Zakir Naik – Reply to the Media Allegation – All Muslims are not Terrorists but all Terrorists are Muslims

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The conversation covers historical records of terrorist attacks in the 20th century, including the Oklahoma bombing, the attack on the Los Angeles Times, and the recent " Book of the attack on the Oklahoma Tower." The speakers emphasize the importance of history as a learning source for future events, including the recent terrorist attacks on the streets of the city of Sofia, Bulgaria, where around 125 people were killed and over 500 injured. The UK is more afraid of terrorist attacks than police officers and the DGP of Jonesburg, while the US is more afraid of the LTT Tamilinking terrorist organization and the Indian terrorist organization.
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Today, we have in the international media, there is a very common statement, which is repeatedly bombarded, especially in the Western media. And that statement is all Muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.

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And this statement was even important to India, especially after the 11th of July, the serial twin bomb blast that took place in Bombay, especially to Bombay. And we find that even in India, especially in Bombay, people kept on repeating the statement that all Muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.

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That is unless today

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What do the historical records tell us? And what does the data on terrorist attack that is available were discovered to the tell us

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when we look at the records in 19th century, we can hardly find any terrorist attacks have been done by Muslims. Time doesn't permit me to speak about the details of the attacks taking place in 19th century. I just mentioned a couple of them. We know that in 1881.

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Sir Alexander, two of Russia, he was assassinated. He was traveling in a bulletproof carriage in St. Petersburg Street, there was a bomb that kills innocent 21 bystanders. He comes out of the bulletproof courage. Another bomb comes and is killed. He was not killed by a Muslim. Your skill by Ignis. He was appalled from verbascum. He was a non Muslim. He was an artist.

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We know In 1886

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there was a bomb blast

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that took place in the Haymarket in Chicago during the labor rally, and 12 innocent people were killed man amongst them was a policeman by the name of dejan later on seven policemen were injured, and they died in the hospital. The people responsible for this act, they were not Muslims. They were eight, an Ark is all of the non Muslims. When we analyze the record of the terrorist attacks that have taken place in the 20th century, we know from historical records, that on the sixth of September 19 101,

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the then president of USA, William McKinley, he was assassinated by an artist by the name of Leon. He was shot twice by Leon, he was a non Muslim. On the first of October 9, then there was the bomb blast that took place in the Los Angeles Times, newspaper building, in which 21 innocent people were killed. The people responsible for this bomb blast. They were two Christians, by the name of James and Joseph. They were union leaders. They were non Muslims. We know that on the 28th of June 19, and 14, inside of a job, friends, the Archduke

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of Austria, along with his wife, they were assassinated, which precipitated the World War One.

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The people responsible for this assassination. They were called the young boss via most of them, they were Serbs. They were non Muslims.

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from historical record, we come to know that on the 16th of April 925, there was a bomb blast that took place in St. Nydia church in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, in which more than 150 innocent people were killed, and more than 500 injured. It was the biggest terrorist attack that has taken place on the file of Bulgaria. It was conducted by the Bulgarian Communist Party. They were non Muslims.

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We know from historical records, that on the ninth of October 1934, king Alexander one of Yugoslavia, he was assassinated by gunmen by the name of Lada George if he was a non Muslim,

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the first US plane to be hijacked. It was not by a Muslim. It was by a non Muslim Muslim of what is he hijacked the US airliner to Cuba. And he later on got their asylum. When we go to the records of terrorist attacks done, we come to know that in the 1968, the ambassador to Guatemala, he was assassinated by non Muslim in 1969, the ambassador of Japan he was knighted by Japanese a non Muslim, the ambassador to Brazil 1969. He was kidnapped by a non Muslim.

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The famous attack the Oklahoma bombing, which took place on 19th of April 1985 where there was a truck loaded with the bomb.

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which ran into the Federal Building in Oklahoma, which killed 166 innocent human beings and hundreds of injured. Initially, it came in the press, Middle East conspiracy four days together.

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Later on, they came to know it were to right wing activists,

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Christians by the name of Timothy and Terry, who were responsible for the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma. But when this news comes, it comes for a couple of days and then it vanishes. But before for several days, Middle East conspiracy Middle East conspiracy after world war two from 1941 to 1948. In the span of eight years, 259 terrorist attacks were conducted by Jewish terrorists.

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But many organizations ignore stern gang, Haganah. And we know of the famous bombing of King David hotel, which took place on the 22nd of July 1946. They were conducted by igloo, under the leadership of mannequin begging, in which 91 innocent people were killed, out of which 28 for British 41 Arabs, 70 Jews and five others, the ignorant group, they dressed up as Arabs, to show as though Muslims at the bombing.

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And the person responsible was when it can begin. And it was the biggest terrorist attack against the history of British Mandate in which 91 people were killed.

