One Believer & Three Messengers

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bla today's about three messengers, one town and one martyr. And this is a famous story mentioned in the Quran, in which there is a reference to an individual

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without any name whatsoever.

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reference to an individual who did something magnificent and we are still reciting his story till this day, in a timeless speech, Allah subhanaw taala elevated the rank of this person. And yet we don't know who he is, we don't know his name. And this is important because often times in the modern world,

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we find that certain segments of society or certain ideologies will push forward this idea that for you to really have a legacy, your name has to be known, your name has to be on something.

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And if your name is not known, or you don't have fame, or it's not associated with a certain thing, then are you really successful? Do you really have a legacy? From the Islamic perspective, as we mentioned in the previous hotbar, our legacy is built upon number one, our sincerity towards Allah subhanaw taala. That's the most important thing. And number two, that it's fulfilling the purpose of life. And then number three, your persistence and your efforts, seeking out Allah's pleasure while you're trying to pursue the objectives you're pursuing. It's not about your name. It's not about fame. It's not about glory. It's nothing about this world. It's not about people and their praise

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and the recognition of you, or even whether or not people know you exist, because you could be the greatest human being you're mentioned in the heavens. And it doesn't really matter if the people on earth don't know you. Because Allah subhanaw taala mentions you because Allah subhanaw taala is praising you, because the angels are mentioning your name. In the Quran, we have references to so many individuals whose names we don't know. And it is a reminder for us and assigned for us every time you recite the Quran and you come across a story like this, to recognize the wisdom in that, that it's not about people knowing you, it's about doing what's right, living for the sake of Allah

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subhanaw taala This is the story that was mentioned in surah. T as seen, in which Allah subhanaw taala starts the story by telling us what Lulu who Methoden was Harbin, Korea at the helm of saloon. This is the story of the party, the valley the place in which this is a specific town in which there were two messengers sent and they rejected both of these messengers. And it's not frequent for us to see in the Quran. It's not common to see that a town or a village or a group of people was given or they were given more than one messenger.

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They rejected them 1000s Not be thought of so Allah subhanaw taala reinforced those two, and gave this town another messenger, a third, three messengers for one tone.

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And they go on and on. They inform them we are Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala the people rejected them they were too arrogant to accept. And then eventually it became so frustrated and angry at these messengers. They said if you don't stop, we're going to kill you. If you don't stop preaching to us, calling us to worship God without any partners because these were idol worshippers then we are going to kill you. So now it was a death threat, an angry mob.

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What happens? Allah subhanaw taala now gives us the story of the believing man from salty has seen the believing man.

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Allah subhanaw taala says what

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I mean, I'll post Medina T. Raju Nui Saara por la comida Toby Morosini, a man came from the farthest part of the town. He wasn't in the city center came from the edges, the far parts of this town and he said my people on a phone my people meaning I'm from amongst you, it took me around mousseline

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follow these messengers, and on and on. And as he's advocating and as he's preaching, and as he's trying to divert their attention towards him and not towards the three messengers, that they are about to kill. He's preaching the preaching to them in ways that are persuasive in ways that are supposed to be influential and we learn from this. When you call others towards anything that is good. Yeah, home my people, as a form of flattery as a form of an emotional bond, my brother, my sister, my family, my community, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he would advise even the Companions at times he would flatter them first, and then give them an advice and they would

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remember that advice. For example, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam flattered Omar I don't think Allahu on and he said, Omar, you're strong flattery, you're strong. So be careful when you go to the Blackstone that you're not pushing people, meaning you're not hurting people because I'm what I'll do

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the long run was big. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said tomorrow has been given in the famous Hadith. Omar is by Allah I love you think about this the advice is starting with what I love you Omar is by Allah and we're out there on the long run was so happy I love you to Yasuo Law and the Prophets Eliassen and said so do not forget to say after every prayer Allahumma Omni Allah the clicker will show clicker, robotic Oh, Allah helped me to remember you often to praise you often to worship you in the best manner possible. This believing man from Surah to sin is calling to his people you have owned by people, it's of your own mostly, they're not asking you these messengers

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for any kind of worldly gain. They're not asking you for payment. They're not asking you for anything at all. They're just telling you to worship Allah subhanaw taala they already believe in Allah. But don't worship idols, worship Allah subhana wa Tada. And don't worship idols. This was the same message every prophets and every messenger came with. Now notice here, there's a really important reason for the emphasis that this man, the believing man, came from the farthest parts of the town.

