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AI: Summary © The importance of learning the Prophet Muhammad's teachings and the use of certain titles and names to identify followers is discussed in Islam. The use of these titles is not meant to be an excuse for confusion or chaos, and is a way to avoid confusion and chaos. The importance of labeling individuals with certain titles and moments in order to avoid confusion and chaos is emphasized, along with the need to examine the quality of education provided to children and not to use the "one step" theory to describe people with certain titles. The speakers stress the importance of knowing the right words to describe individuals and their actions, and stress the need to remember certain names and mentioning them in the future.
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salat wa salam ala nabina Muhammad, Bharati vasavi.

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All Praise to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will come in one of the new episodes of your program. They're all that binds us.

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Last episode, I talked about the importance of knowing and studying the methodology of Allison knowledge and now, it became sometimes another title, we find that called New al Hadith or absolute utter. When there is some people said we cannot trust the Hadith, that tradition of Mohammed salam wa sallam, the durations that had been narrated to us through

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the Sahaba and the tambourine the next generations and the third generation, we cannot accept this, we cannot trust al Bukhari or Muslim or tirmidhi or medical image, when the new generation, we want to seek our knowledge from other than the hudy either from the logic or their senses or maybe other reference as I said earlier, from the books, which is translated from other religion or other ideologies or school thoughts, other than the Muslim school of thought, when people start seeking this reference, or going back to this, going to this reference instead of the Hadith, and rejecting the Hadith, people call themselves we are 100 Hadith, the people who follow the Hadith also, and

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sometimes in the Islamic history, there is some people start preparing the opinions over the duration. And we will not look at the generations but what do you call they they use what we call them, the views their their own opinion, their own senses their own logic.

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There are a school saying no, we have to use the Hadith, the narrations as a reference to stablish the rules from this narrations, another name and a two Nadia and also a TA Eva almanzora and Phil kata Nadia and OPI foreman surah

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related to what the prophet sallallahu Sallam have said in the famous Hadith, where he said, so a lot of them this ummah will be divided into 3873 groups or sect, and one of them will be saved, one of them will remain victorious, the prophets are solid watch almanzora victories, and one of them will be saved, which is a Nadia the safe sec. Ad That's why they call those who follow the way of the prophets or sediminis companions, that safe sex or the safe group and the victorious one also I'll horribad every which is the one when there is something not common. We call it very, it's not common. It's like a something which is not common. Assembly will translate a lot about to

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strange, but I don't agree with that. Because strange. It's a negative way of describing things I believe, but something not common. And the prophets of Salaam told us that the way of the prophets of Salaam one day would come and it will not be something common people know it. It normally, maybe a few people who can realize that this is from the prophets or sunlamps because so many innovations will be so common and the people's life that they will not even recognize the difference between the sun and what is not from the Sydney. So those who are or what about those who follow the message or the true or true followers of Sydney. Also, it's interesting to note some in the in the time of Lima

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Ahmed Rahim Allah, there were

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a problem happen in that time where people group people claimed that crime is not a Lost Planet artists work. They claim that that's one of his creation element and the rest of the Muslim Ummah refuted this idea. And because in a madman Rahim Allah in that time stood for the truth and

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defeated this idea so strongly. Everybody who agree with Rahim Allah, in that time, they were called an Hana biller or the people who followed him at mathematic pad, make sure that you understand this. This is not related to that fifth issue.

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This is related to the belief, so he might follow the school of thought of him Shafi Malik, but they used to call them humbly or a person who follow, Rahim Allah in the matter of al Qaeda in the matter of al Qaeda. Also one important point I have to mention it here, that's all the four great demands the Hampton Inn, and before him, Shafi Malik, Abu hanifa, and their followers among the true followers of Sydney, among the true followers of Sydney, all these names lead to one circle. All these circles or these labels are to identify one fact, which is the true followers of Sunnah. The true followers of the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to

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be called with or even they used to describe themselves with puppeteer, there is very important point to mention and related to this ish one. These names and titles, never meant to be a tool to divide the Ummah, to exclude certain people out from the circle of the followers of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam had never been used as a way to take out from the oma of Islam, some a true and sincere followers to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as it might be used, sometimes in the history or even in this modern days that people use this, to label certain groups and to exclude others. I believe this is not the way that early Muslims, the scholars and the early Muslim

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generation, this not the way they understood that meaning and that uniqueness of these names and a title, these names and titles, meant to identify and to explain that nature of those people

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to identify and to explain, that believe of those people, that we believe in the center, that they believe in the concept of Jamaica, and the unity and the,

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the support and

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obedience to that Muslim rulers and not to break the Muslim Ummah, and to fight one another, or to invent something in the religion, which is can harm this ummah, are codes that people will disagree on these new invented matters. So these names and titles, meant to identify the people who believe in the truth, not to exclude others, are not to be taken as a way to

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classify this ummah, in a way, which is can contradict the meaning of unit, you might ask the question

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why we need to use these names? Or do we need to use them today? And if not, why they've been used in the past these names, this might be a question you raise,

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Isn't it enough to call ourselves Muslims and that said, Men and that said, first of all, we have to understand that titles and names as something appeared even in the Prophet sallallahu you It was a long time that Muslims used another title besides just being a Muslim, or being a movement or being a tepee, such as Mahajan, and unsolved and a Lost Planet Allah Himself used this terminologies to describe that companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but these titles never ever divided the Muslim community during the prophets of silence time. People used to be recognized with titles like he is habit he or she is from Medina or he is from Mecca, she is from Egypt, Egyptian or

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bustling or erahthi or Yemeni etc. So, these titles and been exist in the time of the prophets of Salaam and after the prophets are sometimes time as well. So,

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this is not something new, but these names which has been used through the history of snap, unlike the name, which is given by the Quran, and by Allah subhana wa tada and by the prophet sallallahu wasallam. These names and titles may carry

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different connotations and meanings from one time to another. And the best example here remember in last episode I said, and sometimes in the history of Islam, they used to call those who follow the Sunnah handling.

