Reacting to Young Earth Creationist Ken Ham Dinosaurs are 6000 years old

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This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim forward slash donate. So this manual this manual for learning the basic features of reading the Arabic language for chronic use is one of the most accessible manuals I've actually ever seen is what we have on the market, unfortunately at the moment is, is a range of inaccessible manuals, which we can't actually doesn't have the scaffolding that is required in order to get maneuver someone from a stage where they don't know how to read to a stage where they can actually feel comfortable reading. This is one of those

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. How are you guys doing? I'm here joined with the beast, the Tao of beast. He is a man who has created a legacy for himself, even though he doesn't like to be in front of the camera Zhi Shan

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that never gets old. Yeah. How's it? How's it good?

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All right, you know, what triphosphates

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would you have for us today? Alright, so basically, I've always wanted to do a response to this guy right here, this guy, Ken Ham, who is a young age creationist. And just to give people a background as to what young age creationism is, is a group of Protestants for the most part, right? Who believe that the universe is 6000 years old, based on the accounts of Genesis chapter five. And because of other things, for example, what church fathers have said majority of which probably would concur with that view. And many of the kinds of scholars of Christianity throughout the reform, period, etc. So they have a strong case from their own paradigm. In fact, they have probably the winning

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case from their own paradigm. But what what that entails believing that the universe is 6000 years is denial of certain things, which we may think are undeniable. So let's I wanted to look at today what he thinks about dinosaurs. Okay, interesting. Dinosaurs well, dinosaur quite million years old, on combi. So I'm about

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6000 years old 5500?

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What really happened to the dinosaurs?

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Many people are perplexed by the topic of dinosaurs. Where did they come from? When did they live? What happened to them? You see, when you dig up a dinosaur skeleton, it doesn't come with a label attached saying Hi, I'm 65 million years old. And this is what happened to me. So the

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skeleton in relation to the past? So where did dinosaurs come from? What happened to them? When did they live? I want to show you that when you take God at His Word in the book of Genesis, that we can explain dinosaurs and observational science actually confirms that explanation basically.

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So but by the way, he redefines everything, right? So when he talks about observational science, he's talking about what we've observed. He denies the fact that any inference can be made from science. So for him, he writes in his book, he's written a book on this. And he talks about he's got his own kind of categorizations command, Ken Ham does. The thing is to be honest, it's not like there's no scope in Christianity, for saying that the Yom because the word yom is actually using the Quran, and also using the Genesis account as well as it's exactly the same word. And Hebrew as yom could mean a long period of time. But for them, it's not that is Genesis chapter five, right? which

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talks about because what what if you look at Genesis chapter five, you'll see it's like Adam, and then his son was this person, and then his genealogy and have dates either have dates, like each, so it's like, every person's like 140 years between the first person 100, and whatever it is. So they added up. So this person called Asha, a bishop, Asha, famously, he found out when the beginning of the world was and so on. So this is where he's coming from. And it's true to say, the vast majority, if not, I think all of them except for the alexandrian School of church fathers believed would concur with this. If not, they didn't have anything to say about it, but the reformist kind of

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theologians and stuff, they believe in that as well. So 6000 year old thing, it might seem trivial to us, now we're having a laugh. But this was, I would say, the vast majority opinion in Christendom. So the Orthodox belief is, it's an orthodox belief. Yes. Interesting. See, the Bible tells us that God made the land animals on day six of creation, and who else was created on day six? Well, Adam and Eve, and how long ago was that? is really interesting because the Bible does talk about

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the kind of day by day creation everyone knows is, the thing is, it's so contradictory. Like when you Oh,

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But it's not only as contradictory to the external reality or archaeological paleontological evidence. Yeah. But it's contradictory of itself. Like, for example, in the Bible, it says that day and night were created in the first day. And then on day four. Okay, now, on day four, the luminaries were created. So the sun and all these kinds of things were created, right? And so the question would be, how can you have night and day without the right How can you? And then you talked about the vegetation, right and vegetation. And that was a great vegetation on in Genesis chapter one, verse 11, that was created. On the fourth day, I think it was, well, third day mountain, right.

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But then in Genesis chapter two, verse five, no plant has sprung up yet.

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So you have contradictions within so much. So the origin of Alexandra, who is an allegory, for the most part, he spiritualize, the meanings of the text, he looked at and said, What man of intelligence, I'm going to put these references in the comment section below, what man of intelligence would believe that the luminaries were created on the fourth day, and that the night and day will create the hazard? So you have internal contradictions, okay, and then you have external problems as well. So this has led these kinds of people to just stick to their guns and say, must be science that's wrong. Okay. I must be history. That's wrong. Must be paleontology.