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And there are a number of benefits we can take from this. The first amongst them is that the truth will attract people wherever you are. They may come from the far parts of town, they may come from places you don't expect. But if you're brave, you're courageous, you're sincere, you're calling people to that which is good, that which they need for their own success and salvation.

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In addition to the truth, attracting sincere people,

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often times you don't know where help will come from, you don't know where the victory of Allah will come from, you don't know where that success will come from. But you must do your part. These messengers follow the Command of Allah subhanaw taala, not expecting that help will come from the farthest parts of town. In addition to this, at that time, generally historically, if people lived on the far parts of a town, they were generally not the richest of people, they were the poorest of people. The man who's coming has nothing to gain. In fact, he has everything to lose, he's not amongst the elite. He doesn't have a position in his society, to address all people to address the

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elites to stop to stop an angry mob from killing the three messengers. He's not in that political position. He doesn't have that status in his society. He's coming from the far parts of town.

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And oftentimes, we see the opposite today that in some places, almost a person is living in a skyscraper within a city amongst the rich you find that generally speaking, people are moving farther and farther out into the countries especially these days, this man is coming from the far parts of town, help will come to you, help will come to you from Allah subhanaw taala in ways you don't expect, but you can give up on the message you can give up on the mission you can give up on what it is that you are trying to do here the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is also being reminded, do your part and ALLAH subhanaw taala will support you from people you don't expect

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from places you don't expect. And that helped, by the way came to as we know, the Seto came to the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam not only for Muslims, but even sometimes from good non Muslims who came and helped Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. In addition to this, the man started to advocate for the speech itself the message itself worship one God and he's advocating his calling to his people when Maddie Allah or Buddha lady fatwa, Ronnie were either he told a gentleman, what's the matter with me? Why would I not worship the one who made me the one who created me, and you will return to Him? Notice he's talking about himself. He already worships ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. He

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believes in that message. He's the one believer we know about from this town.

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What is the matter with me? Why would I not worship Allah subhanaw taala when He created me, and we will all go back to him. And then he talks about why it would be foolish to worship idols, and how he would not be protected by these idols if Allah subhanaw taala willed any harm for him. And then he says, if I did that, if I worshipped idols, meaning like you, if I did what you're doing in either left alone and moving, I would be basically misguided, clear misguidance I would be very foolish, in other words, and there's a really important element of Dawa here, when he says, I would be misguided if I did that. I would be foolish I would be this and that in the mentor, Rob become,

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first, Merrill, I believe in your Lord as well. We believe in the same creator. Obviously, he's rejecting the idols, but he's reminding them there's some common ground here we believe in God, for smartphone. So listen.

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Sometimes people think that Dawa, calling other people towards something good, which is a very general statement here. But calling people to Islam is through only one type of approach or methodology. When the reality is every situation is different. Every situation is unique.

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And it's very sad to see at times that people assume that calling people to Islam with clarity and being very firm upon what is true is equal to being harsh, or is equal to insulting others.

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People's religions, or is equal to insulting other people is this man saying you are all foolish for worshipping idols that can't help you or hear you? Not in this case, this is an angry mob, an angry mob that just threatened to kill the three messengers. They're ready to kill. They're very angry. So he's saying, I worship the same Lord as you. So listen, pay attention. If I were to worship idols, I would be misguided, I would be very foolish. He's not saying how can you be so foolish or dumb or something like that? He's not insulting them. And we have to be very wise with our Dawa strategies and our tactics and recognize that every situation is unique and no two people are alike. No two

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audiences are the same.

