Omar Suleiman – When You Hit Your Lowest Point

Omar Suleiman
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Brothers and sisters, one of the most beautiful things about paradise about Jenna, and it is full of beauty. And Allah has prepared for its inhabitants May Allah make us amongst them. That which no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no imagination could ever comprehend. But one of its most beautiful traits is that it never gets old. What that means is that every day when you think you have peaked in terms of beauty, it gets more beautiful. When you think you've seen its most beautiful palace, Allah opens up the doors of another palace. When you see your spouse in Paradise, and no one is single in paradise. Your spouse is more beautiful every time you see them. When you go to its

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marketplaces, you see things that you didn't see the last time the fruits tastes better, every single moment in general is an upgrade, it gets better and better and better and better. And Allah is surely capable of that being never ending. May Allah subhanaw taala make us its inhabitants, Allah I mean, and no one in Jannah thinks that they have anyone above them. So that's also one of the blessings of Jamaica is that you don't have the fear of missing out. The person who is in the lowest level thinks that they must be in the highest level because of what Allah is unveiling for them. That's the beauty of Paradise, it keeps getting better and better and better and better

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blessing after blessing after blessing after blessing. The counterpart to that is this dunya is this life, where sometimes you get hit by a hardship, and you think this is the hardest that's ever going to get. And then something else happens and something else happens and something else happens and something else happens. And so the idea of it all falling apart. And of course, the way that we come in to the way that we then age and the way that things start to wither away, we lose our appetite for this dunya. And it just seems to sometimes fall apart. And of course, that's true. Also in the collective sense with a fitten. We're trying trials and tribulations, they start to strike one after

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the other one after the other to where you feel like you can't catch up on an individual level, you get hit and you think this really hurts. And I think that this is the hardest it's going to get and then something else happens. You look to the world. And if you are an empath, the believer sees a person falling off of a plane in Afghanistan, or off of a boat from Libya. And where does my heart go to? How can I encompass all of this, may Allah make it easy for all of our brothers and sisters, wherever they may be. So Jenna keeps getting better dunia seemingly, at least seems to keep getting worse. And one of the things that happens to us is that sometimes it's also our perception

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that when one trial hits, we read into things that aren't necessarily trials as being trials after that, or we magnify our trials, you know, it's like if someone is in a boxing ring, and they get hit, and they say, you know, you can tell that the fighter was never the same for the rest of the fight, even if they managed to get back up. And they managed to recover. But that the effect of that hit was there. And so sometimes, what happens after a major trial hits you in life, you start reading into it way more than what should be read into it. And it's like, yeah, Allah, why is it all falling apart? What's happening? Why do the punches keep on coming?

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Now, what I want to talk about is that lowest points, because undoubtedly, there is a point that all of us will reach, that will be our lowest point. And it doesn't necessarily need to be our lowest point in terms of the severity of the tragedy, it could be the circumstances that we are in, when that happens. Surely, part of which we know was the lowest point of the prophets of Allah Islam because he said so.

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But if hurt more, because the prophets lie, some did not have the job of the Allahu Allah Allah to wipe his wounds. There's no doubt about that. There is also a decade of rejection that precedes thought, if that makes it that much worse. And so sometimes, and that's why every trial is unique. It's the circumstances around it hits you at the wrong time and wrong in quotation marks. wrong time. And it's like, yeah, Allah, this, this is horrible. I don't know how to get out of this. I don't know how to move forward. And of course, certain trials also have a permanence in regards to the consequences in life. You lose someone you love, as much as you cope, that person will not come

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back to this earth.

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Something falls apart. Sometimes there's a permanence to that.

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Now, what do we do? And I don't want to just talk about this from the perspective of hardship as a whole. I want to talk about that lowest point and how you actually take that and do something with it. That's very unique because when you're at that lowest point, you know what else you are your most vulnerable, your most vulnerable and that you're most likely to put your ego

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Go to the site and you can Humble yourself most to Allah subhanaw taala. So you're most vulnerable, which has the capacity to reinvigorate your your app, your prayer, your reflection, Your Worship. Sometimes you see a relationship and they say the best thing that ever happened to that relationship was that it hit crisis and out of that crisis, we learn things, certain things happen. And you look back at that, you see, that was a turning point. So your ego gets put to the side, you're humbled. And when you're humbled, you're in a perfect place to make suit, and to cry out to alarm prostration and say, yeah, Allah, I'm humbled, you're also in that vulnerability in a perfect place to rethink

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things, to be introspective,

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to actually start to think about what proceeded that moment, and what can be done after that moment. So it's an interesting place that you find yourself in.

