Embracing Quran #11 – God Has Tamed The Animals For You

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100 off salatu salam ala Rasulillah Welcome back to embracing Quran and the Tafseer of surah. Yaseen Allah subhanaw taala. He says now, and now we're in a new segment. Allah says I well I'm Euro. And now hello canola home MIM amulet, Idina and Harmon film. Lucha Malecon is a candidacy that we've created for for them with that which our hands had made an Armin

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cattle for whom Johan Malecon and they ended up becoming owners of these cattles as well. So now, Allah subhanaw taala wants to give them a few more signs of his capability, his capacity, his strength, Allah has given the many angles of his strength already, Allah told them of his ability to be able to resurrect Allah told them of his ability to be able to take a day and move it and take a night and move that and take the huge, you know, body that is known as the sun and not make it stationary, at least for the way we look at it. All right, despite the fact that it is stationary in reality, except that it rotates on its axis. But Allah subhanaw taala makes it seem to us as if it's

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moving, that's all from the power of Allah and for it to happen in that same cycle in the same way throughout centuries for hundreds 1000s of years. All of that is the power of Allah. Now Allah wants you and I to see another angle of the strength of Allah and the power of Allah, that Allah creates something bigger than us, stronger than us, more capable physically than us. But then Allah subjects that to us, Allah says, can they not see that a lot handmade for them? An Armin curdle, which are obviously bigger than you for whom to have Molly Kuhn. And they end up becoming owners of these candles, even though they're smaller or less physically capable in many different ways.

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But their owners,

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how does that happen? And they are subjected completely to you. Why don't they just rebel, these creatures that we ended up owning?

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Why don't they just rebel? Why is it that a person who owns a dog is able to tame the dog? Why doesn't dog just kill the dog master? Right? The dog owner? Why is it that the cattle you know, you're talking about a cow that is really large or even bigger than a cow, a camel? Why is it that this camel doesn't just revolt against its owner and completely eradicate him? Because he can if he wants, he has the physical capacity. But Allah subhanaw taala says we're the LEL na Allah, what have we done, we've taken this particular creature that is bigger than than them, and we have tamed it for them. thermen How to cool boom. And this is even more shocking if you think about it. Because

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Allah says Furman had a cool, boom, and in that is their ride. And that same thing, they ended up eating as well.

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Allahu Akbar,

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Allah has made your ride your ownership is something that you own. And that object that you own, it's in your possession, Allah has made your drink from it. Because he says When at home free home and after a while my shot if you could drink from it if you want, and then you can write it as well.

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And you can eat it as well.

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Like, you know, when you're driving today, as great as cars have become, they're not as good as this. If you think about it, because you can eat a car, you can drive really fast on it, it's nice and comfortable, it gives you a lot of different aspects of comfort nowadays, there are self driving cars as well so they can dry for you. But this is another level of of blessing because you're on your mount. And as you're traveling, you know, it's going to give you things to drink. And it's going to give you other benefits as well you could shave it off and and make something of the fur if you're getting cold. All right. Well the home Fiat mafia, Allah talks about that you can shave it

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and use the the fire to be able to make a code out of it for yourself even while it's alive. Right? So Allah subhanaw taala says it's going to keep you warm, it's gonna be a drink for you, and you're riding it along your journey wherever you're traveling. And on top of that, if you feel stranded and you're hungry, you can literally slaughter it and eat it as well.

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And on top of all of this, it's bigger than you in size, more physically capable than you. But nonetheless, Allah has teamed it for you.

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That's a gift from God.

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If you think about it from all those angles, after Allah, you're screwed and for that reason

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Allah says all of this and you still don't thank me. And it's not even like that if you buy a car, it depletes itself, the value decreases as soon as you walk out of the showroom, you've bought your car 10 $15,000 drop on your car's value immediately because it's now gone from new to used us for these rides that Allah has created the divinely created rides, they appreciate in value because they can procreate. So if you have one animal, it can procreate into 237 10 and you have a lot of animals, you could potentially be riding one and bring the other one along with you for food and for drinks.

