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So now I come around to LA here but to catch everyone welcome back to the first Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he will be here, woman Voila. So tonight inshallah tada we're going to talk about homesteading model the longtime, a bit further, but I wanted to focus on the legacy of Southern metal de la Santa Ana, so it'll be a bit shorter than last week's helico, where we talked about how she got to the point of moving into the house of the prophets of Allah, how it was sent him and becoming from the almohads and momineen, from the mothers of the believers. But on some of the allotted time on her, though there aren't so many narrations

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about her life, there are so many narrations from her. And there's so much to take from her that only she uniquely brings to the seat of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So let's talk about now, her coming into the life of the Prophet salallahu it who was set up as his wife and what some of the implications of that were, and then some of the things that we take from her legacy, it'll be a long time and her that are unique to her well, they allow on Well for one when she married the Prophet sallallahu wasallam remember the Prophet slicin um, said that your family is my family, your children are my children. And this is going to be a significant part of what we covered tonight in

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Charlotte's Allah, particularly Zeynep her daughter and how she really became the daughter of the Prophet salallahu it who was alone, and was treated as such not treated as different from the other children or grandchildren of the Prophet slice Allah, but really a beloved daughter to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. That was also an extension of the legacy of Uppsala model de la Tatiana. Here we have a transition that's going to take place which is that she is going to move into the who do not know the hoogenraad were the homes of the profit slice on them that are literally like apartments that are right next to the Muslims of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam where his wives are

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at his Salatu was Salam would stay there very small chambers, small places where each one of the wives while the other one had their place, so she moved into the house of one of the Prophet sly sons wives who had passed away in fact, the only wife of the messenger saw the lahardee was sent him to die in Almudena Omen Messiah keen, Xena, been to azima all the Allahu taala and the prophets lie some only buried two wives in his entire lifetime. He buried Khadija all the Allahu tadhana as we know, and this was the other wife that died, while the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was still alive Xena Mentos aima all the Allahu Tana Anna who will talk about inshallah Tata in some detail,

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later on bitten in the heated in another lecture. So Zane up had passed away, and on Selma is going to move into that home now with her children to to function as you know, fully a wife of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and her children raised up in the shadow of the messenger, sola lahardee, who was set up, but on some level, the Allahu anhu would immediately occupy a special place that would never be taken from her. For one, when she married the Prophet slicin. She was the eldest of his wives at that time, and when the Prophet sly son would visit his wives, he would always visit her first. So she had that distinction, okay, that she was the first to be visited by the prophet

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sallallahu wasallam. She also would be the, the one that would accompany the Prophet sly some on many of his journeys, and really became an advisor to the prophets, I saw them in some of the most important incidents that would take place along those journeys along those expeditions. And we'll talk about some of those. She had an elegance to her or the Allahu tada and had that was completely unmatched. So we already got a glimpse into her Tilak code and alasa patterns out of her trust in Allah. We got a glimpse into her life in terms of her patience. We have seen her bravery. We've seen her courage, we've seen her nobility. We've talked about the family that she came from, and the

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generosity that she had that she that she took as a trait and something to be proud of. We talked about her proceeding, her brothers to Islam and the fact that her brothers would narrate heartbeats from her later on. So what is ohm Salah model the Allahu taala and her look like when you meet her beyond her beauty, which was notable. She was extremely elegant, intelligent, she was knowledgeable, she was inquisitive. She was very outspoken. She was someone that had such a presence, that she immediately occupied the place of a scholar in any gathering that she was in. So she really, you know, when we say mothers of the believers, she truly all of them are our own will hat they're all

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our mothers. But she said Pamela truly had that place of the mother of the oma in the sense that, you know, I'm sentimental The last time I was a scholar that would be looked to by anyone that came into her presence. And one of the things that we know about her will be a little tight on her

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Is that from the women after I shuttle the low tide on her, she narrates the most Heidi from the profit slice of them. So when you talk about legacy, much of what we know about the Prophet sallallahu it was sent him would come through her. Just like we said when Abyssinia with the situation at the senior we know what we know about hypersomnia through the eyes of onset of metal, the low tide on likewise, you're talking about hundreds of narrations that are frequently quoted amongst the Muslims from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and about the prophets lie Selim that come through on selama what the Allahu taala and so hundreds of Hadith that she narrates, from the

