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AI: Summary © The discussion covers the history and potential consequences of the "offensive" concept in Arabic language, including its use in older age and its potential negative impact on emotions. There is also discussion of the use of "arson" in arguments against the right thing and the importance of faith and separating narrations from the Quran. The conversation also touches on the negative impact of actions and actions on people's emotions and the need for people to be empowered by their beliefs. The speakers suggest that individuals should be aware of their emotions and not just focus on negative thoughts.
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How are we learning? I'm gonna show you the regime.

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But I'm Hebron Ibrahim along with

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a total Bushra Yuja. DeLuna. He called me Lou. In Ibrahim Allah honeymoon our home moody.

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Rubbish actually suddenly were sadly Emery melissani of our colleagues and hamdu lillah wa salatu salam O Allah rasool Allah, Allah, Allah, he was at age nine, my dad once again. So when it comes to like Allah Ricardo.

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Yesterday, we started talking about the argument that Ibrahim Ali Salam, Allah expresses Yuja DeLuna that he started debating with us. This actually is something called the jazz directly. So let me explain the concept of majaz. Actually, these are technical terms and Arabic studies in Biblical Studies. And then we tend to even when we give them English definitions, we give them complicated English definitions. But I'm going to try to simplify that for you first. So we understand what's going on here. It's actually pretty easy. So you know, let's just say that the, the king, an ancient king decides to build a bridge. Right? So people pass by and they say the king built that bridge.

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Right? But the king didn't build that bridge. The king just issued an order. And his ministers went and talked to engineers, the engineers that hired workers, and there was an entire conglomerate of people a chain reaction that led to the building of that bridge, right? Or, you know, people you know, they say that, you know, I made this restaurant, or whatever, no, you bought the restaurant, you hired contractors, you got cooks, you didn't make it the making of it involved a lot of people, right. So sometimes what happens is, you you say it's not inaccurate to say the king built the bridge, but what you're actually saying is the king issued an order which led to a lot of people

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putting themselves to work and allowed for it to happen and financed it and all of it but you summarized all of that by just saying what the king built the bridge. So this is this is kind of the majaz ugly, okay, so this is when you meet mentioned one thing but behind it as an entire, you know, chain. So the same way in the ayah Allah says Yuja de Luna, he was debating with us, we call me loot in the matter of the people of loot la Salaam. So that baby's really cute but also really loud. And I've have don't want to give the lecture and just play with that babies actually what I really want to do.

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So if you could just hang out at all until the baby you know.

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Mashallah, okay. He'd have to spend some time later. Okay.

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So anyway, what was I saying something about Islam?

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Yes, I know. I know.

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He's debating with me. Anyway. I'm sorry.

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Okay, he's gonna be the villain in five years.

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Okay, so you just didn't have to call me loot. He started debating with us in the matter of the people of loot that debating with us is actually referring to the angels. He's debating with Allah, he was actually having a conversation with the angels. And, you know, I started reading more about this and just trying to figure out how scholars in the past have grappled with the subject because Ibrahim Al Islam, as I told you before, it's an absolute submission under any circumstance. If Calella horrible Muslim Allah Islam fully herbal Allah mean, when his master said to him surrender, he surrendered completely. And yet here he is arguing back, I want to tell you an interesting, crazy

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story, too. I was at a symposium, speaking with a minister and a rabbi and myself, right, this is not a joke. It was really happened. So so, you know, Muslim guy, a rabbi and a priest suit together talk, we're talking about Ibrahim alayhi salam, and we're talking and so they wanted to the theme was Abraham, the Abrahamic faiths. So I was going to present Ibrahim Osen, from the Islamic point of view, we were going to have a discussion. One of the things the rabbi said was fascinating. He said, You know, we're in we are the people of Abraham, were supposed to argue with God. And I was like, Really, you're, you're supposed to argue with God. Why? Because, you know, when the angels came to