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And you have to remember that Allah subhanaw taala doesn't give you a swamp Allah gives you a springboard. When you're in that low point, you have a chance to jump up, there is no fall that any of us will ever encounter than the literal fall of Adam it his Salam from Paradise to Earth. But even then, there was an elevation in his station, his maqam, his status with Allah subhana wa tada that made his station even greater than before he felt the same thing with Yunus it his sedan plunging to the bottom of the ocean, that's a fall that none of us could probably quite come to terms with. But you're in this place where you can rethink, you're in this place where you can

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reevaluate, reassess, and then get back somewhere, or where you've actually never been, and let it be an actual better place. And the reality is, that a lot of times, especially when you're talking about the secular sense, when someone hits that low point, they talk about their potential from that downfall in this world, it's restricted to this world. That's the problem with a dunya. We do need a worldly worldview. It's so restrictive, it's so limited, what's the maximum they could talk about your potential coming out of that and certainly, that's part of it, that there's a certain potential of strength and resilience that can be gained from that place. But when we think about it, we think

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about it also in terms of the potential of a higher place in Paradise, the potential of a higher station with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we're taught not to necessarily wish for the low point to achieve that potential. Very beautiful. You're at from Suriname, Nabil maltier, Rahim Allah to Allah. He used to say lahoma in Quinta Bella, to add a minute Reba sila hin della Jetson de Bella, for builders, Neha will afia. Allah if there is a station that you have gotten people to, through hardships and trials, then allow me to reach that station without the trial.

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That was as

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if you let someone reach a certain position we read about use of it his salon, a ubani his salon unit, and in his salon, I mean, the only prophet who we know that walked away from his people prematurely, yet he was the first prophet that Allah revealed to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam in the spirit of praise. He got back up, and he elevated only by the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And even Massoud little, the Allah tada and who is narrated to have mentioned that most of the people that enter Paradise don't enter Paradise by a good deed that they do. But by the way, they responded to a hardship, a hardship came your way, and there was a southern and at sob, a

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patience, a resilience, a steadfastness that you showed, and that was the means by which Allah subhanaw taala delivered you to a place that you otherwise would not have been able to get.

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The thing is, is that you don't see that place right now. And so sometimes it becomes hard to be able to see outside of where you are at the moment, to be able to see light at the end of the tunnel, to be able to see that position in a paradise that you can't even imagine. It's hard to imagine it it's hard to grasp it, it's hard to act in accordance with it, but that's what makes it so rewardable Pamela you get this one life, this one life to live in this dunya that is consequential to the rest of your eternity. And there are things that happened to you one time events that happened to you in this life and there is one moments in that one time event that if you

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capitalize on it changes your entire here after a submit an order that first strike you know in the profit slice I'm set the sub and the sub month and all other patients is that the first strike it's not as the scholars say that patients is only at the first strike it's that there's a unique patients at the first strike that if you seize that moment and you respond in that once in a lifetime moment, once in a lifetime hardship with a once in a lifetime patients. What does it unlock for you and the

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Hereafter baitul hams House of praise that you walk into genda and you say, Allah for me?

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Yeah. How did I get to this place?

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Because you got hit. And you responded, right? It's that one moment that you could seize and you could captivate and Subhana Allah, a lot of us are so paralyzed in that one moment may last time make it easy for all of us. I've heard a lot over the last couple of years. I mean, it's the environment around us, right? Like, I don't think I'm gonna, this is the worst it's ever been for me, this is the hardest, I don't know how I'm going to recover out of this. I don't know how I'm going to come forward. Sometimes it's self inflicted. Allah didn't give you a swamp, you stepped into one.

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But even then there's a life jacket. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has given you a way back, how do I get out of this? Yellow How do I get out of this? But you have to think about the potential just as you are feeling the pain of the uniqueness of the hardship, you have to think about the uniqueness of the reward in that moment.

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There is something right now that if I do, Allah,

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I can achieve so much from Allah subhanho wa Taala. I can gain so much from Allah xojo and your brothers and sisters. There are various low points that we find in the Quran.

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And it's really interesting. So how about that when you go through the prophets in the Quran?

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You know, you get an array of experiences. Sometimes Allah gives us a lot about their Dharma about their call. Sometimes Allah gives us a lot about their people. Sometimes Allah gives us a lot about their circumstances. But one thing that's almost always consistent is we learn about their hardships. Almost every prophet that Allah subhanaw taala tells us about in the Quran, there is that moment but be in the muck loop. Fantastic. Allah I'm overwhelmed.

