Cosmic Coward Removes Video after Backlash

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Well, I one mistake can make such a big difference. And today we're gonna be talking about the big mistake from cosmic coward cosmic failure, cosmic cow would call him whatever you want to call him. Actually, to be honest with you Just some time ago, maybe it was before maybe two, three weeks ago, I made a video about him actually praising some of what he was doing because he was talking about how voracious he didn't mention this kind of language while the contingency argument was and how he sees as the absurdity of the infinite regress and whatever. Now, for some strange reason, in fact that we can both comment on he's decided to attack the Muslim community again. And before we talk

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about him attacking the Muslim community, let's really distinguish because the video that he took down, okay, which initially had up was, why is Islam so sensitive or something to that effect? Right? Yes. Islam here, he's not talking about if you like the religion, he's talking, he is talking about Muslim people because he actually mentions Muslims and their reactions to certain things, that provocations whatever is this ungrammatical use of the word Islam to refer to Muslim people, this ungrammatical use is a commonplace usage among people on the alt right people on the even the far right, that try maybe disguise their Islamophobia disguise the the hasty generalizations against

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Muslim community, you know, it's like Tommy Robinson, you know, I don't have fun with the Muslim this Islam. Right, right. But to be completely honest with you mentioned somewhere he was right. He wasn't as cowardly as this. I mean, he wouldn't, he wouldn't pop a video and then put it down. And

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you could imagine that that was nonsense. Imagine imagine Tommy Robinson put a video out here and putting it taken down. At least he had a degree of being Rough and Ready, like, you know, he had a certain level of courageousness and you can say no, to a certain level he did. So level of courageousness that this is a boy doesn't Unfortunately, that's not how they do also have something in common. You know, Tony Robinson and Kay Hopkins, and all these people, they have something in common, they use a fear factor. And that's exactly what he's done. It's very strange because it's a fallacy of a circular argument and it's a self fulfilling prophecy. I'm not saying he claimed these

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or what I'm trying to say is he puts a video up and he says why this I'm so sensitive and you know, Muslims do all kinds of burn places bomb places, etc. And then it takes its video down so it's like it's like

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I'm proving my own point by a made a video about 300,000 views I'll take it down not because I'm under threat. I mean, we'll see under threat when he made certain statements which I'm going to mention you know, actually, you know, this is a good point because if he was so scared of AI safety Yeah. Why doesn't he take his other video down which is which is actually insulting the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu he mounted quote and abuse Yes.

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He still got what that one up. So that one's more dangerous if you're talking about threat levels. Yeah, I would have thought that one would be the one to take down or even worse, according Muslim woman in bags. Yeah, I mean, I mean, why a woman a Somali woman in bags is especially you know, a meat abuser you gotta be careful of Somali sisters you know I'm saying

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you know, especially if you're saying the the imbalance sisters Can you know give you a lot you know, the point here is this. You was brave then your wife you become a coward now, is it what the meat that you're not eating? you're vegan now? Is it as an effect on your testosterone?

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Is it that is it the B 12 and the iron deficiency that oxen doesn't Umbro on? What is it? Let's say let's say something right? Yeah. Some Muslims will come and say why treating this guy like this? And this the same Muslims that they don't mind being slapped up? By frankly, these guys? And to be honest with you guys? Yeah, this man. This is language. Yeah, no, this man clearly doesn't mind throwing you and your family and your community under the bus. Okay, he's done that already. How many videos does he have to make not just about Islam, and about the Prophet Mohammed, but about you and your community and how you react? He's hastily generalizing 1.8 billion people you know,

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speaking about Islam really intending Muslims and he mentioned Lord Muslims few times in the video of course and the funny thing is his his comeback he makes it very clear which is very bizarre. And he goes cosmic is back Why are you not back with the video attacking Christianity? I forgot is that on Twitter? He said, Oh, he deleted it is gone. Why remember he showed me was he was saying something effects of the old cosmic and here's one for you guys.

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The fans were saying can we get exactly what he said? I've got to hear Yeah. Because from what I know, he was basically saying like you guys were asking his the old cosmic back wall because people are fed up on this

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thing. Do you find that?

