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Salam Alaikum everyone, and welcome back to our q&a with cefuroxime nadwi. This q&a is every Thursday 6pm BST. Thank you everyone for joining us. And Inshallah, I hope, our usual, audience will always be here and maybe in sha Allah many more can benefit from these Q and A's. But anyone who is new here, this q&a is 30 minutes. So it's not too long, we do try and get as many questions as we can.

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Within reason, of course, sometimes we do get questions that sometimes require more time, and maybe we can direct people to courses. So if I can was held our previous q&a that we've had so as to not, like repeat, ask, asking them to repeat previous questions that he's answered already. But Inshallah, if you do have any questions, you can leave it in the in the comment section of wherever you're watching from Sharla.

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And I hope everyone's been enjoying the summer, the very strong summer we've been having in the UK, sha Allah, without any further ado, Sharla. Let's go ahead, and let's get started. Shall we actually received an interesting question before the q&a, and I thought we'd start off with this, it's maybe something we've delve into delve into a bit, but maybe not too much.

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This this is asking on the topic of

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the wife kind of needing permission from the husband, to do different things. For example, she says, Do women need the permission of a husband or father to work or study? Does she need the permission of her husband to meet her friends and family? And she I think this kind of goes into the overall question of when someone does get married, do they, some people say, you know, you need permission to even leave the house to get shopping, to do anything outside of the house. Is this true?

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was one litre of my Rahim. So, you know, we have to understand really, that Allah subhanaw taala has created everybody has given them there is space. So they kind of work in that space men or women, and parent and children, sisters and brothers, husband, wife, everybody has got their own space. And people are and also they have their limits. So nobody is allowed to exceed the limit. When women are married, they don't because Celeste husband, you know, they still are fully human being independent, or all those things, what really is required is that when the cutter married, the husband or wife should work with each other very closely, in you know, for the welfare and benefit of the family and

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raising the children that were they knew the need to support each other, help each other. And if there is any problem, they should understand everywhere, deeply, but nobody would consent to live. And when a woman listen to house, you know, she goes for a while to see someone or go out shopping, go to school, you know, so that no need to inform anybody unless she goes for a longer period, then is utterly the other person will have no idea what happening and we worry then they should inform. And sometime maybe they need to adjust maybe you know, she discussed with her husband? And he said no, there is some problem. Maybe find that time. So if the woman you know in the same city, she was

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to meet her parent, her first there's no harm in that, you know in a time, which is kind of unique for her and her husband.

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But she got to spend the night two days one day, then she should actually consult same husband if you go somewhere, he should consult his wife and then maybe they find convenient time otherwise, even just going for a short period understood. Everybody knows really people people go and see their friends do shopping, even wiser the person loves them they used to go you know wherever they needed, unless it is far longer period, then they will ask for permission or tell the prophesy Larsen. For example, the professor Larson got married

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with the old man, Sofia the latter on her. And when the Prophet brought her to Medina, to the Prophet, he used to have house for every wife in a small house.

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Too steal time to build a house for Sofia. So there was an empty house of one of the I'm sorry, and to be far away from the Masjid. To see settled there for a while.

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The wife said the prophets Allah Allah Salam in somehow somebody told them that she is so beautiful and this and that. So they felt a little bit of jealousy to the center. Aisha the logging on her to find out how she looks like whatever to then I should not unhappy

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Put on the top two, nobody can recognize her. She went there to see the new wife or the person

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or the professor who recognized Aisha from the

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eye her eye and said, why you are in the pub. Because you're eating what not to have net up. But Aisha only had niqab to hide herself? So you see, the Prophet did not ask her why did you leave the house without my permission? If that if that was not allowed, first in who should ask, how did you leave my house without my permission, but the Prophet didn't ask that. He's asking, Why did you come in the pub. So you've got that was not usual, you can see this, but they go for a longer period, like I should let on her when she was used, you know, after the sin, and she wanted to go to her parents out for a longer period to consider herself to understand this, then she asked the Prophet,

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that, can I go and see my parent and the prophets, Allah allowed her. So you didn't have to understand that we in the family, we wanted the harmony, everywhere to we don't want to take people's liberty, people's space. But at the same time, we want each everybody to help in a way, which is good for the family. So you know, to meet a friend somewhere or something like that, not a problem. Similarly, if somebody wants to study, you know, do a little job.

