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The transcript discusses various topics related to Jesus, including his history of drinking alcohol, a woman named Janae, and a woman named Janae who was punished by the court. The importance of understanding and following laws is emphasized, as well as the need for more information on the woman. The speakers also discuss various topics such as religion, politics, and culture. There is also a brief advertisement for a book.

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Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran there are four scenarios when it comes to having children Bismillah number one, Allah says, You have Lima Yeshua or inasa. Allah gives whoever he wants girls only girls. Well yeah Buddha, Yeshua with the core and some families, some couples, Allah gives them all boys. I will use a widow home Zoo chronoa inasa or a mix of boys and girls. Well yeah Jabu mania, Chateau akima and Allah chooses certain couples to not be able to have children in Hawaii live on Kodiak, Alaska all knowing that all capable the question to you which of the four is the best Yella? Which one? all boys? Are you kidding me? Are you sure? You know what you're asking for

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all boys? So what about all girls? Mm hmm. The hamburger rahima Hola. Look what he says. He says, en de la prophets or Bennett? Usually from historically mmm it says the prophets typically have daughters much more than boys sons of which of the four is better. Whatever Allah chooses for you and Lydia, Tara who Allah who like who will have been not maybe one, not two, not three, not four, whatever Allah chooses for you all believing men or believing woman is that which is good for you. So with that, would Allah His Salaam, Allah says Whoa, I had an Elisa Buddha. Suleiman a wonderful boy. His name is Suleiman. Okay, now this wonderful child, what did Allah subhanho wa Taala say

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about him? Listen to this, he said near malad so the man is an amazing servant. Would you want Allah subhanho wa Taala to say that to you? Honestly, would you want a lot to say to you now I'm an avid Nam Allah, what a great servant I have. I pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala that this will be your situation say I mean, but what I need to know what you need to know why did Allah say nitmiluk is a great slave labor the mother in know,

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Latin so have your stuff. Don't forget that trait in who a web Sulayman le salon that gave him that standard he is not Student of the Month only he is student of the decade of the year of the century of all human beings is one of the best Allah sent because he used to say I am sorry, because whenever he makes a shortcoming a small mistake, he makes Toba to Allah.

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He returns back to Allah He does Toba and if he does a good job, but does not do a perfect job, he also makes us default and returns back to Allah. He's very mindful of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is what makes him a great human being. So can we right from the beginning of this session? Take this from Prophet Suleiman alayhis salaam of being able to say I'm sorry when I'm wrong. No, no, not just a stone's throw Allah, Allah homophily. When I do add them, I say yeah, not just that, but also say a stellar Pharaoh law when you do a good deed but not so perfect. That is why the Salah after Salah, what do we say? assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah. What do we

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say Allahu Akbar? A stealth you know a lot of stuff you know, a lot of stuff that Allah that's the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed Salah is to do a stuffer the why I just finished Salah why a federal law. You never know how much you zoned out in Salah. You did not pay attention in some parts of stuff. You're a law. So when you don't do a perfect job, and when you do a shortcoming. You go back to Allah subhanho wa Taala and this was the trade off. So a man Elisa Lam, can I test you can test you Yella Bismillah which other prophet in the Quran a nadie Quran Allah said about them a web Yola, who had the same trait Allah mentioned in the Quran Bismillah Who is it? Which Prophet ainderby

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Masha Allah I think one of you got it. I think one of you got it. It is nebby your lahi de Ward Allah His Salama Father, what did the Allah say? Is better Allah my my Kowloon Oh Mohamed Salah, be patient of what the people are saying about you magician madman Be patient was Cora denna wood. And remember the example of that would then eight who is strong enough who a web What do I get another thing from here? Well, I also have my wild lessons and beautiful gems. So a man is a lamb is learning from his father. And what his father was is what sort a man alayhis salaam became. We have a saying inada in the Arabic language man shall be

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I have a whole family column, which is like Like father, like son. And parents need to realize myself and all parents, that our children, they pick up what we do and say, and they pick up what we do more than what they what we say so panela I remember actually one of my children, I was giving a talk. And you know, in my lectures, I'm a little bit animated. So How the hell did he do cover? So one of my kids, she came to me and she said, Baba, I have to tell you two things about two things. So this and movements of Hannah law they pick it up. So I pray to Allah that our children, they pick up from us the best of Allah yada yada Aloma Jana couldn't do lagina Europe well I mean within

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minutes May Allah make us a role model to our children and to all believing men and women and men that have been near my lab in no up brothers and sisters profits so a man at a seven let me go to another image for you. What's the image? So a man alayhis salaam he used to learn from his father who was a judge now I'm kind of caught you will kind of hack him in that with a salon. So profits are a man with to pick up things from him. And so they man Elisa Lam, Allah gave him so much alien intelligence. Check out this story is called the there's a case there's a there's like a lawsuit What happened? Allah says in the Quran What? Whoo that was a man that would the judge that King the

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Prophet and his son so a man is the kumaoni philhealth they are having a lawsuit or a case in which they have to make a judgment. Okay, what's the story? Are you ready? Yeah, let Bismillah let me share with you the story. And I hope the image is clear. And I tried my best to draw it for you brothers and sisters. Can you see it okay? But because my May Allah bless you, Miss Miller.