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And at that time, many can begin he was called as terrorists number one by the British government. Later on, after a few years, he becomes the Prime Minister of Israel. And later on after few years, he gets the Nobel Prize for Peace. Imagine a person who has killed

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a person who has killed hundreds and 1000s of innocent human beings, becomes the Prime Minister of Israel, and later on gets a Nobel Prize for Peace. And most of the groups that are fighting like stern gang, ignant, Haganah, all of these Jewish groups, and the leaders like the artifacts ribbon, mannequin begin area Sharon, later on became prime ministers and high holding ranks in the State of Israel. And all of them they were fighting for a Jewish state. If you see the world map before 1945, Israel did not exist.

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Israel didn't exist. These Jewish groups, they were called as terrorists by the Britishers. They fought for a Jewish state. Later on with power, they grab the land. And the key the past in is out. And now the same people are calling the same Palestinians while fighting for a more just cause for getting the land back. And they are label today as terrorists by the Israelis.

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Imagine Hitler in three to 6 million Jews.

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He keeps the Jewish community out. Why should they come to Palestine? The Palestinians, they welcome the cousins with open hands.

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If they should take a land, they should go back to Germany, they should go back to Europe.

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Imagine the Palestinians welcome the cousins. Imagine suppose a visitor comes to your house. Being a stranger, you're welcome in the house. After a few days he kicks you out of the house. And when you cry at the doorstep around my house back people call you a terrorist.

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This is exactly what happened to the Palestinians. They

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don't only want the land back

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and for call people, most of these powerful first world countries, they are agreeing with this unjust cause.

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We know that in Germany from historical records from 1968 to 1992. The burden of gang they killed several innocent human beings in Italy becomes know from records about the red bigots which has killed several innocent human beings. They were also responsible for kidnapping the Prime Minister of Italy, al d'amato. And after 55 days, they killed him further when we come a similar gang, a similar test outfit. We know also in Japan,

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the Japanese that army there was this cult. I'm here with this cult. And they tried to kill 1000s of people in the Tokyo subway by the North guess. But unfortunately, they weren't very successful. They were only able to kill 12 people but

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more than 5700 innocent human beings. They were injured and wounded because there's no I guess they put this in UK for about 100 years. The IRA, Irish Republican Army they are conducting attacks against UK. They are Catholics but they're never called

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Left Catholic terrorist. They're called an IRA.

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And we know they have conducted several terrorist attacks. Only 1972. Three bomb blasts are done. In the first one. Seven people were killed in the second 111 were killed. And third one nine were killed in 1974. The two bomb blasts in the follow up. They killed five heroes in people and injured 44 people in the Birmingham pub 21 innocent people were killed by the bomb blast and 182 were injured.

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Time doesn't permit to speak about all the activity they did. I'm just mentioning a few just at random in 1996. They did a bomb loss in London, where two people were killed and more than 100 of injured. Further 9096. A bomb loss was done in the shopping area of Manchester with 206 people were injured. In 1998 bambridge bomb blasts were 500 pounds of bomb was loaded in a car in which 35 innocent people were injured in the same year.

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We know from records about the automatic bomb blast, where a 500 pound of bomb was put in the car, and 29 innocent people were killed and 330 were injured. All these records are from non Muslim sources. They have not been written by Muslims

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or from non Muslim sources from amnesty report from bbv. If you go on the internet, you can cross check. But many times when the number is big, there may be a difference like today we know how many people killed 296. One report says 294 one says 293. So I played safe and say more than 290.

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The report if it's a large number may differ by few year and if it's a small number, it's precise. All these are non Muslim sources.

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In 2001, the BBC was born by IRA but these people they are not called us Catholic terrorists. Today, the UK Government is more afraid of Muslim terrorists. I don't know from the records of the UK Government. How many confirmed Muslim terrorists have been bombed last in UK. Even the London bombing of seventh of July. There's no confirmed report. They are suspected to be Muslims. It's not confirmed, in which more than 50 people were killed one reports 50 to one report says 56 therefore said more than 50 people were killed. Even if you agree for sake of argument that there were Muslims, who did the seven July bomb blast in the year 2005. Yet, they come nowhere close to IRA

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puts these bomb blasts to shame they have killed hundreds and 1000s of people yet today, the UK Government is more afraid IRA is doing since more than 100 years. But because of the advice of George Bush, Tony Blair is more afraid of the Muslim terrorists rather than the problem which is there for more than 100 years.

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We know from historical records that in Spain and France, the terrorist organization is eta. They have conducted 36 attacks. And in Africa, there are so many organizations the list is exhaustive. But the one which is worth noting, and one of the most notorious is called as the Lord's Salvation Army. It's a Christian terrorist organization. They train young children to commit terrorist attacks.