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This is Allah's creation, it appreciates in value a fella Yash karoun Whatever the woman doing in LA he Lehighton now Allah Holmium Soran Allah gives them this beautiful grant and this beautiful gift. Despite that, they ended up taking other partners, they ended up taking other deities besides Allah subhanaw taala so that they can get help from those other deities, how are they to help these people, and Allah is the One who created them. And he also created those objects that they decided to worship. And one of the reasons why hola follows this up with with the concept of cattle, because in many cultures, cattle is actually revered. Right? There's some degree of reference, reverence and

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also sometimes people worship cattle as well, some people in the world and throughout generations we've seen you know, forms of paganism arise where capital is considered during revealed, revered because of all of this, because you end up getting a drink, you end up getting a mound, you end up getting a ride, you end up getting a tilt, you end up getting all these different benefits from one animal and it proved procreates and you get richer as well. And you can use that one for ride one for food, one for drinks, one for you know, one for farming you can do a lot of things with cattle. So Allah subhanaw taala he talks about this and then because there are people in the world who make

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these candles, also objects of worship Allah says that after I gifted it to you and subjected it to you, you end up taking it as a an object of worship as if it is to help you he says that that's not going to happen. Leia stealthy Aruna, nostra whom they will never be able to help you. Why Well, whom that who didn't do well home their home June did more hit the road. They're not going to help you Oh, people these candles are, are they're subjected to you to benefit you. They're not meant to help you in other ways, in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala or against your enemies and so forth. No, no, no, that's not the case. Rather, Allah subhanaw taala says, Those cattle that you're seeking

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are those objects of worship that you're seeking to, to gain help from right.

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Those objects of worship that you're seeking to, to gain help from they will turn against you on the Day of Judgment as well. While home let home June don't have the room. Remember Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran that worku had NASA? Well, hey Jarrah, that the fire is kindled by human beings and also by rocks as well. And the scholars of the field, they explained that the rocks that are being spoken of over here in this IR are basically the rocks that the humans themselves worshipped. So if human beings are worshipping idols, the idols will actually be used to kindle the fire that the humans will will also be burning in. So Allah subhanaw taala says, don't think that

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those idols that you end up worshipping sometimes those idols are made of cattle as well as you know. So those idols that you end up worshipping, don't think that they'll actually be able to help you rather, they may not they may, they will be an army against you on the Day of Judgment, because these idols will be thrown into the fire to be further kindled, so that fire will be kindled for you because you were worshiping other than Allah, Allah azza wa jal

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Fela Hassan KEPCO knew whom so don't allow their words to give you grief Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, when they come and they reject the Quran by saying you're crazy, crazy.

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My intervene Yama Theologica. We made you known.

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Allah subhanaw taala says that, that you're not you're not crazy. Oh Mohammed, rather, you are completely intellectually capable. You are the epitome of intellectual capacity, oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And they used to say about the prophets. I said to him that he's also a poet. They would say he's, he's gotten mad. Allah said he's not gotten mad. And they would say he's opposed Allah subhanaw taala says he's not a poet. This is a Quran that is the word of God, you better recognize it. So Allah subhanaw taala says to the Prophet when they speak, I know that it's hurting you. I know that you're being bothered, and that's

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By the way, very important, Allah is telling the messenger salAllahu alayhi wa salam don't allow their words to bother you don't allow their words to lead you into grief, don't allow their words to lead you into sorrow. So words are very powerful if they can impact the prophet, and the Prophet is the most mentally stable human being known it to humanity, then obviously, all the rest of us can be impacted by words as well. You've got to be very careful with the words that you use with people, words can make or break people. There are people in this world who commit suicides because of the words that they hear from people, you are going to be held to account for the words that come out of

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your mouth. If they hurt a person in that way, then you will have to respond to Allah subhanaw taala for your words, you best be careful about your words, my brother, my sister, these people, Allah is saying that the prophet is being impacted by the words of these people, but Allah is consoling the Prophet. And he says to the Prophet, in now level now you said, Well, no, no, you're alone. We know the things that they are hiding. And they recognize you to be a true prophet and not an impostor. We had all that. And we know that there they are expressing the opposite of that, and they're saying things to you to try to stop you from your message and to try to hinder you and that's not what

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Allah wants to happen. But Allah can recognize all that, and Allah has already seen that. So no, oh Muhammad, that this is known to Allah, it shouldn't be hindering you and don't allow it to Surah You don't allow it to put you through grief. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the emotional strength to be able to handle the words of people when we are delivering the call of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that we're able to understand that these words their temporal, and that if we end up continuing on our journey to call to Allah subhanaw taala then we will have that divine word from Allah. When we're in jedna Salah Moon, which is the word of peace Allah saying salaam to us, colon,

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middle Abdul Rahim, a word from Allah who's ever Merciful, and that is the word of God. So I hope Allah gives us that word. The word of peace and comfort and, and security on the Day of Judgment. If you feel unsafe today, remember, Allah is giving you safety.

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Allah is giving you safety and he will definitely give you that safety. He'll give you that security. So wait for that. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to grant you enhanced security and peace and safety and serenity and ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the ability to appreciate the blessings of Allah like the cattle and like the animals that that Allah has subjected for our needs. Well SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad in early he was IBH marine