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So in these things, that I will be occupied more and more to studying and earning money, that's not a problem. But it shouldn't be adjusted, because the husband has full duty to spend the money upon her look after her. So in that case, you know, all her expenses are covered. Now, if you want to have extra money, or if you want to study, you know, full time, something like that, that should be consulted, discussed properly, and the husband should give the wife's permission for that. But, you know, it shouldn't be done properly in a way that does not offend the husband, because he's spending all the money.

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There's a meeting with not with the husbands are not allowed to live to stop the wife from seeking knowledge gotta go to help out the family, I the prophets have said that, you know, you should not distract your voice from attending the prayer, because prayers help them which is why bother to similarly, you know, they should not stop the women from learning from earning money. If at the time, we did not affect the film The film did. Yeah, if it involves a lot of time when the children will be neglected, you know, and both of them are working. Yeah, some to them that should be, you know, adjusted and discussed properly, in a way that there's no tension in the house that we want,

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really, but a house where everybody competes. husband wants to earn more money and wife wants to earn more money, or husband wants to prove that he's more qualified. And the wife wants to prove that she's more qualified. Yeah, that very destructive competition in the house is very big problem. It should be more supporting each other and cooperating together.

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That makes a lot of sense shift as I've been hearing. Oftentimes, I think when people speak about the topic, it's almost like the husband is a master and the way you're explaining it, it does sound like it's just a caring relationship and healthy relationship handler that makes a lot of sense. Okay, Inshallah, let's go to the next question that we have

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is a rolling for shortening and combining sort of sets at a specific distance or can it be based on circumstances like if we work 20 or 30 miles away and we don't have time for thought I got

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Yeah, you know, the shorten the prayer is a fairly fast offer. But combining the prayer that can be done for the traveling

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or when the people are not feeling well.

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In the mighty diversity raining, the Imam can ask people to combine the prayer because it will difficult for them to confer the next prayer when it is raining. So combine the prayer a prayer is more flexible, in in the illness or in traveling, but shortening is only allowed when people are traveling. And Traveling means traveling you know, a marble Hanifa has made it 48 miles but there are opinions which make it less or more than that. Men should be understood in the society at the traveling to somebody traveling then they can shorten the prayer for recovering prostitutes and

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measure every mistake. Three failure remain the center only shorten the Zohar ASA and Aisha the shorten

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but to say that, you know sometimes we don't have time for for Raka so that actually very strange because bigger for Raka you know, sometimes you can make it quicker unless amatola does not mind that if people have very busy some time when meeting you can make for them

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minutes five minutes in a forecast I don't think anybody actually is so busy that you know in the meeting people will not allow you to get just four minutes leave the sooner at least do the four raka so I will not advise when people are at home or within the city within the distance of 2030 Miles that's not a big thing you know these days they usually you can pray for Raka for nothing I don't understand how can enough people go in every job I've seen over the you know, in Oxford, people used to be smoking then they got on the roof of the building or outside as far as smoking even the smoking takes 10 minutes they used to go be away for 10 minutes every one hour or two hours

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smoking and nobody had any problem with the smoking people have so much Breakfast tea and people go see people do so many things when they're working nobody was you know from nine o'clock to five in you know continuously without any break nobody does like that. And you have a lunch break in which you can use or and in the winter that the profit isolate Yeah, but still you can find five minutes I think really your how much importance you go for the prayer. The prayer is the most important thing that you do in your daily life. You are the man who do something but more important than that the prayer everything should be adjusted around the prayer in that worship but unless Nautilus still in

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reconsider your need to He allows you to make it in a little shorter of certain like data that you can do but for a cavalryman for you can read is more students you can do less just be still you can you know you but you should do for a car.

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That makes a lot of sense.

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Okay, let's see, we are receiving some questions that I know for sure were asked and answered last week. So it may seem like I'm missing out some questions. If you do have a look at the previous q&a session Sharla we did answer some of them. Okay, we have sister Fatiha who has a question.