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I am in need I am fatigued I am poor in need vulnerable demands multilayer for what you would descend upon me your blessings I'm in need of your blessings. Yeah, I'm feeling overwhelmed. Yeah, I don't. Where do I go from here? La Ilaha. illa Anta subhanak in the quantum in avoid amin, Rabin Nima Sania Lord, Allah I'm struck, Oh Allah have mercy on me, almost all of them Why? Because pain is the universal human experience that we can all relate to.

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Unique reward, that unique place. And I want to end this photo because I don't want to make this too long.

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I want to end this quote,

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by putting you in a conversation with your mother, your mom, my mom, meaning he shoveled the Allahu taala. And, you know, it's really interesting. I remember the first time doing a study of body, how many times Heidecker to the slander, the chapter of the slander of it show the alarm that comes up, because there's so much it's so long when she tells her own story of how she was slandered. And the circumstances of it. And there are tangents in her story. She goes off on a tangent, sometimes, there is fill in there, there's jurisprudence to be learned. You go through the books of heavy if you can go one by one, capture this moment, capture that moment, and these gems, but if you're

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sitting in a living room, with your mom, insha Allah on her and she is our mother. And our mother felt a lot of pain.

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And I'm listening to my mom, talk about the most painful moment in her life, where everything was darkness, where even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, who was always a source of comfort to her, even the Prophet slice on them, was withheld from comforting her in those moments, all alone did absolutely nothing wrong.

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And her honor is being dragged through the streets of Medina, our mom

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and our mother's talking to us. She's talking about the moments, she's talking about what was going through her mind. She's talking about what I asked for and she can remember and the ones that she couldn't she's talking about how she felt when people looked at her how she felt in this conversation, how she felt in that conversation.

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I was paying attention

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to this one sentence that she says

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and she says well law e ma one and two, and Yun Zilla fee chutney wha here

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said well, I never thought that Allah would reveal and for me,

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who am I? So that Allah would reveal revelation from the heavens for me?

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That's your mom talking. I didn't think I was worthy of that. I never would have imagined that Allah subhanaw taala would reveal Quran for me Who am I 10 verses of the Quran come down to defend me. Who am I? And you can never be a Quran. The Quran would speak about me. I never thought that revelation would descend from the heavens. For me.

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The brothers and sisters, we don't know what comes from the heavens for us when we're in those low points.

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But we know that the Lord that descended those verses from the heavens for our shuttle, the Allahu.

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And the Lord that rescued

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a yovani his Salaam and Eunice Ali his Salaam and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and answered those prayers is the same Lord that we're calling upon and manucci will move forward either

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way, actually for Su, Allahu Allah, Allah, who also you're going to call upon, Allahu Allah, you'll do as my son in law, you will Angela sabreen, Allah does not let the reward of the good doers go to waste, nor does he let the reward of the patients go to waste. And so when you're in that moment, do your brothers and sisters and you're thinking now I have a window, I have a window where I can really capitalize on the reward. Remember that there are things that would come down from the heavens for you that you will only see when you make it to paradise into Heaton.

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And do not be little yourself to where you think that the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala will not encompass you. Our mother it shall be Allah tada Anna said that I never thought Allah would reveal and for me

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Who knows what Allah subhanaw taala will do for us. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us patience, to grant steadfastness to maximize our reward to grant us the highest station in this life, to allow us to reach our maximum potential in this life of pleasing Him and to allow us to reach the maximum position and station and paradise and the companionship of our beloved Prophet sallallahu wasallam We ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us for our weak points. Forgive us for our shortcomings. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make the best of our deeds the last of them and the best of our days the day that we meet him. Allow him I mean a photocopy how there was stuff a

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lot he recommended certain muslimeen First off, he wrote in a hole for him

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah kitty minor Ernie he was not gonna be a drain llama threatened me not willing Massimino know what a Muslim

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might Anika send your own query when would you without Allah fiddling or having a wife I know a lot of ad lib No, Robin Allah fusino in I'm tougher than I will tell him that an akuna Minal Casa de la mina careful when Kareem which half of our foreign Allah homophily yT Dina Robert hammer my camera bonus Ihara have been a while and I mean as far as you know how to react you know karate iron, which are handling matcha Pina imama long sort of one and mustafina Thema shadrick a lot of them have it be her alarm adequate lighting you know with lighting and not with wind and the veniam Saudi mean a little bit angry with their son, but he put a bow on her and fascia you wouldn't want to carry well,

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buddy, you're ever gonna look into like Coronavirus Corolla I have korako mascaro Valentina is like them. What are the crolla he o'clock law enforcement on what Pima salon

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