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And this terminology, Hambling later on became a title for those who follow the school of thought of, or the School of flip. And certain certain people who follow Him, Rahim Allah in his opinions or those scholars who came after the students have met, who established a method or school of thought called the Hanbury method,

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as we have the Shafi the Maliki de Hanafi. But in one time in the history, Hammond he never meant to be and the title for those who follow Him and admit in the issue, it always it's been used to refer to those who follow him in the matters of al Qaeda, when he refuted the concept of how to correct that Al Quran was created. I will see you to continue our discussion about who are Ensenada and what is their methodology.

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This winning

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chaos, disorder and turmoil in our lives and the world.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah My dear brothers and sisters, welcome. In your program. They're all that binds us. So you see these titles and names it might change from one century to another from one time to another. That's why that's why there are certain rules, we need to understand and to learn about labeling, if some labeling one sold was a titles, if somebody wants to use certain

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to label somebody with a title, can we just use any title? Is there is any rules we should know. Before we go forward? Yes, there are certain rules answer the Muslim sky

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Set, in order for us to use any title, or any label to describe anybody with first rule,

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label must have correct meaning. Correct me and according to the Sharia, to the Islamic rule,

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this label that people describe themselves with, or this name or this title, that they want to describe themselves what it has to be first correct. We cannot

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adopt a title which is has wrong meaning islamically or unaccepted, meaning in Islam.

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So this is first rule, second rule

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should not be used as a basis for associating and this associate, because these names and titles are not from Orion and sin. For example, let's say a group of people said that we are the people of Iran, in this community or this center, we establish a community center and we call this community center for example, Masjid attack was so the people have messed it up.

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Or the people of this association or this

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this is so the people of this association, or the people of this group.

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If that's the case, and this meaning accepted islamically I cannot base my relationship based on this title. So if you're not from the group of domestic taqwa or the message of sending out the message, whatever the name is, you I don't associate myself with I feel that there is a gap between me and you. And it can be even go farther can go farther, that people will love you just because you're from this group or carry this title or carry this name. But if the name from the Quran and Sunnah, I love the believers. I love the people who follow the Sunnah. I don't like I dislike I don't want to associate myself with somebody who is faster who's a sinner, or a person who practice

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the major sins Apparently, this what they call the FASTA. I want to stay from a such person, because this title first or occur for the disbelief is a tough little corner sidna, it has negative meaning. And this negative mean by given by Allah subhana wa Taala and by His Messenger sallallahu sallam, but other titles were just people invent, it cannot take the same rules.

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And I cannot praise or criticize somebody just because he is from this group or that group. Just because a person for example, said I follow the way of saliva sila is not enough this title to make you good, or it's not enough to make you back to say I belong to so and so. group because we judge people based on their actions not based on their titles. So even if there is a title been used, it cannot be used as a way to judge people. That's right. Even taymiyah Rahim Allah Shahada snam said it's not from the way of Addison. They judge people by the names that have been invented later on or names are not exist in Quran and Sunnah. I give you an example one of the names that people which is

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accepted islamically to say for example, I am Shafi or Maliki or I am from Egypt from Saudi Arabia from America. whatever country you they come from, I'm

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a Latinas or I am a white or black whatever Title I want to use. I cannot use this as a way to just love whoever from this country because I cannot use this title these themes as a way to judge people either positively or negative. The third rule

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should not be used as a means to divide the amount or two divide in this Muslim and the prophets asylums time we all know that they used to have these names and Mahajan and saw once one of them were hygiene and and saw they were drinking from a well or pulling the water out from the well. And there's a problem have been between one of them. Oh hygiene on sock. So what happened? The one from Omaha Julian said Jada Mahajan. He is the one from South Seattle on site.

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All the mahogany and all on site so that the Muslims divided into two groups, the margerine want to support the one who is mohajirs camp came from Mecca. Dan saw want to support the one from their city from their town which is in Medina the answer. So they were divided to do group based on that and so fighting each other. In this case, these titles and using these titles was forbidden because it was a tool to divide

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is the tool to bring division and to break the unity of the Muslim that's why the prophets or sunlamp criticized that that's so this so much and he said Judah jahannam this, this racism can lead to the bottom of the Hellfire if I use this as a tool to divide the Ummah and a way of or a form of racism to divide the oma. It will became even a major sin

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also should only be used when there is need for it when there is need for it. Some people love to use these titles instead of the beautiful titles that be given to us comparison. How do you use these titles if I don't need it? If I don't need it, I only use it when there is need. That's why they use the word cinema jamara when people start rejecting the sydnor and they said we are the follower of the sydnor when people bring break the gym out of this we are the people offer Gemma otherwise we should stick to the words or the title be given to us by Prasanna witches, Al muslimeen or the Muslims, the movement, the believer and so on the last rule and unlike the names given in

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Quran and Sunnah, these names or these titles, we should always remember it might change from one century to another carry different connotations and meanings from time to time. As I said earlier, as I said early,

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this is very important fact that should be remembered. And as I said, these names meant to identify the people to bring people together, not to divide them. inshallah, we will start talking about the sinner and the Gema in details in the next episode. I'll see you there