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give God's command that the people of lot people looked should be destroyed. Abraham argued back Ibrahim alayhis salam, you know, argued, so from that, we learn that we should argue back with God this this actually shows how much Abraham matured, that he was able to argue back with God and then he starts explaining this to me, by way of an example. He said, When a child is young, and you say, Hey, you're gonna go to the you're gonna put him in this kindergarten, or you're gonna wear this shirt today. Are you going to wear these shoes then the kid doesn't argue. But when the kid is old enough, he's a college student and the parents say you're gonna go to this college and he says, know

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that this is a better engineering school. I'm going to apply

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I hear instead and he explains his reasons. This father is proud that my son has matured so much that he's telling me some things I didn't understand. This is a sign of maturity. So God is proud that Abraham argued back because he's matured more. And I was like, really? So. So you're saying maturity comes with age? And he said, Yes. I was like, okay. But then a few years after that, God told Abraham to sacrifice his son, he didn't argue back. I thought he's supposed to get even more argumentative, according to you. As he ages more, he should argue back more, and that's a sign of maturity. But when he gets to that older age, and his son is old enough to run around, he's ordering

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in the sacrifice. That's and he completely surrendered to that commandment. How come? He goes, hmm, that's interesting. All I got is that's interesting. But we have to also grapple with the fact that Allah has used this word that is used typically for people arguing against the right thing, or people that are we're debating with, like, for example, legit humility here arson, or Wella. To God Lu al Kitabi, Illa bility. Here arson, you know, our debate with them in the best possible way and don't debate with the people of the Book except in a way that's better. So debate, this is what the word is used for. Right? But semi Allahu COVID Allah T Tujuh. De Luca Visagie what ash tequila and

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so little medalla the woman came to the province, Isla started started arguing with the Prophet slash love about what should she do with her husband who said he left her and he said certain words that he shouldn't have said, so how am I what am I supposed to do? What does Allah say about that? And she was arguing with the Prophets listener. So anyway, so it's interesting demand from Medina, Razi dealt with this issue, right, and he verbalized what I was thinking and he did a really thorough breakdown of how to understand this argument and I thought it's worth kind of skimming through. So he says, he had the hill majorda to incarnate, but Allah heeta Allah here Jarrah, Allah,

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if it is an argument with Allah because arguing with his angels by extension would be arguing with Allah and this is being you know, confrontational with Allah. We're here min

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warble Jara to Allah, Allah heeta Allah and Allah with Zulu as the greatest kind of center argue back with Allah. And then at the end, he says, Okay, well some people say no, it's not. He's not arguing with Allah. He's arguing just with the angels. Well, Doctor, the mechanical woman whom will Kyla Fattah Abdullah wa Mancha. But even that would mean that he's arguing with them to disobey the Command of Allah and that's unaccepted. And then some people tried to come up with another excuse and say, no, no, maybe the angels came up with that on their own. He goes out to lie against the angels. Angels don't do anything except Allah tells them to do it. So you know, this is the problem

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that he presents and he goes but the answer is not so complicated. He gives a few explanations. I'll run through just a couple of them with you. One of them very important another moron when had the hill Masada sir you Ibraheem Alehissalaam fita he will either be on home that the the intent of Ibrahim Ali Salam is to delay the punishment not to cancel the punishment. He's basically asking Allah for more time so the Allah's command has come, but when should it be done can be debated? Right. So the okay this nation is gonna get destroyed. But how much time do they have? Can we negotiate on the time? I'm not saying Allah's command shouldn't happen Allah's command is going to

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happen, but perhaps if I can have more time, or if we can, we can negotiate on more time. Perhaps they can be, you know, they can, some of them can come around, they can make Toba etc, etc. He's actually helping even one of them makes doba he's actually even hoping even one of them as we will see. Okay, so that's one way of looking at it.

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So, and basically what local law YouTube Alpha our like, just because the command has been issued, doesn't mean it has to happen immediately. An interesting example of that even the seal of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam is that the Ayat of Hajj were revealed in Medina when the proposition was in Medina in the early period, but you couldn't go to Hajj for several years, like we got the monastic of Hajj revealed, but Mecca and the Kaaba was in the control of the idol worshipers. And they were waging war with the Muslims and they had the Kaaba under their control. And but the ayat told us something that we have to liberate that godless so we can fulfill these ayat. Right. So even

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by revealing the Ayat of Hajj early, Allah made it clear to the Muslims, that your objective is the liberation of Makkah. Because this fundamental pillar of your faith, cannot coexist with them in charge of Makkah. Right. But the point is, they couldn't go there right away, that needed time. So perhaps this is what he is arguing with them. Some other kulula had a man whom you got rid of Madhava who then each one of them takes their own position in it.

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And so in this in this, in this analysis, he's actually saying that Ibrahim Allah Islam is really concerned that even one of them or just any of them can just, you know, just come back to Allah. So before I tell you the last position that helps us solidify our understanding of this debate. I want you to know something about what Allah does. How did he destroy nations in the past because this is a story of angels coming in.

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and destroying a nation. And this is something that has happened over and over again in the history of nations, right? And one of the ways that Allah explains that in thorough detail, he describes them in Soto Aarav, as a Yama, Allah, the days of Allah, the days of Allah where nations met their reckoning in this life, right? And there's a common there's a few, like components that have to be there. It's pretty straightforward, though. One component is a messenger has to have come to them who's still among them, and he has tried everything he can to get them to correct course. The second thing is Allah has revealed to that messenger, no one of them is absolutely going to believe

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anymore. The time to give Dawa to them is over. Like there's no hope there's no room or hope for reconciliation, the only one who can check what's in someone's heart. And the only one who can check if anybody's going to have a change of heart is who it's Allah and Allah finally reveals like he takes 950 years to reveal that to new highlights around and then says build the ark and get out now, there's these people are done the same way that the pharaohs you know what I have not I love it. Well, I love it. I want to be seen in the Pharaoh, even after the snake incident. You know, and the magician's being being overwhelmed and them accepting Islam. Even after that there were several

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years that Allah gave to the pharaohs several years that they had a chance to come back to Allah. But at one point Allah said in the whole Morricone, SDB, everybody Leyland and Nakamura could not take my slaves in the middle of the night. These people are meant to drown. That's it. They're done. This is the actually the the closest thing to this in the life of our Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam is the McCanns you know, pushed drove our profit out, at least to a salon, they drove him out of Makkah, they tried to kill him. So you would think all these markings are hopeless, they should all be executed because they look at what they did to the profit. This is what the Pharaoh did to Musa

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This is what the previous prophets did to the people that to their profits. So the Quraysh are making the same mistake, they should be annihilated also, Allah azza wa jal says when when the time came and who they be, I came, and there was about to be a fight that was going to happen in Makkah. Allah says well hola Regina moved me noon Vanessa Minato lamp, Allah Mohan.

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You know, he says, had it not been for believing men and women that you didn't even know about. You know, like they're still believing men and women inside maca. It's been 20 some years. And the prophets I love and the Sahaba don't know that there are some secret Muslims inside Makkah. But Allah knows that. And Allah says Had there been a complete separation. Had there been no ounce of any believer any potential believer left inside maca had it been completely? Oh, these are only the people of gopher. Those are the people of Eman that's it. The if that had happened lotus or yellow Lotus Tamiya zoo in a meaning have they completely been separated? live their lives in a cafe

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roaming home as a Lima then we would have given them a painful punishment would have tortured them ourselves. They would have deserved the same divine wrath that came to other nations. So now you're understanding something about when does Allah destroy a nation when there's no ounce of faith left in them? In fact, I want to read these out to you from Surah Al Azhar yet which I left off at when Allah azza wa jal talked about the nation of

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loot he said, Look man, listen to this.

