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Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The host discusses the importance of being cautious with one's soul and advises against overdoing too much in drinking water with poison. They also emphasize the need for practice and hard work to achieve success in the sport. The speaker discusses the confusion surrounding the definition of Islam and how it is linked to emotions and political beliefs, and encourages viewers to research and compare it to the Bible. The discussion also touches on the lack of belief in the divinity of Jesus Christ and how it is linked to political beliefs.
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So she says, Would you please just just go come to church with me one time?

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I'm Tony better canto. So well I came across the other day on YouTube as video from Mark Calloway, which is the undertaker

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has been overtaken, I answer

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to no one, right. And he was basically talking about his religious journey, and he became a Christian and so on. So I thought it would be interesting to react to that. So let's watch a little bit of how he became a Christian and let's comment on it afterwards. Okay, we ended up you know, we ended up dating and eventually she was living in Florida. And then she comes to Austin. And she started going to Lake hills first. And I was like, okay, go, yeah, you know, I'll be here when you get home, just, you know, go ahead and do your thing.

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So she said, Would you please just just got come to church with me one time. But she you know, she was very persistent. And so I went, and I was I was,

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it was just the perfect circumstance at the perfect time. She She pushed me and I went reluctantly. But once I got there, and you know, I grew up. I grew up, Catholic, you know, so I'm thinking to myself, man, oh, man, I don't want to kneel.

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Man, after 17 surgeries, you could figure my body didn't really feel good all the time. And it wasn't nothing like that. Matt, and his family, they were really awesome. And it was it was more.

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It was more of a conversation. You know, I believe the undertaker has been overtaken by his emotions. Now what do I mean by this? Now, he said, I met his wife, obviously sounds romantic. It's all good. He goes to the church. And he has this emotional, personal, subjective experience. And it seems like he's been overtaken by that. Now, when we speak to a lot of Christians, a lot Christians say the same thing. I have a personal experience. I've seen Jesus, I felt this is changed my life, etc. And we say, look, these are subjective experiences, because I can say I came to Islam and had these experiences, etc. And how do you even verify that first? Because you're claiming that you saw

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something visual, we don't say that we don't say we saw some visual, but you're claiming that you saw Jesus, etc?

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No, he didn't. He didn't say that. But what I'm trying to say is, but it all kind of leads to something of I went to the church, and I felt this positivity or this vibe. Well, if you think about it, as athletes, that's the reason in the beginning of the video I mentioned about, you know, as athletes, you have to dedicate so much vast amount of time to your well being your health, while you eat to the time you sleep to the protein shakes, what you can run with some people, they literally have a diary, how much protein is here, and what you can eat, we can't eat yet. Now, if you dedicate that amount of time to your body, and how fit your body has to be color your career you've been

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doing for 29 years, it is only just and consistent, that when it comes to your soul, you should be more cautious. You know, and and I say this to Christians in the park, I say look, if I give you a drop a glass of water with a drop of poison, would you drink it no harm? Oh, buddy. How are you putting your soul at risk in the hereafter? And the same thing that I will say to the undertaker is the same thing. How are you so casually just saying I went to the church had this experience? I believe in Christianity, and this is not right. And it might come from the angle Why? Because Islam is foreign to them. And Allah says in the Quran, that are you going to be following your forefathers

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knowing that they were in the wrong now just because Islam is foreign. And before I came to Islam, it was foreign to me, I was thinking about some stuff. I was thinking it was edgy. But I said I have to give it a chance to be just to myself, you know? So when I read it and I found the truth until I came to Islam so I want to say to the undertaker is don't be overtaken by your emotions give Islam a chance. And then you know your soul is at take you you know so I would say Think carefully make that decision because it's a one time and there's no going back.

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What was his record in WrestleMania was that he lost to Brock Lesnar, Brock Lesnar 29 and Oh, isn't it? Yes, I think so. So Tony selfing Yeah. 29 I think I think even mo two in offing 22 Yeah, I think it's more definitely went to 29

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we just added like 30 minutes though. Look if this person jumps off a cage and lands or does a four star frog splash on somebody else, okay. I don't care how how phase is rolled, bro. Yeah.

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The guys had like you heard them in the videos had like 18 operation. Yeah.

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I actually he's been doing more of throwing than

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Anything else really certain aspects of it is fake. But some of its real. But even that you're not. There's What do you call it? There's an entire

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you don't you know, when they're practicing behind the scenes?

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these are the operations

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of a boxing match.

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Isn't it fake?

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Are you going to those people a delusion delete, like you would

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make yourself believe that the thing with even WrestleMania is behind the scenes, you have to do a lot of practice by the person, he's gonna come, he's gonna come for the punch, I'm gonna do this, then I come off the rope and I do this. I do that for us. And trust me, it's a lot more real than you think is you probably get more injury and progress. in MMA. I'm being serious. Okay, so the standard this

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you're making 29 zero.