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How do we understand this verse from sort of fatter, which is Yeah, uns who antimalarial Quran when Allah Allahu Allah Nyan Hamid, does it just mean a description of a human being or is it is a kind of order in which we should become to hold on to Allah as the verse has come after that could indicate this.

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No doubt really to the

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discretion of all the human beings, all the other creation. You know, the truth really is that that how Allah to Allah has created all the human being or all the creation angels, human beings didn't need trees, the plants the stars, sun, moon or the creation in Everest, they are in their own creation, existence and survival, their function, you know, their movement, their, you know, quietness whatever they do, all the time. They depend on Allah subhanaw taala the noon no doubt about that, really, I'm speaking, Mumbai speech is happening only because, you know, I'm thinking my thinking only happening because of Allah subhanaw taala you know, when I answer properly, it is

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commodified all the time, a distinct to one thing understand

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that people all the time they are dependable. Samata that word Quran means someone said, Allah Who summit allied the summit, meaning some of these are in a bigger rock, where they used to tie the, you know, ships and on boats in the day they otherwise they will

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gone, you know, the same human being the all the time with a lot of Hautala that way they survive and they remain, so this reality, but at the same time, certainly we should also make dua and ask Allah subhanaw taala to remain with him all the time, if Allah subhanaw taala did not angry and leaves us will be nothing will left with nothing. So when you said that you are needy to Allah, Allah is the One who independent and praiseworthy. You know, it also involves to that why we'd make dua that was the remains really, people think that direct means that we don't need to do anything new. That could theory means that you depend on Allah make dua, you become stronger. So and then you

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follow this command. So Allah subhanaw taala has to expect a reboot via an old movie or a movie yeah belongs to talk to you, or talk the doctor will be here. Do I belong to Olivia? Then you make a dua Oh Allah subhanaw taala helping me you're asking, Do i bother obey His command in our disobedience. So combination of Goobie and Olivia in our daily aspect of the life and elevada it must be reflected to reality that we are bound to we are resellers and he the Master, we are nothing without him. And also the reality is that for every single thing in order to help

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And we need his help to we asked him, jack and jack was trying, but before asking him please him, you know to dinner it is much better integration even if he accept your DUA if you do not worship him, but at the right manner you worship Him obey Him, then ask him.

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So, you know it is both a combination of both and that we need to do that you know, naturally we are dependent on Hautala and also commander for life that we keep asking Allah for every single help that why the prophets have said to I've now busted that Rama it has done that for Stanleyville Villa will seek help seek help of a loss of material whether Salta firstly loving ask ask Allah subhanaw taala

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okay in Shama let's move on to

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okay, this seems to be quite interesting question from Imran. How is Amadeo long line more conquering? How is his conquering of Jerusalem different than the Jewish the Jewish claim to the Holy Land? Why did the Sahaba advance into Syria or Persia

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you know the thing that I have discussed this so McDonough actually maybe I wrote an article on this I think in Arabic or something I wrote few articles about these matters. People asked why the content Nyssa needed to conquer these displaces. You know understand Ibrahim Al Islam is the Imam of all the believers, RT Brahim or Islam everybody has been commanded to FOLLOW Him and OBEY even the Prophet Mohammed Salah al Islam the Quran said from our hyena ileka on military Rahima Hanifa then we have revealed to you that you must follow the way of Ibrahim Ali salaam CEBRA Hema this Nam is the Imam Quran say that we made Ibrahim imam of all the mankind.

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Ibrahim Nasir Landy, the Iraq

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the whole Iraq Bill Sham, the whole Syrian Syria sham sham means you know Syria, Lebanon Jordan and Palestine and Egypt because he went to Egypt and then hijas because he he's the one who built America. So all these four lines are learned Sufi Brahim, and that he mentioned the Quran of Athena was a tool we're tourists in in Baja della Bella did Amin, the theme refers to Iraq. I've got that a mountain of a fib and as I tuned referred to below the sham and touristy news refers to a missile over Hodel about a minute McCallum Cora Mata Dida for Lance RT Rahim, Ali Salam.