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So there is a shepherd right? Random this this is sheep. Okay, Mama, Mama, Mama daddy. All right. And there is a I have a farmer was added. He has trees, plants and all the good stuff. A lot of panel what's Allah says, if necessary, meaning the sheep. At night time a lot at Leyland went to the land of the farmer. So at night the sheep went to the land of the farmer. And what did it do? It destroyed the trees it ruined. It ruined everything. colourful and accurate and accurate. All the fruits vegetation has gone. That happened that night. So when the farmer he saw his garden is gone, is destroyed. He went to adapt with Elisa Lam. We want you the word to judge in this case.

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I want to ask you a question. Can I ask you a question? If you are if you were in the woody allen in salon shoes, how would you judge in this case? This Shepherd has the sheep their full full stomachs healthy ate so much. The farmer lost all his plants lost all his vegetation. This is a source of income. And this is the shepherd's source of income. How would you judge yellow? Let me give you five seconds. How would you judge? Yeah, let us combine them yellow.

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How would you judge? Yeah, let us Mila All right. Let me tell you ready? Let me tell you what prophet that would Allah His Salaam judge de la Bismillah even Kathy Rahim Allah He says in this deceit that that would allow his Salaam when he saw the situation. Everyone is very much in agreement that the shepherd is responsible for the sheep at night. Well, I live in a mess all animal random filet. He's supposed to put a fence around them, tie them in one way or another. So you are definitely in the wrong side. This is non negotiable, non negotiable, like that would either his solemn.

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He's judged that the farmer has on the farmer, the farmer and Masada. He would take all the sheep that's the hokum of the way that he set up Amazon as a farmer takes all the sheep. Now who heard this judgment? Suleiman alayhis salam, so they met Ali Salaam he realizes there might be a better judgment now. Don't let the farmer take the sheep permanently like that. So the mentally sound realizes you don't like this? You don't like it? Is it confusing? Who has no problem? No problem. I tried my best to make it simple for you inshallah, Allah, Allah, how about this, this is better. The farmer and the sheep, okay. Bismillah. So prophet SAW a man at his Salaam he sees this situation,

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and he tells his father,

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I would propose to give the farmer the sheep

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So the farmer takes the sheep and the owner of the sheep takes the form you have to focus with me this is the all this stuff the judge stuff, right? The farmer takes the sheep and the shepherd takes the farm

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not permanently Michelle added more temporarily how Why? Let the shepherd fix the farm. Let it go back to how it used to be. And once he fixes it, just like how it was used to be, then we give him back the sheep and we give the farmer his land back. Allah Subhana Allah market letter, aka kalkman cuddle sama. You bet Dr.

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Lal Masada was a fan or la de la vie. And the old le Salaam was very impressed by this. And he chose this judgment and allows a panel that says in the Quran, where couldn't Lee Hockney him shahidan and we were witnessing over this judgment. And you know what Allah says, Allah says something very nice. Look what Allah subhanaw taala says about profits with a man and a salon for him now hassle a man. What does that mean? Allah says we give a man a very deep level of understanding of firm because there's a big difference between a live knowledge and fam and understanding. And by the way, this is not a shot at the Adi Salaam no Allah said, we're cool and tane hookman where we gave both the wood

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Elisa Lam and his son so a man wisdom and Prophethood and knowledge given to both but so they men and insulin, Allah gave him that thin understanding. Because you may know something you may memorize an area of Hadith, but there's no fam. There's no understanding. And when there's when there is knowledge without understanding it's a disaster mostly but that's why enamul Buhari Rahim Allah in the Habad he has a chapter in the body. He has a Bab What is it called? Babel famiy fill in the chapter of understanding of knowledge him did then because let me give you an example of how our rich are an extremist group of people very extreme coverage towards subsidy didn't and how are they

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believe that the ones who do major sins cabeza nope they are Kfar the major sin is a big deal Don't get me wrong, but whoever does a major sin it's not there a catheter and things like that. No, they say he's a calf puppy. How look to the knowledge they have they have some they have some lm but is there any more NASA is the understanding let's see what also lies about selling you tell them to the colada Gemma Oh people listen, bro. So ladies, Allahu alayhi wa sallam said shefa it the angle Kappa min omega t also alas m says my intercession I will help out those who have done the major things from my alma so the people will have adage they say the extremists see the Prophet says Kabira they

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said yeah, so Rasul Allah will help out those who do the cabeza major sin so they are still from Almighty, they say no kabbah in this Hadith, the major things and this hadith is not say yet. No, it's

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not. It's the major good deeds.

