Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2022 – The Religion of Your Father #10

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The history and use of the Bible in society have been discussed, emphasizing the importance of restoring the legacy ofiteration and being a genuine girlfriend. The use of the symbol Athenaatt in Islam is discussed, as well as the negative impact of media use and the need for people to respond to powerful situations. The importance of finding a compelling case for a belief in the church's history is emphasized, along with the need for evidence to support one's claims and a new way to defeat someone.
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rubbish factory soldering, or just simply empty handed off to the mill assignee of cold calling, well hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Han early

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Solomonic tanto Ricardo, we're gonna continue our conversation about Ibrahim Ali Salam and what he does after he makes an oath that he has a plan to deal with those idols for gyla home Judas and cabbie Runda home. So he smashed them into small bits and pieces, except for the big one that he left for them in Lockerbie, Iran, the home can be done, the home can mean two things here, a big one that he left for them to find, or the big one that they had affinity for. So the loved one could mean two things, meaning the big one that they had the most affinity for, or the big one that he wanted, as part of the demonstration he's going to make. I'd like to remind you that this way of

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making a case that your worship of false gods is incorrect, is something exclusively given to Ibrahim alayhi salam, and it was not given to other prophets. And it's not something that is left as a sunnah for us, like if Muslims are in charge of a society and they were Buddhist living in that society, or Hindus living in that society that we would you know, when they have their festival, we would go back into the temple, break all the idols and leave the big one. So when they come back, they can say who did this and we say, ask the big one. And if we did that, we'd be following the Sunnah of Abraham or the Salaam. I say this because this actually happened in in Malaysia. In fact,

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there was a group that came out and said, We have to restore the legacy of Ibrahim or the Sudan, and,

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you know, energized young people to go into Buddhist and Hindu temples and break the idols in the middle of the night, in the name of restoring the legacy of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam. And of course, eventually, those people of other religions got wind that this is what's happening. And they waited with machetes and weapons for the Muslim youth that were coming to vandalize their houses of worship. And when they did come, there was a * massacre, and violence broke out. And this is all a tragedy, because of a lack of the Buddha on the Quran. And this is one of the reasons I'm such an advocate. And I feel so strongly that the only way we can get rid of, you know, injustice, truly

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get rid of injustice in a society is, especially in Muslim Societies, is by way of reintroducing the Quran deeply, thoroughly, because when you reintroduce the Quran, it comes with some things, it comes with a sense of justice, a sense of purpose, it comes with the ability to think critically, it comes with the ability for you not to be able you not, you know, joining a cult, you don't become worshipers or for blind followers of a personality. You don't start thinking somebody is a saint, and they're so holy, that everything that comes out of their mouth is correct. You become a sincere, genuine follower of truth. And you respect those who know more than you. But you also know how to

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respectfully disagree. You know how to make up your own mind. These are the things that empower a human being. And this is one of the most fundamental things our Dean wants from us, is the last thing, the qualities of the Society of shit that people that don't believe in the right religion. They have certain qualities. And I want you to take note of those qualities and the people of Ibrahim the nation that he was dealing with, they had certain qualities, and we have to be really careful in asking ourselves

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Are we becoming as a Muslim society? Are we becoming a kind of society that has the kind of qualities that those people had? Right? Because we are on the Rahim side of things. We're not supposed to be on the majestic side of things and hamdulillah we're not worshipping idols. But if our mentality and our thought process resembles them more than it does Ibrahim alayhis salam, there's something really wrong with this picture. Right? So we have to study these passages with a critical eye now, I say that Rahim Allah

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was given this this mandate to destroy the idols and it's something exclusively given to him. First of all, Allah has alluded to that in different places like they've got who Jonah attina Ibrahim, or they've della Ibrahim or Abu Bakr Lima, in fact, a Mohan Allah azza wa jal tested Ibrahim Ali salaam with instructions and he fulfilled all of them. So there's a special kind of test. If if Tala Rahima or Abu Jani, Ibrahima has certain right so it's macadam, the morphology his macadam the object of the verb is preceded and what that would suggest is the way Allah tested Ibrahim alayhi salam is not like he tested any other prophet and actually even Allah didn't say, you know believed that you

