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AsSalamu Alaikum and welcome to another episode of forgotten sinners. In today's episode we're going to be talking about the state that we sleep in.

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It is narrative insight on Bahati that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said either a taped affair or shock factor what bot will do a Kelly sauna that when you go to bed make will do just like you would make will do for prayer. The Sunnah here is that you sleep in a state of purity. Some scholars have said that this is even the case for a person who already has will do that. Basically they remake their loo before they go to bed yet most scholars say that the purpose here is that a person sleeps in a state of purity. While having will do so if a person already has will do they don't have to remake will do to fulfill this unknown and really sleeping in a state of purity in a

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state of blue is sleeping in the state of God consciousness in a state of taqwa that we are aware of a lot of data that spirituality is part of our lives even before we go to bed alone, kinda like the ATA has said and sort of Azuma along with the weapon and fusa hain mot have one latinum demo FEMA naamyaa meaning it is a law who takes the souls at the time of their death, and those that don't die when they are asleep. And so yes, definitely sleep is considered a state of uncertainty a state in which we may die and we may meet a loss penalty Allah. So the point here is to die in a state of God consciousness of taqwa of being pure in a state of purity. And that is why also barsoum taught us

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that when we wake up in the morning, what do we say we say Alhamdulillah hymnody A heya, Nevada Montana, lay him assure meaning Praise be to Allah who has given us life after he causes us to die. And to him is the return, the death being referred to here is sleep and this is why some of our scholars will refer to it as the lesser death once again, a moment of a time of uncertainty. And so we remember a lot of spinal tiada before going to bed. And also part of that remembrance is being in a state of will do or being in a state of purity and Allah Subhana Allah knows best until next time, I said I want you to lie about it.