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What are you talking about? How did you come up with this? The How does they say? Allah says was there in Oba sobre la sala, were in LA Kabira. Allah says in another instance of Baqarah, I have 45 and seek assistance, in sober patience on Salah prayers, and it is major it's a major step. It's a big thing. It's a big deal when Allah Kabira so they say since Allah is a big hassle, not the good deed, that means yarmulke Yama rasulillah salam will help out those that have done al Qaeda or middle Hashanah.

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And you tell them some kind of law Matthew for him. It's confusing, you're wrong. Because it also relies on the Long Island he was lm when he says the word Kava and in the heading is not the same the word Kabira in di and two different things you have to have FIM alphabet in the Hadith to the most part means cabana. It is the norm, the major sins. And this is how we understand things brothers and sisters upon law. So now fear in best We ask Allah in manaphy are for so Allah said about

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Salah in the morning he say a llama in me as a Luca and manna Thea Allah grant me beneficial knowledge. So be aware of talking about the deen without understanding you will destroy many people and however it is a significant group May Allah protect us and grant us fam and you know by Allah mean and when you have family of brothers and sisters It's a great feeling let me share with you this one last Heidi

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actually know what I'm going to test your fam ready? Yes I will test your understanding y'all love Bismillah What is it yellow Bismillah Rasul Allah Salallahu salam, salam, Allahu Allah, He will say what's the sort of pictures that we have here? Okay, so allays Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he says methylone movement, the example of the believer can methylene is the example of shedra tree.

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How the raw green la yes go to La cuchara It leaves do not fall while I had to. And the leaves do not change in color in the fall like other trees typically. So he says, which tree am I talking about? rasulillah salam is testing the Sahaba iE shahadi hubiera green. The leaves do not fall. What is this? For Cordell? Como El Dorado Canada to Canada they start guessing it's such an such tree. It is such an such tree. What tree Do you think Mohammed Salim is talking about? Which one do you think it is? I think some of you got insha Allah May Allah increase your understanding say I mean

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even aroma of the Allahu and Houma he said I wanted to say about two and a spoon. He anala it's the date palm tree, the palm tree. Why now hula mon Shaban festa hiatal. And I was a young boy and I was shy, I was shy, you know, just raise my hand in front of the big giant Sahaba giant in status for God or suicide. And then he said he inocula it is the palm tree.

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So then I've been out of the Lahore and in that narration, the father oma yBnL hapa. He was told, what is it? Father? I was going to say Nicola, but I was shy to say

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the father, he says lo Quinta,

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if you Omar, Abdullah the son of Rama if you only set the answer, like can I have the LLVM in Canada or Canada our have been so happy out of giving up so many things for this great moment to see my son to have such understanding of the deen. So brothers and sisters, make sure when you hear Hadith and it might sound like something but be sure you have the right understanding. May Allah protect you and grant you agenda. I mean, Robert Allen, you like the story of judgment you like this hokum? Let me give you one more story, which Sulayman alayhis salam very much shined in what's the story Bismillah this story brothers and sisters. There was there were two ladies. Okay, what's the story

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here? Well, so ally samalla has a poodle sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said, cannot imro attorney ma Houma Ebner, Houma. There were two ladies each had their babies. Okay.

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Now, just a quick background, one of the ladies was older than the other. So both are mothers, but one was much older than the other. All right, what happened?

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says, I have the evening edema. So a wolf came and took

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one of the two babies. One of the two babies was gone. The wolf took that baby and he he went away with it. Pay attention because you're about to judge in Sharla in this case. So then one of the mothers one of the mothers call it Lisa. Hey, Betty had told the other mother in habit the Nick. Oh, the wolf took the wolf took your child. Well corrected. In the evening. No, he took your child. Now the two mothers, they know the truth. They know which child was really gone. They know the one who lost a child. She turned evil. She turned very evil. She said no. You leave the wolf to cure child. However Lakota Illa Billa for the hare karma in the Buddha Allah in Salaam, so they went to a

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prophet that would Allah in Salaam to judge in this case

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of the lamp. There's no DNA test. No pictures, no camera. So camera surveillance, no witnesses, no official hood, how is he going to judge? I want to ask you a question. You are in profit that would add a certain place for example, you have two ladies coming to you one older than the other. And they tell you we both had our child and one of them was

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taken by the wolf. One mother says had the ebony this my son, and the other one said no, this is my son.