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know, or Bill fit and he said basically Matin Allah tested Ibraheem Alehissalaam with words and words are representative of instructions also. So the instructions given to Ibrahim Ali salaam were huge tests. Of course, some of those instructions were like slaughtering his child but or leaving his family in the desert. But other instructions may can also include the demonstration he made to his people have out of Bihar Akbar. That's also an instruction from Allah. Because Allah says, we'll look at the Athena Ibrahim Arusha who were in Kabul, we gave Abraham at a Salam his uprightness from a long time ago. In other words, everything he was doing, it was doing from the based on the rules

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that Allah had given him. Right. And so there's if we put all those pieces together, what picture is painted, Ibrahim alayhis. Salam was given instructions, like no other prophet was given and not to be repeated by other prophets. And I say some I said something a few years ago, some strongly disagree with it. I still I find it very convincing. I'm going to share it with you. And of course, I personally believe in you making up your own mind. So I would advocate that again. But I still have to share with you what I find convincing. Some people argue no Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, he also broke the idols when he conquered Makkah. So he fulfilled the Sunnah of Ibrahim Ali

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Salam. So you're wrong. Ibrahim, Hassan was not exclusive. It's also so novelists who Allah salAllahu Salam. And if you follow that mentality, you know what that would mean? That would mean that when Muslims eventually ruled over India, you know, they made a mistake, because they left all the Hindu temples intact. And the Malaysians that are in charge of the country that are the majority Muslim country still have, you know, on your way from Kuala Lumpur to the International Islamic University of Malaysia, you're going to pass by a giant Buddhist temple, that's going to be up on the mountain you have to take a lot of steps to see but you can see from a distance, it's in a

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Muslim country, as the Muslims there must have made a mistake. Or what happened recently in Atlantic when the first wave of the Atlantic takeover the Taliban takeover happened they destroyed a lot of ancient idols. Right? Well, they must have done the right thing because they're fulfilling the Sunnah of the Prophet slicin. No, absolutely not. Absolutely not. Why not? Because the Kaaba was originally a masjid.

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When as soon as I said, I'm broke the idols. Yeah, it looks similar to what Ibrahim Ali salaam did, but he wasn't destroying a temple. He was cleaning Allah's house. It was built for the purpose of one the worship of one God. That's like saying, if somebody forcefully took over a masjid and dropped the giant crucifix in at the member, and then when the Muslims finally liberate that machine, they smashed the crucifix or they remove it, then they're there. This is precedent for them to go into churches and do that. No, absolutely not. That's not the understanding of our deen. But Ibrahim alayhi salam did that. And he he was tested in ways like no other prophet was tested, he was

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given instructions that no other prophet was given. And that's why he was given a status and a rank that no other prophet has been given. In fact, I would even argue philosophically there's a reason for that. There's a reason Ibrahim alayhi salam took an aggressive stance like no other prophet. other prophets were upfront about the Dawa. Right They were upfront about this is the corruption worship only one God and all of it but they weren't demonstrating it by breaking idols. Right. But why is it Rahim? Allah is I'm taking such a tough stance or why is he given that instruction? Perhaps the answer lies in what Allah says about him when he says he was Ummah he was a nation all

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by himself. Right so he's not even acting as one he's acting as an entire powerful nation. Right and so it's different. Nobody else is called an Oma. No other individual is called an amine the Quran accept him, Ali Salam. So he smashes the idols and leaves the big one for Allah kabhi Ron LA home except a big one for them. The Allahu alayhi wa Jeroen for whole in whole

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hopes that they will come back to him hoping they will come back now that he could be Ibrahim and it could be the big idol meaning hopefully they come back to Ebrahimian is he's asking for trouble. He's not vandalizing it and running. He's gonna stay there waiting for them to show. He's hoping they come back. And or he's hoping they come back to this one idol. And you know, the narrations kind of fill, I don't know the authenticity, the generations come in, fill in the gap, like, perhaps he broke them all with, with smash them with an axe and left the axe in the arms of the big idol. Right? So like who did this so called lumen for Allah has the early Hatena. In now who let me nobody

