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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu brothers, sisters and kids around the world Welcome to Quran adventures live. I'm gonna give everyone a moment to get settled in to get comfy, comfortable. But if everyone could begin today be Ethan alarm with a sense of excitement. If you're here joining this as a recording and or lives this is our first opportunity that we're doing Grodd ventures but life so for everyone who's with me, I'd love if you're with your kids and or with mom or dad. Give me that one in the chat box so that I know who's here with me. And if you have your children with you, or your mom and dad allow you put your name in the chat box so we can know where we are. And

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most importantly, once you're settled in France, Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu and welcome to Koran adventures. This time we're doing it live if I could have a queue a in the chat box a QA in the chat box if you've seen any grand adventure episode so far, or even just a one one in the chat box if you're here with me a QA if you've seen the episodes one or more already, and if not, you are in it to win it today. A Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah malarkey wabarakatuhu and welcome to Koran adventures. Today we're going to learn about something that everybody's losing, no matter who you are, no matter what you're doing,

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that we can't help but lose. What could it be that you and I both use, that we can't help but lose? What is something that we all use but can't help but lose a loss of Hannah what the Isla swears by the passing of one loss in

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Santa Fe was he learned levena Mandel why I mean, oh slaley Had your to allow so what else I will be helping you.

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Slow be a slob, Allah subhanho wa Taala swears by the passing of time, whether you're old or young, whether you're old, or you're in your prime, hours, minutes, days pass you by, like clouds come apart in the sky.

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But to make sure your time isn't used is used in the best way. Allah gives us a few things to remember today. It's a pretty good story. Hey, you all should join me. Let's bring our friends and family together and go on a Quran adventure for Surah one Laos. We don't know who might join us. Maybe a pup maybe some of our friends. Maybe Wilbert maybe our salon we don't know who will join us. But you got it right Jaleel and family you got it right friends time is that thing that will pass us by? So a salam Wa Alaikum and welcome to Quran adventures. If I have any Quran princesses out there, can I have a Kewpie in the chat box and kiddos who will be watching the show with me? Can we put on

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our Grand Princess crowns? And do we have any grand dragons?

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Show me your breath. Oh grand dragons. Show me your breath.

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Well, whether you're a Koran Dragon, Quran, princess, or just a kid, come join me and we'll go down into the our adventure. We'll go down into our adventure and maybe we'll be joined by some of our friends. So if you could, if you're ready, let's warm up for our Quran adventures. And how do we do that? With warming up our voices? Apples Alright, yes banana was can you do it at home guys? Can you say apples oranges alright guys

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can you use your whole mouth alright gays banana was excellent now do it with me. Five sounds five sounds will warm up our voice and I know all of you know those five sounds. Maybe blue. Jay will come back and hang out with us for a second. Why late comers. Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh everyone and welcome. Let's use our five sounds and warm up our voices

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For today's grand adventure

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let's do it together

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II who

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so a let's see if they can handle it for us.

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II two

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a three together Friends is your voice warmed up? It will be lucky Nina shape on your Raji tested out everyone. Is your voice warmed up? Do you have if you if it does let me get that double you in the chat box ask your parents permission. So now with our voice all warmed up. Let's look around the room. Is there anyone there with you? Mommy, Daddy, maybe your uncle or your cousin, big brother, little sister or someone else? Well do me a favor. Use your warmed up Quranic venture voice and say to the person next to you, respectfully, kindly, a Salah Morley go, what a doula. Once you've done that. Let me know by seeing us Salah Warli come to me here in our Gron Adventure Land.

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As you can tell behind me, the Arabic letters will join us for our journey, just in case we forget one of the letters. Well, if you're ready to go an amazing job for joining me. Today we're going to recite Surah Wallace Surah one Laos

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Surah what else it means that will be our first adventure word. So let's try let's write that down on our heads. Today we're going to be doing today we're going to be doing one Laos and that is also our first adventure word. Can you say

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OS Surah our house can you lift up that I'm it is the letter ah house beautiful friends excellent job and great to have you all with us.

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Now let's talk about are something to remember for Surah one Laos or something to remember for swirl house. Today's something to remember. I use my time to please a lot can you say it with me the chatbox friends? I use my time to please a law one house I use my time to please Allah subhanaw taala Can you say to our use my time to please Allah? I use my time to please Allah. Excellent. I use my time to please Allah remember

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now let's talk about the surah itself Would you repeat after me together? Who will be lackey Mina shade on your ID there we go like use my time to please Allah. Ooh do I seek protection from that Nadi shade on Uzu be lie he Mina shape on your body.

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In the Name of Allah Bismillah in the name of Allah with the name of Allah Bismillah Hill, Manu Rocky, in the name of Allah and sharp Williams and family who is this Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, beautiful friends. I use my time to please Allah by saying Bismillahi r Rahmani Raheem, Juan Laos, swearing by time, I swear by time, swearing by time in

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laffy hos, indeed mankind, humans are in the greatest of loss in

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Santa Luffy hosts anyone who tries to run a race against time, what will happen will they win or an L in the chatbox if they will lose? I use my time to please Allah. They will lose, accept it levena

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I knew except those, so now write down. Everyone else is going to lose if they run against time accept those who are manual who believe not just by themselves, but believe together. Let me get that one in the chatbox kiddos. Do we believe separately or all together? One because we separate we believe all together larmy Loose Ali.

