ROC Your Ramadan 2016 – Day 4

Riad Ouarzazi


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June 9, 2016


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The speaker discusses the upcoming episode of Qaeda 2016, including a brief recap of the episode's premise and a series of personal and professional updates. They also mention a recent interview with a woman named Missus Haib. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a music interview.

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I don't want to catch what he says rather as as you were coming to another episode of Ramadan 2016 day four, they've had a camassia

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Muslim aroma bond men and what he said was that I never met the

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woman Pamela Mobile Email what he said and also other formats either on either

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on the family letter public email and what he said and often I never met them I mean that he that he can somehow solve it.

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The Prophet Mohammed is a service to say that whoever, first of all madonn believing in the leaving of us Canada with the honor and seeking reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala also the home I

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shall explain expiate forget all the other money that whosoever makes beyond normal but he knows enough to survive and also the hormones and I mean that Allah subhanho wa Taala was shot for him August since and whosoever meets pm on the night of the Power Editor

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all his sins shall be forgiven. So this is the month

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whereby souls are saved from head fire.

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I'm like to share with you a few things

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that should help you minimize or maximize In fact, maximize the This displays of muscle Ramadan and sharper data. By having your soul being saved from hip fire. These are no items like proactive items, you know, like you know, everyday I will share with you one item shop.

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So, the first thing my sisters and my brothers, and what a scholar,

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but she added the software to set it okay. And assume I have a shot, he made it seven, when you set it up

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with the car we get into lots of Hana with data and was solid, it was solid. So you and the prayer move. And so how this is the month of July, this is the mark of our

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effort to sit up

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late and first of all, you're going in

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a loving way wipe out all your sins and then you burn and burn in committing sins and then when you pray

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so much better.

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And then you burn and burn.

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It would wipe out all your sins so much better.

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Burn and burn again. You know and then when you pray

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and then you burn then you go back to sleep so much more shallow.

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And then you go back to sleep and nothing would be written upon you answered you wake up, Asada salatu salam ala is that link that strongly? Allah subhana wa tada that will get you connected to Adam and Eve email Ramadan you know do not miss out word for a cup of probiotic on Sunday. It's Natasha in aka

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Bella who basically said no.

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So whosoever prays towards like after the the system says this, the sooner that you pray after the sedan before then what not to look for after a date Allah will build an accommodation for new engine. So this is the month we should increase from this voluntary so that we have somebody inserting the weapon or where it was to fellowship mobile and salata do not resort to have that's what comes out of

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our we

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get people close to Allah subhana wa tada you know, so a lot of you have come about you know, sunrise until about 1520 minutes before sort of dog

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sort of so do all that is

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the least historic at all for the property should pay for the police is to embark upon our backup mechanic salary. So to set up to for what you know. So this is a lot of don't miss out this solid, solid, solid. An interview we have two sub different jimat imagine a confession to pray. indigena you know in the mystery, if you don't pray in the music in dispersive mode, when are you

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In an intimacy, there are lots of channels that I had was to practice and to complete another episode of ramen if it doesn't succeed, I say