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So don't worry for me to walk over a character. There's a writer, a Japanese writer called Ken Honda. And he is quite a specialist to say in money and making your money go further, etc. And he's interviewed lots of people, lots of millionaires and so on. One of the people that he interviewed

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is a guy called Dwight he tikida. And basically, what this guy was sharing about how did he make his millions or billions it was that he had this concept called Eric Ito your money, which basically in very simple terms in Japanese, I don't know Japanese, but I'm absurd. This actually is say thank you, to your money, you have to be grateful to the money is here this concept is that if you are grateful to your money, you would appreciate your money. And therefore, this is part of the mindset of making more money. And that got me thinking as a Palomar the key issue here is the mindset however, the concept is wrong from a person who believes in Allah subhanho wa Taala. I know and I'm

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sure many of you do as well. There is not being grateful to the money and the day, what is your pound and your dollar and the Canada you know, the, the coins and even the gold and the silver? What's that as inanimate, but rather, is being grateful to Allah, the creator of the mind. So you have to appreciate that Allah has given you the money. Do you see my point? So Eric Ito, your money really should be aggregator, your Creator, the creator of money. And when you have that mindset, you appreciate everything related to the result that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given you and I hope that makes sense because as a Muslim,

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if you want to become rich, you want to be given more than you have to be grateful. And this is beautifully documented in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala sent or if then our Boku Lang Shackleton lezzy, then come your Lord. And when your Lord announced, declared, surely that if you are grateful, I will indeed increase you somehow. A beautiful verse which emphasizes that if you are grateful to Allah subhanaw taala allow will increase you so it's not the money as a thank you. I mean, the day it's inanimate isn't it? But it's the mindset and why is the mindset the mindset is that I'm grateful for everything that Allah has given me from the pound to the penny and next time you're

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walking in you see those pens on the ground, how many times have we seen you know, one pens two pencil, if you're at somewhere else in the in the world you would find other obviously currencies but how many times people go and they ignore this is not worth even one p or two p for me to even bend down you know physically and just to get that money but remember that one p you appreciate it and you spend it is multiplied 10 to 700 times much more. There's so much to be achieved from that inshallah. Remember this concept, change your mindset and our last pantalla will give you more and more snowing