Ramadan 2019 – Therapy – Dua 27

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The Dua to make When unsure of what to ask for


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The use of prophets in Mahdi's message is discussed, with prophets being the only ones who can protect from evil and the danger of evil entering into people's lives. mocking and warning words are used to describe people's behavior, including "arthing," "aretic," "monster" and "monster." The importance of protecting the legal system from evil behavior is emphasized, along with the need for a local agenda to bring women closer to realities and a positive culture. Marilyn, a woman who wants to be a woman but is struggling to achieve her goals, is also discussed.

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cinematic monumental likeable because it's your brother Hey Brahim with another Ramadan therapy Allah medical hand. This is the number 27 derived from the student app collected by Mohammed imagine, Amendola here and he it's from the statement about each other the Alo and how the Hadith is grounded as saw here. Now you'll find the text of this. You're in the description of this YouTube video in sha Allah.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at each other the alarm on her she says, and not autolyse I said Llama Llama. However, the prophets I seldom dictated and taught to her this particular neuron. Now there's other narrations of this particular drought with slightly different wordings from other Sahaba where a person came and asked the prophets I sent him and he said, O Messenger of Allah, I wish to invoke God for the things that you invoke, but I don't know everything that you've asked for. I don't know what good to ask for and what bad to ask a lot to protect me from. So the prophets I seldom taught him this as he also taught it to his wife. So this shows you that this is like a

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prescribed medicine by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam we ask a lot to make this Ramadan a month of healing and therapy and reunion with those who have been cut off and distinct from a llama I mean, the dry begins were the prophets I seldom acknowledges the creator Allah Allah subhana wa tada and we begin by saying a lot omitting the El Camino Hi You

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couldn't be here Judy here was Judy Hema I live to mean who am Adam and the first sentence of that Hadith is of the DA is Oh Allah Allah in the es el camino hate or lie asking for all the good could leave all of it. I actually hear agilely the good Oh a lot that is in this world and that which is said in store for the next slide, actually he which is near to me that I can acquire in this life what actually he after my agile after my time on this earth has come to an end all love it they're behind you for me, man I live to mean who am Adam Adam what I know of and what I don't know of so hello what a profound statement and the prophets I send them there are some things that are hide for

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us that we can immediately see that we don't see that there is good in that illness we don't see that there is good perhaps in that divorce we don't see that there is good in not being accepted to that school or retaining that job or promotion. Therefore the prophets I said Lim says Oh Allah opened my heart open my eyes to see the good malim to mean who am Adam Allen what I can recognize and understand what I can perceive and what I don't what are Oh they'll be coming a shovel equally he RGB he will do the math on him to me Who am I am Alan. The other side of course is as you always ask for good you ask a lot to protect you from evil. So the Prophet then says What are you do

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because all I asked protection emu when you say arrow do when you say I seek refuge with you or law I asked your protection and acknowledge the three things one, that Allah is the only one to protect that Allah is the only one who can assist you from harm once it's been fallen and protect you from it from arriving. And number three, that you know that there is danger in the world and that you live your life with an acute sense of taqwa awareness of your dealings with a lot. What are we becoming a shadow overlock protect me from the evil, the evil that I create within my life that I bring upon through my sinfulness, my indiscretions and the evil of others that MVC, the hatred, the

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anger, the wrath, the jealousy that others may have of me, what are the becoming a shadow from all types of evil? Could Li all of that evil, ideally he would actually whether it is residing in this life, something that I can experience in this life? May Allah protect us? Or that which is set in store for the next life? Oh, a lot change my ways, so that I don't find wretchedness and hardship in the next life, man, I mean, who am Adam Adam from that which I have recognized as a danger and is an evil and that which is oblivious, as May Allah protect us from being blindsided by sinfulness and evil entering into our life? Then the prophets I send them the third sentence Allahumma inni Edel

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caminhada de Massa ilica Abdo nmbu Oh Allah I asked you from the best of things that were asked of you by your prophet and your messenger Mohammed. So I sell a lot of them I mean, a lot of them are in the you know, come in higher demand set aleca I'm going to be you. Well, I asked you for the best of things that your Prophet and Messenger asked for, what are you becoming Charlene Moran, they'll be here I'm going to be you. And I asked you all a lot to protect me from the things that your prophet and your messenger asked you to protect him from? Allah give us what the Prophet asked for and protect us from what the Prophet asked to be protected from Allah mean, the next part of the

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drought, Allah who met in the local agenda, Allahu Akbar, Allah I asked you for agenda. Well, not around but you lay him in clothing where I'm at and whatever means of words or actions that will draw me close to it. Oh Allah, I asked you for agenda, but I recognize that I must

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Invest myself in this life so all law Give me the words and the actions that I need to perform to bring me closer to you a llama in the local agenda what are called La hammock commonly when I'm in or LA bring me closer to gender with words indeed a llama in the sidewalk agenda toma de la her men Colin Wyman Where are the becoming a noun? I know ally asked you to protect me from Hellfire Oh Allah protect us from the Hellfire Oh Allah protect us from its Blaze and its torment. Oh Allah, where are the becoming a noun one that caught that you may have only one I know a lot protect us from what brings us closer to it with words or deeds May Allah protect us from those words and deeds

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that bring Hellfire closer to us and bring us closer to it along them. I mean, so look at the symmetry of the Quran alone as a local Jen Natoma Cordoba em and Colima Iman Allahumma in the IRA will be coming in now why not Corrado la Han? Ming Colin, what I meant was Luca and an O Allah. The final part of that there was a look at and Tanja Allah La Cabo in cada Ito holy Hira, Allah I beg of you, I asked you to make every other every decision. Every ordain meant every fated decision you've made for me and my future life that you make it good for me a lot of them I mean, Oh, I love that marriage that I'm seeking. Oh, I love that job that I'm applying for Oh a law that position at the

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school that I wish to attain as a student. Oh, a lot of that entrance exam that I'm about to write Oh, I love is driving test I'm going to make all of this investment I'm going to do or law whatever called law is coming into my future that has not yet been formulated that has not yet come to pass. Make it higher for me. Our Luca antigen Allahu la Cava en cada ito hooli Hira was a Luca and danger Allah Kula cada In other words, the holy hierarchy was Luca and dijana Kula Kaaba in order to the higher Allahumma amin May Allah subhanho wa Taala make our cada make his decree for us concerning us and our families always good. I repeat for you this blessing out of the prophets I said live in the

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final 10 days of the month of Ramadan. Allah made me sad look I mean a lady called Dr. Judy, Judy. Marilyn to me normal him and him Where are we becoming a Sheree Cooley he actually he actually he made a living to me new MLM alum

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I love him in the SLO Kevin Haley masala Gabby Luca wanna be you what I will be coming quickly my man either be able to do QA whenever you allow him and he has a local agenda Toma Cordoba la Hammond coding where Iman where who will be coming another one? Rob la Hammond Colin when I'm in

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LA in

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the hierarchy We ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to give us the best of Allah in these blessings last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us with happiness and contentment in this life and in the next light May this ramadan ramadan of happiness and therapy for all of us. This is your brother hi Brahim with another Ramadan therapy. This was brought number 27 male law in the month of Ramadan upon us with good and accepted from us Allahumma Cabell sha Allah Medina Minda