Ramadan 2016 – Quran 30 for 30 – Day 20

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Quran 30 for 30 – Day 20 – Al Naml, Al Qasas, Al Ankabut

June 25, 2016

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smell him the last slide for summer so in our early he was trying to heal Manuela hamdulillah I'm getting better, almost, they're not quite yet though inshallah. So I'm still in need of your droughts.

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But like I said hamdulillah much better than yesterday And yesterday was better than the day before. So I'm still going to talk a little bit low just to keep my keep my voice my voice down inshallah Thailand just to sort of do what I can.

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But at the same time, I'm hoping that you guys will still be able to follow in Charlottetown. So today, we're actually in a, in a very, very beautiful portion. I know that I keep saying a very beautiful portion of the plan, but we're truly so Pamela today is one that emphasizes how to deal with test and tribulation. And I recognize that you know, that usually when it comes to Muslims, when it comes to people in general, the time where they really find a an intense spirituality is whenever they're dealing with a hardship when they're going through a great test or, and a great difficulty and a great trial. So in the next three sources, which are actually in this just in just

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20. So how do I you find a case that Allah subhanaw taala makes, that a person should rely on Allah alone for when they're going through their difficulty, and when they're being tested and a person should focus on the things that bring them closer to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And basically, how Allah chronotype delivers his servants in there moments of difficulty. So we started off in sort of a nominal, and I want you to go straight to verse 59. If you go to verse 59, of sorts of numbers,

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where Allah subhana wa tada gives us, a, you know, a snippet, an overview of the favors that he does for people, and why a loss of Hannah Montana alone is worthy of being called upon in his time of need, and why Allah subhanho wa Taala alone is really the most the most worthy and the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful and the all powerful.

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These three sources by the way, Switzer number switching costs, and source Lanka, both these three sources were actually revealed in order. So according to most of the scholars, you're reading literally in order right now, of revelation as well as in the order that they're placed within the Mazel Tov, but Allah subhanaw taala says in verse 59, of Swords Naaman, Coleen hamdu lillahi wa sallam on either evali Latino stofer

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la hieron amyas recon, se O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Alhamdulillah praise Allah subhanho wa Taala and peace be upon the servants whom he has chosen for this message. La halen is a loss of Hannah Montana better, or the partners that they ascribe to a loss of Hannah Montana is a lot better, or the gods that they give as partners beside the loss of habitat and next to a loss of Hannah Montana

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and the next the next few hours lost parents are basically makes the case why a lot is better than the gods that are attributed as partners to him. So lost penetrator says M and Hala personality Well, what about the one is he best Who is he not best who created the heavens and the earth, ones at a local Mina center EMA and Allah subhanaw taala sat down for you rain from the sky. And he caused by that rain that he sent to you, gardens to grow and crops to grow and all sorts of things to sprout from the earth as a result of the rain that he sent. And he would not have been able to grow a single plant or a single tree had a loss of Hannah Montana not sent that rain from the

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heavens to grow crops on the earth which he has also prepared to be fertile enough to absorb that rain, and a loss of Hannah Montana says enough winmau loss you're going to constantly hear this being repeated within these apps. Is there a god beside Allah? Is there any god beside Allah subhana wa tada at Isla whom Allah? is there is there a deity with a loss of Hannah Montana and Allah says Benham Coleman Yara de Lune. But rather they are people who ascribe equals to him that are loss of Hannah Montana says m angina Otto da da da. Well, Jana Hello. And how are Giada Hello Asya what Jana been battling the Hardys Isla hongbao, La Jolla, moon, last parents Allah says now focusing on the

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earth so that so is 60 Allah focuses on the rain coming from the heaven. here Allah subhanaw taala focuses on the earth is he not best who made the earth a staple grounds and he placed within it rivers and and made made it made for it firmly set mountains and placed between the two seas a barrier. So Allah subhanaw taala starts to mention his favours upon the earth. And he says is there a deity with a law? Is there a god beside Allah Subhana Allah and Allah says bill at Federal Home now Yeah, I won't, but rather most of them do not know. And then Allah says m au g Boone will follow.

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Either there are we actually forced to wage Allah? Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah Mata de Coronavirus, palletizers. Is he not best focus on this I on this particular verse, by the way in the sequence because it really relates to what we're going to get into in the next two Sutras, last permits Allah says, Is he not best? who responds to the desperate one? When he calls upon him? So many Eugene when will public either dad who is the one that answers your calls, when you call upon him in your desperation? Why actually for Sue and Alas, penitente removes the hearts of he removes the evil that you're going through? And he makes you inheritors of the earth he gives

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you portions of the earth, that you know, will not Allah, is there any god beside a loss? Is there any deity with Allah? Little Do you remember pallida matter that Corona and notice here in the previous verse 61, Allah subhanaw taala focuses on how human beings don't have, they don't have knowledge, they're not paying attention to the intricate details of the earth, the sky, the heavens and the earth that have lost data has molded in perfection around us. here Allah subhanaw taala saying, rather, you know most of you don't remember. And what that means is we tend to forget a loss of handling data. When we're no longer vulnerable when we're vulnerable we call upon him but once

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we're once we're delivered out of that difficulty, we stopped calling upon a loss of autonomy. And this year of last privatizing Don't you remember your moments of vulnerability? Don't you remember when you called upon me last time? Don't you remember when I was with you? in your in your moments of hardship? You know whom Allah is there any god beside Allah? Is there anyone worth it? besides Allah Subhana Allah to Allah? And Allah says ma de kornfield on that battery when one may your Silvia Bushra Avenida de la, de los santos says is Hina best, who guides you through the darkness of the lens and the darkness of the sea? And he sends winds as a glad tidings before His mercy. Isla

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whom Allah is there a god beside Allah subhanaw taala to Allah who I'm usually called, How Exalted is Allah above everything that they associate with him. So Allah subhanaw taala sees you for your difficulties in every way. And last time provides you navigation as you're going through your most difficult moments. Most parents Allah, in the spiritual sense provides you navigation and in the physical sense, in the physical sense of loss, parents are providing navigation through those most difficult moments of your life. And Allah subhanaw taala says me Yeah, but that will help from a reader who will my local minister, now you will have a Lost Planet, Allah says, Is he not better,

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who originates creation, and shall thereafter repeat it? So the one who gives you life in the first place, and then shall thereafter bring you back to life? And who provides for you from the heaven and the earth? You know, when Allah? Is there any god beside Allah subhanaw taala quoted her to Veronica in quantum santoprene last podcast as bring forth your proof. If you are indeed truthful, the reason why this particular Ayah ends with a challenge is because this is the end of the sequence of the ayat. See, a loss of habitat is calling you to pay attention to the things around you in the previous eye out and the last panels, I was calling you to remember your difficult moments in the

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previous ads. But here our last panel data saying here is who was the one that gave you life in the first place and that will bring you to life once again. Who is better than that than that one who is better than Allah subhana wa Tada, the one who originates all of these different things and creates all of these different things. So here a lot ends off the sequence of ions with a challenge. Can you produce proof that there's anyone besides Allah subhana wa Taala that that creates an anyone besides Allah subhanaw inside that brings back to life and anyone besides the last time that provides from the heavens and from the earth. So bring forth your proof produce your food, your proof, if you are

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indeed truthful, interestingly enough, Subhanallah This is the way that the sequence of ion ends off. The way sort of the nominal ends off is mentioning the three lows of the trumpets. So Alice panamericana Madison's enough facade, the three blows in the trumpet, by sloppy writing his center, the first blowing of the trumpets will obviously terrify all of the creation will put us will shock all of the creation. And it's a cycle right? It provides that shock and somehow with that shock, you realize your vulnerability and you realize you should have been calling upon a loss of Hannah Montana. You realize the control that Allah subhanaw taala had over the heavens and the earth the

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entire time. You realize that the message that was given to the prophets Isilon was indeed true. So with the blow the first blow, there's the shock. The second blow, the last panatela mentions is the one that causes all living things to die. Everything dies with the blow up

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The trumpet of his Salafi, so just like it mentioned in the last part of that sequence of IR, who is the one that originated creation and the one who brings it back once again, the third blow that Allah mentions is the one that resurrects everyone is the one that brings us all back to life. So, some had a lot it this surah is emphasizing who is better than Allah subhanaw taala who is more worthy of being called upon them Allah subhanaw taala whose guidance is more worthy of being followed than the guidance of a lot that comes through the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam beautifully enough and I said these three solar certain nominal sort of the costs and sort of anchor

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wood, they all came in order, according to some of the more festivity sorted costs, which is the next surah.

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It goes it goes into great detail into the personal journey of Mozart.

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So it focuses on most any his salon

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and the difficulties in the journey of morsani his salon, and how Allah Subhana Allah took care of him in his times of difficulty, and his times of ease, so it focuses on the journey of morsani his salon through life. So las panatela mentions to us the way that he he took care of him when he was born, the way that a lot of parents had returned him to his mother followed that down who either only he so we brought him back to his mother so we were taking care of mosa we were following the affairs and we were taking care of most it cetera. And we also did not forget the mother of Musa alayhis salaam. So we brought morsani salaam, back to his mother, kay to apply you know her so that

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her eyes can be cooled once again, what he has done, and so that she would not be that she would not grieve anymore, what he tattooed on her and now why the law how and so that she could know that the promise of a law was true when I can accept a home alone but the majority of them do not know so last time I mentioned how he was taking care of Musa he was taking care of the mother of Moosa and Allah subhanaw taala was providing them signs in everything

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between them, right? And you know, he was basically providing them signs in all of these different phases and all of these different things around them that that he was in control. So the same the same wording, but a third of whom they are the moon and sultanahmet here what I cannot deny them when the majority of them don't pay attention to the way that alas pentatonic is managing every detail of the universe around them and just as a lot is managing the details of the universe around them a lot is managing the details of their lives as well. Whilst panatela is managing their affairs as well so Allah mentions while I'm Bella I should the who was Stella RT now hoekman warilla What

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can daddy can edges in Masha Nene so once more Sadie Salam attained his full strength and he reached the age of manhood.

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This ayah by the way is identical to sort of use of but with use of it Salaam Allah says well Emma Bella should do it now. hookman Roma were most at last Pantheon says well Am I better should the who was stellar it now hookman were Elma, that when Musa alayhis salaam reached, reached an age of maturity and manhood, then we gave him Prophethood we gave him wisdom and knowledge. So wisdom here means Prophethood and knowledge. A very important point to mention here with use of it Salaam, Allah subhanaw taala took care of him in a Lost Planet. Allah gave him Prophethood at a very early age, with most artists that are Moosa Islam had to go through some things, and he reached the age, you

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know, he reached into his 30s when Prophethood was given to him. So the only addition to the story of Musa Aeneas around here is the word was stellar that he reached the age of 33 years old or he reached the age of complete manhood. I want to also mention here something very profound that some of the relevant mansha Do you notice that most of his salon history comes throughout,

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you know, throughout the story of throughout the world, and somehow almost every single surah has a mention of musante setup. And it gives us a different detail of the life of Masada, Islam. Have you noticed that there isn't a surah in the name Sora Moosa. Right. So how much it's profound, there is no surah in the Quran in surah Moosa because most of Islam story is scattered throughout the entire plan almost every surah mentions the story of morsani Salah. However, the nickname one of the nicknames of certain customers was that it was the sort of most is not because certain costs actually gives us the details of the life of morsani his salon, in his journey in the same fashion

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of sort of use of rights or use of gives us his journey. The journey of use of ice not from start to finish, and sort of mosa sort of cost us gives us the life of Musashi his salon really from start to finish his journey, going through from from being a child to being returned to his mother to reaching an age of manhood.

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To going through, you know, the next this this, this, this coral now where last time I mentioned him entering into Madden, and he finds these two men fighting one from Venezuela and the other one from the foes from the from the enemy so the man from Venezuela he asked him for help. And Mossad Islam struck struck the man he was fighting with his fist and he killed him. And Musa Islam found himself in a very difficult situation. In that regard. So Moosa had to flee because of that quarrel that took place between the man from Benny slave and the Egyptian men. So you find the duras of Mossad is Salam calling upon Allah and sort of use of you find the do as of use of it Islam and his various

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times in his times of difficulty in these times of ease. The same thing with Mossad Islam and total costs. So in verse 16, a sort of cosmos and he has Salaam Kala be enable me to Neff sefa, fairly haha for a level in the whole world of Orion. Musa called upon Allah and he said, Oh my Lord, I have wronged myself.

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So so forgive me and a Lost Planet. Allah forgive him and a lot as the Forgiving and the merciful. Then he said, I'll be Bheema an American, a felon and Cornell law here on the emergency mean, he says, Oh, my Lord, for that which you have favored me upon me for the great favors You have bestowed upon me, I will never want I will never again, be a helper for the magenta mean for those who are criminals. So he's calling upon Allah subhanaw taala. He's admitting his mistake. He's asking Allah for forgiveness and Allah subhanaw taala forgives him. And he's asking Allah subhanaw taala to, to protect him and to make things easy for him. So the last patch I mentioned his his, his fleen for us

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by halfling Medina t harv, iffa he was, you know, most ice lamb went out looking for looking about in the city, and he was extremely afraid. And morsani his Salaam you know, as he's going through this different journey of, of trying to escape now of trying to escape persecution of trying to escape you know, the the people the Egyptians once they find out what he did. Last panatela mentions the next journey of Masada, his Salaam

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which is once they've conspired to actually have him killed, that he goes out looking for another place and Allah mentions once again for college I mean, haha if Allah mentions the fear that Messiah Islam had so twice in these as in verse 18, verse 21, Allah mentions the fear that Musa alayhis salam had, but Messiah Islam called upon Allah subhanaw taala once again, and he asked the last panel into either net Genie Mel Coleman Viola mean, to protect me from the, from the wrongdoers from the oppressing people. Somehow

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these words have been engineered metal common violently that most Isla made this to add that oh love protect me from the transgressing people. These are the same are the same words that Asya the wife of Fidel made when she was being killed. And she asked the loss of hundreds Island engine even for the owner and he went on the line. I mean, she asked the last panel tried to protect her from the transgressing people from the impressing people. So these words are very similar most Islam and Asya are calling upon a las panatela with the same words and they're they're asking a lot protection from for their own and from the oppressing people. And so lost parents Allah mentions that Mossad is

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Salam is going around directing himself to work by the end, all as part of the DNA so as to be he said, it may be perhaps my Lord will guide me to the sound way. So these are most This is most is I'm talking to himself, you know, talking to a loss of hundreds and no one's around musante salaam, and Moosa, you know, contemplating while making your app simultaneously asking Allah subhanaw taala for guidance, and Allah mentions more so coming to the world of Meridian, and finding the crowd of people there watering their flocks, and finding the two women that were that we're trying to we're trying to draw water but they were in capable and morsani salaam, helping them and assisting them.

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And, you know, and and gathering their water for them. And then most Iceland calls upon a loss of habitat and he says, a lot B. And this is beautiful. So Pamela, verse 24. I'll be in niijima and delta ilium in hiring for clear. Oh, my Lord, truly I am in need of whatever good that you bestow upon me. The most is lamb help these people he helped these two women and they called upon a lot and said, Yeah, a lot. I am completely in need of you any good that you will bestow upon me as soon as Moosa made that there are those two, you know the next verse 25 mentions for Java two

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My attempt she, that one of them came to Muslim Islam walking one of those two women that he helped. Even though they had his to here, they had a lot of modesty and they were very shy for Messiah Islam, these two women came to Masai Sena they brought them they brought him to their father. And of course, the end of the story is that mostly his setup would, you know, would would would find complete relief in the marital sense in the, in the sense of relief and in terms of work, he would be able to work for the father of those two women and so on, so forth. So most of them would find sustenance from a loss of generality in various ways in various realms, after he made that drought

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to a loss pelotonia. And he helped those two women and their time of need. So last panatela, it's beautiful here last antis giving us the journey of morsani, his Salaam, and what most eyes them went through, and how most is now called upon the loss of Hannah Montana, in the various states of his life. And he continued to be upon the path that's pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala, despite whatever his circumstance might have been, so he continues to constantly call upon a loss counselor, whether he's in hardship, or whether he's in ease, and he recognizes that he's always in need of a loss of Hannah Montana, he is always a kid, he's always vulnerable, and always desperate for whatever good

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that Allah will send upon him. And then somehow Allah, this the sort of proceeds to actually talk about our own, the opposite of Muslim, a man who had all the good in this world, and who felt completely free of, of need from a loss of Hannah Montana. And,

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you know, as Messiah, Islam is being portrayed as the example of how you're supposed to call upon Allah, whether you're tested with ease or with hardship, or Oh, and, as the opposite caught on is this man who's been given the kingdom of the of the earth, He has everything around him, and he's a tyrant. Not only is he a tyrant, he feels completely independent of a loss of Hannah Montana, completely not in need of a loss of Hannah Montana, and feels like he can do whatever he wants in this earth and not be held accountable and of course, loss panatela would seize Him and Allah subhana wa, tada would cause him to be in a state of humiliation. What's the summary of these to

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suit us? Right? And certain nemen Allah mentions, who is better to call upon that a loss of habitat and then you do one more thought about either there who answers your your app when you call upon Him, we actually follow suit and removes and delivers you from hardship and removes the hardship that you're going through and the next surah so it will cost us Allah subhanaw taala mentions mosa and Islam who was tested and who called upon Allah when Mosul was the most part is the example of the one who's desperate and he called upon Allah subhana wa Tada. So Allah subhana wa tada delivered him in his time of need, just as he says insert the nominee that he always delivers a person in

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their time of need, when they are in their hardship. And then finally now suited to Lanka boot Elif mean, perhaps even NASA and util aku aku. Amanda wahome. Now afternoon, when I've got a Latina man, copy him, Amanda La La Nina Sadako, while they are in the mainland Canada been lost. panelizer Allah says, do people think that they will be left to say we believe and they will not be tested? They're not going to be tried? Do people really think it's as simple as saying I have submitted myself and I believe and they're not going to be tried by a loss.

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And Allah says, We have tested the people that came before you. We tested people that were better than you moosari his salon was better than you and I but look at how, look at how he was tested by Allah Subhana Allah, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is better than you and I, but look at how he was tested by the loss of Hannah Montana. And qarun was worse than you and I, and look at how he was tested by Allah with his ease, what are called fatahna ladymum. And probably him a lot tested the people that came before you. And so Allah subhanaw taala would know would make known through that, who the those who are truthful or and I lost, my title will make evidence who the liars are as

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well. So pfitzner in the form of ease test in the form of ease and in the form of hardship is how our internal states now our internal beings are made known and made evidence as you know, as we proceed through this journey of life and last pantai says I'm Cassie Bella Dena manana say rtsp corner, sir and I come on. Do those who do evil deeds think that they can, that they can, that they can escape our punishment. Evil is that which they judge. This is an example of quality one, you know, one cartoon is is thinking that he can escape the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala and he can become free of the punishment of a loss penalty so that he can fortify himself in this world

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enough and not

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Need a Lost Planet Allah he's fooling himself. And Allah says men can I have Julian caught Allah He fell in Agile Allah Allah article who has sent me around him. Whoever hopes for the meeting with a Lost Planet Allah, then Allah term is surely coming and he is the all here and the all knowing woman jaha in the NFC in a lot 11 united Ireland and whoever strive strives only for himself. Indeed a law is free of all need. Only Allah is free of need only Allah is free once you are in need of a las panatela You are the one who needs to call upon him. You are the one who needs to pass the test. You are the one who needs salvation, Allah Subhana Allah needs none of that. But still Allah subhanho wa