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Prophet sallallahu sallam, no one outranks her in that sense amongst the women other than Isha about the Allahu taala Mmm hmm. And, you know, she also was known for her eloquence and her mastery of the Arabic language. They said that on Salah model the alongside Anna, what's narrated about her is that she always said the perfect thing about the situation, right? So when she was describing something she would describe it perfectly. When she wanted to ask a question. Her questions were clearest when she gave a fatwa, her fatawa were the clearest were the most concise and clear and straight to the point, she had a beauty to her tone. Well, the Allahu taala and her and a mastery of the language,

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she never had to repeat herself, it will be a little tight on her because of how eloquent and how, you know, precise her delivery was while the allotted time, so I'm just trying to give you this port that this portrait of her will the alongside and have that that can clearly be derived through the various incidents about her. Well, the Allahu taala on her and not only with the Prophet sallallahu it was sent him ask her, you know, for advice, but she would ask the prophets like some some difficult questions. And she was known to be willing to answer difficult questions as well. So a lot of the massage a lot of the questions that that show up in the religion that have to do with some of

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the embarrassing topics, you know, topics surrounding intimacy or topics surrounding women's issues, in particular, on sentimental the allowance our unhealed was the one that would tackle it in a way that was appropriate, but at the same time did not have any ambiguity to where the oma would not understand those issues properly. So she is the adviser to the Prophet slice of them. She asked the prophets lie some difficult questions, she is able to take on difficult questions from the oma. And she occupies that special place for all times, as we'll see when we talk about the types of ads that we have from her, while the alongside.

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So where do we find her most famous incidents with the prophets lie Selim, after she married him. Now, again, we talked about questioning, just look at what she asked the Prophet slicin before she married him, though she was ecstatic, right that a proposal would come to her from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam. She made it a point to state to state her boundaries from the very beginning to state her issues from the very beginning. The three things that she mentioned to the prophets lie Selim, and that played out in a in a very special way that you know, though the prophets lie, some, of course, would have never mistreated her children, but the prophets I saw them

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going out of his way to make her family feel like his family's a lie. selam not excluded in any way whatsoever. So where do we really find her greatest contributions in the life of the Prophet slicin in terms of the incidence of the sila nun, so more than her they be the Treaty of Arabia, because this was a situation where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam himself was stuck in trying to figure out how to make his companions deal with the situation in the way that was most appropriate. So let's just kind of give some some pretext to this. Um, selama after she married the profit slice, um, she accompany the profit slice and on bending astrology, she accompany the profit slice, I'm inhaber,

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she accompany the profit slice, I'm in her name. She accompany the prophets lie some, in fact, in the conquest of Mecca after her they be and she was present, particularly when the prophets lie, some sign the Treaty of her baby, and she was amongst those that were present at bay. I told her with one at the pledge that took place. They are totally lon which he we talked about with Earth nominally allowed Thailand, right, that special pledge under the tree that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions to us in the UK. So what happens in the Treaty of her they be obviously the Sahaba, particularly the Mahajan, one that came from MK had been dreaming about the moment that they could

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go back to Mecca. Imagine the emotions of the companions of the Prophet sly, some that were run out and persecuted. And now they are on their way to make our own law. And they are already you know, intending to reach Mecca, and they are stopped in the place of her they BIA this treaty takes place and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam now is telling them that we're going back to Medina, we're talking about years and years and years of missing Mecca. We're talking about years and years and years of wishing for the moment to do tail off around the cab. We're talking about the years that have gone by where the company

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Kenyans have endured all sorts of difficulties at the hands of grace at the hands of the Meccans that have come to them, and have persecuted them, and have instigated all sorts of skirmishes and battles in the process. And now the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he signs this treaty, because the Prophet sallallahu is some through divine revelation knows that the goodness that will come through this treaty is greater than any type of going forward. And, you know, the the, the emotional response to that moment would have been to just go forward and to despite and to deal with the persecution that would come at the hands of the Mexicans, and to insist on doing Amara and go with

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whatever comes with that. But Allah subhanho wa Taala had different plans for the Muslims. And we know the famous stories of abubaker. And Allah, may Allah be pleased with them. I'm not above the law. And I know who, you know, went around to the companions of the Prophet slice element saying, Are we not on the truth? And are they not on falsehood? Why are we holding back should we not go forward, and Rebecca are the allowed time has always seen things exactly the way the prophets lie, some saw things, and advocating the exact same position as the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but you had emotional people, you had a group of companions, that felt like, you know, it's important for us