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And for those who do righteous deeds, pray, tell the truth. Be good to their mom and dad.

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Take care of their families, share their toys, be grateful for the food they have not hit or tattletale or hurt someone else. How many of us would that one and the Ellen the chatbox, we would lose if we ran against the race against time, except those who believe who do good righteous actions, what they'll allow so Bill help, and they encourage the good they say the truth, even if it's not easy, they say the truth they stand up for what's right, even if it's not easy.

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They encourage the truth how, what was so this slop? And when the going gets tough? Do they get angry? Do they hit? Do they scream? Do they say I can't take this anymore? Or do they say

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what was so this sock and I'm going to deal with this?

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With patience? I'm not letting it bother me. When someone reacts to what I'm saying.

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Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me. The loss always slump

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sadaqa love Levine indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks the greatest of truth. Friends, don't you think it's a great time to pick up one of our three adventurer words? And venture word number one OS time passing by. Tick tock tick tock. Does anyone remember the alligator the the alligator from Peter Pan? Crocodile crocodile the crocodile from Peter Pan whenever it Captain Hook would hear. Tick tock tick tock the fleetingness of time, the time moving so quickly that he was always afraid time would come back and eat him. One Laos. Os means time passing by. Excellent if you got our first adventure word can you put the word time in the chat box? For our second adventure word? In natural

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Luffy whose second adventure word in sand in San excellent in sad means human being? Could you try it at home human being in sun in them in Santa Luffy who's that indeed, human beings are at a loss

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barkcloth human welcome for everyone around the world. Welcome for those of you who who are joining us on YouTube, Facebook, on Instagram and wherever this is reproduced. It is a privilege to have you all joining us for broad adventure. Don't leave without your third adventure word. Your third adventure word after knowing time passing by after knowing humans. Let's learn the word help. How? How can the truth help means truth? Can I get a TI TI for knowing the ultimate truth? Allah is One. Allah is one and I know that I'm going to use my time to please Allah. I will use my time to please Allah Wa alaykum wa salam from the UK, France and all around the world, Turkey Malaysia and the

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countries that our joining us which I can't read your I can't read the your language but it's great to have you India barkcloth V come and Salam is upon you. If anyone's catching this from around the world salaams on your in your town on your village, on your surrounding areas salaam on all the Muslims in your vicinity and all the people who live in your area everyone let's celebrate Allah subhanaw taala by spreading our love and salaam around the world

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through our grand adventure, three words, the last one being held truths by the way kids you can share whatever you're learning with anyone who's around you correct? Can I get a que que for Kidpower que que for any kids out there who are who are realizing I can do this too. I can go on a grand adventure and share

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in our upcoming live episode so it's a little hint for what's coming next time. We're going to write out a whole series together so what double you in the chat box if you would love to watch the whole Surah Rickon from start to finish? If you'd love to see the surah written out step by step I think you would love it Sameen barkcloth FICO eight years old Wonderful to have you Sameen a QR in the chat box if if we know you from before and if you are new Sabine, welcome to you friends. W that's right friends. Let's write it out together. It's going to be awesome. Gina Hodder I really think we're going to enjoy it when our grand adventure turns into a map we're going to have to create our

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treasure map of Surah Fatiha there we go QR then it's wonderful to have you sent me

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let's review are something to remember Can anyone type into the chat box us allow on a graph the law Sophia Great to have you yes you are my dear so I mean you are our Quran princess I mean give me a Kewpie in that chat box because you have already been deemed of Quran Princess My My Fair Lady. Now can anyone put in the chat box? What was our something to remember? I will my hi to her.

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I will use my time to thank Allah you got it friends. You want to jot that in the chat box for me I will use my time to thank Allah. Allah takes care of those who believe can you say I use my time to please Allah? Allah takes care of those who believe bark low FICO

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every Sunday

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more the same more this

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motor sim bark loudspeaker what the same great to have you with us as salam aleikum. I'm so proud that you came here more of the same and mommy thanks for being with us friends. grand adventures is for the whole family. Sometimes we need to take mom and dad with us as well. So what did we learn today? If we try to race against time, we will lose. So we we should use our time to please Allah not race against time. Beautiful friends Absolutely.