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For us right now mankind if he Hominem me meaning we, we pulled out from that nation from the nation of loot, we actually extracted everyone that had been from among the believers. So who's the only one left in the nation of loot? Disbelievers is the only ones left okay, then he says for now we're just gonna fee ha ha era baiting middle Muslim in and other than one household of Muslims, which is whose household loot on Islam and his daughters. Other than that we found that a single household of Muslims, Allah is saying that he's telling us this principle for the destruction of nations. No believer should be left and a messenger is informed that no believer is left among them. Then the

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punishment of Allah descends. That's actually when the punishment of Allah descends. So now the angels haven't come to loot Alehissalaam yet, the angels have come to who Ibrahim la sera, so they haven't come to loot yet. Once they come to loot, they will say to loot there's no believers left here.

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That's the executive order. Once they say that, he's got to go they're gonna get destroyed. But before they go, Ibrahim Ali Salam is asking for what more time he's like, uh, can we have a little bit more time? Maybe some of them will turn around. Now there's a narration and the mama Lucy correctly says Allahu Alem and then we'll be Sati ha Allah only knows how correct it is how verifiable it is. There are several similar scenarios.

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Christians, all of them not reaching the highest level of authenticity. But regardless they are there they're well known, you probably heard one or two of them. A lot of times I make the distinction to separate narrations from the Quran because when we talk about the word of Allah, we're talking about that which is unquestionable. And sometimes in explaining the Word of Allah, we take the assistance from certain narrations, the narration should be taken, we should take benefit from them where we can, or we should be aware that they cannot reach the level of certainty that the word of Allah has. So there has to be a distinction between them, especially if there's a

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disagreement among researchers and scholars about the strength of these reports. So this is one of those reports. So listen, actually MAMARAZZI when he quoted his version of it, he didn't even cite the source. He just kind of went into it. He does that often. So he says for cada Ibrahim Rahim, Allah Islam said now this is a form of narration of Quran. An item Locanda fee How come sooner Rajala minemining to Laguna Have you seen so what do you guys think if there were 50 believers left Would you still destroy that nation? Or Lulu? The angel said no. For color for brown they said okay, so what about 40? They said Lulu no no color for Salah soon then he said okay 30 If they're 30

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believers would you still destroy this town? They said no, Hector Bella Shara the until he got to 10 He's and if there's 10 people that believe would you still destroy the nation of Luke or Lula they said no or item and kind of see how Roger the Muslim one actually gonna if you see that there's only a single Muslim left Are you still going to destroy like a single Muslim cannula they said no for endodontic records so he sued saw seizes the opportunity and says interfere Luton loose in there

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so he's he said okay, well let's is there so don't destroy yet. But and then in another place in the Quran. This actually goes further in certain uncovered Well imagine this is Quran now, when a majority of Rahima Bill Bushra when our angels are messengers came to Ibrahim alayhi salam with the good news Callooh in muvico, he had the hilarity they said we are we are absolutely going to be destroying the citizens of this village this town in Isla Cannavale mean no doubt the people of it have been wrongdoers are in Nephi Hello, and he said there's loot in there. All the angels replied no Allah will be one fee how we know better who's in there, sir. That's our job. We let's you know,

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we're on a mission. We're on protocol. We have proper intelligence, our sources Allah azza wa jal. We know better. Who's in there, Luna G and now Hua Allahu Allah Murata who cannot mean Aloha valine. We are we are going to be rescuing him and his family except his wife. She'll be the ones who will be among those that are left behind, kind of menial hobby doing. So this is what they informed Ibrahim alayhis salam, right. So now that they've told Ibrahim Ali Salam, that, that that the if you combine all of what I'm trying to say and Imam Razi, is contemplations, then one way they look at this, this analysis is that they say, well, Ibrahim alayhi salam just was worried about Luca later