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mean? They said who did this with our gods. Whoever has done this is certainly from those that have done terrible wrong. He's from among the wrongdoers who did this with our gods is already it's a remarkable thing to say, you come to these gods for protection, you come to these gods so they can save you, you come to these gods because you say so and so did this to me so and so did that to me. And now you're coming and you're saying our gods are the poor victims who victimized our poor gods. They it negates the entire purpose of having a god. Right. It just negates the entire purpose of it in the whole laminate volume in Harlow summit and effort. And so when they said that when they're

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having this outcry, they're looking at this, you know, desecrate a temple, they're enraged, some of them said, Oh, we heard a young young man fatten your youth guru home. We heard a young man that was talking about them, you call Lula who Ibrahim Ibrahim is what he's called. They say his name is Ibrahim or Ibrahim is how he's called. So they remember that this is his name. Or we remember one kid that was talking about them. We didn't take him too seriously back then, and timing Allah even, but he's the only one we can think of. So now the mob gets even more enraged. And they say, are you to be here? Are you the nurse, they said, Bring him in front of the eyes of the gathering of all the

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people bring him in front of everyone. We want to make a public execution or public demonstration of this. Now, let me pause here for a moment because I'm going to the IRS rather quickly. What are we supposed to learn from this? We're supposed to learn from this, that religions that are not based on reason, quickly turn into a mob.

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They quickly turn into an angry mob. And when they find whoever they are, they're going to blame. They go after them, you know, publicly. They want to make an example out of someone and beat them and this is them defending their religion.

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The Muslim can be offended by something a Kaffir says, but we have something more powerful than a mob or our rage. We have reason. We have the word of Allah. Allah in the Quran says, we'll call you and they said this, this this and they said, they said to the Prophet, he's more alum, Majnoon. He's being taught by somebody. He's crazy. They said, You know things about the Quran. They said things about Allah. They made fun of the resurrection. And we don't go they made fun of our iman in the ark era. Who did that? Who's with me? That could be? Let's be that guy. Send him to the aka then he'll believe Yahara you know, like, we didn't have that mentality. Quran says they say the most offensive

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things about your faith. They say the most offensive things about your book. There is no Quran offensive. offenses against the Quran are recorded in the Quran, offenses against Rasulillah Salam has been called a liar. He's been called insane is being called a plagiarizing. All of those offenses are recorded in the Quran, we recite them with that tweet,

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you know, and then Allah says, go ahead and respond, respond, respond, meaning we are intelligent people. We're not a mob, we don't resort to animalistic behavior. Now, if you think about that for a moment, and then take a scan of what happens in Muslim communities and Muslim countries, when someone does something that is offensive to our religion, how we respond, you know, how far from would do we look more like the followers of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam? Or do we look more like the mob that was ready to lynch Ibrahim Fridays, you know? So he says here and I'm not I'm not dismissing the emotion. But actually one of the pinnacles of our religion is the ability to control our

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emotion, to respond reasonably to respond with powerful argument, not respond with ignorance. In fact, the moment in philosophy you'll learn the moment you have to resort to force.

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That is when you lost the argument.

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Because your words weren't powerful enough to silence the enemy, so you had to use force, which means the art the war of words and the war of reason has already been lost. When Fidel didn't have any more answers for Musa then he said, I'm going to use force. I'm going to get you thrown in jail. And when the moment

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He said, I'm gonna get you thrown in jail. The argument is over because if he talks anymore, he's gonna go to jail. But it also the argument has been won by Mussolini's you see? So the moment threats begin, the argument has already been won. So when they said bring him in front of the people, so they can all see now bring him in front of the people so he can explain himself. Let's see what they're gonna say, call you. I'm trying to hide behind the only Hatena you Ebrahim. They said you, did you do this? Were you really the one who did this? Ibrahim, you did this with our gods color?

