30 Steps Towards a Refreshing Ramadan #13 Seek the Guidance

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Mr. camara metal llahi Obamacare 217 times a day at least you ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for his guidance when you say it in a Serato stop him and a loss of Hannah Tyler responds right away by saying Valley colicky terrible, Larry Murphy, who then lithophane This is the book in which there is no doubt what is it? It's who then linamar talking, when you're saying, Ed, no, Sarah Palin was talking at dinner. Actually, there's two meanings for the word who there are hidayah. One is to actually be guided, but the meaning before that is to be shown the guidance. So Allah subhanaw taala can show you the guidance, whether you choose to take it or not, that's a different story

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altogether. So Allah Subhana Allah responds to you, gives you the book, what is your role now your role is to access the book, to look at the book to read it, to understand it to reflect to complement the contemplate on it. And everything related to the Quran is a message from the designer, and it needs your attention. So what's better than in Ramadan to dedicate some of your time when you are reading some of the dilemma a the advice that when you are reading for example, if you don't understand Arabic,

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read occasionally with a book that has the translation. So when you thinking about Okay, what does this verse mean? You can read the translation, or indeed if you do know Arabic, read one of these Messiah half which has the footnotes which explains some of the words because not all Arabs know the Arabic Arabic of the Quran. So sometimes you might see a word you don't understand it, you can also refer to that this is a very sort of light to kind of understanding of the Quran so that you're getting the general message. And remember, as we mentioned in our book, The Quran isn't a science book or a history book or a book of you know, prophecies or things like that. It is essentially a

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guidance book with all of those things elements in there, but it's there for you to be guided to the truth guided to Allah guided to more firm belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala if you already have belief, and therefore it will allow you to establish your deen your reality, and hopefully you come up more enlightened as you touch the book of Allah, the words of Allah and you allow your heart to feel and to understand the message. I wish you all the well in reading the Quran. In a more deeper sense this Ramadan