

The world we also live anyway but on the day of that but no. Who is the who is the one who's the hack him today? Molokhia within Hulu, molecule with the zoo, the owner of the devil, the king of the devil.

00:26:32--> 00:26:44

My nipple HAC Lila Illawarra Bula Karim tal Allah medical lai lai La Habra, chicory, all glory to the true King, who is the rub of the throat of the great song.

00:26:48--> 00:26:57

This world you will see people will do evil and they will get more and more until dawn day that God then their broken spirit. Allah subhanaw taala

00:26:58--> 00:27:11

also mentioned those who commit sins repeatedly and they refuse to obey Allah viatera on the false plea that they are weak. Now we're not talking about people who are genuinely weak. We're talking about those who say well what can I do?

00:27:13--> 00:27:19

Society is like this. And I have to do I'm working for this company I have in this company I have to do these things.

00:27:20--> 00:27:22

So who's your as if the company or Allah

00:27:23--> 00:27:34

Who told you that Allah subhanaw taala has told you that to feed yourself you must commit sins you must deal in testaments tell lies he was give bribes? You must cheat. Did Allah say this?

00:27:35--> 00:27:43

Then why'd you do it? And he's Oh unless I do it. I will not be able to eat this is a complete absence of he may not even his absence that event.

00:27:47--> 00:28:16

And let's say in the legend at our farm with my Eco Zaarly me and Uzi Makalu. FEMA appunto Paulo Puna Mr. Dafina Villa follow up on our de la he was here for two Haji lluvia would I come up with home Johanna Mossad Masirah Allah subhanaw taala say and then Allah illallah wa Taala feed in LA mustafina Minami jelly when you say well will that lie study una he'll Atolla you have to NASA villa.

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Allah said Verily, as for those

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whom the angels take in depth, while they were rowing themselves, while they were in the middle of sumela, say was Malossi was Malossi was from this terrible thing, as they stayed on with this villa was evil and this in this case it Mandy did have a hydra, he will stay, or in Makkah, they did not make Islam, but it also means you're in our times those who continue to do it will continue to do wrong things, right. People who are dealing in Haram businesses, people who are dealing in interest people who are who continue to go you're going to the racecourse, we're going to for to to bet on horses. Oh, who's the who's taking one chair I will drag the chair

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to the question of the week and I couldn't I couldn't do this accompany you know it is live it so Allah says that the angels will take take us on this in what condition were you Oh, look at this look at you. How come this happened to you? And they will say we were weak and oppressed on the earth is dangerous. It was not the earth of Allah spacious and wide enough for you to immigrate there. If you were truly unable to earn a living in a truthful way in this country why didn't really parent because Allah is Allah will provide you

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Why did that

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elicit such people such men will find they're avoiding Jana, and what he will destination except the true knew he was truly weak they have nowhere to go. They are stuck

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among men, women and children who cannot devise a plan nor the nor are they able to direct their way so I said the ones who are really helpless. Allah subhanaw taala will forgive them inshallah we ask Allah for his forgiveness We ask Allah so Allah subhanaw taala to say

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from being in a situation where we are

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weak and where we are unable to live our lives according to how much Mattila ordered us to live.

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We continue inshallah. Next class. Let us keep on remembering this death and hereafter is not only about dying and we'll be talking about how can we live a life where our death will be the most beautiful thing that happens to us and the day we die will be the best day of our lives. Or something very mild it he was

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one of the main ones Salam Alaikum