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That's wrong. Must be archaeology. That's wrong. All of those things are wrong. And we all right, that's interesting. From a weight, I think there's a little bit of credit needs to be given because they didn't feel insecure. They said no, the Bible. I do agree. Yeah. However, the fact that you accept Bible to be true, yes, shows that the Bible is not true. Right. Does that make sense? Yeah. So for example, they say, look, we're not going to go and be like, change the word, God's word. We're going to stick to it. But the fact that you stick to it shows that it's not a word of Right, right. It's an interesting paradox. Yeah, it's interesting. Yeah. Well, when you add up all the data

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in the Bible about 6000 years, so taking God at His Word in Genesis, dinosaurs lived beside people about 6000 years ago. And they were vegetarian to start with Genesis chapter one, verse 29, tells us that all the animals are vegetarian. But then we just say one more thing, Bravo, this guy. Answers in Genesis is one of the most well funded organizations in the United States of America. Okay. When I looked at the numbers, I think their turnover was something like 100 million charity, 100 million as 1/10 of a billion pounds, there's no there's no doubt organization on the face of the earth, which comes close to that comes close to that. And these guys have a museum, okay, they have a

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museum where they depict Adam and Eve. And, and, you know, the dinosaurs, side by side, these kinds of things, bro. But, you know, we can watch a little bit more of this. What can we say? Because we were just having a conversation about this before the show. Yeah, you know, Christianity is based on the resurrection, isn't it? And if you believe in the resurrection, it's a historical event. Yes.

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So really, if you don't believe in it, you're doomed to hell fire.

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The mainstream Christian belief, right. So if you're, if you're, if you're doomed to hell fire for not believing in a historical event. Yeah, if you have skepticism, think of it this way. If you have skepticism towards a historical event, which in this case is the resurrection.

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And if you employ the same skepticism to the date of 6000 years, one of one of those types of historical skepticism will take you to hell. In the case of believing that the universe is 6000 years. That's not a problem. But believing that having skipped historical Skepticism on the resurrection, that one will take you to hell. Yeah, exactly. So basically, you have to be certain as hell of the resurrection. Or you go help, you know, you know, that, yeah, you have to be certain as hell, if you're not certain as hell, you go in hell.

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That's what it is. When it comes to this. Yeah. And And the thing is, you know, it's it shows you the contradiction, you know, either hypocrisy, yes. You know, and to be honest, you know, some people come to speak to people in the parkins. Because when they come to us and say, you know, the resurrection is for certain, yeah. Wouldn't you say, from your experience dealing with people that that could be the central argument for the veracity of Christianity? They want to prove Christianity through the resurrection. Yeah, exactly. If that's their central arguments, historical argument, right. Yeah. So okay, on the one hand, we can be, we can't be skeptical when it comes to these

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reports. contradictory reports, the New Testament about the resurrection, which, by the way, on his historical analysis, methodological naturalism is supreme. So we can't even say that supernatural things happen, okay. If we want it to be completely, you know, in line with secondaries, thing which we're not, we can give it to them, no problem. But at the end of the day, we can't be skeptical of the resurrection. Yeah. But you can be skeptical to the entire enterprise of archaeology in the entire enterprise of paleontology near the entire enterprise of history. And one of those types of skepticism will lead you in internal doom and burning and the hellfire. Yeah, and the other one

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won't. That's what that's beautiful. You know about Islam. hamdulillah you know, Allah doesn't test Christianity, you deny the resurrection is finished for you. Islam, 100 Allah, Allah says, we do not punish a nation to within the messenger. You know, Islam is very unique in that span.

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Unless they possess the mercy of God, and I'll be honest with a lot of people come to me with the resurrection thing and they're very certain about that.

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Record the Quran came down 600 years later and change the whole narrative and to be in a nutshell, if the Quran is the word of God, and who knows best history, but God, you know, so if the Quran is the word of God and Allah is saying that Jesus peace be upon him was not killed nor crucified, but Allah saved him. I'm gonna go with that, you know, so if there's Christians watching this, you know, at the end of the day, if you're going to put your trust in this, you know, if you're going to not deny the resurrection, there is absolute hypocrisy with the whole Genesis account. So to us is if you read the book of the Quran, and you if you believe it to be God, and there's evidence that

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proves Aniston when most recent book, I've got a booklet that I put it on the description box as well for the evidences for the truth of Islam. Exactly. So then who knows best history, but God and if God is telling you, Jesus was not killed, nor was he crucified, I'm sorry, I'm taking that to account rather than this.

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He said, I think it's a good point. Yeah, it was good to end with this as well. That way, you could say you can make the argument if if we have to believe in the resurrection to be Christians. Yeah. So really, Christianity is based on historical events. Yeah. Whereas the difference between Christianity and Islam from that perspective, is that Islam is based on a concept and the concept is submission to one god yes, submission, worship one God. Right. And that I think is the main difference between the two religions. Yeah, exactly. Oh, yeah. Brahma sisters, you know, if you're watching this as a Christian, there's books I'm going to put in the link which you can get and you

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know, and read that and see for yourself and like I said before, guys, the best person to know history and what really happened to Jesus peace be upon him. If you go to the Bible, you know, your dilemma from all angles? Yeah, I was I thought, if I reject the resurrection, which I do, I'm doomed to hell. And it's based on accounts which are you know, Mark Matthew, Luke, the stories that contradict each other So guys, if the word of the Quran is Word of God, and God knows history, which he does his own knowing, go and find out really what happened to Jesus peace be upon him, and instead of worshipping Him, worship the one who created him. And that's it. That's all stuff

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Mohammed bro. Pleasure. Sana camera.