Omer El-Hamdoon – D27 Asking for Light

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss a diet aimed at getting light from our lives, which is designed to increase spiritual well-being and enlighten us. They encourage people to use the word light in all aspects of their lives, as it represents a broad range of emotions and well-being. The diet is designed to increase the likelihood of achieving spiritual well-being and enlighten the people around us.
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Salam, alaikum, warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh and Sharla we end our nights program as usual way they do and today's is a very

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beautiful diet because that is specifically targeting one thing and that is to get the light from our last panel we know that a light is the source of light. He's the creator of the light he is the He is known as Mr to a lot. And so we are in this process of is teaching us to have that light which is almost like a spiritual guidance and spiritual enlightenment spiritual blessing Baraka in our lives is asking about light in all aspects. So the processor lamps throughout was

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Allahumma Gylfi, albena

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wafi semi muro wafi Bazar de Moura, one Yemeni Nora Wang Shima Li Noora

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Noora Noora

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oven Leonora

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alohomora john

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fi NFC Nora aloha Mojo Phoenix Senora de Muro

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what Jan? Allah Allah subhana wa

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wa fi Dorothy, Jill Hershey, Lakshmi Mora was he asabi Nora Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, just asking a lot for more in everything. So very easy. Every time the word the new word was mentioned. Or law, I asked you to put in my heart.

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And so therefore, when you haven't, nor in your heart, your heart is going to be illuminated, it's going to see the right and the lightness isn't, which I'll feel semi normal, to hear everything that's good for you, but sorry, in order, and on my right hand, or on my left, nor above me, nor beneath me, nor in front of me nor behind me, nor or more is going to be a guarded around you and secured and encompassing you in every aspect

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of our lives, Allah make on my tongue,

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and in my bones, nor in my flesh, nor in my blood, nor

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is he even let all my entity be about more as well. And also that I'm speaking I'm functioning all aspects is normal, and all law making myself more my neffs Let it be enlightened as well and let them then in magnify and increase that life for me as well and give me that. So you see, this

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the heart which is targeting the light targeting then or asking for loss pantalla this light and the word light would you know, what does that mean? And the light is a very broad meaning. It means so many things. guidance, tranquility, peace,

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satisfaction, happiness, lots of things come with the webinar and I wanted to go and delve into that a little bit more a bit will take us quite a while so you're with this guy who asked him so many things from our last panel Adana, great blessing from Allah. So try to again incorporate that into our into our day to day life.

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