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Taala delivers the promises that he has in store for the believers. So last Pankaj says what are the M and why metal slightly hearty lentil careful on animals a to him when energy is the unknown x and Allah the economy and unknown and those who believe in the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala and the messenger slice of them, and they do not apostate because of the hardship that they're receiving from the polytheists and they do righteous deeds. Surely we will remit from them their evil deeds and we will reward them in accordance with the best of which they used to do. Now realize here the context of suited ankle boots is that the believers are being tested. The believers are in Mecca,

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they're being oppressed, they're being tortured and the loss of habitat is saying people before you were tested as well. And people better than you were tested, and they pass that test. They drew close to a loss of handling to add, make sure you also draw close to a last panel to add. Do not allow your desperation and your vulnerability to lead you to turning your back on a lot are the messenger sallallahu wasallam. So in verse 10 of Swords Lanka, Buta Los Santos has Amina nasimi akula Amana Villa he's either udia Villa he generally fitna tenacity katha Bella Bella injure and Asana La La colonna in America la sala will be Allah be Matthew so Deuteronomy was pantai says of

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mankind are some who say, well we believe in Allah. But once they suffer in the path of a loss of Hannah Montana, then they consider the trial of mankind as a last punishment, and a victory comes from your Lord than the hypocrites will say, verily we were with you the entire time we were with you yeah Mohammed's lies on him the entire time is not best aware of that which man's chest conceals, doesn't allow know what's in your hearts? Do you really think you can fool the loss of Hannah Montana? Do you really think you can, you can lie about you know, your trust in Allah subhanaw taala or where you were when you were tested? So Allah Subhana Allah wants to see how you

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will respond to the tests that come to you. Whether you're a man Allahu levina Amazon, whether you're an Amanda will now 15 and surely Allah subhanaw taala will make evident those who believe and he will make evident the hypocrites last thing I want to mention here was pants ourselves. Well, Carla Medina cafaro de La Nina, Amira, tiberiu Sevilla and our Nashville hotwire come well now when we have meaning and hop I mean she in the hula caddy in nomina, caddy boon la mina, Scala, Scala, Scala him, What are you alone Naomi piano to Americana, we have our own last minute I mentioned that there are people when you're in your vulnerability, there are people that will come to you. And they

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will say to you follow our path.

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Follow our path, abandon your belief, and we will take care of you. We will take care of you, we will carry your sense, you won't have to worry about facing a loss, we will carry your sense. And we noticed that you know a lot of times it says that they will carry their sins and the sins of those that follow them and everyone will be compensated, punished or rewarded accordingly. Here what I want to mention Subhana Allah is that when you're in your moment of vulnerability, you're going to find the shell cleaner in so you're going to find those human devils that will come to you and that will that will try to get you to forsake to forsake your way to forsake the path of Allah Subhana

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Allah to Allah and that is a recipe for failure. So stay firm, continue to call upon Allah, whether you're in good times or bad times call upon a loss of Hannah Montana, and a loss of Hannah Montana will deliver you in your time of hardship just as he delivered Masai Salaam, but realize that just as morsani salaam was tested, you will be tested just as Mohammed sly son was tested, you will be tested and who is better than a lot of call upon when you face difficulty in life and when you face those tests handed in that we made it through the full 30 minutes today of call on 3430 so exactly Lafayette and for your your ads and Zach malachite for tuning in. Please do share the video if you

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think it's a benefit also tonight is the first of the last 10 nights at home that ILA as the last parent out to bless you and I with Layla through cutlet with with observing data together and the full reward.

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relate to the other. I posted a video last night of everything that you need to know about Lila other than the last 10 nights in sha Allah to Allah please do watch it and if you find benefit continue to make that inshallah tada for me and my family asked a lot to accept from you and I will offline and I will see you tomorrow inshallah Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.