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call people to that which they can relate to and understand with arena. sabini Rebecca Bill Hekmati. Well Maori bottle has an a command from Allah called people to the way of your LORD with Wisdom and with good speech. So this man is calling His people without insulting them, reminding them Allah created me a lot of creativity. Ultimately, we both believe in that we are going to return to Allah subhanaw taala and he does not insult these people. What happens next? What's the finale of the story? We don't know anything else. All we're told after this, pleaded holy Jana. On a later follow me Allah Moon Bhima offer only Robbie wa Jalla anemia look crummy. The story jumps.

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The last thing we heard about this man is that he called his people and try to protect these three messengers to divert the attention that anger the threats towards him rather than three messengers. And the very next thing we hear, pleated halogen, it's set to this man the believing man, enter Jannah what does he say? All we hear about him? The last words. Father, yeah, later call me Allah moon. I wish my people my people knew how Allah forgave me and made me amongst the honorable meeting amongst the people of paradise that people have success. May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst them along with me.

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What happened here, the sudden shift as we've seen the tough seed, the sudden shift in the story from the preaching and the incident and the anger and the mob and how he's calling his people trying to calm them down, to de escalate the situation, to protect these three messengers from being killed,

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suddenly shifts to this man is told antigen. So what happened was they killed him. The scholars of tough seed say there's a really interesting moment here, when we reflect on the fact that Allah subhanaw taala, who is addressing both the Muslims and Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, as well as the people of Qureshi who are attacking now the believers who are persecuting them. They're not being given ideas of how this man died. There's no detail about that. It jumps immediately to what we understand is that he was martyred. He became a shaheed. And we understand that between that last incident in terms of the speech, and his death, as many scholars said, according to the tough seat,

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that it was a very brutal mob death, they murdered this man. But no ideas were given to the people of Croatia about what to do with the Muslims that they hated in order to obviously avoid emulating previous people like the people of this town. And so Allah subhanaw taala, is reminding Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, and reminding the Companions as well to stay strong to hold on to their faith. Ultimately, this person entered Jana, we are reminded here as well, that these three messengers, as many of the scholars of Tafseer have stated, these three messengers, because of this man, this local man, that the town felt justified to kill because he was from amongst them, and he

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was actually from the poor amongst them. So they thought, If we kill this man, there's no consequences from us, rather than in that moment going and continuing and maybe even killing those three messengers. Rather, those three messengers were able to continue calling people to Islam in other towns, some scholars say perhaps they converted, they ended up being the source of 1000s of people becoming Muslim, and whose reward is that as well. The reward goes back to this man this martyr, this believing man who stood in a very difficult situation. And yes, he was told immediately peanut hotel Jana, we're not told about anything in between that speech and everything until

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entering paradise. Why? We know from the authentic hadith, that the Shaheed the martyr enters paradise before the Day of Resurrection, as the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam said that they are the forms of green birds roaming about paradise as they wish until the Day of Resurrection until their souls are called back to their bodies and their bodies are recreated for the Day of Judgment itself. The martyrs the shahada are already enjoying the rewards of paradise instantaneously, pleated halogen. I want us to focus on what this man said after this. His only statement after we know he's entering Paradise, and he's being told that he has the reward of Jannah fala li Yeah,

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later call me out the moon. I wish my people knew he's still thinking about his people. He doesn't mention them.

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order he doesn't mention the fact that they attacked him.

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He's still thinking about the well being of his people. I wish my people knew that Allah forgave me and made me amongst the honorable. Why is he saying this, he say in other words, I wish they knew that this was the right path. I wish and I hope maybe that some of them will realize this is the right path that Allah will forgive, and they will be amongst the honorable does not care to reference at all the fact that they just murdered him.

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And the reality is overlooking harm towards oneself as you're calling other people to that which is good means that you are sincerely wishing good for other people. You cannot call people to something good. You cannot call people efficiently to something good. If you are not sincerely wishing good for that person. It's inefficient. Otherwise, when you are sincere to a town or a people or all of humanity, it'll show and it will reflect in your data in your approach. And the way you think about other people and the way that you call other people towards truth. And the way you describe what they're doing. Even our best of all the Aloha, he says about this man, the believing man from

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Eocene. This was a man who was sincere to his people alive and dead, your phone, your home, your home, my people, he dies, and he overlooks what they just did to him. He's still hoping, I hope that they know that I was forgiven and made amongst the honorable and sometimes sadly, and very frankly, sometimes a minority of Muslims may fall into the misconception, of thinking that because we believe we are upon the truth, without any doubt whatsoever, that this is the religion of Allah subhanho wa taala, that it's justified and evidenced intellectually, historically, empirically, psychologically, emotionally and everything else that you can prove clearly that Islam is the truth. They confuse

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this conviction this European you should have this confidence that Islam is the truth. They confuse this with also thinking that they should look down on other people, that they should look down on non Muslims that they should push people away. When in reality, how was Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam successful, the people could sense that he truly sincerely wanted them to succeed. And success here meaning what for them to embrace Islam, he wished well for people. And when people were sick, he would visit the sick, he was kind to his neighbors, he was kind to the community, he was respectful, when they would hurt him, he would respond with what was best, it Fabula t here ACEN

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and the reality is what sometimes Muslims minority perhaps, but they fall into the trap of thinking that the line drawn between Islam and kufr or Muslims and disbelievers means that they look down on disbelievers that they have nothing in their hearts for them. How can you not wish well for others? When Allah subhanaw taala blessed you with the Shahada? How can you not want others to succeed and enter Jannah? Why would you be greedy with that? It's not from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, rather real empathy and sympathy and compassion. And the desire for this person to also be guided has to be consistent no matter what they do, because they are not your standard. If

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they insult they attack they do this or that your standard is much higher. You follow the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in terms of your response, and yes, we will hear things for many people. Yes, we will hear many different types of insults and we'll hear many different types of misconceptions and so on and so forth. We have a higher standard and how we respond, because we care about people. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Rahmatullah mean, mercy to mankind, described humanity as he was describing to the Sahaba described human beings as being like moths coming towards a fire not knowing any better flying towards this fire. And obviously these moths don't know

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any better. It's light, its warmth. And as they're flying towards it, they're going to die. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, and I'm swatting away, I'm pushing you away, trying to save you. In other words, I care about you. I care about people. He's bleeding Salallahu Alaihe salam after the incident of Paul, if they threw rocks on him and kicked him out. What did he do? Did he insult them? Did he attack them? He was calling them to Islam. They attacked him. He bloods sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And when the angels came the angels of the mountains and asked Do you want us to crush these people? He asked Allah subhanaw taala to forgive them, number one, and number two, I hope and I pray

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that from amongst them there will be people one day who say La Ilaha illa Allah and there were

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otherwise that would not have happened. You have to wish well for others. You have to recognize that yes, you have conviction that Islam is the truth. And yes, very clearly when there's wrongdoing when there should when something else is being done that we disagree with it that we condemn what is wrong, and we wisely strategically learn how to call other people towards the truth that we don't blur the lines between truth and falsehood, but at the same time, that we genuinely care for other people. Yeah. Oh my people.

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And on this note

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At times, and I know this may sound like a sensitive statement. But at times, sometimes when Muslims grow up in other places, and they move to other lands, like the US and other places, they may not fully think that this is their home, they not may not fully relate to the fact that the people here are your people as well. It's not just people in other places. We don't care about the lines of nation states, we care about all of humanity. We don't care about the ethnicity, the language of skin color, we care about all of humanity. What Bond's us as Muslims is La ilaha illallah, Muhammad Rasulullah.

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And what we should care about in terms of data to all people. And so if you are here in this line, and you're a part of this land, you care about people who are struggling here as well, looking for the truth, people who are falling into addictions, people who are lost people who are affected in their mental health, people who are affected by post modernism and various ideologies and atheism and agnosticism, and many other isms as well that you genuinely care. Rather than think you know what this person is doing this and that and you're insulting them because you have an idea of what loyalty means in Islam, you are loyal to Allah subhanaw taala. But you are sincere for your people