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I'm so sorry, Sam is saying he was okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay, that's good, then you can go kill them this good, you know, but actually, it seems a more plausible explanation and this is what Imam Razi himself at the end will handle watch nd who will monitor at the end he said is that the argument happened because he wasn't just trying to cancel the punishment at all he was trying to white delay and the delay does not benefit Luther they salaam delay delay does not benefit the family of Luther asunder believers, he already knows Allah does not allow believers to be destroyed. The delay only benefits who the potential believers some some way if they can have another chance some way if they

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can come around, right? So

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this is his, this is his understanding, and it corresponds with what is coming next and I'm gonna go there are three names of Ibrahim alayhis salam, in the in the next idea. I'm going to take the middle name because that's the one that's immediately connected and then we'll talk about the sequence another time.

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Allah azza wa jal describes Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam as a strange word Allah, Allah Now are we oh, he called him atonia Kulu Orajel and the sheikh at our at our Jura in classical Arabic Oh, he Oh, he is actually like how which is what we do now to write or

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or when somebody is really sad. Or if you guys watch a lot of Pakistani dramas, a lot of old lady said

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You know, you know, there's a lot of gasping for air to express pain right unless you watch like anime then everything is you know,

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every expression is you know, that's that's the award but not the kind that the Arabs used to do to our back in the day was it's an expression of pain. And they used to say it was a janitor who we have a salt later for Raja and who Babu maybe like up

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person gives out this, this gasping sound or this air that he breathes out heavily to release some of the distress and the anxiety that they have inside of them. And the one from that word, we get a Wah, which is cathedral lagoon, a wahoo cathedral, Hosni, someone who's really, really sad, is a wha. Because they're always, you know, kind of having that gasp of air that they release, or they just they breathe out heavy, you know, from their diaphragm, as an expression of pain will kill Ah ha, ha, oh, lol. Hi. And it is as if that sad gap, that sad expression, and that sad breathing is always coupled with prayer for someone. Yeah, unless if these people

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you know, there's a deep sadness inside them. So the word Allah actually suggests not just that the Rahim Ali salaam was concerned for people, that he he had a really deep feeling. And he felt the pain for the destruction where people people were bringing on themselves. Like he's not, he's not going to be dissatisfied with the command of Allah. His sadness is not that Allah decided to destroy them. His sadness is that these people aren't seeing the truth. He's sad over them, you know, and he's a war over them. And he's hoping that if Allah can just delay this a little bit more, maybe I can negotiate that and maybe I can go help loot and maybe some of them can just come back around.

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Some of them can turn back but again, only Allah knows who will turn back and who won't. And then the you know, the commandment of the destruction comes. This is also said about A WA Rahim rakia, someone delicate, someone sensitive, someone who's very loving and caring. These are the qualities of Ibrahim alayhis salam. So, you know, some some express to me that what I said yesterday that you have to have concern for humanity, even no matter what they're saying. And even if we don't absolutely don't agree with their sin, and we're gonna call it the worst crime that brings about the rage of Allah. In fact, the fact that it brings about so much rage of Allah is what makes us sad.

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This is what makes us sad that someone's going down a path that brings about the rage of Allah. This is, in my mind, no different than someone who's diving into riba or someone else who's diving in to Zina or somebody else who's diving into alcohol or other sins, right? When people are going into those sins and we feel pain, right? We feel we feel hurt, that they're hurting themselves, they're destroying themselves. This is no different. From our point of view, we should feel a sadness that we want to, we don't want people the people we care about to be to go down a path of destruction. That's all this is. And it's reinforced by the very next aisle because in the very next I enable

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Rahimullah halimun Halima is actually someone forbearing forbearing is a hard English word, but it actually means you can, you can feel somebody else's pain, you know, you you feel for someone and why on top of that is you actually feel pain and sad for them hurting themselves.

