Zakir Naik – Would you Advise the Muslims to follow the Principles of Mahatma Gandhi?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The importance of following Mahover's principles and avoiding violence in Islam is emphasized, along with the use of non violence techniques like Zoom in Arabic. The "opportunistic Masala" strategy is also discussed, where actions are not stopped until fully motivated and non violence techniques like Zoom can lead to peace instead of war. The speaker emphasizes following Islam laws and avoiding getting scared in order to avoid violence, and encourages followers to follow the rules.
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Yeah, good evening doctor. My name is Gemma Julia. I've completed my engineering this year. And first of all, this is my first time I've been visiting your open talk. And it was really appreciate the knowledge of all the scripts you have, and the confidence you have and a lot of Muslim supporters, which really follow you. Now, my question to you is a bit political. And now I would like to ask you, Doctor, do you advise all the Muslims to follow the principles of Mahatma Gandhi?

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Like example of non violence Satyagraha? He fought for us to get an independence from Britishers as I believe, and I respect all the holy books like Quran Gita, Bible, apart from that, in today's world, I feel I am more an Indian. So would you advise Muslims to follow principles of Mahatma Gandhi like non violence satyagrah or any of the principles of Mahatma Gandhi raises the question that do I suggest the Muslims to follow the principles of Mahatma Gandhi's any change to any principle of mathema Gandhi that is non violence and satyagrah.

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Sorry, sorry to interrupt the doctor or any of the principles of Mahatma Gandhi, I got a question starting you said the principles meaning all the principles then you said any principle or give answer to both.

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All those principles of Mahatma Gandhi, which match with the Koran, which match with our Creator, match with the thing that Prophet Muhammad Salah salam, I've got no objection telling the Muslim followed wholesaling.

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For example, the subtle movement of MathML and the non violence, the Prophet did the same. Not that he copied from Mahatma Gandhi. It is Mahatma Gandhi you copied from the Prophet, which you can read later on.

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If you see the marquee age of the Prophet, the first approximate 13 years that he spent in Makkah,

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he told the follows no violence. Many non Muslims accepted Islam. They were fierce warriors. The Prophet said, Your jihad is subpar Miss patient. Many Muslims were killed and butchered

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the pig in makin that time. They targeted the weak Muslims. They tortured them, they killed them. For those who are powerful, they were angry. They said that they killed our brothers, we will take revenge. The Prophet said your jihad is

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someone who has the power to fight back.

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And he fights back. It's good. But someone who has the power to fight back. And the commandment is don't fight back. And then he restrained himself that Israel jihad. jihad in Arabic means to struggle. It means to strive. So here the prophets commandment was non violence. They went on the streets. Only thing that we bear witness that there's no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammad peace with the Messenger of Allah pepperstone them they did not retaliate. People abused them, they did not retaliate. The Prophet went to people's told him, he didn't retaliate.

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So this is one of the strategies, but not the only strategy

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for everyone to complete the answer. No, sir after after Dr. Zakir completes a question will allow you to ask you will have to have some patience, brother. Okay. So you have asked a question after give the reply. So this part of mathema Randy of non violence, depending on situation. But now if you tell the Indian government, you know, the person is Robin nonvolatile. don't arrest him. The person is ripping nonviolence don't arrest him. The Indian government will agree. Every country has a police force. This force is meant to let peace prevail in that country. So sometimes they use force against the criminal to let peace prevail. You can't tell the government can't tell the police

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commissioner Bombay, that she Mothma Gandhi said non violence so a person is obeying let them Rob only do six by don't rob suppose they come and * your sister. Here's the okay don't trip don't *, non violence. So non violence is the best

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in Islam, there is something like Zoom Zoom in Arabic, the best translation also can be operation

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and a personal operation is called a solemn rollin person. And who is most Ireland, then a person who can stop the operation and does not stop the operation?

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profit masasa themselves and others

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limit, that if you see an evil,

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you stop it with your hand.

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If you cannot stop it with the hand, let's stop it with the tongue. If you cannot tolerate the tongue, then curse in your heart. And if you curse in your heart, you are the lowest level of moment, you are the lowest level of Muslim.

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Suppose this year * taking place, Mahatma Gandhi said Oh, don't don't do the best if you have the power to stop, stop it at the hand. She may not be a sister, she may not be a mother, if you see someone *, if you can stop it in your hand, you stop with the hand. If you cannot, if you're weak, you don't want the power, at least say oh by

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Trey Parker Oh,

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dear brother, don't rip a TV the tongue. If you think if I say we've met Thomas will kill me at least curse in your heart. So depending upon the situation, the strategy keeps on changing. When prophet went to Medina,

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then he was peaceful. He did say

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he signed a contract between the pagan unbelievers and Muslim they broke the contract. When they come for war.

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Then the Almighty God said, when they come for war, don't get scared fight.

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Kill them. So depending upon the situation, and according to the people, historians, Michael Hart, he wrote a book of the 100 Most Influential People in human history. Number one he gave to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

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But I'm not mentioning him for that. Among the important misses was Mahatma Gandhi, Michael Machado famous historian. After mentioning the 100 Most Influential People in history, he mentioned the important misses. And in that he mentioned Mahatma Gandhi. And he says the subtle movement of Mahatma Gandhi, which was one of the important movements, which led the Britishers go back. But what he said even this movement wasn't there, yet, India would have got independence, according to the famous historian, Michael chart. So what we realize that depending upon the situation, we have to use the strategy. You can't say always non violence. Sometimes violence will have to be used to let

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peace prevail, like how you have police in every country, in every state. So anyone who goes beyond the limits, who raped who robs, who harmed the people, that time as a last resort, like the country says the police can use force similarly Islam says as a last resort, as a last alternative, sometimes force can be used to let peace prevail. Hope that answers the question. If the question was No, sir, I'm convinced with it. And thanks for that. The reason I said don't interrupt me and hamdulillah it's my profession. I'm in the field. If I give the complete answer, people are convinced I start the answer. People want to object. When you're putting your hand up, your mind is

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going on the question you aren't paying attention on man Phil. So when you listen with an open mind, inshallah, I will answer your question, if not, inshallah, we will take an opportunity. Okay. And I would also like to advise all the Muslim people over here, you have a great scholar like Dr. nygh so please follow Muslims 100% as there are some doubts like people do not follow it. 100% so I hope all the Muslims were following the Muslim religion 100% and make India proud. Thank you, thank you.

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I will declare that all the Muslims should follow Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And the last and final revelation, the greatest Quran as far as the brother, he said that Muslims should follow me 100% I request him that even he should follow me at least what I speak about the Quran they say Hadith. So whether we are waiting for an opportunity, I want you also to follow me. Me as long as I measure the Quran and say Howdy, if I don't mess with Quran and say Howdy, even doctors are gonna give zero Zakat and I got no value what I say if it matches with the last and final commandment, the Glorious Quran and last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, you follow me? I

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request you even you should follow me what I speak about the hora and they say howdy

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