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How would you judge you got nothing to kind of have any testimonials? Absolutely nothing.

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You have to judge. It's tough. It's very tough. The wood is celebratory Salam says for Cabo de Lille. Cobra, Dawood Islam gave the baby to the older lady, not the younger one. Somalia man they say, because possibly prophet w. dalin salam, he saw that the older lady is reaching an older age. And if he Yeah, and he was to give it not give it to her her chances of having child decreases and her health and so on. But the younger lady and if we were wrong, may Allah grant us the best if we were wrong, at least the younger lady still has room to have another child. That's the best he can do. So then when he made this judgment, who came minetta for hora Jetta Allah Suleiman abney de la

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Hema Salam. So then the two ladies they came to Sulaiman, Elisa Lam. Bharata. They told to a man of the judgment, the wood, the Father, the prophet The king has made.

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So then so a man and his Salaam had a proposal. He had a different idea. Okay, cool. You. Respect What is it? He says, For call Tony be 16 none.

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He basically gave me a knife knife with a cane. He brought the 16 he says a shampoo by Noma. Give me the bait.

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They got the baby. And he put the king on the head of the baby. He's about to correct. What a shampoo by Noma so I can cut them into half give you half and give her the other half. So in the two ladies they saw the knife is on the head of the baby. For call. It is so raw. The younger mother, the younger lady said that I've had do not file your hammer comm law. I asked you by Allah subhanho wa Taala may Allah be upon you who knew her? It's her son. It's the older lady's son. Okay, he's kids her son helaas don't just give it to her give it give the child turn.

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So a man and his salon when he saw the way the younger mother reacted, he gave her the baby

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now, so the mass and gave the baby to the younger mother, not the older one because the way she reacted that natural instinct

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yamaka la la la has this just give it to her. But the one who was lying. She was quiet when he saw when she saw the knife over the baby. Yeah, have him get rid of him the way my son was gone. So Pamela, and this is from the intelligence of Suleiman alayhis. Salaam. May Allah grant us all gentoku I mean, that's all they are looking at me and Jenna, will Heckman with fat brothers and sisters? Why am I sharing this with you? Not just for the sake of entertainment when there's when Allah gives us these stories of the prophets, as infidel coordinations for us to pay attention. Number one, you may wonder what would delay his Salam when he gave the child to the wrong mother?

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Does he get punished for that? yaakob law? Of course not. Why are Sol La Sol Allahu alayhi wa sallam says either hepcat will hack him when the judge judges gives a verdict and he tried his best she tried her best fish they had their thumb on swamp so they put the effort Phil George effort plus the right answer fella who are drawn they get to rewards the reward of the effort and the reward of the right answer. Well either hacker methods dad and if the judge works hard there is an effort but gets the wrong answer. For level edges they get reward for them efforts Allahu Akbar, for as long as you judge with them with understanding a lower reward you but be sure you have that in the knowledge

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What else? And this how to combine a nurse yes you who's watching you will very likely be a judge between husband wife, between your two children. A teacher will be a judge with between her students. So you have to be able to judge as fair as you possibly can. And I would like to share with you brothers and sisters to a Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim about judgment that we can learn from rasulillah so we can be like chalet man and the Dalai Lama Salaam an etiquette for so unless I'm says la yuck Leanna hackerman bayanus naini wha who will help the band. A person should not judge between two people or two groups while they are angry. That's an etiquette. sunitinib asylum.

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You're angry, frustrated, and someone says, Can you please solve the problem between me and her and things like that. If you're very frustrated, don't judge. Now, you might need to cool down a little bit, so you don't become hasty. All right. Another thing could also ally sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaches us about judges in general. He says, I'll coda to thalassa There are three types of judges. If nanny two of the three are going to help nanny for not, well, why he didn't feel gender, and one of them will go to Jenna, who are the yellow Bismillah. Raja Lin, an email hacker for acaba de fer who have rejected someone a man or a woman that judge who knows the truth, the LMP understanding and

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they judged according to the truth,

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they're going to judge may Allah make us of any male lawmakers of the people who say nothing but the truth. I mean, terrible. I mean, okay, what's group two and three? wallet Julian kabale nasya. Allegedly, four who are phenomenal. Someone who gave a judgment without knowledge, let's say well, I guess I guess, I guess I think when if you don't have a limb knowledge to not judge for whoever not and he he's going to help the brother brother. What if he got the right guess? What if he gets the right answer? Some LMS. They teach us that even if he said and guessed the right answer, he's still punishable by Allah subhanaw taala deserving of it. Why? Because he spoke with that knowledge. If he