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Well follow who can be you

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know, their their big one did it? Their big one did it now. You will see your stuff a lot. Are they lying? is haram in Islam?

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I mean, the big one didn't do it. Right. Ibrahim Al Islam did it. Allah Allah just told us he did it. And a few hours later, Ibrahim was him saying, No, he did it.

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So is this a lie is the question. No, it's not a lie. Because when you know, and I know what the truth is. And so if you say to me, Hey, where are you been? And I say,

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I've been in jail. No, I saw you yesterday where you've been? I was in Africa. We've been? I was in the Atlantic Ocean. What's it to? You? Know, just tell me when I say that you already know. I'm not telling the truth. I'm not deceiving you. I'm being standoffish with you. Okay.

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So when when somebody gives you an answer, you know, and they know it's not true, then it's not a lie. Right. It has another purpose. You know, what the other purposes? The other purpose is, you're being standoffish or you want to make someone feel stupid.

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Basically, right. And so here when Ibrahim alayhi salam says, the big one did it.

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I mean, when he's when he so he's playing along, and he wants them to feel ridiculous. He wants them to feel that again. Something that you don't find prophets doing prophets don't want to make their people feel stupid. They want to invite them Dawa is an invitational thing. It's not a condescending thing. But Ibrahim Allison was rage against shake is so powerful that it makes him take this snickering comment? Well, for Allah who can butyl whom had this big one? I mean, look, all of them got smashed. He seems to be doing okay. Don't you think that's a little suspicious guy? I mean,

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something's off with this Bala Bafana, who can be Rojava. And they say, Well, why are you asking me first I seen you guys asked this, this one for your cows not giving you enough milk? Or you know, your it didn't rain enough to season you ask him all kinds. Ask him all kinds of stuff. Why don't you ask him first? Allume inconveniente Hoon. And also your gods they can't pass. Just because he smashed them? Does that mean your gods are dead?

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Because your gods are ever living? Right? So you could just take one of the Lego pieces and ask them Hey, who did this to you?

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Right? So he says first a new home inconnu young T code. So he says the big one did it and you know who's you know, he's not going to admit it. Because he's the big one is going back. Now. I didn't do it. I know the weapons in my hand, but I didn't do it. So you know who's going to tell you the victims will testify. So why don't you look at the little pieces and ask them in Canada and tahune If they can talk because I mean, you talk to them, clearly you must talk to them because they must talk back. So go ahead, fragile ILA and fussy him. So they the literal phrasing in the Quran is they went back inside themselves, they went back towards themselves, you know what that means? They got

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they got they got stopped dead in their tracks in their thought process. Like,

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what? What just, you know, it's I think the modern expression for that is they got owned. Right? They just, they just felt so crushed by that argument that they started questioning themselves. Wait, I'm angry about who did this. These gods couldn't defend themselves. I'm supposed to act as the Smash because that doesn't make any sense. But if it doesn't make any sense, then my religion doesn't make any sense.

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Then for Roger Willa unfussy him for call. So they said within that they had a conversation internally. Now Allah is describing the internal conversation of someone who believes in a false doctrine. And what is he saying? In Negombo? Antonio volumen there's no doubt about it, you people you're the ones that are doing wrong now. Look at this the flip in iron number 59. Man for Allah has the early Hatena in no let me not bother me, who did this with our gods. He's the one that's from the wrongdoers. And a few hours later, they're saying inside of themselves, there's no doubt about it. You're the ones that are wrong, you, you you're the ones that are wrong. Subhanallah there's a

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flip that's happened internally, but just because someone accepts the truth internally, doesn't mean they're willing to say it externally. And this is the

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Human, this is the human ego. human ego is yet another god that we must talk about. Someone knows they're wrong, they know they're wrong, but their pride will not allow them to accept it. In fact, not only will they not allow themselves to accept what they know to be wrong, and admit it, they will become more aggressive and dig their heels even deeper on the wrong.

