General Dealings of a Muslim with a Non-Muslim in a Non-Muslim Society

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As far as the second category is concerned,

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the role

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of a Muslim in a non Muslim society as far as relationships with a non Muslim is concerned, as far as actions and deeds with the non Muslim is concerned, it can be further divided into three sub categories.

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The first is

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gender is dealing with the non Muslim.

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The second is special relationships with the non Muslims and the third is dava.

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With the non Muslims, as far as the first subcategory is concerned

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regarding the general dealings of a Muslim,

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but the non Muslims, it is the same.

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You have to be honest with a non Muslim, you have to be kind to him, you have to be just with him, you have to be merciful.

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As far as the journalists dealing is concerned, in day to day life, which does not directly concern

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harming a man, then how you deal with a Muslim, you have to deal the same way with a non Muslim in general, day to day dealings. And there are many Muslims who say, Ah,

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he's a non Muslim, you know, so if I cheat him, it's not a problem.

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Islam does not give you permission to cheat anyone, whether they're Muslim or non Muslim. Islam does not give you permission to deal unjustly, whether the Muslim or non Muslim is the same.

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this can be derived from to verse of the Quran from Surah mahina chapter number 60, verse eight and nine. And Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran in surah, Medina, Chapter 16, verse number eight, that Allah forbids you not

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as far as those non Muslims are concerned, who fight you, not for your faith,

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nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing with them with justice and kindness for Allah subhanho wa Taala loves those who are just unkind.

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So you are last month that tells us that as far as the non Muslims are concerned, as long as they do not fight you for your faith

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for a man or do not drive you out of your home.

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Allah forbids you not from dealing with them with justice and kindness for Allah loves those who are just unkind. But the next verse of the Quran Allah says in Surah muntaner chapter 16 verse number nine, but Allah forbids you only as far as those non Muslims are concerned, who fight for your faith

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and drive you out of your homes or support those people who indulge in these activities. Allah forbids you

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from keeping friendship and asking for protection from these people.

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So if a non Muslim fights the fire of faith,

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or dies out of your home, or supports those people

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who fight you for your faith, or diverted the homes, Allah forbids you

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from going to them for friendship or for prediction. So your last month is very clear that under normal circumstances, with a non Muslim, you have to religiously and kindly unless he fights for your faith or dives out of your home.