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gets that right this time, he might get that wrong the other time. And what's the third group that is now going to Hellfire while Roger alone jar of Allah hook me for who have enough? And a man who knows the truth? Yeah, if it happens, but he judged for other than the truth can be done for desires for money, whatever the reason is, for whoever not I mean, a lot protect us in Europe. I mean, so next time you judge remember, I will not judge when I'm angry. Remember, I will not judge until I know exactly what happened. I have knowledge of the situation and have understanding. And next time when I judge I will make sure I'll say nothing but the truth and the Huck May Allah grant everyone

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watching Jenna amenable alanine brothers and sisters, Sulaiman SLM is growing, seeing his father that wood and the wood Elisa Lam.

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He returns back to Allah and he dies. And now Suleiman alayhis salam, what happens a lot of pana what Allah says, Well, what is a Sulayman with wouwd and Sulayman alayhis salaam, he inherited his father would what is the inheritance and the A was a Nobunaga he became a prophet now should a man at least Allah became a prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala that new or that light that guidance have profited. Now he has it. And also Solomon le salon was a king of his nation of his area, brothers and sisters. So they met at a salon you might say Mashallah, he's intelligent. He's amazing. He is so smart. And he's a prophet and he's a king Nam. Is he perfect law. Only Allah is perfect and

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commanded Allah subhanho wa Taala so the manner in Salaam is a human being at the end of the day. So he has some very minor shortcomings that he had what was it let me share with you a couple of shot a lot. So the man la Salaam when you have this power and all these things, a lot of panatela says in the Quran is reviling he be lychee It was around

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us all the time. So other time came and Madrid is approaching okay what happened let me show you exactly what happened to Sharla by changing that image for you May Allah protect us and grant us wisdom yada and I hope you're benefiting from from these things brothers and sisters. Yeah, lips Mila. So Eman Allah His Salaam, Allah says is the autodialing he built a she a softener to God jet stream aniline Sallam had his soldiers presenting to him. Some horses Safi net jihad. They are beautiful. They are strong, well trained.

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gr not one multiple miscella cattle wide multiple horses. So while he's looking at this beautiful scene, preparing these horses and training them and looking at their performance, he was so focused on the presentation of these horses. This is remarkable, great job and so a man and a salon was known to love Allah subhana wa Taala and prepare an army to bring justice around the world as much as he possibly can. But he was so focused brothers and sisters

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These horses that the sun has set the ships Okay What's wrong? He missed also what he missed Salah to Lhasa Nam answer prayer has gone and then the sun has come down and then should a man Elisa Lam in Serbia he paid attention. I missed it football in the better to hope Belle haiyang victory Robbie, he says I prepared I was so focused on the higher on this good of this dunya of horses and victory rugby from the fella from the remembrance of Allah had

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built a job until the sun has completely gone so panela so the man was hurt, even though and so he forgot that he was hurt. How could I miss Allah? Allah Allah when I was young when I was young calf how and brothers and sisters when we forget about Salah we should feel in pain now feel in pain brothers and sisters. And you should be sure to do whatever is necessary that you don't forget next time. Now you keep forgetting forgetting This is unacceptable. Look what Allah says by number Sunday I still pray Thank you even if you're praying you keep pushing it till after the time. Is that wrong? And it's wrong. You pray after after the magnet. How is that possible? You pray frigid after

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sunrise. how Allah says for Waylon in mousseline. There is a punishment to those who pray, not a cop. Little mousseline. Yes How and the you know whom Salatin teams who don't they're the ones who push their Salah after the time has expired. You pray answer after Madrid. Here for Santa. Sorry, you have to pray I'll get punished anyways. No, you still have to pray. But this is unacceptable. May Allah make it easy for you and me Arab? And if you genuinely forget it in a seat, then pray it as Rasul Allah teaches us pray it meta, meta, the courage to have the moment you remember the Salah, you pray right away in sha Allah. May Allah protect us And forgive us. So it's feeling bad enough.

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SSB Zambia phila, feeling bad is great, but not not enough. Look, what should a man alayhis salam did?