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Don't get even more Oh, yeah. You know, and instead of taking a step back and you what you would think that they're, they're now on the defensive, no, the best defensive as wide as offense so they get even more offensive. So, internally, they're defeated, and externally, they're enraged. They're enraged even further. So what did they do? So my new kids who are allowed to see him, then they dropped their they felt this expression actually is figurative. It's suggesting that they were thrown back on their heads, meaning like to drop their heads and they're just like, how do I come up with an answer? They've dropped their head down, like they're searching for an answer, you know,

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like, it also means they bow their heads down and shame, but then when they raise their head, they're like, I gotta say something. So what did they say? I love their answer. Look, I live in Tama hula. Hula Ely on Tikun

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Alma How will I anticline sorry, you already know these don't talk.

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Wait, I already know these don't talk but that means that they don't talk to you either, bro. Just Did you just make my point useless.

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So in their rage, they admitted they're wrong. They admitted they're wrong. And sometimes the thing would wrongdoers when ego becomes a god is that in their rage? They can't even admit they're wrong and say yeah, I'm wrong. So what

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the Defiance league reaches a point where reason is no longer a criteria. Right? So I am wrong. So what so they say Maracana Willa young people you already know, they just don't talk at all. For so then after the color of a taboo, lemon dunlea, Himalayan federal CompTIA were liable record so you're worshiping other than Allah, something that can't benefit you can't harm you. Because they can't even benefit themselves. They can't even prevent harm from themselves, how are they going to benefit you? Or they're gonna cause you harm?

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You know, this statement is not just a statement about idols.

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When you truly I truly internalize Iman, you know what I what I've internalized a human being at the end of the day, a human being cannot benefit me and cannot harm me. society cannot benefit me and cannot harm me.

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No one can benefit me or harm me when Allah wills not to happen. There's a scene realm of benefit and harm. But there's a spiritual dimension to benefit and harm. And there's a there's a courage that gets injected inside of a believer when they really internalize, how can you worship someone that cannot benefit you and cannot harm you? And therefore, what's the alternative? What's the corollary? The corollary is that you can only worship someone who can both benefit you and harm you. Which means now my relationship with Allah is only Allah can alleviate harm from me. Only Allah can give me benefit. And if there's harm coming my way that can only come to me if Allah wills it.

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It cannot come to me any other way. No one can do anything to me, except by Allah's permission, my Asaba men will see but in elaborative nila, there is no calamity that will ever strike at all, except by Allah's permission. This gets internalized. So he's he makes this this phrasing to them. Or Phil LeBeau

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or Phil lagoon is one of those things in Arabic that you can it's really hard to translate maybe there's not even a verbal translation. It's

00:23:59 --> 00:24:16

you people that will be my translation. And then if I ever write a translation of the Quran, I'm gonna have to have a comment section or something and they're just like, maybe the that emoji you know, they have that emoji. You know, but Orfila calm is

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what is wrong with you people? Like it's an expression of terrible frustration is the is the expression of is one of those things that from ancient Arabic made its way into Urdu, Punjabi, other languages all like if we use that, right, but it's actually from the ancient Arabs. Often Lacan was terrible, dude, I mean, dude, what terrible frustration I have with you people and with whatever you worship other than Allah, I find that afternoon. Are you then Okay, after all of this, you're mad at me. But how about this? Are you still are you going to think at all? Are you are you then going to think? Because you just said, you just said something that negated your own religion or

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You still not willing to think, well, maybe now they will think, or maybe the ego is bigger than the ability to think because they what what is what is pride do pride and rage, they they obliterate my ability to think.

00:25:16 --> 00:25:32

So thinking can lead me to truth, right? But pride and rage can keep me on my falsehood and make me even more aggressively committed to my falsehood. So what's their response? Carlu? How do we go who burn him alive?

00:25:33 --> 00:26:02

set them ablaze. That's the response when he said, don't you think then they said, burn him alive. This is obviously now not only have they lost the argument, they've proven that he's right. But they've also shown us something else. The people that follow the people of Ibrahim Ali salaam, the people who follow the religion of Ibrahim, most of us were able to keep our cool no matter what is said in response. We're able to respond with reason.