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to just go forward. And I want you to think about the scene, the Prophet salallahu it, who was some of them, you know, tells them that, you know, we're going to go back that we're going to end our head on here, and no one is moving. They don't want to, they don't want to sacrifice, they don't want to shave their heads, they don't want to get out of their head on, because they still have hope that maybe just maybe something's going to change. And Allah subhanaw taala will pave the way for them to make to make their way to Mecca, that particular year. And so when the prophets lie, some gives them the order to, to shave their heads and to sacrifice to exit the head on and says that we

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are going back, they don't move. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam comes in and he speaks to him, set him out of the low tide on her. And he tells on Selma about the situation and he asks them, set them out all the time and have for advice on set them out of the hotel, and he says, go out there and do not say a word, just carry out your sacrifice, and then call for the barber to shave your head. And then once you do that, then you will see what will happen. Okay, so I'm selling metal, the Alon has the one that sets the profit slice on would you like them to follow your instruction after three times of getting nowhere with the companions telling them what to do? Don't say a word just act and

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these people ultimately the companions of the messenger sallallahu Sallam are all the Allahu anhu Jemaine may Allah be pleased with them. These are the same people by the way, that Allah subhana wa tada mentioned he was pleased with when they took the pledge under baotou lon, so it's not out of disobedience to the Prophet slicin them it's out of the hope and the connection that they still have to Mecca that maybe we're still going to be able to go forward. Ultimately, I'm sentimental yellow, I'm saying yellow. So if they see you do it, then they're going to do it. Right. Because there's a finality to that and they follow your example. More than anything else, there's a finality to that,

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that will allow them to move forward. So the prophets lie Selim indeed he came out he didn't speak to any of them just as sentimental dlo. And he said, he carried out his sacrifice sallallahu wasallam he called for his Barber, the barber shaved his head, this habit saw that, and finally, they got up and they started to slaughter their sacrifices. And they started to shave the heads of one another. And some of them were so upset that they were cutting each other's heads, you know, if you heard mints or almond or hedge those blades, sometimes it can get a little bit rough. So they were so upset that they had to do this that some of them actually cut each other's heads due to the

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the difficulty of that situation, but that is the advice of unsentimental the law and have that wise advice. It might seem like, you know, it's nothing but just think about the incidence right? Think about the wisdom and the knowledge and the the perspective that on some of the longtime man who was able to have in that crucial moment with the prophets lie Selim, and it's no wonder that the prophets lie some trusted her with some of those very sensitive situations. We also have some of the difficult questions that she asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that led to the revelation of some of the most important verses in the Quran. One of them is a frequent question that would be

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asked, on selling model the US the profit slice and and how, how come? It seems like in the plan, only the men are mentioned and the women are not? It feels like the Quran is speaking to the men and it's not speaking to the women. Now, she's not saying that out of rebellion. sentimental the Alon has a woman of taqwa. If you haven't already seen that. She's a woman of piety and God consciousness she's asking the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from a from a place of

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Pure heartedness, right not asking him to challenge him not questioning the plan. But asking, you know, why is it that it seems like only the men are mentioned in the Koran? So I'm sentimental the long time and her she says that, you know, when I asked the prophets I send them that the prophets I send them my anticolonial Hauer he does not speak from himself. So she says that not you know, a few moments passed by. But the prophet SAW Allah Han, he was someone was answering me from the member. He was answering me from the pulpit. So think about the situation she asked him this question in his home. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was not able to answer at the moment, but he goes to

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the member and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam starts to address the issue that on selama will be allowed Tanner and had asked him about and when she said that I heard the Prophet slicin beginning to address the issue. She said, I quickly tied my hair, you know, I put my hair up, I tied my hair and I went to my door, and I started to listen carefully to what the prophet sallallahu wasallam was saying, and the Prophet salallahu it he was Selim had answered her question and he said a loss of Hannah which Allah has revealed in the Muslim Mena what a Muslim it would mean you know, when not well, Connie, Tina will Pani tat was saw the cleaner saw the pot, the very long verse, that