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Ron do her ally? Bring the horses back to me. Bring the horses back to me. What did he do for Pacific I miss him bisutti Well,

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he sacrificed these horses for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala he sacrificed it like what we would sacrifice the sheep for example, or the goats. Cut the leg cut the neck and start giving the pieces away. And that's what Sulaiman alehissalaam did he cut the legs and cut the necks of the horses and he sacrificed it. He said at Les Chapin who was our brothers and sisters. You need to check yourself if you notice that every day or so you miss fragile you feeling bad is good but not enough. See why are you missing Feder on time? Why the mother is it something that you keep doing you watch something at night and you always late young law change change your habits? Some other

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people for example on their phones they keep doing that which is wrong type? What do you do? Maybe delete the app y'all love attaches commerce hands? Okay, well, maybe you need to cut it off. Maybe you need to go to the settings see the settings, app timers, put a timer on your app, make that Facebook or Instagram or whatever to three minutes 10 minutes you do something to handle in a way that you don't miss federal your love Bismillah do what should a man on Instagram did feel bad and try to make sure that this reason why you forgot about the Salah does not come back again. May Allah make you strong amenable alanine. Okay, what else? Brothers and Sisters prophets with a man alayhis

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salam, the king, he said another situation another situation and I told you these wonderful prophets, they are not perfect people, right? They are not perfect people. They go back to Allah subhanaw taala. And they may tell but even though he forgot and when I say to him, just standard, this is a very big deal. There's another thing to share with you about our wonderful prophet SAW a man and he said what is it

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was all the lights on the law and he was eliminated as I mentioned to you earlier and I mentioned to you again. Sulaiman. Elisa Lam wants to establish justice as a king around the whole world. And he wants to prepare armies if necessary to go fight that which is evil. And these are legitimate battles, legitimate wars, may Allah grant us rulers as fair and as just as sort of

00:35:00--> 00:35:54

malasana busso la some Allahu alayhi wa sallam said something very interesting about prophet Salima. He says surely man, all he said Lao Tzu fennel a letter Allah, this serene Umbra. He says, I will tonight go by 90 woman so so a man Ali Salaam, the ban woman of Thailand to approach them, you know their spouses to get into the private relationship. Why, what why he wants to do that? Could Luna Yeah, that to be fair is in uj to feast Abdullah 90 a woman Allah gave him that ability and that strength. So he said I want each of these 90 woman and you might find other rewire other numbers, in which I hope that all 90 will be pregnant and deliver a boy in which he will be a soldier free CBT

00:35:54--> 00:36:42

less pinata. He didn't like girls No, he loves girls of course. But he wanted for this cause be fat is in eugenic Disability Law. So call Allah who was a hippo when should a man I said I said this. I'm going to go to my spouse's and hopefully they all get pregnant deliver a righteous warrior. his companion told him in sha Allah like, called insha Allah. For lamea code in sha Allah, his companion told them if Allah wills, if Allah wills if Allah once saw a man and he said I'm for God to say in sha Allah, if Allah wills Fatah, la hinami Prophet Mohammed Salim, Mohamed Hadid, this his brothers and sisters, is where is in Sahih al Bukhari and Allah Subhana Allah knows best known for the

00:36:42--> 00:37:15

Bukhari what happened he went to all of his wives, but guess what? fell in Tamil men who know Hana no one of the 90 got pregnant in lamoreaux atone wahida except one lady, Jad b shi t origin, who delivered so that one lady delivered a baby that was deformed, deformed, not even a complete body. So panel law, may Allah make it easy for our brothers and sisters that go through things like that there was fitna Nam, Allah says in the Quran

00:37:16--> 00:37:45

what are the certain Suleiman this was a big test to say man, well I will clean Allah corsi he just said. And the body was placed into the throne of a man and in his salon and this is your son, having the love for everything. And so the man Ali Salaam, he realized that he was aware that he did not say insha Allah, let me call insha Allah, thumb and

00:37:46--> 00:38:39

he went back to Allah in Toba to Allah to forgive him for a lot to reward him for a lot to bless him from and that he returned back to the last round Allah. You know what? insha Allah has power by the will of Allah. Rasool Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the same Hadith he says, way more or less enough so Mohammed in big elf he swears by Allah Mohammed Salah he swears by Allah. Lo Karla insha Allah. If Sulayman Prophet Solomon said insha Allah Lucha had to fee Sadie lilla he for sanan edge Maroon, he said, If Sulayman said insha, Allah, all of his wives would have gotten pregnant, all of them and they all would have gotten boys and they all would have been very strong warriors. Allahu

00:38:39--> 00:38:39


00:38:40--> 00:39:16

This is the power of insha Allah. Don't belittle and don't make fun of insha Allah La. When someone reminds you, yeah, let us Milan, Allah told Mohammed Salah, and he tells you and he tells me while at Abu lanisha in anything in the legal order, don't say, tomorrow I will do this, and I will crash tomorrow I'm going to go shopping, and tomorrow I'm going to go buy the groceries. And tomorrow I will pick up this and I will go to school, and I will fix the car tomorrow I'll do that, that. Don't say that in a