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Now the prophets Allah Al Salam is the true inheritor of Ibrahim, he initially brought him to religion is irredeemable, that the prophet has been following. If he followed the reason properly, and his followers to have been given the good tidings and all the larger feabhra, he will come to them so that Allah's martyrs or other law holders in arm in Ireland will come later, let's definitely fun. Hopefully, Allah has promised the believers that he he will make them a ruler of the land, tuition are not all the load, because certainly Moses did not conquer all the world. So which learner is parameter for lots of Motala promiseland are these era sham Egypt

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and hijo de de de promised enough as a data must be in the rule of Islam by an AI which must must be conquered by Maha dream breath Quran mission, that this promises for the early mahavidya cyber minimal has ever ever sought to that you have to basically qualify Russia, they must conquer this part because that was a parameter for law met to them that they will be given to this land. What about expanding beyond that, like Command and Conquer Armenia and other region that is allowed, I had run I did more explaining more, to remove the wrong words to make justice in the world that allowed but the real promise word in this discipline to Muslims expanded beyond that. And that was

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allowed, certainly with the condition that purpose should we just DIS

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and calling people to the Iboga philosopher Hautala is a purpose just to make money in all those things. You know that basically bad rules all over the world. But the real promise that it allowed when people do this for the sake of loss of motivation, is that not your questions, your questions in please. You know, Iraq, Syria and But are these two dirty the promiseland Bilasa Hautala for the prophets, Allah Allah Salam and his early followers

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Okay, Inshallah, let's go to our next question. Give me one moment. I seem to have lost it, okay. From Shabbir, he's asking what is the ruling of Hajj on someone who is chronically sick if he or she cannot

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To hedge his compensation do for him or her.

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Yeah, somebody is, you know, to we've got to go for height,

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but they have enough money to, you know, can they can afford the height, then they should appoint somebody you know who can go and do it on their behalf to then allow for them by people who can go themselves, they are not allowed to appoint anybody. It's only when physically you are not able to travel and do then you might not appoint a woman or man or man or woman can appoint a man or woman in this matter don't need it to be have same gender or something like that anybody can appoint but yes, people should appoint, because it's one of the obligation where you can make somebody to represent you if you're not able to do if you're able to do then representing is not allowed.

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By chef you know when you say if someone is able to do on behalf of you then they should considering the hefty price of hygiene which is now coming up to 6000 to 10,000 Is that really possible to be able to do

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it not obligatory, you know, a lot of other newer burners people are the can't do too if a HUD is expensive and you don't have money, you know and money means that you go there and come back it's been all expensive and your absence your family's fine. So if you have got enough money, then you go far, if you don't have enough money, they don't make unnecessary problem. You get sent really sometime because you're going to bring so much hardship to your family to death not allowed to sometimes people go for Hijjah fasten off and to pretend that they are in a sorority does not allow you only do it and I bother when it obligatory upon you. Oh, you want to do nullifies do not fly if

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you really think you have done all the obligations properly, and there's nothing more important than the HUD, then you can do nephrology as well. But first thing is the further that should be done when you have enough money.

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Okay, inshallah.

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Let's see, I think we have a question from the UK. We know that Allah sent a group of beds to destroy an army who tried to ransack the Gaza how can they share assets was able to take the Blackstone and destroy it?

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I really don't think a connection between this and Berta in lots of auto Allah made very clear that this house belongs to Ibrahim and his true followers. So that way like to the house from Kure forum did not allow Aberhart to conquer it. And then passed on from Pradesh to the prophets Allah listen because the prophets are doing hater but his followers certainly will have some time in a heresy and problem, they will fight and something like that. And the Kaaba is not you know, they stone in the house. So they could not basically stop the Helene all those things together to get away by still the Kava Kava and people used to do has never had been stopped by anybody. So they have been doing

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and actually taking away that stone made very clear to everybody in the world, that Muslims don't worship a stone, the color is still cut without the stone stone is important. You know, but if that stone had been stolen, it still was to the same house we don't have to the stone, nobody traveled to the stone and 200 Hi there, however they still done in the cover to that was actually very big proof for this thing. But certainly the people who did this thing, they really are sinful people, you know, and they've got a lot of sin.