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Verily, the the Muslim men and the Muslim women, the believing men, the believing women, the development the devout women, the truthful men, the truthful women, the patient, men, the patient, women, the humble men, the humble women, the charitable men, the charitable women, the men who fast and the women who fast the men who guard their private parts, and the women who guard their private parts, men who remembered God often, and women who remember a lot often, for them a loss of hundreds, Allah has prepared forgiveness and a great reward, which is verse 35. And so that adds up this verse, which actually spells out that the men and the women are equal in their reward are

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spiritually equal in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala was revealed as a response to unsettle the law on asking the prophets lie Selim, what must have been on the minds of many women at the time of the messenger sallallahu wasallam, establishing that when Allah subhanaw taala speaks to the man in in the male sense, it includes the men and the women in terms of reward and duty unless something specifies otherwise that the man is speaking to both men and to women. But that's on Southern model the law on asking the Prophet slice on that question. And that is the, the background of that revelation of that beautiful verse of the Quran, which lays out the men and the women in similar

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fashion in that regard. There's also a, you know, a narration from which I had him a whole lot to Allah, that Osama the Allahu taala, and he once said to the Prophet sallallaahu, Selim yada sort of law tells us all region, one another so that the the man go out to battle and we don't go out to battle, and we have this funny Roth, we have half of inheritance, how come we have half of the inheritance and not the same as the men? It's also a question that's asked. Now keep in mind, by the way, that Islam was the first religion to establish any inheritance for women. Okay, it was the first religion to establish any inheritance for women. And the idea that it has established half for

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women and half for men is not necessarily true, because there are multiple circumstances, in fact, numerous circumstances where the women will get the same as men are, in fact, even more sometimes right, depending on which woman and depending on how the equations you know, shape out however, the idea here you know, of, of men having more inheritance and a default situation than than women meaning sons and daughters, comes from the idea of the hukou, the rights and the responsibilities and how that's all worked out in the shutout and so

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the idea that women have the right to their own wealth, whereas men do not have the right to their own wealth and in the sense that they are entrusted with spending upon their families and multiple other things you know, obviously factors into that we have you know, inherited a lot of bromine, great paper yet been on five minutes in regards to women in Islamic law where you can read more about the inheritance question, but this was a question that I'm Selim asked the Prophet, so I said them, and this is according to this narration from Mujahid lahemaa. Let's add that the incident in which Allah Subhana Allah revealed what Ottoman Noma fumbled a lot about looking up, literally

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giardino see boom in noctus accessible within the SAT, you know, Siebel mechta sub, where Allah Subhana hautes Allah mentions to not wish or to not desire that which Allah subhana wa Taala has portions to one group over another, for the man is that which they have earned for the women is that which they have earned, and to ask Allah Subhana Allah from his virtue, from his bounty, and that Allah subhanho wa Taala is all knowledgeable upon all things. So Allah subhanaw taala answering also the

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Korea on Southern metal the left Atlanta, that this is not a sign of value. This is something that plays out in regards to responsibilities in regards to some of the, the the norms, and it's part of the knowledge and the wisdom of a las panatela. But certainly again, not as a part of devaluing women, as the twin halves of men that the prophets lie Some said that they are. We also see the verse of Alan Bates, as we said, was revealed in her home and included her her family, which we talked about last time, and I'm sentimental, the Allahu tada Anna is one of the few people that was able to, to see gibreel it has set up in human form, that Divya that gvi son visited in human form

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where he resembled detail all the time

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in her home while the allow data on her so she's special in that sense as well. Okay, that she was someone who would ask the prophets lie, some questions that revelation would come down in response to and again, she was uniquely qualified, uniquely fit to narrate the ahaadeeth about the migration to Abyssinia about the prophets homelife about marital issues, about gender issues, about issues of intimacy about her own life experiences. And she was truly the mother of the believers, in that sense, as well all the time, and that she was always able to address some of those very sensitive issues and never shy to ask the Prophet sallallahu It was about some of those very sensitive issues

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all the time and her and thus would also be the situation of her daughter Xena up, who would grow up to become a scholar like her, and really carry on with that same dedication to the Prophet slicin them to his to his son, and and have the brilliance of her mother on Selma about the Allahu taala and after the profit slice and then passed away on sentimental, the longtime, who was known for dedicating her life to worship and dedicating her life to teaching and so her home became a University of sorts. The Sahaba would come to them sentimental, the Allahu taala Mmm hmm. Particularly for the narrations on behalf of the Prophet slicin um, and for her fifth. And so, you