00:26:03 --> 00:26:48

But the people who follow the way of the ignorant, the one he was challenging, they can't handle confrontation. They can't handle being challenged. And they get to the point where they have no responses. They're only responses I must destroy you. It's not enough to shut you up. I must annihilate you. I must end you. How do we go. And not only will I end you, I will make it look like I'm doing something righteous? How one Suru Ali has a comb, burn him alive and help your gods meaning by burning him alive, you will be helping eating your gods My God, you turn to Gods for aid, you don't aid your gods.

00:26:50 --> 00:26:50

You know,

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so, but now, but the psychology of it is important to understand burning those burning Ibrahim Allison alive is actually a religious mandate. Now, if you truly care about your gods, you must destroy him.

00:27:06 --> 00:27:09

The real reason you must destroy him is we don't have answers for him.

00:27:10 --> 00:27:47

He's raising questions we don't have answers to let me bring this down to reality. This is gonna sound a little bit controversial, but I think it's important for us. You know, Islam has gone through many, many phases in its history. And Muslim civilization has gone through many chapters in its history. And we're now in a new chapter in this new chapter, after you know, the the rise of the Internet, social media, free thinking, open access to information. There are, you know, if you want to learn your religion, you can just go on YouTube and learn your religion. If your country allows access to YouTube, or whatever other platform you can you have access to information you never had

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before. But you also have access to criticisms against Islam, or questions about certain conclusions about Islam that you never imagined. Right? So your parents and their parents and their parents, they learned something and they accepted it and there was no questioning it. But now your kids generation is exposed to information that saying hey, why do you believe in this religion it has this this this contradiction? Or you know, the scholars say this, but the Quran is saying this or the hadith is saying this or how is this hadith authentic or all kinds of questions, you know, how was this fatwa Correct? Or whatever? Were all kinds of questions challenging what we thought we

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knew. Now, when when someone brings a challenge to what we thought we knew. There's the Ibrahim response or there's the mob response. The mob responses this person is asking a question that challenges my comfort zone that challenges the conclusions of Alison our Jamal. Therefore, we will consider them a mortared. We will consider them watchable cuttle we will consider them watchable beating in front of everybody else. You know, we will publicly humiliate them, destroy them, etc. Or you can say I hear your criticisms. Here's a response. Here's a rational response to every one of the issues you raise. Here's why criticism number one doesn't hold water. Here's why criticism

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number two doesn't make sense. And maybe you half of criticism. Criticism number three does make sense, civil, intelligent conversation to be able to respond. If you're able to do that, you know what happens?

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Those same people that were pretending to have an intelligent criticism, they turn into a mob.

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They turn into a mob. So my point is, whoever turns into a mob has lost whoever turns into a mob has accepted defeat.

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So when the language becomes Are you people I hate you people are let's do this and you are the problem with society. When you start talking like that, then that's not as deep this Dean says a fella Doctor alone. We've just read the ayah he's he invited Why don't you think? Why don't you intellectualize? Why don't you analyze? Why don't you use your head? So now we are in the age where somebody will come along and say, Well, I don't believe in this idea, or I don't believe in this conclusion.

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And I don't agree with this stuff, see, and we can either say these kuffar, watch out for them, these people can't be allowed anywhere near us this you know, save your children, you know, etc. Or we could respond, we could or we could present a more compelling case for why the Irish should be understood a certain way or more compelling case for why we should follow the you know, and and respond to that criticism. Because at the end of the day, truth is not about what makes you comfortable. Truth is what stands on the on the foundation of evidence, right? If you can present strong evidence, then you present your case. That's it, it's that simple. Right? So here, we're

00:30:38 --> 00:30:52

learning that about ourselves. And, you know, the fact that Muslims are so quick to get into protest and anger and rage and, you know, warnings and threats and all this stuff. You know, what that tells you how far we've come from the religion of Ibrahim

00:30:53 --> 00:31:08

is one of the reasons I wanted to do this series is because we have to, like take a difficult look in the mirror about what we've become, how far we've come from where we're supposed to be. So how do you go? How do you go who wants to ally had to come in contact with meaning?