00:39:17--> 00:39:59

law until you say insha Allah until you say insha Allah, because if you say I will do this tomorrow, with no insha Allah, it seems, company don't mean it. But it seems like if I will finish my CCNA and if I want to I will happen. No, don't say that. In sha Allah. Because when in sha Allah you become humble to tawanda in Allah, you know if Allah once I can plan to do list 123 100 200 to do list all of that good stuff. But you know, insha Allah, because if Allah doesn't want to, I cannot do a single task in the day. Hello. So you say in sha Allah and you know, Allah says with

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

Rebecca either in a seat, if you make something and you say that tomorrow I will do this but you forgot to say insha Allah. Then if you remember later on that you did not say inshallah was Cora Baca is NSE then say in sha Allah once you remember right, brothers and sisters there's Baraka when you say in sha Allah, some of the alamat they say, he Vickery mushy Attila when you say in sha Allah thete a seal or more What does healing Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will ease things for you will make things happen in sha Allah will healthsuite and Baraka TV, and this bottle can blessings and you clearly heard it from rasulillah salam, the Hadith about if a man said in sha Allah, he would

00:40:42--> 00:41:25

have had all these warriors by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Brothers and sisters, what does Prophet Sulayman Aileen Salaam do, he makes Toba to Allah Subhana Allah for Allah to forgive him and he makes Do I Do you know what to do out today, man? Yeah, it's not that that changed the world forever. He did this. He saw that he saw the power of Allah. And look what he says. A lot of Bill failing. Oh ALLAH forgive me. Yep, definitely default. He begins by making it much easier or asking for master from Allah subhanho wa Taala is really you know why? You know why? And you need to start in Charlotte to your best of ability, which is still far beyond the law. And some drivers that you

00:41:25--> 00:41:35

make, try to begin with this default, especially if you realize you remember something recently a mistake that you've done, why some of the LMS they teach us that

00:41:37--> 00:41:41

you making up when there is a sin,

00:41:42--> 00:42:28

it cannot go through because of the sin. Sometimes the sin is a blockage to the drop to go to Allah Fie said stop saying why because the sin so the dot doesn't go to Allah. So you ask Allah is really so that cloud that stop sign goes away and that can go to Allah subhanho wa Taala so you seek Allah's forgiveness of the S is really that's what that would mean Salaam has asked for the one another second lesson, we will begin with still far We begin with one thing the answer and things like that, you realize that that's the most important thing. Asking a lot for its default, gaining a lot of erasing the sense is the greatest thing you and I can have. Then what this what a man Elisa

00:42:28--> 00:43:25

Lam say, color of Bill fairly well. Hadley mulcair and grant me Kingdom grant me wealth, money, status, power, lamb belly, the Heidi mimbar the which no one ever had. No one has a no one will ever have lamb belly I had him in body. Yeah, Allah make me so powerful, should have so much control have so much money that people when they see me, they realize this is abnormal, had the more jeiza this is not human possibly that if someone can gain all that wealth, so they can realize I'm a prophet of Allah. He wants today man I said his miracle, his more ideas up to be his power, his wealth, his money, his status, the miracle of Mohammed Salah what was it was the miracle of Mohammed Salah, the

00:43:25--> 00:44:12

Koran. What's the miracle of moosonee salaam allows other staff? What's the miracle of Isa ebonyi ammonium, you heal monta he sometimes Allah will by Allah will he gives life to those who are dead by what's the miracle of a man. He was so rich. It is just unbelievable, never seen before and will never ever be seen after a while. He wants to be sure that he becomes i mean i Atilla a sign that people can go back to Allah subhana wa Taala. Then he says in NACA and tell Wahab Oh Allah, you are the giver of gifts. Why do our brothers and sisters when there's a lot of money with the hands of good people, that's a great thing. And these are not my words You like it? adonia money is such and

00:44:12--> 00:44:26

such No, no pay attention. Also, la sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, near Mel Mel solid. What a great thing for a pure, clean money.

00:44:27--> 00:44:51

The model is solid, when it is in the hands of a pure man or woman. How great it is. For someone who's so righteous to be so rich, because they will use it in ways that is pleasing to Allah. They will help the needy May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the best for dunya and akhira. Rob banner, or banner ads attina dunya Hassan

00:44:52--> 00:45:00

Hassan Latina de na brothers and sisters, what did Allah do? Did he give it to him? Oh my goodness.

00:45:00--> 00:45:52

This what Allah has given for the master for the horn Allahu Allah mitzvah a man have so much control that he can control the wind or rain. Yes, he controls it. When he saw a man rehab, whoo hoo ha Sharon. Wha wha hoo ha Sha. Allah meets a man and insulin. Have the wind carry him and his whole army to go from one place to another place. What takes a whole month of traveling shot suffer? Yeah. rufina har zemon Casa minion. In less than a day. He cuts that distance Allahu Akbar. He did. Did you notice something in Tibet that you did not notice? Did you notice or No. He sacrificed the horses for sebelah they were fast, saucy, natural Jihad that fast.

