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whatever you want me to ask you that's

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why he was gonna proceed

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of upgrade over the a lot of bandwidth networks that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says up trouble Maya Kunal Abdullah Lumbee he was searching for accurate.

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Prophesy Salam said that a slave becomes nearest to his Lord, when he is Institude. So increase in your while you are in your surgeon increasing your drought while you are in frustration. So the closest that a slave is to his Lord is while he is in his prostration so increase in your prostration increase in your drought while you were in your frustration. Now obviously, there are many different benefits that we can take from this know the the formula and the virtues of sujood are so many it is it's absolutely unbelievable. That is Pamela the lower that you put yourself physically the higher that you ascend spiritually. So the amount of been to me I like him a whole

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lot to Annie said that Allah Subhana Allah created us obviously from justice and rule from body and soul. And the lower that you make your adjusted, the higher that your rule ascends, the lower that you put your body, the higher your soul ascends to ALLAH SubhanA what's Adam and so as sujood in and of itself has many different virtues, we know the very famous for the probiotic no cabinet SME body a lot of time when he told the prophets of Allah Almighty when the prophets lie Selim asked him suddenly asked me for anything. And I'll be out of the a lot of time I'm hoarse from asthma suffer from the people to homeless people in that time. He told the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam,

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that all I want is your company. He said, Is there anything else? He said? No, that's all just your company. You know, he didn't ask for a wife. He didn't ask for money. He didn't ask for a house. Even though he was on the sofa. The most precious thing in the world to him was to be in the companionship of the Prophet sallallahu It was Sunday

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in genitive, Phillips and so the prophets Lysander, he said that you should support me that you should help me in granting you this by increasing in your schedule. And so there is not derived from that, obviously, is that such that is elevation in this world and this elevation in the next. And so if you want to reach the highest position in Jannah, then obviously asking the prophets by some of the prophets, I said, we'll make the offer something for you, that in and of itself, you know, a very high thing, it's a very great virtue, but also you do your part by increasing in your schedule, so increasing yourself in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala, increasing your own rank, so that you

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can gain the companionship of the prophets of Allah it was and you know, the such that is obviously the most humbling part of the soul. And ego is what keeps a person away from Allah subhanaw taala is the hijab as the name of Sheffield Akima what's the answer? The veil between the slave and His Lord is his ego. You know, it's his neffs And subhanAllah you find what stopped the police from making such that when he was commanded his knifes his ego, his pride, right? So when you break that pride and you put your face on the ground, then and Allah subhanaw taala sees you in that situation. That is the best time to ask Allah Subhana Allah to because you are as close to Allah subhanaw taala as

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you could possibly be. And Allah subhana wa Tada is the grateful and he's a sugarcoat, when he sees you in that position, humbling yourself in the moment and play mocking Allah to Allah. He said, everything has its introduction. And he said, the introduction of the sujood is the entire salon. It's like the entire salon is preparing yourself for that moment where you put your face on the ground. And he said, What do you got exhume yet? And mess it up. And masjid the masjid the mosque is called place substitute, because it's the best part of the Salah. So it is the the entire Salah as to prepare yourself for that moment when you have your face on the ground. How are you going to act

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in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala and obviously, not only that, but you're expressing as well, somehow not obvious. You know how you're, you're declaring the perfection of your Lord, the Most High in that position. So what better time you know, to ask Allah subhanaw taala for something to ask Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness, to ask Allah subhanho to Allah to bless you with whatever it is that you want in this dunya or in this article and really just to express the you know, your love for Allah subhanaw taala what better time and you know, can you imagine the prophets like some ever rushing hisuite know,

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how did the prophets lie, some respond to the beautiful gift that was given to him which is the reward of Salawat who put his face on the ground so long that if you saw him you would have thought he was dead. And that's exactly the Hadith narrated by Abdullah Hanuman or

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Before the law of title and we saw the prophets lie some ensued for that long. He thought the prophets lie so numb was that because of how long he was in his surgery and so, you know, really this is especially true in Europe beyond it you know they're they differ because I know this is the question I'm gonna get the rhythm that they differ about whether or not you can make dua and you're subdued in your thoughts a lot so it's a legitimate if the law and you know you go back to whoever is your is your scholar, you go back to whoever there really is very strong evidence on both sides, but at the same time in your Pm, right and your voluntary prayers when you're all alone with a loss

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kind of attack and you're in the darkness of the night you have those moments with the loss of penance and use that as a time of your when you're in your suit, increase in your in your schedule, especially when you're alone with Allah subhanaw taala and you'll see the benefits of that inshallah Tada in your own life. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to elevate our rank We ask Allah subhanho to amateur grant us closeness of the prophets lie Selim Lopes, we ask Allah subhana wa to Allah to forgive us for our shortcomings. We ask Allah subhanaw taala not to be those of the prophets lie some said make their sujood like packing roosters we asked the last panel to and to

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make our such this meaningful and truly indicative of our position in the site and yeska last panel to Anna to make us amongst those that are humble and that do not place a barrier between them and the last panel to add themselves in the last panel to and alum Amin.

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