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200 and family bark Lo Fi come to you and mark the same. Let's move on friends because I want a chance I want to I want our puppets to get a chance to recite as well. Wilbur and our salon are not going to be here but Wilbur at Blue Jay will be here. So if you'd like to see Wilbur and blue jay recite let's get a B W in the chat box. There we go friends so one time for me. Let's do it together. To be like he Mina shake ba numerology my hair. Oh wow my hair. We love you to call it Baba abou my hair bark la vie come in. Great to have you my hair, which state you live in Sameen Great to have you with us friends. Semyon you know that if we had a mic I'd be asking you to recite

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what Hida Wa alaykum wa salaam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh oslo norway May the people of Norway Be blessed May our hearts be illuminated and may you have a nice warm day there's my BW let's get started so one time my turn the always Wilbur and blue J get to recite and never get to be mitre. So my turn to recite. Are you ready friends? Let's not be let's not be grumps, because it's a grand adventure. Sometimes you get tired you have to walk so long as you get cranky. Nope, we're gonna stay strong and keep our mood up. Sometimes when we feel tired.

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We remind ourselves we're on Agron adventure, who will be la he Mina che la mujer Raji come on along kiddos Bismillah, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Juan Laos.

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I can't get it out. Right. Do it with me while I

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I think I need some help. One. Can you guys do it with me? Why? Laos? In?

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Santa? Luffy horse Lavina Amanu wha AMI lo saw the hot water. Wow slow Bill help.

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Oh, you'd like their

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water flow slow, Slob. Yay, we got it. You guys need to get back to your practice. It's Sunday they have to study. Okay, so they'll be back next time for us all to hang out together on grown and many years. I'll see you guys soon Okay friends. I'll bring them back to hang out very soon. But now we know one offs in in Santa Luffy who's inland Latina Ave wa Milano saw the heart? What are ya so we'll help

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what the weather so this summer. If you're feeling beautiful today after completing this moron adventure, give me a BB in the chat box for bright and beautiful. But what what did we get at the end of this adventure? How many people feel like they found a treasure? They found one loss in an insect and Luffy who's ill and levena Amanullah I mean you saw the heart the water was so we'll help the with the wasabi salt

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isn't every single moment. A gift? Isn't every single second. A chance for a smile? Isn't every single day that we have day minute moment. Second. A gift.

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Thank you so much friends. That's our grand adventure reward. Today we learned there's always enough time. Enough time for a smile. I'll see you soon friends as we continue on our grown adventures with me. Imam withsome

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Omar a salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Goomer wa all the way from here to there to you. Loving salaam respect and love to everyone. If you could turn to someone at home, Omar more the same Sameen Do you think you could share a hug with someone at home?

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So for everyone out there, I want you to focus on sharing your love with someone at home because we only have one second. Two seconds, three seconds. Do your best. Abdul Basit from San Francisco bark lofi confronts you are a treasure and we are treasures in each other's lives. barkcloth ego hasn't love you to grow love and respect to you and everything you all are doing. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery Today's a gift and that's why they call it the present. Gina. I believe that it was a philosopher by the name of Kung Fu Panda. He spoke great truth.

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Motor sim motor sim, sorry. Sorry. Motor sim motors. Motor sim better. Is it much better Zephyr bark Luffy come to the people of Pakistan.

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Bar bark lofi come to each and every one of you. Thank you for learning and enjoying. Sorry, Moto Sam. I'm really happy that you're here with us. We love you all kiddos. There's a lot of people in the world who love you. But no one more than those beautiful mom and dads at home. Absolutely. Martha Sam, thank you so much friends, be beautiful. Be loved everyone. And please if you're there with your kids, give them a nice little warm hug not what they did wrong or they shouldn't touch the screen. Please care for them in a moment and I'll see you all soon. Friends you will be better than me Zane. You'll be better than those you look up to keep aspiring to be the best you and if I could

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recommend head out on a grand adventure and you will find yourself what Salawat equal. What are my two lucky wabarakatuhu friends love and respect and we will see you on our next adventure. Thank you friends Today's episode was brought to you by IR USA Islamic Relief. They're doing a lot for the world and all I ask

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and Sophia, tell your kids that Uncle Wissam BW loves them as well, tremendously. Friends, let your kids know if they received relief today. That's what I'm asking from you, parents, kiddos. If this was fun and you received relief, then I would like you to do your best to give relief to another child in their life, how you choose to do that it's up to you. But I feel like Islamic Relief has truly brought an opportunity for us to help people around the world. Do it with your kids, sponsor a child of family and then watch that family grow with your child. For a lot of us think about investments, invest with your child today and let them have a small Bitcoin of investment. Let that

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sponsorship of a family or a child grow in this world and the Hereafter, a privilege friends and opportunity to do our very first Quran adventure life friends if this rocked praise Allah subhanaw taala or give me a three three in the chat box. And with that, I would like to say thank you to Islamic Relief USA to Jawad Khan, we can say written by directed and produced by Joe OG Khan barkcloth, Eco and our team. I am just like Wilburn blue J I'm just the puppet in between. And it feels great to have the right words come out. Friends, it's always an opportunity to spend a Sunday with you but now to get it live, love and respect was Salam alaykum. Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Abdul Latif Baraka la vie COVID Salam friends, great to see you all was salam. Wa alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu on the way out, Hulu bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman

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one Laos in

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Santa Fe was Illa Allah Dina

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What else long will be healthy you Adele was B Saab was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah