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Sheikh Omar advises what we can do for Syria

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Rahim in Al Hamdulillah una steinhorn esta hora hora de

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Nino v one that's so I can only when I will be learning Lavine mansoori and fusino and sejahtera Marina Manya de la hora de la moda La La MaMa, Lil Salah ha de la casa de la la, la la la la la sharika the Holman coloane hemmed up Will you meet wha hoo ha una emote via the hillside higher wahana coalition Kadir shawanna, Mohammed Abu rasuluh wasafi Yoo hoo hurry

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at the Amana tabula rasa Tawana sahasranama waka fill alma mater rockin Adam hedges did very well they do How can I hurry holla is the one who is a Holic party he of course Salatu otomatis named Ernie he will be here woman a seminary soon as he oma Dean allama john amin home woman alladhina amanu Hua middle Sani how to auto also will have to auto also the sub amin Arabella Anna mean what we'll see come when FCB taco la vaca Marana will help are Colorado Yeah, you hola Deena choco la haka to Kati Morton, a Muslim en un Sakuraba como la de la Kakuma. nevsun wahida wahala caminhar Xhosa obas, amin humare. JOHN and Kathy are on one Isa, what's up la junta de Tessa I don't wanna be

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here, or harm in aloha can it come rafidah you hola Dena Amira choco la kulu colon sadita la Kamala come without further comes in Oba con woman, yo, how Rasulullah hufa differs 1000 alima. My bad. We begin by praising our Lord subhanho wa Taala. declaring his oneness and his right to be worshipped alone. And we bear witness that Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is his final messenger. And we asked a lot to send his peace and blessings upon him, the one whom he sent as a mercy to all of the worlds, we asked a lot to be pleased with his companions, and those that follow Him and His example until the day of judgment, we asked a lot to make us amongst them alumna I mean,

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the brothers and sisters, there's so much to say over a picture. And somehow a lot. These days, we have extremely short term memory.

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One day something goes viral. The next day, we completely forget it. And it seems like over the last few years, that has been the case with Syria on a daily basis. One day, they're there one day, they're not one day, it's the bulk of the world. One day, it's as if it doesn't exist anymore. One day, everyone is crying for that Syrian child. The next day, the world is speaking about them as if they are not even human beings. One day, there are calls for relief and charity and for people to come to their aid. The next day, we're back to our daily routines in which we are once again drowning in our narcissism, drowning in our own extravagance, in our own neglect in our own

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heedlessness as if we have never seen what we have seen

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panela as that picture of that young boy, whose name is Milan. And it's amazing because a Milan in the Arabic language actually means that which builds that which is used to build children like a moron, as his name suggests, are supposed to be our future. They are supposed to have a healthy future shirt for them. They are supposed to grow up with education, with shelter, with safety with family, recognizing that they have just as fair of a chance as any other child in the world, at bettering their own situation and bettering the situation of their world as well. But some kind of law. I'm Ron represents an entire generation of Syrian children, a lost generation, a generation

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that's been completely neglected. And there's a certain cruelty and an eeriness that comes with this idea that in this day and age, someone simply presses a button, and a bomb is launched 1000s of miles away. And hundreds and 1000s of lives are destroyed forever. While that person who pressed that button will never see the faces of his victim. It's a certain cruelty that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam spoke about and hotspots where there's just mass murder, mass killing collateral damage if you want carpet bomb

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I think as some of our presidential candidates would have called it, that people in large numbers would die. And more and more and more are those people, children, young people who had nothing to do with the conflict, who didn't even understand the conflict that they were born into, and some handleless. since World War Two, that has been the trend, that the majority of the victims of war, the majority of civilians, are children. And if you think about what that means, for a moment,

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it represents a failure of our entire generation. It represents a failure of our so called Advanced humanity that we have today that the youngest of us are most likely to be our victims. And somehow the law is one. One political scientist express that a young person, a young man could be sitting with a bag of chips, and a bottle of coke next to him in Nevada, pressing a button. And with that button, a wedding in Yemen is destroyed. drone strikes from this country are employed and 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of innocent people have their lives ruined forever. Now, for us, a group of people that left from this community, and from other communities on a humanitarian trip, that picture of a

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moron meant something else. Pamela, we had just come back from seeing the little Syrian children at the border of Jordan,

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one mile away from where their parents used to call home because many of those children like a moron were actually born into the crisis. They don't even remember what normalcy is like to them. This is their normal. The shock and the emotion of seeing this young child, who was seemingly numb to everything around him is something that all of us had experienced. The children that we had seen, had seen more deaths in their lives than they had life. They've never been to schools. Most of them couldn't read or write. In fact, some hand a lot. Most of them could not even recite certain Fatiha. They could not even recite any or and they don't know what school is, like, completely deprived of

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education and deprived of a future and you wonder what comes out of that. And what's our responsibility towards them. And I can tell you that some kind of law, if you're feeling hopeless, when you see those images, it's a whole nother degree when you actually expose yourself to that in person, when you actually see those children in person. Because we knew that after we played with them and laughed with them, and smiled with them, and gave them these cheap toys that that meant the world to them that our children in this country would probably throw away within an hour, or would probably laugh.

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We knew that we would get back on our planes. And we would head back home. And we could pretend like we did not just see the world that we saw. Just like what we do over here, you just simply stop watching the news or something else goes viral now.

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We could also move on with our lives and pretend that we did not just see the most horrific situation and humanitarian crisis that we've ever seen in our lives. That's how the law. It's interesting, because when Syria first happened,

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and we shouldn't call it a civil war, because it's not a civil war, when a tyrant started to butcher, his own people, and the world was suddenly on fire, crying for Syria, you can see the effects of those NGOs that were there three, four years ago that are no longer there. And it's very much so representative of the situation that people are not there anymore. He wonder, what should I be doing? What should I be doing? What is my responsibility towards them? What's my excuse in front of Allah Subhana hotel on the Day of Judgment. And that brings me to a hadith

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where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam outlined the responsibilities of the believer to his brothers and sisters around the world. I was out partying all the time and Who said that? I said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yat rasulillah mother unilab demeanor na O Messenger of Allah, what is it that causes a person to be protected from Hellfire? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and a man who believe faith in Allah, you need to have faith in God. He said, Go through your rasulillah in the middle Imani. I'm Allah. I said to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are their actions that accompany faith. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam said Yoruba men nagasaka Hola. He said spend from what Allah gave to him. There is enough money in the world to where if it was allocated properly, not a single person in the world.

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would be in need of charity as a cat. We live in a world where people die of hunger. But there is enough food in the world to where each and every single member of the human race could have a 3000 calorie diets more than enough. In fact, the resources in the Muslim world alone in the oil rich countries of this alone would be enough not just to protect the Muslim world from from hunger and poverty, but to protect the entire world from hunger and poverty. But guess what? That's not happening. But if you are one of those people who belongs to that class of elite people, where you could write a check, and you could literally solve the problems of people all over the world, you

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have a responsibility. Allah gave you that money as an Amana. Don't kid yourself into thinking that you can just write your spare change off and call that your charity and think that's your responsibility to the world. And that's all that Allah wants from you. You've got to do more. That's an Amana. That's a trust allies testing you with that ease just as he's testing them with that hardship. So y'all Doc, Morocco, Hola. When you have the money you spend it. But sure, how long are we going to spend it for? How long are we going to keep giving charity for? When does it end? It seems like we just keep writing checks, how many Syria fundraisers Are we going to have to go to as

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long as you are capable of going to those fundraisers and as long as you're capable of seeing that destruction and still being in a place where you can contribute, you still have to contribute.

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Even if it goes another 510 years, you still have to contribute. It's not like you get to write that check for one to three years and say it's over. You have a responsibility not just to them but to people all over to those that are less fortunate all over if you're in that place of privilege. Act like you act like you care for those that aren't yo Daphne, Morocco Hola. He said poultry are Rasulullah All right, and can affect Iran. So I said O Messenger of Allah, what if he's poor, and he doesn't have any money to give the prophets like Selim said yeah, would have been

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in one cup.

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He's enjoying that which is good and forbid that which is evil. Speaking is free.

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enjoining good is free, forbidding evil is free, using your influence is free. And for better or worse suddenly the entire world has a pulpit now. People that have no business having an opinion have an opinion now and they have a place to amplify that opinion. And people that have something to say that is logical that is rational. That is spreading awareness often don't use the means that they have so use what you've been given of influence them to change the situations that lead to the crisis he's that continue to demand perpetual charity. Use what you have. If you have a sphere of influence that covers three people use it. If you have a sphere of influence that covers 3000 people

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use it and if your sphere of influence covers 3 million people use it a lot will not ask the one who has three about 3 million but he will ask them about three and a law will ask that person who has 3 million about his 3 million a lot will ask you about your sphere of influence us what's stopping you? Yeah, what have been my ruffian hand in one cup? Is it fear? Is it cowardice? What is it that stopping you from using what you have? The tongue that you have? Because the prophets lie Selim sad, man Why am income one carfully a year who Beata whoever amongst you sees evil if he can change it with his hand, change it with his hand. He can't do so. bt Sonny let him speak out. Let him say

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something. Use your tongue that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave Carla country aerosolized. That's the Messenger of Allah. What if that person is a person who has no influence in society? What if that person is someone that can't do anything? What if that person can't change anything, not with money or with position or with influence? The prophets lie Selim said, Yes, not only.

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Let him go and educate someone who can

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find someone who's in a position to make a change, and educate them so that they can make that change. You don't always have to be on the pulpits. You don't always have to be the policymaker, how often do we sit around and whine about what people in power are not doing? What are you doing to get to those people of power so that they can do things differently? I understand there are mass conspiracies. And I understand that the world seems to work in two different ways, the way that we see it and the world of Wikileaks and whatever it may be, but those people that are in influence those people that are in power that you keep on complaining about what are you doing to get in their

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ear? What are you saying to them, didn't Allah subhanaw taala

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I mentioned to us a group of bunnies throw in. Who won? You know, there was one group that was doing evil, one group, one group that said they're hopeless, and one group that said, you know what we're going to tell them anyway, we're going to try to change them anyway, Matt, zero toninato become

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as an excuse before a lot. And maybe just maybe we'll be able to influence it a little bit. Maybe we'll change them a little bit, maybe we'll stop them a little bit, maybe there's change in them, maybe there's hope in them, maybe I might be able to make my mark in some way. Or I might not even influence the one who's in influence. But I will influence a person who can reach the one who's in influence, but maybe not the law. It's just an excuse before a lot that I tried. I'm trying to reach them. And I'm saying what I have to say, a law will not charge me just as he does not with DERA with my call to him, Allah will not charge me for how a person responses but he will hold me accountable

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for whether or not I've spoken. Yes, not really.

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Go and try to educate those people that are in influence. Go and try to in a political realm. The shadow of this hadith would literally mean try to reach policymakers and change them.

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reach people of influence that they can change their wings. Make your excuse before Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah eaten caught up, he said, O Messenger of Allah, what if he himself is ignorant? What if he himself doesn't have that capacity doesn't have that access? What does he do? The prophets license that you are in or maluma, and then wondering why you're in Omaha Luba that he will stand with the one who's being oppressed. If I can't change the situation, that continues to yield oppression, that continues to create this vicious cycle.

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To where there are so many more children whose pictures never get out, there are

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so many more children that will never hear about so many more children whose names we will never know. So many tents that will never be photographed or reached by an NGO, so many people that will be bombed in silence, and that will die in silence, without the world ever knowing their name.

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But if I can't change that situation, then at least I need to stand with those refugees. I need to stand with those that are being oppressed. I need to show them that we still remember you. If the world has forgotten you, we have not. If the world has turned its back on you. If not, we're still here. I still care about you. Your plight is still my plights. I didn't sign up to walk with you, for a year or two, I signed up to walk with you for your entire existence. And as long as I continue to exist, you're just as precious to me as any other child. You are family. I'm here for you. There are refugees in Dallas, Texas,

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refugees in Dallas, Texas, and I don't care which agency you go through. But you could easily reach them. And you could go and you could smile at them. And you could financially assist them. And you could take their family out to the park. And you could give them some level of normalcy. I'm not asking everybody to go see the refugees overseas, though. It's a life changing experience. I'm saying right here.

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Just go to them. smile at them, spend time with them. Give them some normalcy, because you know what, there was a time where they used to take their children out to the parks and Syria. And they never imagined being in a situation like this. acquaint yourself with them. You're even with Luma I'm here for you mokulua, someone who's defeated, meaning he's done. There is no way for that person to attain victory. It's over. But I'm here for you. I couldn't change the cycle. But I can still be here for you. That's my last excuse before Allah subhanho wa Taala and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he said that I was almost ready out of sort of law What if he himself his mother in

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law he himself is oppressed. Now you're starting Arlen Yes. Now he he can't do any of those things. The profit slice that I'm said yeah, I better not to really do and technically sahibi come in higher. You don't want to leave any form of good for this person to do the human seeker other one in us. Let him withhold his his harm from the people he can't do any good. Let him withhold his harm from the people go to your rasulillah either. falada de la Jana, I said O Messenger of Allah He does that will he enter paradise? The Prophet slicin him said ma'am and wattman uploadable his Latin man Harvey Hill has resigned in law that V o chiamata Hata to treat origin. Profits licensed said that

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there is not a single believer that does any one of the things that have been mentioned above except that it will take him from his hand on the

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of judgment until it enters him into paradise.

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Your brothers and sisters what I learned on this trip.

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And I already knew this, and I think a lot of us do. But some had a lot, one of the most stunning realizations, I think that if you ask anyone that's exposed themselves to these refugees, and we'll have time to talk about one Saturday night, inshallah is that they don't just expect us to keep sending charity their way, they expect us to be their voice. They expect us to lobby for them. They expect us to speak for them. They expect us to expose their story to the world, you know, somehow a lot, I've had the the opportunity to work with disaster victims before, I have never seen more people that are more willing to get in front of a camera and tell their story than those Syrian

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refugees. Why? Because they feel like no one's heard them for five years. They're willing, you don't even have to ask them. They see the camera, they want to tell their story. They want the world to hear what they've gone through, not as a complaints. But because you're here in a place of privilege. You should be doing something about us. I should be doing something about this. Charity is good. But we need to take it further. And each one of us needs to work in accordance with their capacity and really dedicate ourselves to that costs, find our role in alleviating the suffering of them. And if we completely fail at doing so. And all of the yelling and screaming and petitioning

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and and all that yields absolutely no results, not zero toninato become, at least it's an excuse before Allah. The brothers and sisters tonight lie to Allah, Muslim American leaders around the country are going to launch a campaign called no fly now, to put pressure on policymakers to enforce a no fly zone over Syria, so that these airstrikes would stop so that these people can live can start to regain some sort of normalcy. does it solve the problem? No, it does not solve the problem. But it's something it's something and so I want to invite everyone in Charlottetown to to actually think about this how to be a part of no fly now how to actually put pressure, how to lobby, how to

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write letters, how to play your part in Charlotte's Island, while also petitioning loss of Hannah hoods Allah at night in your nightly prayers in your 200 in Europe, the AMA live and while also continuing to give your charity and continuing to meet with these refugees and continuing to be a part of this. This part of the Hadith is yes, not only o'clock, we need to get in their ears and getting their faces and say we're not going to wait for another Syrian child's image washed up on the coast of some resort to appear. We're not going to wait for another Alon. We're going to say something about this. And we're going to be their voice because Allah subhana wa tada has mandated

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from us, we ask Allah subhana wa tada to allow us to be their voice to forgive us for our neglect of them. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give them victory over their oppressors. We ask Allah Subhana Hood's attitude returns and return them to their homes and safety and in victory. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to elevate their ranks We ask Allah subhana wa tada to grant them the best of this world and the next We ask Allah subhana wa tada to accept their dead as martyrs and to cure their living. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to use us for them. alumna amin aku Kalia was de la jolla company Solomon must invest in hoval

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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam ala upon meanwhile athletes will clean Allahumma salli wa sallam about a karate Kota silica Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are only he was trying to sell them to Steven kathira their brothers and sisters in sha Allah tala tomorrow night, the youth from this community that had the opportunity to go on that humanitarian trip inshallah I will be sharing their stories I want you to bring your families bring your kids I typically don't make announcements in the whole time doing it now. Bring your children tomorrow night and shout lots out. Let them listen to youth who have been exposed to that and shot a lot so we need to awaken our

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hearts and awaken our conscience. May Allah Subhana Allah forgive us and we Allah subhana wa tada accept from us and May Allah subhanho wa Taala elevate them and elevate us And may Allah subhanho wa Taala be pleased with them and be pleased with us llama fit and let me know when you're not well Muslim in a Muslim not even humble and watch in Mecca Samia and curry booty without llama fildena Warhammer one for now Allah to add libnah robina Allah and Susannah out of Hamelin akuna Minal Casa de la mina, careful when Kareem went to Hezbollah for foreign Allah for the wily Dina Robert hammer Kamara bonus era

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benevolent. I mean, as well as you know the reality now kurata Narayan or Jana Lynwood? Sakina mama llama, Masada Athena Thema sharika mahavihara la Matsuda Masada Athena fimasartan audio mavado Bihar Allahu Allah Allah killed while Amina with violin in Regina with one I'm in being named Sadie mean about the La La Jolla mobility when our son was a little corbion Harley fascia you will want to carry well belly your eyes Oh come on Allah come to the Coronavirus Corolla has come wash Kuru Valentina, is it lecan what are the crolla Aqua, La Jolla and Omar toss in our own welcome