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find that the, that the Sahaba considered her from the full kaha of the Sahaba from the jurists amongst the companions from those who would be frequent and giving fatwa and speaking to the issues as they arose and delivering some of those fatawa even Ambassador the longtime humor was a student of onset of metal, the law on how he used to go to her and ask her some of the difficult questions. And she would always be fully capable of answering some of those questions will be a lot of time and, and as we said, she narrated the second largest number of heads from any female companion only it shall be allowed and generated more than her. What does that come out to 378 authentic narrations

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from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam 13 are multifocal knotty, meaning they're agreed upon three more in behati 13 more in Sahih Muslim. So you have a body of narrations traditions from her all the time that we still benefit from today. She was also the last of the hearts and what we need to pass away she's the last of the mothers of the believers to pass away so she died actually in her 90s all the Alon had talked about a legacy, you know, of what she had seen the three migrations, the life and death of the Prophet size of them. The lives and deaths of all the foot of Asha been living all the way until the reign of is either been Wow, yeah, right. So she lived a very long life or the

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long time Mmm hmm. Which was to the benefit of the oma that so many Sahaba. And tambourine were able to narrate directly from her. So many havin tabin were able to narrate directly from her and study directly from her, while the Allahu taala Anna, she lived to see, unfortunately, the fitna that, you know, she was warned about that she heard the prophets lie, some warn about she was deeply grieved by the murder of her brother a model biasa Well, the Allahu taala. And if you remember, we said that she was the one who narrated the Hadith about the murder of our modeling asset. And she lived to see the day that her brother, her foster brother, I'm out of the US, it'll be a lot of time on who would

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actually be killed. She was deeply grieved by the death of so many of the family of the profit slice on the basis of the profits of the law, how it was set up. And you know, somehow there's some painful narrations about her own children, her own grandchildren, being amongst those that were martyred. And some of those in some of those wars and some of those massacres that took place. A very painful narration about Xena, the daughter of Selma, two of her sons being killed in the massacre of Medina that was carried out in the rain of us either Malia and being placed in front of her two dead sons being placed in front of her so so how about in her lifetime she saw so much of

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the history

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That was pleasant and not so pleasant where you had victory and you also had some of the division and the turmoil that would arise in the oma. So her children, her grandchildren went on to be soldiers and governors and martyrs. So Pamela, everything in between. and she witnessed all of that all the time. And huh. There are a few things I want to mention about her that I want to talk about some of the the not so known parts of her legacy. Okay. For one, you know, one of the beautiful things we have from her is that she kept the hair of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, similar to Katahdin and would either have a lot iron, how did was famous for placing a hair of the Prophet's

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license in his helmets, right, and then one of the battles when the hair came out of his helmet, he, you know, in the middle of battle, forgets himself right, and just looks for that hair to place back into his helmet, seemingly not even caring for his own life, and thought a little Dylan who, of course, was a cousin of Southern model D, a long time ago, and so I'm suddenly used to keep some of the hair of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and certainly relished whatever she had left of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. She lost him, she lost her first husband, Abou selama and the prophets I some, of course, told her that you would be the best with the best of your husbands and

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Jenna, that she would be with the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and she died of natural causes, and the one that would lead her janazah was double Hodeidah all the time and who the great Sahabi the great narrator of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so I want to talk about two things inshallah Tada, two extensions of her legacy that often go unappreciated. The first one is regarding her daughter, Xena, okay.

