Reflections Ramadan 2023 11 – This Our record speaks about you in truth

Muhammad Salah


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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a sermon from Surah Kahf and chapter 45, where he talks about recording actions and deeds for the Day of Judgment. He also mentions a book called "verile men" that is not recorded properly, and that anyone who claims to be the man is being punished.
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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back with another area verse of sewer project here chapter number 45

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Today's verse that we're going to reflect upon is verse number 29 The verse reads as you have heard had keytab guna young people who are late we'll help in

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to do

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so the Almighty Allah on the Day of Judgment will take people This Our Record, young to Kuala COVID Help speaks about you in truth

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indeed, we used to record in writing everything that you used to do

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she would only find on the day of judgment in the record of your deeds whatever you've done good or bad the man yeah man nice Karla the rotten Hira era well man yeah man Miss Carla the rotten Sharma era whosoever does even an atom weight of good shall see it

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and also ever does even an atom way of evil shall see it all of that will be recorded Yes indeed.

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In surah two muda de la in animals six mighty Allah says yeah we may have as whom along with me I'm gonna be oh who's the man I'm you saw who law who is who? Wala Wanaque who initially Shaheed Yanni on the Day of Resurrection Allah Almighty or Iraq people, all of whom say you're gonna be the man. Then he will inform them of what they used to do.

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Then he said, I saw hula hula on a su, Allah Almighty has enumerated, counted, recorded everything that they've done, and they have forgotten about it.

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Well, Lohana coalition in Shahid, Allah doesn't need a witness, Allah doesn't need angels to record he is already a witness over all of us yet, since the Almighty Allah is a source of justice, and he is the most just, he has simply recorded through the angels, everything that we have done we have seen whether good or bad, and then, as the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, then the Hadith which he quoted Almighty Allah saying, Yeah, however the NAMA Yama, Luca, mostly Alaikum all my servants, it is only your deeds and actions good or bad, which record for you. So on the Day of Judgment, whoever finds in the record of his good deeds, good things, let him thank Allah and he find otherwise then

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you should not blame but yourself since Allah Almighty stated already, and so it will get

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shipped on number 18 and number 49. Look at this. What will the ILO keep

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record of our deeds will be placed open on the day of judgment for Tara moody remain Amash Philippi Philippine I mean, Fi whirpool Luna ye la Tana

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the criminals, the evildoers will be frightened of seeing their own record, which the angels have recorded in it whatever they used to do. So what is wrong with this book? It did not spare nor save anything he did not miss any information everything is recorded whether major or minor.

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Well, what do I do manual hundra and another mighty said, what they will find in the record only what they have done one limb or a book or harder and you Lord does not wrong anyone and art.

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Finally, brothers and sisters should understand that the angels of Allah subhanaw taala made in charge of recording not only our actions, but our sayings and even if they don't

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have a meaning, even if it is your simple utterance in Surah Kahf and number 18 to Almighty Allah says my Alfa Romeo calling in Iraqi evil naughty

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not a single utterance that comes from between our lips, but there is for it an observer referred to record whether good quarterbacks we better watch what we do and what we say. They are not guide as to what is best was said