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When we come to Sri Lanka, we know of the LTT Tamil Tigers.

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They are supposed to be one of the most notorious, most violent of all the terrorist organizations in the world. They are the people who are experts in suicide bombing.

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And they even take help of children they train them and they let them take part in suicide bombing. Normally, people are known that the Palestinian suicide bombing Iraq is so sad Mommy, if it historical record, the people who have popular suicide bombing or the LTT Tamil Tigers who are the Hindus, but the Indian report doesn't say Hindi terrorists. They say LTT.

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When we come to India, many times most of the terrorist attacks that we are of majority of them, they talk about Kashmiri militants. Whether the attacks are right or wrong, we can discuss some other time. But how many times do you hear and more justice has been said he said he named many of the terrorist attacks taking place in India. I wonder how many of the people in the audience have heard of them in the newspapers, how many? Those people are involved like honorable people like justice Huckabee, Suresh and those in the field aware of it, but the general masses, we aren't aware of it. Minamata his attacks are talked about most often. They talked about muslim terrorist Why?

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In India, they're a terrorist organization belong to almost all different religions. Almost all

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we know of the sick days organization.

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Meanwhile, a group

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in Punjab we know that the Indian government on the fifth of June 1984 they took over the Golden Temple in which 100 human beings

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In retaliation, a few months later, on 31st of October 1984, the then Prime Minister Shimon, Indira Gandhi, she was assassinated by one of our security guard who was sick. If you go to the South Asian terrorism hotel site, not run by Muslims, and by non Muslims, and you see the list of terrorist attacks, done all the people, the Muslims are in a minority, but that's never highlighted in the media.

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If you go to northeast of India, if you go to the Christian terrorist organization exists, like ATF, all Tripura Tiger force, and the lefty

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National Liberation Front of Tripura,

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the Christians, they've killed several Hindus reports if you go on the site, for Hindus killed it in those killed on second October 2004 44 Hindus were killed, and several were injured by this group. Now Christians in Assam olfa will fall alone

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in a span of the past

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16 years from 1990 to 2006. They have conducted successfully 749 terrorist attacks. They will put the Kashmiri militants to shame 749 confirmed terrorist attacks.

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But when we read in the newspaper, we only know about the Kashmiri attacks. And I remember a couple of years back, I'm called Alhamdulillah by God's grace by several parts of India for several parts of the world. I had many invitations from Kashmir, but is it the right time to go yes or no. Finally, in September 2003, I decided to go to Kashmir. And then I gave a talk in Srinagar. And they told me the organizers that in the past 14 years first time the government gave permission for public talk. And they organized my talk in Polo Grounds in Kashmir, in which 100,000 people attended in all this turmoil. And the government gave me security. I was wondering why are these people with

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machine gun with me? I went off to the various sides will mark belgaum gave talks etc. Fine. I didn't think it was required. later on. I happen to go to Assam to give talks. And the moment I landed in the airport, I find security guards around me. I said why? And then I thank God.

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If they would not have been there, I wouldn't have come back here.

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I did not know. I did not know that so many Harris.

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The olfa are trained only to target the Muslims, the Hindus. How many times does the press the media report about them? Because it's not tantalizing. These reports may come in the news brief. It does appear news brief so many people noted never in the headlines in news briefs. Amongst the organizations, there is organizations, the Naxalites,

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we know of the mice, the mall is a communist, number one terrorist attacks that have been done in India maximum about the most only Nepal in the past seven years, they have conducted nine test attacks and out of the 600 districts in India, according to the Indian government, according to the site on terrorism, they say that they are present in 150 districts of India, they have done terrorist attacks in 1/3 parts of India. Number one, if you compare the people they have killed, the attacks they have done compared to the Kashmiri militants. It's no way comparable.

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The Maoists are a bigger danger for India. But yet

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we find that the government is more afraid of the Muslim terrorists Why?

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The result is George Bush.

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Just a couple of days back

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on the ninth of supplement article, Times of India, not on the front page inside but quite a big article. That 875 rockets, a hall of ammunition 875 rockets, which was supposed to be supplied to the Maoist. They were intercepted. And they were confiscated and 30 rocket launchers. Imagine it is the biggest hole in the history of India, that any terrorist organization that the government has got

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its own defied rockets, they can wage a war against the Indian Army and the DGP of Andhra Pradesh. In other words, he was shocked. He said that with these rocket launchers, they can attack any police station, any tanks of the Indian government from a distance of 600 meters for more than half a kilometer away. They can attack the Indian tanks, the Indian police station and you can't do anything rocket launches.

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Yet we feel people are more afraid of people who have a beard. People are wearing a cap people have to janky

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are they more dangerous than rocket launchers.

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