Honor The Rights Of Your Neighbors

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Honor The Rights Of Your Neighbors! ┇ Sheikh Hussain Yee ┇ Ramadan 2016 ┇


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Ramadan pigs.

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. To all the listeners, the brother and sister Welcome to another episode, Ramadan picks, what Ramadan can do to us, about our neighbors, our duty towards our neighbors. When you talk about Ramadan, you're talking about a man that is here to make this a better person. We talk about a man, the prophet is telling us again, whoever believe in Allah,

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and the Day of Judgment, they must always try their level best to honor the rights of their neighbors. When you talk about neighbors in Islam, you are not talking about only Muslim neighbors, no, the prophet never said that only Muslim neighbors know. In January, the prophet is talking about the neighbors rights. To the extent there was a hadith that the Prophet sanata mentioned that, that Gabriel came to talk to him, remind him about the neighbors. So seriously, as do that. Now the Prophet felt that the neighbor have even the right to inherit their property, our property, the prophet remind us 40 houses on the right 40 left 40 front and 40 behind. And now we have condominium

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flats, 40. Up and 40 down, they are all neighbors, according to the teaching of Islam. They have right upon if they are Muslim, they have to right, the right of a Muslim and the right to be a neighbor. If they are family, they have three rights, the right of the family, the right of the Muslim, and the right being a neighbor, if they are just a neighbor, not our family, and they are neither Muslim, they have one right, the right as a neighbor. It's not it's not just a region for you and me, but is also for other. And also the important point is for your neighbor is very sad to see that we have neighbors,

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but they are not yet Muslim, or they are Muslim, but they don't care, but it's not. And we don't care about them. Or maybe we show some care. We buy some food, we share some kind of delights with them. But we don't share give them a good reminder. We don't give them naseeha and when we talk about nausea, I'm not talking about just chit chatting, talking about dunya talking about business. We are talking about what Allah says in his book, A tabula rasa braddon system. See what Ramadhan can do this, if we understand the role, the spirit of Ramadan, not only the ritual,

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but also the value.

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The value that allows to Hana one has to be now to be a person who care for ourselves, of course, our family, and also we care for our neighbors. Because Islam always start from ourself. Allah Subhana Allah even said to us in either a a yo yo halogen Amano again, Allah use them in man, believe you hola Gina M and O you who believe who and the full circle? What are the canara you had to save yourself and your immediate family from hellfire. If you fail to do that, I don't think we can save our neighbor.

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Yeah, after you can save yourself, you start to change inshallah, you can see your neighbor now is getting closer to you, he respect you more. Now he loves you more because you bring benefit to them. And even the Prophet said, a man

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a believer always bring benefits.

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In other ayah Allah subhanho they used to say to us,

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yeah, you have less in Amman,

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Allah say to those believer

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that if you have a neighbor, who are not yet a Muslim, if they are not yet a Muslim,

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you must remember that you have a responsibility to them. Don't depart from them. Until you let them hear the word of Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah, don't just depart with them without introducing what Allah has said in the Quran to make them know what is to

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make them know who is Allah.

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So we hope that last mahana what would make us understand the role of Ramadan? Not just the ritual. And then it would make us the person who really had Eman. Follow with Amma is the amount that we are going to discuss, that we have been discussing now is about our duty towards our neighbor. Don't forget that brothers and sisters, we have a responsibility towards our neighbors. If they have not been a good Muslim, but they are Muslim, is our duty to remind them from become just a Muslim to become a practicing Muslim.

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If they are not yet Muslim is our duty to show them the beauty of Islam. If there are 100, a practicing Muslim, that does get stronger and stronger, so that we all work as a team as a jamaa. Get together and do everything together for the sake of Allah. Allah Minh, why, because the prophets loves him said, Gemma

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doing thing in a group collectively or have extra blessing. What if every do thing by themselves is not a good thing? Even what you're doing is good. Sometimes, when you're not in the gym, you create more fitness. So May Allah accept our DS and forgive our sins. And may Allah Subhana strengthen our Eman

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and also increased our Sabbath. And may Allah Subhana. unite all of us as Muslim wherever you are online, unite together for the right cause for the right intention or the right mission to call human back to Allah to worship Allah properly. Adam in

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the underpasses, your locators May Allah forgive me

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hamdulillah Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.