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And then, on top of all of that money turning back to Allah, like that pain of his, it made him turn to Allah and just find ways to save them. Instead of being angry with them. He's pleading with Allah and even him doing this doodle is actually a beautiful thing. He's not arguing against the Command of Allah, he's pleading for the Mercy of Allah. That's actually what he's doing. So it's a very powerful expression of the mindset, and the heart of Ibrahim Alayhi salaam, towards all of humanity, then you will appreciate when we get there, I don't know if I'm gonna be able to finish the series or not because there's only a few days left and there's a lot of Ibrahim on a salon left. But the

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one thing I do want to share with you is when he's building the copper, right, the culmination of his career, he's building the Kaaba. And when he's building the Kaaba, he's making sure that this becomes a place that people the hearts of people from all over the world are inclined towards it right at the 10 Minute Nursey that we lay him right so towards the towards the people of the Kaaba, make other people's hearts around the world soft towards these people make them come towards it, right and actually, the fulfillment of that is also the coming of Rasul Allah. So he said, and we have the, we have a love for the Prophet SAW Selim, we have a love therefore we have a love for the

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Kaaba and the love for the people. All of that came from what that Abraham Ali salaam, but he had this, if because if they have that love, they'll find a path to guidance, they'll find a way back to you, Europe. That's what I would like to do. That's, that's the monument that he left behind. Right? And it's again a concern for all of humanity, he's not making dua to destroy the kofod and, you know, and the enemies and no, he's trying to win people over. He's trying to win them over. You know, we're Muslims are too quick nowadays to make dua for the destruction of everybody else.

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Right. There's, there's just, we're just teaching our kids even to just destroy the kuffaar I make dua Allah destroys the Pakistanis making dua alleged

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Was there neighbors in this without that one? Or like I was at a long time ago I was at a country that shall not be named. And they were making dua after in taraweeh right after either making dua and your Allahumma helical American

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basketball Irati him like you know, like he was the guys who was making dua and most people don't even know Arabic man, they're like standing up. I mean, I mean, right as I go law destroy the Americans down their planes, I was like, I got a flight tomorrow. No,

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no, I mean, no.

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Why are you so obsessed with the destruction of everyone else?

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Later who knew shahada and as you know, You Allah sent you so you can be a witness over people? Not so you can hope for the destruction of other people. Most people don't know. Allah says over the waxaa axon naskila Allah will most people don't even know. They don't even know well, if they don't know as an ummah we should feel collective guilt. They don't know because we didn't tell them. That's actually the mental Nadia, Allah, they don't know destroy them. How come? They don't know? They should have Googled us.

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You know, that's not the mentality. There is a concern for humanity, there's a desire for us to, to show them the best of our character. Right? So we Muslims have to face themselves in the mirror when we're in a country where we're the minority. Muslims are a minority in France, Muslims are a minority in America and Australia differently. We're a minority, right? And we're talking about minority rights and how we're our civil liberties are being taken and all of that stuff. Have you seen Muslim countries where the non Muslims are a minority? Have you seen how Muslims are treating their non Muslim minorities? We've seen that is that is that is that something that we're proud of?

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Is that is that the religion of Ibrahim Ali Salaam? Is that how we should be treating those people? Right? So and with what with what like a view if you truly look in the mirror then if the world has an impression of the Muslim then we have anything to do with that? Are they hate Islam? No, maybe they hate the way you are bro. Who is the way you the way you're carrying yourself? The way you're constructing your society, your mindset, your mentality? Maybe that's what they hate. And maybe it is hate worthy. Maybe we should look at ourselves and say did we are we living up to these these principles that Allah has given us from Allah truly get empower us and enable us to become the to

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live by the religion of our father, Ibrahim Ali. So somebody also asked why do you call it religion of your father? Why not religion of our father, because I'm taking the expression from the I mean, letter V comb, the religion of your father, Ibrahim, Ali salaam, so that's why I chose that as question BarakAllahu li Welcome to Quran Al Hakim. Whenever anywhere er can be it was Salam Alikum