00:31:09 --> 00:31:36

Or Leonardo, I'm gonna end this really quickly. Now, holding on our Okuni burden was salam and Allah Ibrahim. We said, Allah said, we declared fire be cool, and peaceful on Ibrahim, we call it so the miraculous thing that happens is he's, you know, catapulted into a giant flame, and the fire refuses to burn him. So now they've seen their gods powerless to benefit or harm.

00:31:37 --> 00:31:41

And in the same episode, they've seen the God of Ibrahim

00:31:42 --> 00:31:56

are able to protect him in the middle of impossible, an impossible situation. So not only have they irrationally deconstructed their religious worldview, they've now seen something that can only be possible by divine intervention.

00:31:57 --> 00:32:45

So there's no reason left for them to not accept. What did I tell you? What, what is the barrier? To accepting truth? Ego rage. So what's the last idea in the story? Well, rod will be he Caden for Johanna Humala, sorry, they had a plot meant they had a plot plan for him, and we made them the lowest after you've been defeated, the last thing we learn is that even then, now, we couldn't defeat him face to face. So we need to find some other scheme, some other way to defeat him. Because the problem isn't truth anymore. The problem is being defeated hurts, being wrong as just, it again goes against my pride. I'm willing to accept anything except being wrong, that I can't accept Subhan

00:32:45 --> 00:32:55

Allah, this is such an insight into the mentality of a believer, and how we I'm, I'm supposed to be you're supposed to be open to being wrong.

00:32:56 --> 00:33:37

As a student of the Quran, and I'm not an expert, I'm not a scholar I've never claimed to be, I do my best to try and understand what Allah says, and try to study it, discuss it with scholars arrive at a certain conclusion. And you know what? I need to be intellectually honest and say, perhaps somebody will come along and present a case to me about this idea that I thought I understood, or this case to me by this hadith, and I understood, oh, this historical event that I never considered and because of it, I was previously wrong. And now I see it completely differently. If I'm not open to that, that I'm not committed to the truth. I'm committed to my desire to being right. i My

00:33:37 --> 00:33:55

commitment is to my own ego, not to the truth. You know, so we have to develop that that ultimate commitment to the truth in our in our loyalty to our father Ibrahim Annie's. So it's a last thing for today's is a contemplation on again, Ibrahim Ali some when it comes to the truth.

00:33:56 --> 00:34:38

People look at the irony, people would reject the truth because they're committed to their ancestors. Right? Hear me carefully, people used to reject the truth, because of their commitment to their ancestors. And we are committed to the truth, because of our commitment to our ancestor Ibrahim Malasana. Like Allah did, every other society will reject the truth because of the ancestors because of that false loyalty. And we will be the ones who will continue to go against everyone and stay loyal to our father Ibrahim our days, doesn't matter who gets angry because he taught us to remain committed to the truth. He he took something that the world has followed for ages and

00:34:38 --> 00:35:00

ailment, and he turned it into a healing Subhanallah so we proudly say we follow the religion of our father Ibrahim, when they say they follow the religion of their fathers, they have to shut their brains off. When we say that we follow the religion of our Father, we have to turn open our eyes. You know, Android Allah here. I never see that it's so powerful. It's so it's revolution.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:29

generic. Like you don't think of a religion like that you don't think of a religion that's demanding from you to be analytical and critical and thinking and thoughtful and responsive. You know, you just want a religion to just be something that you you just hear and you just obey it without ever thinking about it. You know, Allah azza wa jal Amicus real thinkers and followers of the religion of Ibrahim Ali Salam in the true spirit of the words that Allah has given us BarakAllahu li Walakum Quran Hakeem whenever anywhere er come with it when I came cinematic Komarov tonight

Idols Shattered

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