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The thing is, even whatever it is, whether you believe it to be true, whether you don't, it still requires practice. It requires hard work. It requires a lot of things behind the scenes, a lot of injuries. And I guess if that's the case, when it comes to a Wrestlemania match with how many million pay per views or whatnot, I mean, hey, you have not Yeah, it's not like one day with a million pay per views. This is your life in this world and in the hereafter. You really need to make sure you've exhausted all your options. Yeah, and certain options will seem easy to you like if your wife is taking you somewhere you're living in a Christian country, it seems politically the

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Yeah, the right choice the least. But with the least stigma attached to it. But with Islam, yes, it may have stigma attached to it. But if you look in the political arena, you look historically and you study things like the Sykes Pico treaty and you know, the the Berlin Conference and you you realize what's actually happened, you will, you know, you will come to realize that, you know what, it's not the religion, it's the politics that has been kind of merged in with the air merged in with the religion, but many people that do come into Islam, they see the beauty of Islam, you see Ollie over here, he's, you know, accepted Islam, despite whatever his parents would say. So I guess the

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point that I'm trying to say yes, yes, it may seem easy being in a Christian country, your wife taking you somewhere, but if you take an objective stance, you take a step back and you say, Okay, let me look at Islam level. Let me compare the academic academia let me compare the the the Bible and the Quran Yeah, let me listen to a few debates. Yeah, you've got v debater Christian. Yeah, yeah.

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Oh, yeah.

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Yeah, so yeah, the wrong word. And I mean, look at these debates and the thing is, yeah, Ali made a good point about emotion. Yeah, I mean, don't don't judge and base everything upon emotion because emotion isn't as well informed as we would like to think an emotion does well if we couple it with the brain. Yeah. Logic with emotion. So I mean, we obviously apart from alley we value what you've done and all the chokes lambs and the last ride

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it doesn't do last rides. Yeah, he did. Oh, he did actually. finisher was the tombstone. tombstone pile driver. Yeah. And the choke slams and you've entertained us is you see that one was Mick Foley when he had Mick Foley from the Mick Foley Helen. So um, but by the way, you know, the thing is with the undertaker, he's very, very popular in the Muslim world, you know, extremely popular. Yeah. And iRobot if he walks in iRobot he will he'll be he's What? He is extremely popular now. It was definitely extremely and the thinking was,

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Oh, yeah, standards, bro. You just be drowning. Haha.

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So I guess what I'm trying to say in my final thoughts are that look, we have nothing to gain from you. Yeah, but just just like anybody that's watching it. This is for your camera. Yeah, this is for your world. It's your inner peace. Ask raise your hand say Oh, God. You know whoever you are, please guide me. Help me the fundamental

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Difference between Islam and Christianity is that, first of all, there's a lot of similarities. So Islam does believe Jesus Christ is the only other religion, major world religion, okay that believes in Jesus Christ, that He is the Messiah, that he was a prophet sent from God with 1 billion miracles and science, like the Bible says, you know, we believe in that, but we don't believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ. And what I want you to, I really implore you to do Undertaker to look, think back to when you said you believed in God, what kind of God did you believe in? Did you really believe in a man God? Did you believe in a God that died for your sins and died on a cross? Do you? Did you

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believe? Or could you conceive of a God that would die in the first place? Or did you believe in the Creator God? Did you believe in the pre eternal and post Eternal God? Did you believe in the all knowing God that you know? That is what we as Muslims would say? Is God and we would we would disqualify any human being who has a date of birth, and who can eat and drink and sleep and who needs you know things in order to exist, we would disqualify any such human being from being gone. And that is the fundamental difference between Christian Christianity and Islam, knowing that both religions do believe in Jesus Christ. Another difference is that we believe in the final prophet

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Muhammad, but that's something you can research into. The point is, though, from what I've just said, What clicks more with you on an intellectual level, and be honest with yourself, what clicks more with you on an intellectual level, the fact that you have a man God who died for your sins, or the fact that get man can never be good as the as the Old Testament says, The Old Testament says, God is not a man, God, you know, you know, that there is no man that can claim to be God. And in fact, you know, God is the the all knowing, all wise, powerful Creator God, that has sent messengers, and of which Jesus was one of you know, what's interesting, major official for this

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Okay, this was a study that I was talking to you guys about. So it says younger generations are increasingly less likely to believe Jesus was God. The historic historically of Jesus may not be in question for most Americans, but most people but sorry, pop sorry, but people are much less confident in the divinity of Jesus. Most others not quite six in 10 believe Jesus was God 56% while about one quarter say he was only a religious or spiritual leader like Muhammad peace be upon him or Buddha. So the remaining one one in six say they unsure whether Jesus was divine. Millennials are the only generation among whom fewer than half believed Jesus was called as 50% above 50% of people

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that were questioned 48% that new the new generation they're actually saying we don't believe Jesus to be God. And that's mad because where's that coming from? Is that a standard propaganda or is it the the fit of us waking up and saying, God man isn't a disposition You know, that's we can up and think now we don't believe and that's that's crazy because the thing is, it goes back to study done University Yeah. Where they did study where they looked at you know, young kids growing up they believed in a high intelligent being and those kids you have to tell them about Jesus or other deities. If not they're gonna worship grew up worshipping one God. And if you realize in

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Undertaker's statements he said, quote, he didn't say Jesus didn't say I've always believed in Jesus. He said, quote, he says, God was interesting, is interesting. But until next time, Undertaker is Undertaker's slogan. Also, you now until next time on to take off

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you can rest

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