00:45:53--> 00:46:36

You sacrifice there for Allah. Allah will give you better, faster, stronger, re The wind will carry you faster than these horses Allahu Akbar, mentor cache and the law, our law Haldeman whoever leaves something for the sake of Allah, Allah give you something better in sha Allah. C'mon brothers and sisters yo la Bismillah. And he had control over the shale theme and the gin was Shay Athena coolabah na in WA was let me show you some pictures before we ended Sharla What did he do the wind Allah has given it to him what else brothers and sisters, banana and Allah has given today man Elisa Lam, the Jin to build structures for him not build structures while he was and he had control over

00:46:36--> 00:46:56

the jinn to go into the oceans and build and extract jewelry and do whatever is necessary. Whatever so they man Alayhi Salam tells them love aku brothers and sisters unbelievable thing. And one of the things that prophets are a man Allah His Salaam did and I would like to end with this hadith May Allah grant you all patience inshallah.

00:46:57--> 00:47:06

Are you ready? And I did not know this Hadeeth I didn't. And I was so sad that I didn't. So hey, I didn't decide.

00:47:07--> 00:47:31

So the man alayhis salaam used a lost power that He has given him. The slave airmen who Ana de una shukra do that which is good. And he helped build rebuild a misty lochsa none of us are here. Today manually. Salaam brothers and sisters let me share with you the Hadith. He helped rebuild the mesial oksanen refer lice Allahu alayhi wa sallam says

00:47:33--> 00:47:48

that sola Eman Alayhi Salaam, Lama follow her was really mad at NIDA when a man was done building rebuilding, baited knock this set Allah Allahu Allah, he asked Allah for three things y'all know what are the

00:47:49--> 00:48:22

Pokemon you saw the for Pokemon? He asked Allah to give him the ability to judge with truth with Huck. Just like how would a law judge and if I allow you to judge in the case, how accurate is Allah, he asked a lot to be as accurate as possible to say nothing but the truth and Allah gave it to him. Then the second thing when we can lie and belly hadn't been bad, and the second law he made is for a lot to give him power and kingdom that no one ever had. And the last thing

00:48:26--> 00:48:49

what else yet he hadn't missed it. And he made to Allah. That no one comes to mercy del x Ah, la you read in la sala, who has no intention except to go to this place just to pray to Allah. In hirogen in the newbie he can yo na wala debt to a more

00:48:51--> 00:49:38

unbelievable May Allah grant it to you and die Allahu Allah, famous serial acciara Yara zoeken your local farmers May Allah granted to all those watching and granted to me to pray unless you tell axon to visit the masjid for no other reason except to pray wine. Also Alliance as Adam said, if if you go to that machine based on the door of today, man, you pray to rock out there you're praying that Masjid Allah will forgive all of your sins. So much so like you are a newborn baby. It's like you were just talking about had brothers and sisters. So panela and the allameh brothers and sisters when they see the read this hadith because there are so Allah says what Ms Nittany or Tia Houma the

00:49:38--> 00:49:59

Prophet says, As for the first to Allah gave it to him. Well, I'll do an akuna. lts talita and they pray to Allah that He was given the third one and we learn from our mesh a llama or Raja Amina law he woman Navy he was here that the hope of Allah and the Prophet is something that will happen in Sha

00:50:00--> 00:50:46

As in hijo Rahim Allah He quotes, brothers and sisters, he using all the power to build structures, build wonderful things help the people help raise La ilaha illAllah until one event took place. What happened? There's a queen, Queen Monica. She has a kingdom as well. And he heard the news. What's the news? It shook him in a way that it wants to address it. He is not going to let it go. What's that story? What's that detailed story that Allah mentions in the Koran, full of benefits full of gems, gems, we will learn shall have the story between the king and the queen, the king who wants nothing but the truth and we'll see what will happen to the Queen inshallah, in the next session

00:50:46--> 00:51:29

next Thursday for our last session in sha Allah, may Allah bless you, may Allah protect you. May Allah make you all judge with truth. May Allah make you all of those who have understanding, may Allah make you be able to pray regard on Salah in a message Al Aqsa, may Allah make you be able a man who Allah with the chakra that you use Allah Nima in a way that makes a lot happy yo la What's the name of Allah has given you so you can use in a way that is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala and never ever use the blessings of Allah against Allah. That is why am Allah good? Allah subhana wa tada May Allah forgive us. May Allah grant us all the Nia Mirabella Allah mean, Zack malo Hayden was

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Salam. alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh barakato