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But that the sutra field does not mean that the Muslims will not do harm off of the Kaaba hijab in the use of you know, he is told the hardest part of the mosque that the Muslims themselves that can do some of those things in a

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few 2030 years back some of these people they took refuge in the in the Haram and there are so much fighting and killing that can happen but no that is rather not stopped the Hajj being performed. Another thing really is this a story that the bursar destroyed the people that is not so much either the truth really is birth only came to eat the flesh of the people the real fighting happened between a correlation between the army of our ha anyway that I explained so many times.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's move on to the next question. I think we have a question from Hold on. Let me see if we have anything

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okay, let's take this question in sha Allah.

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Mali is asking I was praying in a masjid and after the prayer a brother said I should touch feed to feed. I said I follow a madhhab

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But the brothers said I must follow the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and not a myth, am I sinful?

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Either Mojave means opinion. So when the prophets love says something, or you know, it could have possibility of more than one understanding, there's possibility of more than one understanding and some people have won opinions other people have an opinion. Anybody can follow any opinion, to Hanafi madhhab basically, either that spreading the rule means that people's shoulders should be in line with other shoulder, people fear should be in the line, it doesn't really mean that each feet should touch everybody. Cuz if you have a shoulder touching, how can the foot touching necessarily, but some people think that the foot also some touchy. So that's one understanding Hadith really does

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not make a distinctively corretto have some time what happened? The problem is not that people don't follow the Hadith. The people don't follow the meaning that you understand from the Hadith. But people don't make a difference between these two things. Sometimes orar says something, but a meaning could be like Quranic verses, there are many verses where there are more than one meaning everybody follows the enemy fine, because they want to follow the Quran, but they are understanding different from your understanding, same thing, Hadith, everybody wants to follow the Hadith, but the understanding could be different from your understanding, to indeed matters people should not be

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very strict, and they should be soft with the believers, if anybody follows any understanding, as long as this understanding actually is by two people, one pious people, believer, people expert of the field, the sun laka Hanifa Malik shelf, are you having humble people that can detain me? Yeah, but these are pious people expert of their field. If they experience something, and somebody follows them, we should not actually mind that and we should give them a space of differences. It's very vital manner, that you force people to your understanding. You know, we should make unbelievers to follow the Prophet, but not your understanding. You're not a prophet. And I'm not a prophet, Abu

00:26:57--> 00:27:17

Hanifa not Prophet, to lead the people for any understanding as long as they don't differ from the Prophet SAW Allah listen to Prophet says something by does not mean that you know what you understand from there that what the Prophet says, it is just your understanding, I understand differently. So don't make your understanding as one of the prophets Allah Salam.

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Okay, I'm going to see if we can maybe take one more question shot Allah. This next question is interesting. I think most of us maybe at some point have asked this question to ourselves. So that is asking, Is eating with the right hand and sleeping on the right side of the body? Are they activated? Or sunnah? Or just acts of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam Sera? Are we allowed to sleep on the left side or eat with the left hand sometimes? You know, there are things that the professor Lola Salam Did you know as a slave of Allah subhanaw taala in those matters, we should follow him something he did just

00:27:57--> 00:28:39

as a human being Yeah, that you don't need to follow. Now the person used to eat fried one type of other food. Yeah, that's fine. He loved that because that culture but if you eat your food, there's no harm in that you don't need to follow the eating of the person loves them as long as you follow His instruction, what Halal haram that we're used to eating with the right hand and doing good things with the right as I learned that the not only our culture that is something the profit has encouraged people in a cold people to do and he made fun of all the prophets and messengers so that not something is simple. So he and he used to follow this very strictly it's not our culture to

00:28:39--> 00:28:42

carry something coming from Ibrahim Ali salaam, to sunnah all the prophets

00:28:43--> 00:28:50

to eat with the right hand when you comb your hair first right side first when you turn to the mosque,

00:28:51--> 00:29:30

right foot first when you leave the mosque the left foot faster when you clean yourself then with the left hand so you know these things that have been made assembling the sleeper Right Start side faster to in order when you were put on the cloth or right hand first than the left hand in your shirt. Same when you put on trouser a right foot first then the second one all these things are not the perhaps Allah Allah Salam. If you do them with the intention following the Prophet it is the only bother you get reward but if you do them either habit without any thinking without any intention don't get any reward really bother only because only bother with intention.

