Powerful Stories of Everyday Muslims #03 – The Story of Pain

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The speakers emphasize the importance of suffering and trials in order to achieve success and pass tests. They stress the need to be careful not to confuse laws with anger and to pursue tests and resources to achieve success and pass trials and tests. The importance of trusting in the Promise of Allah is also emphasized. It is important to work on one's mindset and find the joy in the trials, while also acknowledging the importance of working on one's mindset and finding the joy in the trials.

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Our story today is the story of pain. Why do we suffer? A young man in the Midwest was experiencing different types of pain and different types of struggles with regards to his faith over a number of years. And he finally opened up about it. And he mentioned that a family member of his had passed away abruptly, seemingly abruptly, may Allah have mercy on them, and they returned to Allah subhanaw taala. And this was very difficult for him. He did not understand the foundation of the trial, the suffering the struggle. And so he asked this foundational question which human beings have been asking throughout history? Why do we suffer? Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us so that we are not

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confused and also weakened in times of difficulty, so that we are giving given strength and resilience. When we go through trials and tribulations, that everything goes back to the purpose of life. Allah subhanaw taala created you in order to be tested. And the promise is that there is a reward waiting for you. If you pass this test that is eternal, eternal bliss. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us paradise alumna Amin. What is the alternative then to suffering in this world? If we recognize that it is one of the expectations and realities of this world? Do we expect not to be tested? Do we expect not to go through trials? Do we expect not to experience death when we already

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know by the one and from the One who created us and informed us that this life is a test and it is a temporary world it is not the paradise that you are looking for? Allah subhanaw taala created this life as a test and gave us clarifications about this test. And I want us to remember four things with regards to struggles and trials. Number one, the test that comes to you will not always be easy, but the reward is greater when the test is more difficult. So the test itself may be a test in a form of difficulty or it may be in a form of ease. May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to experience that of ease and to pass the difficult trials as well. Whenever you condition that you will hide the

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fitna Allah says, We will test you all with the difficulty and ease as a trial for you. That is your test. May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to pass all of our trials and tests along that I mean, number two, be careful not to confuse a laws love with a laws will. So when Allah allows something wills and permits something to happen in this world and does not stop it. Don't assume that that's because of Allah's love or anger, meaning don't automatically interpret what happens in this world and assume that the difficult things are equivalent to Allah's Anger or Allah's love. What do we mean by this? For instance, we all know that Allah subhanaw taala hates for people to oppress. And Allah

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subhanaw taala does not oppress well I humbly mode Abu Qatada. Allah hates for people to disbelieve and reject the truth. And yet he allows He permits He wills for a greater wisdom people to do as they will in this world meaning you have free will, that goes back to the test that goes back to freewill that goes back to accountability in the next life. So people will naturally do things and Allah permits them to in this world, that Allah Subhana Allah does not like and he does not stop these things at times for a greater wisdom. So when you experience for example, hardship, don't automatically assume to automatically think that this is Allah is anger for you, or towards you, or

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that you've done something wrong when perhaps you have not and it may be just a trial or a purification for you automatically assume that Allah Subhana Allah does love you and Allah is planning what's best for you. And Allah is purifying you and Allah is raising your ranks and Allah is granting you strength that you will need for trials that are to come that you don't know about today. But always remember loss of data will never treat his creation with any kind of injustice. One heavily more Abu Qatada and Allah subhanaw taala is 100 working while you were the head cook, he does not want his servants His creation, to be disbelievers to reject the truth, and yet he allows

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it. So you go back when you go through a trial go back to the life of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you automatically know when you look at this example, that trials are not equivalent Tomaz anger the prophets lie Selim the most tested of people and the prophets and messengers, the most tested of people and yet we know what that they are the most beloved people to Allah subhanahu wa taala. So you as well when you go through hardships, remember that this is a different form and manifestation of purification strength, increased ranks in paradise, a reminder to go back to Allah subhanaw taala a reminder to be grateful as well. A reminder about the nature of

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this life, an opportunity to detach from this life or it could even be a blessing in disguise that you don't recognize

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I in that moment, so it is a test for your faith. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us, relieve us and grant us the ability to pass our trials, Allah hermy. The third point to remember is to always trust in the Promise of Allah that you can pass any trial that occurs in your life, meaning what Allah will not burden you with a trial, you cannot handle law, you can live long enough and Llosa, Allah will not give you a burden you cannot carry. And oftentimes this is this verse, the single Allah subhanaw taala is misunderstood. This does not mean that you will pass every test or trial. Rather, what this means is that you have the potential to pass any test that comes your way. Now,

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the actual passing of the test will go back to you, do you want to pass this test? Do you have the resources that you will pursue, you have the mindset that supposed to be constantly worked on the mindset of positivity and optimism, accepting the loss decree gratitude, that of course when it comes to logistical resources, pursuing the resources that will help you to pass these tests and these trials, if necessary, and you need a resource pursue it, but you have the ability to get through it? How do you know that Allah will not give you anything you cannot get through? Now a lot of people will receive these tests and won't pass the test. Why? Because they automatically assume

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they can't handle the test because of how difficult it is. And this is not to undermine or belittle any difficulty, or any trial that comes your way. This is simply a reminder that when you do go through the trial, knowing and believing you can get through it is actually a component that allows you and it's sometimes even the catalyst that allows you to actually get through it. And when you get through it, you're not just getting through it anyway, like the other one who was struggling, you're getting through it with also the reward for your patients the reward of passing the test. And if you're going to go through it anyway, you might as well take the greatest reward from it, and the

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greatest source of tranquility and peace and happiness. May Allah pouncing grant us that certainty of passing our trials Aloma me. And finally, number four, remember the first words of the people of paradise. When they enter gender, some of the first phrases of the people of gender are mentioned to us in the Quran. And Allah tells us about these things so that we are given this reminder to keep our eyes on the prize not on this life, not on worldly distractions that people have agenda when they enter agenda. amongst their first words are Al Hamdulillah, he ledee hubba another husband Praise be to the one who removed from us, our worries, our anxieties, our pain, our difficulties,

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and this is both the difficulties of the past life of dunya and also the difficulties of the Day of Resurrection. Why? Because the people of Jana, enter Jana, may Allah make us amongst them. And there's no pain after that there are no trials after that there is no suffering after that. And so if it is a place of pure bliss that you desire, a place of no suffering whatsoever, no pain ever again, then it is paradise that you seek. So work for it may last with Hannah Montana, grant us all the highest levels of Jana, and allow us to get through the suffering of this world in the trials of this world and may have lost your path and grant us the optimism and the beneficial knowledge and

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the resilience and the resources and the environments and the factors that will help us all to pass these trials along with me.