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to become Muslim. You are sincere and caring about causes locally and globally, not just another lands, your home, your home, your home, we see this in the Quran frequently, the believing man from any frown as well, the believing man from your seen, call your people your poem. These are your people, call them to the truth, care about their success, the same way you want yourself to interject and be protected from the fire as the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam taught us

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when we talk about our connection to the local communities, and talk about different causes. On a side note here, it's very important for us to be connected to what's happening not just around the country, but even here in Michigan, to be aware, to be active to engage various multifaith coalition's various events and campaigns and causes. And our hearts should be connected to the tragedies that take place including the shooting at the high school recently. Our hearts do go out to those who are affected by it. You can imagine your child your son or your daughter going to school and not coming back. how devastating that would be. We shouldn't ever hear a Muslim saying

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something like Oh, they're not Muslims. It doesn't move me as much. Why is where innocent lives and the Prophet sallallahu sallam was affected by injustice was affected by oppression. Doesn't matter who affects that you stand with those who are oppressed, you stand with those who are attacked, that you care, you genuinely care.

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In addition to that, it's important for us to realize that we won't be successful as a community. If we are not connected to the place that we are in. If you are not connected to the place in which we are residing, ultimately, our belief, our worldview, in which we believe that Allah subhanaw taala created all of us and that we have a purpose requires us to be sincere to Allah and sincere to society, sincere to his creation. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us that sincerity and that compassion and the empathy while holding on clearly and explicitly to what we believe to be true. Advocating as well for others to succeed and to be protected in this life and in the next life. We

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ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us for all of our shortcomings. seek forgiveness from Allah, he's the oft forgiving the Ever Merciful Akula colony ha That was Dr. Romani with a confessed of Pharaoh in a hula hula Rahim.

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Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was suffering a woman Wala.

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It's almost the end of year 2021 already.

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And for most people, when we reflect on this, I assume we have a similar sentiment, similar feeling that the year passed by very quickly. And that in fact, for many people, it seems like 2020 2021 We're all one extended year with this pandemic. May Allah subhanaw taala relieve us and protect us and grant us Alfia and Shiva and may Allah subhanaw taala accept a shahada as martyrs, those who died due to this pandemic, Alana Amin, during this year, no doubt a lot of people took time more time than usual, to reflect on their priorities to reflect on their time, and how quickly it passes by. And eventually a day will come in which we have just a few minutes left, a few hours left. And

00:24:26--> 00:24:59

then we will depart like those before us. It's important for us to reassess and reevaluate what really matters to reevaluate the distractions that we allow into our lives. The amount of time that we spend on entertainment and leisure, on devices on socializing, binge watching Social Media, whatever it may be, we shouldn't be wasting our time Mindlessly scrolling for things that don't benefit us in this life or even the next life. May Allah subhanaw taala put Baraka in our times. This is a time in which many people connected to their families more being at home more no doubt, caused others to reflect

00:25:00--> 00:25:33

This is a time in which we emphasize protect your family units. Protect your family unit protect your family unit, as families are eroding around the world and in many Western societies, take care of your family, take care of your family, take care of your family. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us and our relationships. This is a time in which no doubt, the devil will try to divide between a husband and his wife, between parents and their children, between siblings and friends and relatives. Don't allow that division to impact you be the one in the family who takes the lead brings people together be the one who breaks that cycle of ego in which no one is reaching out to

00:25:33--> 00:26:09

forgive and be the one who forgives. This is a time for us as well, to reflect on the fact that we're all departing. We're all leaving this world. So let's not get attached to the temporary things don't get attached to consumerism don't get attached during this holiday season and throughout the year in just buying and buying and buying in a hyper consumerist culture and being attached to the things that you think will make you happy. But in reality, it causes us to realize we are being controlled rather than controlling a dunya in our hands. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us and guide us and increase us wherever you are. And whatever your circumstances in life. Remain sincere

00:26:09--> 00:26:27

to Allah sincere to his creation, sincere to your society sincere in bringing people to the truth. And no matter what happens, don't allow anyone or anything to get in between you and your pursuit of Jannah May Allah subhanaw taala accept, accept from all of us, bless us in our time and our efforts and make us for amongst those who are constantly seeking His pleasure