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As we said, her children were Sahaba right? They not the prophets lie, some they live with the prophets lie Salah, and they were considered from the base of the prophets lie Selim. Now when she married the messenger, sallAllahu, it was sent him her youngest daughter, Xena, was still breastfeeding, she was still a very young girl. And so the only father that she would really know growing up was the Prophet size. I'm not I will set him up with the long time I know. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam loved this young girl so much, and imparted so much upon this young girl. And because she was not of marriageable age, as she was growing up in the house of the Prophet

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slicin, she spent the most time in the house of the prophet SAW Selim, and on Selma all the time and there's so many different things we take number one, Xena will the Allahu would narrate many ahaadeeth herself. She was known herself for her knowledge and for her intelligence and for taking from unsentimental the allow on her some of those most praiseworthy qualities. She also gives us a dimension into the life of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam an example, which is the example of a stepfather. You know, a lot of times when you have marriages that take place where the children come from a previous marriage, they're going to be treated differently, right? There's often tension

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that's going to arise. And there's often going to be an issue of treating, you know, the children of your spouse from a previous marriage, with the same level of love and respect and honor that they so desperately need. Right? And also leslye silan when he told her reassuring her that your family is my family, here's how the prophets lie. Some actually carried that out on the prophets. I said, I'm used to come to Selma or the lawan when he would enter the house, he would ask Where is our Xena? Not Where's Xena Where is ours enough? And Xena Viola on how would run to him in the profit slice on would grab her and he would kiss her slice on him and he would and he would play with her it his

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slots was set up so he didn't walk in and it was like you know, let me talk to my wife and then Okay, there's a nugget No, he would walk in and immediately say sallallahu Sallam Where is our Zane up? Okay, so he called Zane he attributed Zina to himself. We mentioned the narration last week where the prophets license embraces aina booms and Salah along with Fatima Hassan Hussain, may Allah be pleased with them all. We also see a narration where a modeling yassa will be a long time that he would pick up, Xena remember, he is her uncle, right? And he would pick her up when she was a young girl. And he would joke and he would say this is the one who has come between the Prophet slicin him

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and his family because the profit slice some loved her so much that it's like she has distracted the profit slice and she's taken his attention away from all of the rest of his family members because of how much the Prophet sallallahu wasallam loves her. And there's a beautiful narration it is it is one of my favorite narrations about the profit slice of them. And and Xena been listened carefully. By the way, those of you that have daughters, in particular as you as you think about how these playful moments will come to play the profit side

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I've had a habit with her of splashing water in her face from his will. So he would play with her sallallahu wasallam. And he would take the water and he would splash it in her face. And there's a very particular incident that's mentioned, where the Prophet slice of them was, was was washing himself after state of janazah. And selama said Go Go to him. And the prophets lie some took water and he threw it in her face mobile fee when she you know that he threw water in my face and he said, No Jerry go back plate playing with her while the Allahu taala Anna and there was something that came out of this number one, just the beauty of this the Prophet slicin playing with her like his

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daughter, making it a point to show that extra tension to sprinkle some water in her face to to show that joy and to give her memories of joy that she could carry. I mean, who gets to grow up and say that my stepfather was the profit slice on him and treated me like his own never made me feel like I wasn't his daughter. There's something very beautiful that comes out of that. Xena would live a long life, a long life and she would be noted as the most knowledgeable woman in Medina. Okay. And, you know, would would end up being the teacher of some of the most incredible scholars she was the teacher listened carefully the teacher of Ottawa, Agnes zubik, who we get most of the clo from. She

00:31:20--> 00:31:32

was the teacher of zainul, Aberdeen, I lived in her saying the great grandson of the prophets lie Selim, the great scholar, Imam Sage was a student of Zainab bint a be selama. She was the teacher of sentiment

00:31:34--> 00:32:17

about offer great Imam of Medina, he said he said that she was the most knowledgeable woman of her times, I forgot him Nyssa just like him Selma was known for her knowledge and her scholarship. She was known for being the most knowledgeable scholar from the women of her time. And here's what comes out of the Prophet sighs I'm sprinkling water in her face. What is known about her is because from the day that the prophets lie, some sprinkled water in her face, not not awesome in which he has she, she never aged, she never aged, her face always remained as youthful. As the time when she was with the prophets, I send them and she attributed that and they attributed that to the prophets

00:32:17--> 00:32:49

license habit of putting the water in her face while the allowance had on her. So she lived to be I Jews, she lived to be an elderly women, woman just like her mother. But though she lived to be an elderly woman, she always kept the youth in her face. Because of the prophets lie some sprinkling water in her face, and certainly the joy in her heart. When she narrates highlights of the prophets lie Selim. Think about the thoughts that come to her mind. Right, she remembers the prophets lie some as a father, that always made it a point to show her the added level of compassion, that added level of love, which is so important, especially for those it's important to be be that with your