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People keep telling me that they miss the old skeptic. Yeah. Because when we go here, you

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Go I guess so it's like he's a slave to his exactly No need. That just shows how Islamophobic you are. Because you come in back mean, he didn't mean that a cosmic spat with, you know, an intellectual scrutinizing whatever it may be different topics he discusses with he goes straight for Islam. Absolutely. And why why Islam? And he got a big backlash from his followers even started even saw that Stephen Morley he makes a very good point, which I'll tell you is actually something in the Quran. This video fails to consider the fundamental point. Yeah, what if Islam was actually right? If If, if Mohammed was actually a last prophet, there will be justified in disregarding other

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Yeah, so the point is, that is a good point. Because the thing is, this is not actually a logical argument against Islam. He's just trying to create a shock factor, yes, against Islam. But then if one crucial factors, he's he's had Peter Singer, use one of the leading utilitarians.

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He actually, he's one of the top scholars of utilitarianism. And he mentions, you know, he let me actually get exactly what he mentioned. He compares basically black people, African people, slaves in the slave trade to animal suffering. And he's got this in his channel, right? He doesn't even challenge it enough. Because remember, they don't take the premise of human exceptionalism for granted the idea that human especially is differentiate from the animal. human being is different from animal that we believe in. We believe in the Quran, the Quran, nobody Adam or hammer now everybody we're battling, you know, the Quran states that we have exalted the child of Adam, we have

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exalted human being, yeah, you know, this is human exceptionalism. In the Quran, we have, you know, a moral, human exceptionalism, they don't have it, so they can compare black people, no problem with animals. They have a track record of doing this kind of thing, talking about Somalian women, African people, you know, these kinds of things. And that shows the extent to which that they have this kind of Western gaze orientalizing orientalizing, you know, looking at these look at why don't you compare white people with, with animals? Why don't have to be the African example in the area race? You know, and this, there's another thing as well, which, which I want to add on this point, which

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is that

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Peter Singer, since we're talking about him, right, this is what he says this is something that he writes in his book called practical ethics. Yeah. He says, He says, This man that he had on his podcast, and he didn't even challenge him on these points. By the way, it's one of the most Cujo shock factor. He is he creating this, this monster of the Muslim world and the monster of Islamic,

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the Romanian the the very

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school of thought for, like ethical school of thought which he sympathizes with,

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and has people coming on who are scholars off, right. In fact, leading scholars of this is what Peter Singer says, Listen, he says, the child's life prospects significantly less promising than those of a normal child. And he says he has argued that parents are those children, this is not his words, but this is what the person is writing in the article, associate with those conditions should be allowed to end the child's life, and it's in The Guardian. This is not an argument against utilitarianism as being right or wrong. Likewise, mentioning the classical laws of Apostasy is not an argument of Islam being right and wrong.

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Even if look, even if we accept this premise, and Muslims and Islam are sensitive, does that make them wrong? Exactly.

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Now, you have to with your subjective morality, you have to now prove that being sensitive is you know, just what you see this point. Right. Good point before the Muslim community. Great, great. Now we'll come to the very good point. Yeah, but this point here, which

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is very good point. But if he hasn't got an objective standard, On what basis is, can he prove that being a must being sensitive, in his words, is a bad thing. And if it's not, I think there's a superfluous superfluous form?

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Absolutely not. So the second thing, he mentions very good point, which is he is a determinist he's a hard determinist how determinist really don't have a case to make about morality at all, because hard determinist are saying basically, let's explain this. There. They are saying that there's an antecedent causal chain of

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causes before that basically render what's happening with the human being in some kind of ventriloquism, right. We are forced to do what we are doing, even the thoughts that I have, I'm forced to have them. I don't have any free will at all. Yeah. This is the argument that Sam Harris made. And Daniel Dennett, who's a compatibilist. He refused to monetization. Right? The point I'm making is if you are a determinist, you have no claim to morality at all. And not only that, you can't put blame on anyone. Yes. Like you've mentioned, right? You just said this, because if you put blame on what basis they're being forced by antecedent causal things, so the video is sloppy. I

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think he knows because I mean, he says he's especially he's also born

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I've met you know, he taught me how to specialize in Islam. And in the video that you refute it and very good way, by the way, and I suggest everyone goes on your channel, which is a video because it's more detailed than this one. Because he tried putting the video down, I suggest people go on his channel and see what kind of ridiculous comments he made earlier that was refuting him. So Buddha has said that he said

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he is a Sam expression he wants to specialize in Islam and University of Oxford. But then but then as you mentioned in your video, and near the end of the video, he says in the Quran, there's some kind of punishment for apostasy in the Quran, right? Yeah, there is. This shows you haven't even read the Quran. Yeah. And how can you specialize? You haven't even read it in English. Exactly. Forget about memorizing it. Forget about memorizing it. Well, we were told off not memorizing it properly. Not only that, any beliefs. We try to refute it that non Muslims have to have unconditional love to the Prophet. And we know one example of the truth of who they are that when

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we treat treated, right, right.