00:29:31--> 00:29:33

What my teacher Maura

00:29:34--> 00:30:00

used to say the provenance of Muslims not that they have bad intention. The problem is that they don't have intention the problem so they could you can make so much reward really by making your mind but if you don't think nothing can be all about the thinking important make your mind you know when you go to the mosque you know maker in the when you do any right good things or they do for the sake of Allah. It all because our buddy system action and people

00:30:00--> 00:30:12

Do I the habit and you do at Alibaba? Take some time. But your intention makes Alibaba so easy to the right hand with intention following the prophets Allah Allah Salam, you get reward for that you do one of the great Alibaba

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I think we will end up inshallah share as we have hit success, he has no home chef for your time, always. And inshallah we will see you again next week. Sure. And likewise to everyone else was akmola, and everyone for joining us and constantly having your interesting questions. Hamdulillah I, myself benefit quite a lot. I have an interesting request for anyone that may be maybe this will interest them. Some of you may realize we do receive a lot of the similar questions sometimes we'll receive a few questions

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today that we may have had already answered last week, or maybe a month ago or two months ago, this q&a has been continuing, I think maybe for one and a half years now. Hamdulillah. But it does mean we have a plethora of videos from Chicago and answers where he has kind of responded to questions, common questions that people have.

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And these videos are accessible on our YouTube channel on our Facebook, but then not necessarily kind of organized in a way where we have timestamps so people can see okay, in this q&a on maybe the 16th of June x y Zed questions were answered, and they can just refer back to it. So if anyone does happen to be interested in kind of volunteering some of their time maybe a few hours, even one hour, and they do maybe want pie in some of the reward of other people being having access to Shekhar come easily easy access to some of his commonly

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asked questions and his answers do email us at [email protected].

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I think it would be good and Sharla we do really want the q&a that I held. We want them to be accessible. We want them to be available for people and they can go back to it and they can see that in each q&a What questions were asked and they can easily go to said timestamp and see the answer as opposed to kind of having to go through the whole video and finding the question and the answer. So do let us know in sha Allah, we would always we are always looking for people to maybe volunteer their time and help us kind of improve and make our resources more accessible in sha Allah to benefit more people.

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And in sha Allah I think this upcoming Sunday so very soon in sha Allah chef is having his first short course in quite a while. This is a one day short course you may have heard me speak about in last week. And this course is on s Feb and nozel a one day short course on the Quranic context. So what is your course in the context of revelation in the Quran, this course is in the 26th of June. So if I'm not mistaken, it should be in about two weeks. Now one and a half weeks. If anyone is interested, you can go onto our website slm.ac.uk It's on the screen. You can sign up in sha Allah the course is only one day you don't have to commit too much time you have access to the recordings

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for a limited amount of time. It's only 25 pounds maybe you do you're interested in our programs and you can't commit to

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maybe a year long course this course maybe for you and maybe you can just see more Shiva come and be part of SLM Institute and benefit from the resources that we have. And again anyone else who's interested in what we do we offer Islamic part time Islamic scholarship programs we do we have foundation courses, Arabic immersion year

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and you can potentially even complete your whole anime of course with us and continue your life responsibilities if that's a nine to five office job if you're a full time Mother, you're a teacher. You want to seek asylum acknowledged and you don't want to have to give up your job or give up your responsibilities and you're not able to do that. SLM was created for this this purpose and Shahrukh Khan is the co founder along with his daughter, and they set up SLM Institute's so we're here for this purpose and Sharla we want to make Islamic Studies accessible.

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And so yeah, if you want to go onto our website, go onto our Facebook, our YouTube or Instagram, you can find out more about us. You're more than welcome to email us at [email protected]. If you have any questions, and I hope I've not been boring you it's been five minutes inshallah we'll see you next week. 6pm PST in sha Allah, please do come with more questions. And we will see you then I said I want to come everyone