00:32:49--> 00:33:30

children, period, but especially you know, it's a panel of those that are dealing with orphans or those that are dealing with stepchildren to really make it a point to impart that love and that joy upon them. So that is Xena all the time. Xena, the daughter of home settlement, Abu Salah, but the step daughter of the Prophet sly send them who would carry on the legacy who was like her mother, I know had those precious memories with the Prophet, slice alum, and was a teacher to some of the greatest imams of the tab here. There is another one that is panela just the beauty of Islam in what it established. You know, possibly the greatest Imam of the tambourine. Eddie mom has known about

00:33:30--> 00:34:15

three a lot the longtime mom, Hassan bacillary, who rose to be known as the master of the tablet, the master of the second generation of the of this oma, right? The best of the second generation of this oma has a very unique connection to Selma. But when I say the genius of Islam, the beauty of Islam, it is the amount of hustle and bustle he was the the child of two freed slaves was the child of two freed slaves. When you talk about Islam, being able to transcend immediately, this idea of being an Arab religion and immediately become not just the religion of the Persians, and the religion of the Africans and the religion of so many different empires and nations and peoples. But

00:34:15--> 00:34:59

the fact that people would rise immediately to become scholars and spokespeople for this religion from those regions that they were not shackled, that they were not put down because they belong to different races and different nations. So how Allah you know, think about where Islam came from Islam started with its main opponent as tribalism, right, and everything that was enshrined through the system of tribalism, slavery, racism, you know, family tie subtribes economic inequality and the way that people were given rank in accordance with all of those different things. You might have seen Busey Rahim Allah tala. Out of all people, the child of two freed slaves. His father was the

00:34:59--> 00:35:00


00:35:00--> 00:35:42

hota unhooked was a freed slave of none other than zaidan the fabric little the Loctite on. Okay, so the one who of course, gathered the plan, or the Lot and his mother was a freed slave or selama, the mother of the mob has an imbecile. He was a freed slave of Selma. Her name was fadia. All the Lakota and remount has an embassy Rahim Allah to Allah was born in the house of Selma. This is such an amazing connection subpanel lots of make when you think about scholarship and legacy and wisdom. And those that know Hassan Busey Rahim Allah will particularly appreciate this connection. Even though his mother was a freed slave, she still lived with him Selma, she accompanied her she she became

00:35:42--> 00:36:22

like a daughter to himself or herself and became a great student of Selma herself. The mom has an embassy Rahim Allah tala, he describes his childhood in the house of Selma, okay. And his mother would basically still go out and she would assist on sediment all things on sediment was busy teaching the oma the students and the scholars the Sahaba the tablet, he would come to the house of sediment to get her fatawa to get her to understand her jurisprudence on all of these new arising issues in the oma and, you know, gathered the prophetic narrations from far lens coming to learn from them. selama so Hassan vasila hemolyzed, my mother as she used to go out, and she used to tend

00:36:22--> 00:37:04

to the affairs of Selma, while Selma would teach, and when I used to cry on Selma would, would would suckle him. So, um, sedima would actually breastfeed him a lot as a child, to calm him down, when his mother would go out to tend to her needs, and sedima would take him with her to meet the companions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And so he used to play with the Sahaba of the prophets, the likes of him as a young child, and learn from them, particularly honorable hopital the low tide on who used to pick him out hustling bustling up as a child, the the one who is living in the house of him Selma, and he would make their art for him but all the Allahu taala and who Subhana

00:37:04--> 00:37:43

Allah, look how Allah placed this great scholar, right, you know, an unrivaled Imam amongst the second generation of Muslims in the house of this unrivaled wife of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, this unrivaled woman and her elegance and her knowledge and her wisdom. And everything that she had. This was the planning of a loss of Hannah Montana, for the home of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah was not just planning for the family of the Prophet slice on Allah was planning for the home of the Prophet slicin them the greatness from which we continue to benefit from today. May Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with our mother on selama May Allah reward her for all of the good

00:37:43--> 00:38:05

that came from her that we benefit from weather we attribute it to her her not May Allah subhanaw taala gather us with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and the companions, our mothers and the family of the Prophet slicin and his companions and those that were beloved to him in the sight of him a lot gather us with them all and generated for the dose a lot. I mean, desikan low height on was Santa Monica Rahmatullah here about a castle