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So when

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he came, and he said, we don't see you as a prophet of God, as I said earlier in the process, I'll take my name or I want to take you off. I think he knows this.

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I think No, I'm not I'm not giving them an excuse why I'm saying that someone who goes to University of Oxford, he doesn't know someone who knows, maybe it's true, maybe, but I'm sure he has not been taught to this effect. This is this is not just a shame to him. It's a shame to the institution. It's a shame to the university that he studied. And you cannot shame the university like this by by speaking about Islam in such a way that you don't even know you're mentioning things that are in the holy book. Maybe that's the video that I'm not even in the hole. Maybe Maybe that was I think he's very clever, man. He took the video down and blamed on security reasons, because if you think about

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it as everyone else's everyone does it. Yeah. If you have two options, you're going to be intellectually dishonest and then embarrass yourself and we know it's not a scrutiny yet because Yeah, well you're gonna say you know what, actually, what does it mean? Like what's the

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difference? I had to take it down. Oh my gosh. cosmics video was good, but he took it down different that's what the hell and he's a coward because and this is the last thing why is if he lost too much freedom of speech so much. Why is he coming to practically desperately in a desperate scurry trying to get me to take a video down? Yeah, a small video of him and so what I meant was what I meant schools him basically right. atheist rattled. It is called those down below. He was

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threatening me legally. I said, Okay, look at what what is it? as we went through a privacy thing went through a whole process. He lost sorry that YouTube ruled against him. Why video is still up. It's one 800,000 views almost. Yeah. Yeah. That's why it was a million. That's it. Yeah. So So if he wants freedom of speech so much, why is he so desperate to have things in his control? Like he was trying to get the debate in his control for so long? Or get things taken down? Which I'm not in his favor? He's thin skinned the customer. And you know, I think he is doing he's basically, he's projecting and yes, ask himself maybe he can think about him. Is he projected them put us in a

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question format? Are you projecting your own insecurities onto the Muslim community? Are you projecting? Are you scapegoating the Muslim community? I tried to create what Edward site called didactic representation, you know, where you have a good guy and a bad guy. And this is the trope of the orientalist. And this is the narrative of the right wing. He's unfortunately, he's put his foot forward the the narrative the hasty generalization the right way. Yeah. Unfortunately, not be able to substantiate it, and your reputation, or forbid your reputation for more information at the end, guys. And I think that's it man, you can very clearly see and people are bored of this, and we can

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see right through you. And that's it, guys. Hope you enjoy video. One last thing I want to say to people, this isn't always the last thing I say. Please, guys, yeah, there's something in the religion. And even if you don't want to label it formally, it's called Bara is where you disassociate, not just with people, not just with ideas, but with people as well. Someone who is so, so forthright in there, to be honest, the arrogance against not just Islam, but the Muslim community themselves. We have been nice to this guy, whenever I put a video, you know, and I mentioned something good about him. The Muslim people in the comment section are very, very, I would say

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accommodating to him, making glad for him supplicating for him hoping that you know, he understands that his ignorance is alleviated and so on. But now enough is enough to this guy clearly is trying to use our good name and our kindness. He's taking kindness for weakness. And you know, the thing that stops people like this, because I think I know what's going on here as on one end with this really,

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just because someone has a cowardly temperament, a cowardly, he's got a cowardly temperament. He's a passive cowardly temperament. He's a bit meek, meek and cowardly temperament is a predisposition is a psychological predisposition. Do not confuse a passive and a cowardly temperament with humility and with sincerity. He might have things in him which are sincere and which is fine, but he's not I'm sorry he's not sincere person because he wasn't he would not be using the good name of Islam and the good name of the Muslim community in this country. Just

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what's under the bus so he can get fans to like his videos and so you can as we can raise his rank well Shawn is with horses and Allah says in the Quran, the disbelievers people who have no animosity will never be pleased with you until you follow their way. That's exactly what's going on here brothers sisters, and yeah, that's it. So I want to come up with